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Even if his teammates die, they can watch the battle and send voice messages, but Shen Chi doesn’t know why Xiao Hui went offline directly.

But he didn’t have time to think about it, because he and Yan Xue Xiao were left in the team, and his breathing was clearly audible in the headset.

Perhaps it was too quiet. He felt nervous in the game for the first time and held his breath and asked, “Did I bother your study today?”

The other party lightly replies.

“It’s okay”

The teenager whispered “Oh”, and suddenly he didn’t know what to say. He shot his gun in silence, and six times the enemy’s helmet hidden behind the tree appeared in the mirror. He slowly pressed the keyboard to prepare for shooting.

Suddenly, he saw Yan Xue Xiao ask a question.

“You don’t have to go to class?”

His hand on the keyboard was not steady, and the shooting deviated from the direction. After a while, he replied: “Drop out of school.”

He thought Yan Xue Xiao would ask him why he dropped out of school, but the other party didn’t continue to ask. It seemed that he just remembered to ask, and he quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

The atmosphere was silent again, and gradually he got used to it and devoted his attention to the game.

After the game ended, Yan Xue Xiao left the team. When he quit the settlement interface, he accidentally clicked Add Friend and sent a friend application to Yan Xue Xiao.

The teenager closed his eyes and opened them again. After realizing that it was really sent out, he clenched the mouse in his hand.

The other party did not accept.

His eyes were half dropping, not surprised.

In his view, the game account is a very personal thing, and it is normal for those who can play games together to be close friends.

He got up and stood up from his position. When he was about to leave the game, his eyes cast on the screen and suddenly settled-

There is one more person in the empty friends list.


The competition schedule of the Kitten Cup came out, and many people noticed that Wu Yu’s team had a little-known anchor this year, and then some people started talking.

[wild kiwifruit] Wu Yu is the signing anchor of 100,000 powder. Why did you mix up one who didn’t sign the contract?

[Round lychee] This year, there is no suspense and Xu Cheng is their first. Don’t you allow people to paddle?

[Mango Ice] The name Late is a bit familiar. If I remember correctly, I said Renzhou cuisine in the live broadcast room and let Lan Heng lose 200 yuan

[Cherry] … Listen to you say so, it should not be the same person, otherwise you can fight without competition

And the next day, Shen Chi went to the Internet cafe and sat down, turned on the computer, and broadcast it live as always, from 8: 00 in the morning to 8: 00 in the evening, and only ate some soda crackers on the way.

“It’s coming down soon.”

“See you tomorrow.”

“tell a joke to everyone. yesterday, I saw someone swear that Late and Lan Heng would attend the kitten cup.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, the game tonight, if you really participated, can you calmly broadcast during the day?”

But what everyone didn’t expect was that the teenager bowed his head and sent a message. Before closing the live broadcast, he said: “The game has gone.”

The live room shook.

“He really took part in the kitten cup!”

“I was able to hold my breath. I watched the live broadcast all day and went to the live broadcast room of the event.”

“if Xu cheng’s team is a fairy group, is that cub’s team a devil group?”

“… Anyway, come on.”


Yan Ji asked the driver to change a Bentley to school. He sat in the co-pilot and asked Yan Xue Xiao, who just came out of the library, “Are you alright today?”

Yan Xue Xiao rested on the back of the chair: “I’m fine.”

No sooner had he finished this sentence than he received a message that his slender fingers landed on the screen and gave him a light meal.

[Shen Chi] I joined the competition

Yan Ji didn’t continue to say: “That’s good. A new Chinese restaurant has opened in New york. The taste is light. You should like it. You have nothing to eat today-”

However, before his words were finished, he was interrupted by the young people who could not hear the emotions: “Something happened.”

“Isn’t it okay just now?” Yan Ji asked with wonder.

However, he didn’t get an answer. He only heard Yan Xue Xiao ask: “Is that person on leave?”

Yan Ji reacted for a long time before it was Lin Sinian. After listening to Lin Sinian’s mother saying that she had dropped out of Yancheng University for physical reasons, he couldn’t help but ask: “How do you know, are you still in contact with him?”

The car drove to the dormitory area.

Yan Xue Xiao got out of the car.

