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Pure School flowers

When Shen Chi returned to his seat, a small advertisement appeared in his pocket.

Zhuang Zhou caught a glimpse of the pink corner on the side of the boy’s pocket. When he wanted to take a closer look, the red-haired boy looked around vigilantly, his eyes sharp as a fierce wolf cub. He could only press down his curiosity.

After making sure that no one dared to look in his direction, Shen Chi opened the paper filled with pink bubbles and added a customer service friend according to the number given.

[Heart Shop] Hello! What do the pros want for virtual lovers?

He thought for a while, then sent an answer.

[Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] Women

[Heart Shop]… Okay, our shop has sweet loli type, pure school flower type, high cold and imperial sister type. What kind of virtual girlfriend do you need?

He usually plays games in his free time and rarely gets the chance to get along with girls, so he carefully chooses the pure school pattern that sounds the easiest to get along with.

[Heart Shop] It’s good to see it with my own eyes. I chose our gold medal girlfriend. Text chat is 15 yuan per hour, and voice chat is 50 yuan per hour. It is recommended that you pay a monthly subscription

[Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] How much is a monthly subscription ?

[Heart Shop] Only five hundred per hour per day, which is equivalent to saving a whole thousand yuan.

It sounds like it is much cheaper… After

Shen Chi spent the last five hundred yuan on his body and bought the monthly service of the gold medal girlfriend, he realized that it seemed like What’s wrong, he only wanted to spend ten yuan at first, but the money has already passed.

[Heart Shop] Okay, an exclusive virtual girlfriend has been arranged for you. Please add this WeChat account   ,

he pressed down the thought of regret to search for the number, and a name popped out.

——Yan Xue Xiao.

Nice name.

But the reason why he paused was not because the name was nice, but because when he mentioned the word Yan in Yancheng, he would only think of a Yan family, different from the Shen family, which is truly unattainable.


United States, Princeton University.

“McKinsey sent me an offer.” A Jewish girl student with dark curly hair, holding a textbook, said to the young Chinese in her seat.

The young man was tall and dressed in a white shirt, handsome with rare features, and his eyebrows were as dark as ink. He gently said, “That’s good.”

“Yan, do you want to continue studying for a Ph.D.?” she asked courageously.

She also wants to continue reading, but economic conditions do not allow it. In this era, there are too few people who can calm down and do academic studies, especially philosophy.

Although Princeton University focuses on basic research and does not have a popular business school, like a retro monastery, philosophy graduates have always been favored by Wall Street.

Half of the class went to the investment bank, and the other half went to management consulting like her. Only Yan was still reading quietly, seemingly not planning for the future.

The youth nodded slightly.

She was stunned. She knew that Yan works part-time and study, and his family background was not very good. Even if he did, he could continue to study?

The young man stared at her. For some reason, a very gentle person would always be inexplicably nervous in front of him. She did not dare to bother anymore, and left hurriedly after saying goodbye.

The young man collected the “Logic of Philosophy” and walked outside the campus. A black Koenigsegg stopped in front of him.

He frowned.

The driver got out of the car and respectfully opened the door for him.

A man in his early thirties dangling a cigar, sitting in the co-pilot and explained with a guilty heart: “I know you don’t like it, but your school is too biased. Isn’t it too late to find a cheap car?”

“The school is a learning place.” The young man narrowed his eyes.

Yan Ji didn’t get angry after hearing what the young man said. Instead, he put out his cigar and nodded hurriedly.

The Yan family’s status was derived from the fight without blood, and the blood was born with fierce pursuit of profit, perhaps because of this lack of blood.

But his nephew is different from the rest of the family. He doesn’t like the family’s business, but he likes philosophy.

The vehicle moved slowly.

“By the way, I gave someone your WeChat ID.” The young man ‘s brows deepened. “Blind date?”
“That child is a senior student of astrophysics at Yan University, don’t worry, he must have something to say to you.” Yan Ji hurriedly added, “You’re all alone abroad, your mother is worried about you.”

Hearing the last sentence, the young man ‘s expression was slightly soft.

Yan Ji also wiped the sweat on his forehead. His nephew just seemed to be stubborn. No one could do anything else when his temper became stubborn. He was not allowed to study philosophy graduate school at home so he hadn’t returned home for two years, and he had to study and do a part time job .

He was really afraid that not only did his nephew dislike girls, but he also disliked boys. He had never seen anyone before.

“Remember to pass.” Yan Ji reminded him.

The young man turned on his mobile phone and boarded on WeChat, which he hadn’t used for a long time, when a friend’s application came into view.

——Asia’s No. 1 Gun God asks to add you as a friend.

His slender fingers touched the screen and stopped.


Shen Chi waited ten minutes and didn’t wait until his request got approved. He looked at the silent WeChat interface, and suddenly a guess flashed in his mind.

Had he been tricked?

He clicked on the portrait of the customer service and asked.

[Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] Why hasn’t it been accepted yet?

[Heart Shop] How about sending one again?

