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Online Dating?


“Shen Chi …… do you know the Border town?”


A red-haired teenager took off his expensive headphones, his school uniform lazily collapsed on his body, said unconcernedly, “The first in the country in crime rate, the bottom of the economy, a place I would never go in my life.”

At the time, that’s what he thought.


In September, with the sun baking the tar-colored ground, the red-haired teenager dragged his suitcase to the front of the cramped bungalow.

The walls of the bungalow were peeling like tree bark, moss covered the outer bricks, only vaguely visible as white walls and gray bricks.

His eyes fell on the tiny cracks in the wall, then turned to the rusty red security door, the thought of his hand knocking on the door-

The teenager then turned around with an expressionless face.

He never thought he would come from the bustling capital, three days and three nights by train to the border town.

He looked across the street, the road was potholed, half repaired and rotten, vegetable vendors occupied the ramp, and there was only one internet cafe.

He did not hesitate to go into the Internet cafe.

It was noon, and the Internet cafe staff was sitting around the front counter eating while talking lamentably.

“Have you seen the news, the child of our province’s richest Shen family is actually the wrong one, the biological parents are the ones selling breakfast next to the third high school, just happened to give birth in the same hospital. By mistake, the nurse took the wrong one.””

“You’re talking about the Ji family, right? I’ve seen that child raised by the Ji family, not only does he have good grades from childhood, but he is also particularly filial, helping parents sell breakfast.”

“The child raised by the Shen family seems to be called Shen Chi? I heard that he is addicted to games, but also has a poor temper. His parents were heartbroken. Only then did they decide for a DNA test to be done. How can I say that the real can’t be fake, and the fake can’t be real.”

They were discussing vigorously until a cold voice interrupted the conversation: “If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as an idiot.”

The front desk, which had just been enthusiastic, was suddenly quiet, and could not help but look at each other, wondering what had been said wrong.

The teenager did not even look at the receptionist, coldly said: “One computer.”

He was born good-looking, his eyebrows were strong and bold,his red hair made his skin look exceptionally fair, standing there he will be able to attract attention. His neat way of dressing and the surrounding environment filled with the smell of choking smoke is simply incompatible.

The cashier looked stunned for a while before coming back to his senses and asked cautiously, “What games do you play? We have all the popular games here, like League of Legends–”

Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by the teenager: “Jedi survival.”1(TL:Jedi survival is PUBG)

After hearing the words, she was dazed. Jedi survival is an old game, which can’t be said to be unpopular, but it has passed the peak of the game, and few guests will play it, and there are fewer computers who had the software installed.

“No?” The teenager wrinkled his good-looking eyebrows.

“Yes, please show your ID card.” She immediately tapped on the computer.

The next moment, an ID card was handed over, and she took it and froze, because there was a name printed on it.

— Shen Chi.


Shen Chi didn’t immediately sit down when he walked to the area C of the Internet cafe. He looked at the dirty seat that showed obvious stains on the plastic chair.

He looked up, the other seats were not much better, the computer was still the processor of the previous generation, many people were playing while smoking, and soot accumulated in the aisle.

It’s quite different from the neat and bright Internet cafes he remembered.

Once again, he realized in a practical way that he was not in the capital city of Yancheng, but in a border town deep in the northwest border.

He pursed his lips, no one was unable to see what he was thinking, and finally sat down with a newspaper cushion.

In fact, others are right.

He can only play games.

He also just wants to play games.

He took out the soda crackers from his backpack that he didn’t finish on the train and ate two bites, carefully tying the seal before opening the computer and boarding Jedi survival.

Jedi survival is referred to as PUBG, each game has a total of one hundred players, the map is distributed with guns|arms, helmets and other supplies, players parachute in to kill each other and eliminate all players to achieve victory.

The teenager put on his headset, gripped the mouse, and his sleeves slipped off, revealing a thin, scary wrist.

But he did not move to press the mouse, the screen slowly began to load.

Because of the high memory and graphics card requirements of Jedi survival, the computer in the Internet cafe obviously can not carry, he turned the picture quality to the lowest, the screen then changed to the image of the cabin.

One hundred players rode together in the helicopter, which had an established route in which they could freely choose their parachute jumping location.

The route was cut to the northwest corner of the map, and he landed and picked up an S686, with only two bullets in the magazine, without even opening the multiplier, He gently collected the first head in the game.

Then there is the second,

The third,


Nine kills!

Probably because he was playing too intensely, a person next to him stared at him sideways: “Dude, this computer can get nine kills even in five minutes, where did you buy this hang-up?”

PUBG is increasingly strict with the detection of plug-ins.2(TL:Here, ‘plugin’ is a euphemism for hacks and cheats.) As long as it is detected to be open and hung, it will be sealed, and even there will be accidental injuries. Zhuangzhou has a wicked heart and no courage, so it can’ t help but be tempted today.

Shen Chi did not answer, he was fully engaged in the game.Twenty minutes later he killed the last person and achieved victory.

When he let go of the mouse, his wrist trembled slightly because it was too tight, and he even struggled to unscrew the glass of water.

He was used to playing every game with all his might.