Yan Ji dismissed the idea. After all, his nephew looked gentle, but it was difficult to change what he decided. He clearly said that he had no interest in contacts.

But the moment he turned around, it suddenly occurred to him that-

His nephew doesn’t seem to deny it.


As one of the hottest PUBG events on the platform in the second half of the year, Kitten Cup has more than 500,000 spectators in the official live broadcast room, and professional commentator Fang Shengquan is invited.

There are sixteen teams in the competition. In order to minimize the influence of luck on the results of the competition, the competition is divided into three days, three games on the island and three games in the desert every day, and the winner with the highest total score.

“Teacher Fang, what do you think of this competition?” The host asked.

Fang Shengquan adjusted the headset and replied: “Because the competition system is close to professional competitions, there are not many rankings. It is not a good strategy to reach the finals, or encourage players to get more elimination points.”

“Do you have a good team?” The host asked again.

Fang Shengquan smiled without a word.

“Last year was also explained by Teacher Fang.”

“The level of the host is not good, do you still have to ask? “

“It must be Xu Cheng’s team”

At nine o’clock in the evening, the game started on time and sixteen teams entered the game at the same time.

“A team has been dropped.” The host noticed that Wu Yu’s team lost two people as soon as they entered the game.

“Lan Heng and Ren took it away.”

“It’s too bad, you can’t enter when you become disconnected.”

“How can they play like this?”

Wu Yu’s statement that he didn’t panic now is false. Most of the contestants are famous anchors. The game level is not comparable to that of ordinary passers-by. Only two people will undoubtedly be passive.

But Late didn’t see any fluctuations. After landing, he collected materials in silence. The first reaction when he heard gunshots was not to avoid, but to follow the sound.

This play is very radical.

However, as a teammate of Late, he can only keep up with it. There are two teams fighting in front of him.

Wu Yu glanced twice and concluded that there was no need to stop fighting, because one team was completely crushed, and it was only a matter of time before the other team was solved.

Late set up a gun on the roof.

Wu Yu was surprised to find that Late has a strong computing power and can always shoot the last bullet to grab the opposite head.

However, there are 16 teams competing together on the field, so it is impossible to capture the game picture of each team. Depending on the level of the director switching shots, most of the shots are from Xu Cheng’s team, and Shen Chi’s team has not been swept at all.

After finishing the sixth game, few people noticed that Wu Yu’s team ranked 11th with 58 points.

“Lan Heng and Ren duo have been dropped?”1 TL: Two team mates had been disconnected from the game because of poor internet connection

“Although it is still a countdown, it is very good for two people to achieve this result.”


The host interviewed the team in sequence and used the same set of questions: “Is it convenient to disclose your goal tomorrow?”

Wu Yu did not expect to be ranked eighth. According to his original estimate, it would be better not to take the bottom one. He said modestly: “Everyone is excellent and there is no goal in ranking.”

The host asked Shen Chi: “What rank do you think will be won tomorrow?”

The teenager replied coldly: “First.”

The barrage was silent.

“Are the countdown so confident now?”

“Xu Cheng: I can’t carry the gun anymore? ”

“There is still a dream.”

The host was stunned. He didn’t know how to proceed. Instead of asking questions, I continued to talk with Wu Yu: “Look at the fans saying that you got married not long ago. Did your family watch your game today?”

“My family is watching.” Wu Yu replied with a smile.

Hearing what Wu Yu said, the boy lowered his eyes, not knowing what he was thinking, and turned on the phone.

Yan Xue Xiao did not reply to him.

Should be no time to watch his game, he actually just said a word, and didn’t want to burden the other side, so he typed and sent a word.

[Shen Chi] Finished the game

After he sent the message, he looked up and saw the score table on the screen. The first place was Xu Cheng’s team, with a total of 130 points, and their team-

Only 58 points.

After thinking about it, the teenager was afraid of being asked about the score and withdrew the message.

But the moment he just withdrew the news, a reply flashed across the screen off guard, and his heart jumped, and he can imagine Yan Xue Xiao calmly saying a sentence to him across the street.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Watching

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    TL: Two team mates had been disconnected from the game because of poor internet connection
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