He applied for the second time and opened the page of the live broadcast website while waiting.

According to the introduction on the page, you need to fill in your identity information and upload a video to be reviewed if you want to become an anchor.

With only half an hour left before the audit and get off work hours, he quickly submitted the basic information, clicked the record button, and raced against the clock to start the next game.

The map is still an island.

The island map has a large area and few supplies. In order to save time looking for supplies, he chose to jump off at an airport with abundant supplies.

He was not the only one who thought so, more than 20 players jumped into the airport at the same time.

As soon as he landed in the game, he heard fierce gunfire from downstairs, which made his ears numb. He picked up the AKM on the ground without hesitation.

He has been playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds for a long time and is familiar with every gun. AKM is a gun with a large recoil, especially after the aiming magnifier is installed, the quasi-center deviation is large, but the advantage is also obvious, and it hurts. High power and great power.

He aimed at the man on the opposite roof.

Just as he was about to press and shoot, there was a sudden sound of footsteps behind him, not from inside the game, but from outside the game.

He heard the cautious voice of a middle-aged man: “Are you… Xiao Chi?”

The moment he heard the voice, the young man ‘s back froze.

Seeing that he didn’t recognize the wrong person, Dad Ji heaved a sigh of relief: “You haven’t gotten home, and your mom and I don’t dare to call you to bother you. I heard the neighbor say that you are here and come here.”

“Go home, your mom has cooked a table of dishes.” Ji Dad’s tone was flattering.

After a long while, Shen Chi lowered his eyes: “After this round.”

He has no habit of giving up halfway.

Dad Ji looked at the game screen as if he wanted to say something, but in the face of the boy, he didn’t say anything in the end, and went outside and waited.

Shen Chi pursed his lips.

He came back to his senses, half of his blood had been beaten by the opponent in the game. He forced himself to focus all his energy on the game and solved the opponent in front of him cleanly.

A game usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. He finished the game in only 15 minutes and uploaded the video before the audit and work.

He took off his headset and got up from his seat.


Dad Ji has been waiting at the door of the Internet cafe, and when he left the Internet cafe, he followed Dad Ji to the bungalow.

Entering the door, the inside of the bungalow looks more dilapidated than it looks. There are only two bedrooms and one living room. The sofa cover in the living room has been washed white, as if it would break with a slight pull.

Hearing the sound of the opening door, a woman wearing an apron came out of the kitchen, her expression of unconcealable joy, her voice choked: “You’re back.”

“Xiao Chi, this is your mother.” Ji’s father introduced to Shen Chi in a hurry.

The woman looked over expectantly.

The teenager looked at the woman’s face, which was somewhat similar to his own, and just asked inaudibly, “Where is the room?”

The atmosphere was silent for a moment.

“On the right.” Dad Ji replied in a whisper. He patted the woman on the shoulder and explained in a low voice: “The child recognizes his birth.”

“Eat first.” Ji Ma’s voice is still gentle, “I have cooked a lot of dishes. It’s going to be cold.”

Shen Chi was originally walking into the house with his suitcase, but he could see the woman lowering his head and wiping the corners of his eyes. He stopped and sat stiffly at the table.

It is said that there are so many dishes, it is only four dishes and one soup.

The food in the border city was so spicy that he couldn’t get used to it at all when he grew up in Yancheng.

The bedroom was extremely cramped. With a bed and desk, he couldn’t fit anything. He didn’t even have a wardrobe, so he could only put his suitcase in the aisle.

The door was not fully closed, and he heard a whispered discussion behind the door.

“After all, he grew up spoiled in the Shen family.”

“Hey, this kid has a cold temper and doesn’t feel affectionate. If Xiao Shu is still there, it will be fine, grades are good and sensible, and everyone smiles.”

“I miss Xiao Shu, I don’t know if he is doing well over there.”

He closed the door with an expressionless face, the door slammed, the room was suddenly as quiet as a chill, he indifferently walked to the bed.

He knew he had always been unpleasant to people..

Anyway, he doesn’t care.

The bedroom has no windows, no lights on, and it’s dark, as if being in a dark pool, breathlessly depressed.

The teenager’s 5’5″ head curled up on the 1’7″ bed, bent his legs, wrapped himself in the covers, and closed his eyes.

But the bed was too hard for him to sleep.

In the darkness, the phone screen suddenly turned on.

The light covered the boy’s thin eyes, he opened his eyes and saw a message.

——Yan Xue Xiao approved your friend’s application.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar chrissy says:

    omg poor shen chi

  2. littleyen littleyen says:

    I thought at least he should try to communicate with his biological parents…maybe later in next chapter?

  3. Avatar Sofea says:

    His biological parents will compare them for sure. And his mistaken parents won’t have anything to complain as the other boy is literally perfect. My heart hurts. The feeling of not belonging anywhere 😢

  4. Avatar IamNobody says:

    So that virtual game was a scam and he was given a random wechat id ?
    I really feel like it’s all a scam.

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