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Win or Lose

After Shen Chi reacted, he clenched his mobile phone. He didn’t expect Yan Xuexiao to watch his game. He typed and explained slowly.

[Shen Chi] I’m playing badly

[Shen Chi] Do you want to watch it tomorrow?

Yan Xue Xiao’s hand paused on the screen, and when he saw the book beside the case, he was about to refuse. The wolf pup on the other side came over with a furry tail carefully.

[Shen Chi] I’ll show you first

The youth gathered their eyes and replied.

[Yan Xue Xiao] OK


As the captain, Wu Yu watched the game replay all night, but only narrowed in bed for a while, and got up early in the morning, with heavy black circles under her eyes.

He sent the sorted data of each team to Lan Heng, including not only the members’ configuration, but also the tactics used, which was as long as 25 pages.

Although he has no goal for ranking, he doesn’t want to rank down.

Both Lan Heng and Ren Duo said that they had read it carefully, but they didn’t receive a reply for ten minutes when they sent it to Late. He asked a question carefully.

[Wu Yu]Have you finished reading?

After a while, he received a message.

[Late] I wrote it down

I didn’t finish reading it, but wrote it down so quickly.

Wu Yu had to wonder about Late’s memory. He guessed that his grades in school should be good.

But before he recovered from the surprise, he received a full 40-page document from the other party, and he couldn’t help asking.

[Wu Yu] What is this?

[Late] team analysis

It turns out that Late is also doing team analysis.

Wu Yu opened the document with the mentality of learning from each other’s strengths. He began to read it carefully. Later, the hand of turning pages accelerated a lot. At last, he pulled it directly to the bottom of the document, and the expression on her face was awkward.

According to his conscience, this document is of a very high level. The team has been analyzed from beginning to end from the video of the competition over the years, from tactical style to jumping point selection, and it is enough to see how serious the back is.

But the problem is—

Only Xu Cheng’s team was analyzed.

He thought Late was joking yesterday, but now he found out that he really went for the championship, and other teams didn’t pay any attention to it.

No matter how confident he is, he won’t think that they have the strength to win the championship. Yesterday, Xu Cheng’s team landed and completely destroyed two teams. The research was only avoided in Toya, but he still sent the document to the other two people.


In the morning in New Jersey, when sunlight passed through Fitz Randolf’s door, Adam knocked on Yan Xue Xiao’s dormitory door with cranberry cookies.

“The tea you gave me last time was too expensive, and I had nothing to give back. I baked some cranberry cookies myself.” He spoke generously.

“Thank you.”

Yan Xuexiao took the cookie jar. Because of reading before, thin gold-rimmed glasses still hung on the bridge of the nose,his eyes were curved, which made him feel more distant than usual.

Adam saw the game picture on the computer screen. It was not the first time he saw Yan watching the live broadcast. He asked curiously, “Do you like playing PUBG?”

“Not very fun.”

Adam was even more curious. If he didn’t like playing games, why did he watch the live games? He asked embarrassedly, “Can I watch them? I happen to be learning Chinese. ”

Yan Xue Xiao paused before answering: “Yes.”


The second day’s competition of Kitten Cup kicked off, and the organizer improved the technology for the long-term dropped call yesterday. No player disconnected in the first game.

The first three games are still the island map. With the first day’s mapping, each team tacitly chose different jumping points in order to avoid the previous battles, but there were also accidents.

Two teams jumped at the airport, and they started fighting as soon as they landed. The director cut into the picture in time.

“I remember that Wu Yu’s team jumped into the wild area yesterday. Today, they are much more daring. They will run to the airport when It come up.” Fang Shengquan commented.

The host had an impression on this team: “Their team dropped two people yesterday, and their rankings are not very good. Today, four people definitely want to play harder.”

“Wu Yu, Lan Heng and Ren Zheng were together in the last game, and the style of play was tacit, but the fourth person obviously did not integrate, and team awareness was very important.” Fang Shengquan’s tone is not optimistic.

When his voice just fell, Wu Yu was struck by the opponent’s hand|lightning, and one person was reduced in less than five minutes after the start of the game.

“Teacher Fang is still sophisticated.”

“Three-year professional commentary to find out”

“Wu Yu’s team is a pity. Late marksmanship is quite good, but it is too independent.”

“Running-in time is not enough”

Other teams broke out fighting one after another, and the director cut off the camera.