He gathered down his sleeve to cover his wrist: “I didn’t open it.”3(TL:Shen Chi meant he didn’t open any plugin on the computer.)

Zhuang Zhou looked at the number of kills displayed on the screen and hesitated. This level could not be practiced in two or three years, and it was better than most anchors. He didn’t believe it if he didn’t open it.

“Want to learn?” The teenager suddenly turned his head and asked.

Zhuang Zhou nodded vigorously.

“It’s faster to change your hand.” Shen Chi withdrew his eyes.

Zhuangzhou: ????!

“If you really have this level, why don’t you go become a game anchor?” He couldn’t help but retort.

Seemingly stunned by his question, the teenager pondered for a while and seriously asked, “Can you earn money?”

“Of course you can.” Zhuang Zhou answered without thinking, “Popular anchors earn a million a year, and popular anchors with low popularity can guarantee three or four thousand a month as long as they sign up.”

The young man took off his headset, his face appeared thinking, obviously listening to his words.

“But being an anchor can only be in your youth, it won’t last for a lifetime.” Zhuangzhou remembers that when this game was first popular, there were several batches of anchors who wanted to stream the game. When the popularity lowered, many people wanted to find their own way out.


Shen Chi slowly said a sentence.

“Are you very short of money?” Zhuangzhou asked suspiciously, looking at the teenager’s dressing. It doesn’t look like he lacks money.

“Very short.”

The teenager lowered his eyes.

Today is the opening day of junior high school. Excellent students speak on the big screen in the middle of the Internet cafe, and the boss’s children sit in front of the screen and write about their thoughts.

Shen Chi looked up to the screen.

“During my three years in high school, I put in tremendous effort and was honored to get an acceptance letter from Columbia University’s finance department.”

Tremendous effort ……

The corner of Shen Chi’s lips tugged.

Zhuang Zhou just looked at the screen and knew that he was not from the same world as them, he couldn’t help but ask Shen Chi in confusion, “What are you laughing at?”

Shen Chi looked at the screen and replied in a flat tone, “Once upon a time I donated half of the school building to go in.”
Zhuang Zhou thought he was young and his tone was quite big

And Shen Chi’s phone shook, he opened his phone and saw a circle of friends sent by his fiancée.

[Chen Shuangshuang] broke up

The bottom of the reply is numerous.

“I wanted to say before, Shen Chi is not worthy of you at all. If it weren’t for his good family background, who would be willing to hold him, now the family background is gone.”

“He wouldn’t think about it, right?”

“I have been out of contact for several days.”

Shen Chi did not feel much about this news, Chen Shansheng is nominally his fiancée, but they both know that it is only a business alliance, and they have not spoken a few times in the past.

However, news of concern about him is flooding in. He is very aware of his unpopularity. It is not so much about concern they come to see him as a joke.

He didn’t bother to read the news, and directly posted to the circle of friends.

[Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] I have a girlfriend

When he finished posting, he took out a water glass from his backpack and prepared to get up from his position to get some water. When he opened his phone again, dozens of replies flooded the screen.


“Why did I not catch wind of this?”

”If it’s inconvenient to meet in the border town, when do you know it by voice, or do you play games together sometime?”

Shen Chi raised his eyebrows at the last reply. He just said casually, where would he go to find a girlfriend.

At this moment, he raised his eyes and saw the small advertisement on the wall next to the drinking fountain.

——Are you lonely, are you lonely, do you long for love when you dream back at midnight? Heartbeat is dedicated to serving you. You can choose from different types of virtual lovers with different voices. You can experience the joy of online dating for only ten dollars an hour and provide you with a haven for your soul.

Shen Chi’s eyes paused on ten yuan, a price he could afford, but he quickly turned his gaze away, indifferently wanting to defy the public.

Even if he is found to have no girlfriend, it’s no big deal. He can’t go back to the capital in his life. He can’t be seen as a joke without knowing it. There’s no need to waste money.

After he figured it out, he walked to the drinking fountain without squinting his eyes, and when he was about to pass the small advertisement, he awkwardly——

Tear off the online dating advertisement.

Translator’s Note: I know how to play PUBG but I’m a noob too so I might mention or interpret some game terms wrong. Please correct me if I have done so and happy reading everyone!

  • 1
    (TL:Jedi survival is PUBG)
  • 2
    (TL:Here, ‘plugin’ is a euphemism for hacks and cheats.)
  • 3
    (TL:Shen Chi meant he didn’t open any plugin on the computer.)
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  1. Avatar Sweettofuu says:

    Ahaa, already set my camp here. Stacking up chapter before I start readingಥ⌣ಥ

    Jiayou translator-nim for this new novel.
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    1. Avatar Tanya says:

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    Looking forward to it! My heart aches for Shen Chi already 🙁

  3. Avatar Yuhua says:

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  5. LittleYen LittleYen says:

    Now, I reread it and think about it again, it was actually impossible if you thought with logic that Shen Chi biological mother and the rich mom to be in the same hospital, poor people can’t afford the rich people’s hospital.. Lol.. But this is fiction no need to think about it seriously… 😊

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