Like yesterday, most of the pictures are still concentrated on Xu Cheng’s team. As the team with the highest voice to win the championship, the audience has no opinion.

Xu Cheng’s team didn’t disappoint. After five games, the score was the highest, with a total score of 125 points, playing more stable than yesterday.

“Xu Cheng’s team attack is very hierarchical. The assault and the replenishment of the gun make the opponent have no room to retreat. This is the team consciousness I mentioned before. Today’s first is no suspense.” Fang Shengquan’s state becomes easy .

The host hesitated for a moment to remind: “But the second place also got 120 points.”

Fang Shengquan looked at the scoreboard. He couldn’t help but froze. He doesn’t know when Wu Yu’s team caught up from the eleventh. He scored higher in one game than the other, and now he is in second place.

“Don’t talk about Teacher Fang, I am stunned.”

“The director gave too few shots, I didn’t even notice.”

“The score difference of 5 points is very tight. If they survive to the end, they can catch up.”

After all, Fang Shengquan is also a person who has seen big scenes. He quickly gathered his surprise and smiled: “Wu Yu is in good shape today, but Xu Cheng’s team will definitely try their best to block it. 5 points is not so easy to catch up with.”

“I feel the same.”

“Wu Yu’s team still can’t cooperate.”

“The common fault of the new team”

Today, the two teams have never confronted each other head-on, and everyone is looking forward to their meeting in the finals.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the two teams ran into each other on the west side of Longji Mountain.

“So fast! “

“suddenly nervous”

“This wave is down, and today’s number one is no suspense.”

“There is someone in front.”

Ren Zhou, as the attacker of the team, was the first to come into contact with the opposite team

If it was yesterday, Wu Yu didn’t know which team it was, but he read the 40-page document written by Late this afternoon, and he couldn’t be more familiar with it, so he immediately judged from the path of entering the circle.

“Xu Cheng’s team, everyone be careful.” Wu Yu reminded.

He dropped this sentence, the atmosphere of the team instantly became dignified, and the action was more cautious than before.

“Wu Yu they know the opposite is Xu Cheng?”

“No way.”

“I feel that only one team can walk out of Longji Mountain alive.”

“Teacher Fang, what do you think of the outcome of this battle?” The host asked Xiang Shengquan.

“Wu Yu is at the top of the mountain. On the surface, the terrain is at the top, but Xu Cheng’s team is located on the reverse slope. It is very difficult to attack from below, and Xu Cheng can pull the gun line around, and there is no need to say the outcome.” Fang Shengquan responded.

As he said, Xu Cheng’s team got one person to go around the ridge and prepare to pull the line. It can be expected that Wu Yu and his team will be caught off guard.

“I wish Xu Cheng’s team success.”

“Yesterday, I heard that the new anchor of Wu Yu’s team said that he would take first place.”

“It’s quite good to rush from the bottom to the second, but after listening to you say so, I noticed that Wu Yu’s team is missing one person.”

“There are only three people on the ridge. Where did the other one go?”


Adam watched the live broadcast of the game while eating cookies. He glanced at the youth with books.

He found out that although Yan watched the game, he only looked at an anchor named Late, and the rest of the time he bowed his head and read books. Adam guessed that he should be a fan of that anchor.

There is no English in the live broadcast. He barely understands in stumbling Chinese that the current battle is the key to today’s competition, which determines which team is the first. Late’s team seems to be at a disadvantage.

The atmosphere was so intense that he didn’t understand the two teams at all, and he became nervous and stared at the screen carefully.

Halfway through the scene switching, Late, who had a good gun on the east side of Longji Mountain, flashed by, and Yan Xue Xiao took his eyes off the screen and concentrated on reading.

“Don’t you want to know who will win?” Adam asked.

Yan Xue Xiao smiled gently: “He will win.”

Adam looked suspiciously at the screen. How could the two teams know that they had won before they had exchanged fire, but he understood in the next second.

The team under the slope began to attack upwards, and the No. 1 position wound around the back of the mountain and stretched the gun line. The whole tactic can be said to be closely coordinated, but everyone forgot the existence of Late.

As if expecting the move of the No.1 position, Late, located on the east side of Longji Mountain, opened the magnification mirror-

Taking one head with one shot.

Adam was shocked to see that the rhythm of the opponent’s attack was obviously disrupted. Late’s team reversed the war situation under the advantage of numbers and directly annihilated the opponent.

Indeed, they won.


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