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Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi heard pride in his voice, which is always mixed with worldly success, but Yan Xue Xiao’s words came out in his low tide.

Not on the podium under the spotlight, only in an ordinary training room .

The boy’s heart beats suddenly, and the heart that even he ignored is filled with gentleness. The timidity disappeared, and only the idea of ​​playing the game was left.

He stood on tiptoe and kissed Yan Xue Xiao’s face. Suddenly he remembered that the live broadcast was still on. He hurriedly walked to the computer to turn off the live broadcast, and the live broadcast room exploded.

“I rolled wildly in the dormitory bed.”

“throw a gift to your daughter-in-law”

“I still want to see more!”

Even if the barrage is retained, the red-eared teenager still turns off the live broadcast. During the night, Shen Chi was taken home by Yan Xue Xiao, and the shadows of the two were entangled on the surface.


The last day of the Emperor Penguin Cup was held on Sunday. The official live broadcast room was crowded with tens of millions of viewers, and MAR fans were particularly active.

” ‌MAR 6th place is ordinary, but it is much better than the last team ‌

“Know who you are talking about” ‌

“His fans are flat, arrogant, and now dare not speak out ‌

“RE came to congratulate”

”Congrats to BOX”

‌Shengquan sat in a chair and looked back at yesterday’s game: “SWL beat the VF to be in first place yesterday, and the changes are even more powerful.”

”Steady Champion”

“Difficult ‌players‌ have shortcomings, but the lap luck is not good. If the island map is changed to P City, then the league is expected to win the championship.”

“MG has hands”

Shengquan continued to comment: “TTL’s performance yesterday was not satisfactory. Although it was influenced by SWL’s change jump, it also showed that there was a lack of adjustment on the field. I hope there will be adjustments in today’s competition.”

His tone showed anxiety, and the problem of contingency usually appeared on new teams that lacked game experience. TTL suffered a serious setback as soon as they won the Silver Fox Cup. According to his judgment, it was easy to fall into a low state of mind.

“Will TTL come today?”

“I saw the placards of his fans.”

“Fans of TTL are good at making light cards”

However, to the disappointment of the barrage, Shen Chi not only sat on the competition table, but also made public his red hair, and paid no attention to yesterday’s defeat.

“Little Red Hair Everyday Dead Face”

“I thought I would cry”

“Crying after playing today ‌”

‌Shengquan Eyes‌ contained unobvious gratifications. The pressure on the team leader’s shoulder is the heaviest. He knows that the teenager’s heart will not be as calm as it seems, but it is useless to vent his emotions, which will also affect the team atmosphere.

He silently raises the evaluation of Shen Chi, and controls his emotions. It is also an extremely rare quality among older players. This is a necessary condition for being a good captain.

Shen Chi didn’t know the content of the live broadcast room. If he knew it, he wouldn’t worry about it. The 9th game officially started, and he clenched his mouse and boarded the game.

SWL has changed not only the jump, but also the style of play. The edge of the circle advances to the center of the circle, and the rhythm enters the circle. SWL is faster and slower. Only by changing the style of play can they avoid them in the early stage.

He led the TTL to jump out of the dormitory building, and after picking up the equipment, he rushed into the circle and collected as much information as he could. He heard the sound of gunshots from a distance, and resisted to persuade him.

“TTL is slow to enter the circle today ‌”

“Avoiding SWL?”

“The puppy team is going back.”

There was a match in the fierce gunfire, and the host who noticed the change of TTL asked Shengquan beside him, “What do you think, teacher?”

There was a hint of uncertainty in Shengquan’s tone, “TTL should be occupying the center of the circle and changing into a slow-paced circle-side play.”


He hesitated to explain, “This style of play usually avoids the weak side of the battle and enters the circle in the early stage. The Lion of the fishing village is a typical circle side play, and it is coordinated in the front and requires high strength.”

Lion is well-behaved in seeking weak side entry, and there have been scale battles. However, TTL is a different team. Those who collect information do not forget the person who was being, and persuade them to rob their heads of dirty work. The player that escaped Han Duqiu’s thunder can’t escape Shen Chi’s cold gun.

“Making the weak side”

“Clean the surrounding enemies on the weak side.”

“Have the ability to single out SWL”

“Don’t say SWL can’t even surpass MAR”

“The state of MAR today is better than yesterday”

TTL’s killing scores are rising. TTL washes away yesterday’s defeat in the sound of a dismal barrage, and the position of the penultimate keeps climbing up. After the last game starts they rise to sixth place!


“Only this word ‌ to express my thoughts”

“Today they actually pulled it up”

“Good luck in TTL circle today”

‌Shengquan looked at the screen and shook his head. The lap luck does affect the results, but it is not the decisive factor. Otherwise, the professional players will directly make the dice to decide the winner. It is necessary for the competition.

‌TTL helped RE and MAR to persuade them to fight. Both teams are famous for their fierceness, and they can’t get a good job in the frontal battlefield. He just put down his heart.

‌ He thought that his worries were useless. Xu Cheng pulled a gun from a high place. Han Duqiu threw a pre-judgment ray at the strong team MAR and then shot them. MAR was directly taken away with two people! And this Shen Chi completely destroyed RE.

“MAR, cool”

“Death by milk”

“You shouldn’t poison your milk before the start of the game.”

‌Shengquan suddenly realized the horror of the TTL team. If you say that the strength is not top-notch, you only say that the new team is only budding. The stability remains to be seen, but it shows amazing growth.

Xu Cheng, who was born as an anchor, is now in the middle and upper reaches of the league. Han Duqiu, who has just joined the league for a long time, is famous for throwing objects, but he observed that his marksmanship improved by less than half during this period.

‌ Shengquan retracted his thoughts and continued to explain. SWL won the championship, VF with a close score won the runner-up, and TTL‌ climbed to the fifth place from the bottom, just ahead of MAR who was sixth.

「TTL is ‌Fifth」

“Be happy for nothing”

“I’m the only one who is fortunate? It’s okay to take third place?”

It’s a pity that the spring rises in the dark, but the gap dropped yesterday is too great. If SWL‌ has a temporary change jump, the third runner-up of the Emperor Penguin Cup at today’s scoring speed will be TTL in all likelihood.

The fans of TTL and MAR in the audience are specially separated, even if there is an aisle in the middle, they still talk in the air.

A fan of MAR looked at the ranking on the screen and said, “Isn’t it the fifth place?”

TTL fans: “One higher than you.”

“This is too irritating ‌

“You know when you hear it, fans of a certain team”

“the one who is close to the vermilion is red and the one who is close to the ink is black”

MAR’s fans are not vegetarian, but he heard the extravagant mockery, rolled up his sleeves and rushed over, looking at Yan Shen with the scarred face and quickly retreated to his position.

“Suddenly behaved”

“As long as I’m fast enough, people can see me.”

“Wu Rui sees the level of expulsion from fans”


Yan’s office, Yan Xue Xiao, moved his eyes away from the live broadcast on the screen, and continued to review the documents of the Beigang project.

An agreement was signed at the afternoon meeting. He walked out of the meeting room accompanied by Ah Pei. After Luo Shu sniffed the faint plum fragrance, he went out and got a call from Mrs Yan.

“I heard that you agreed to invest in other companies.” Mrs Yan’s voice is stern. “You are young and easy to be cheated on. If your father is still here, he will not agree.”

Yan Xue Xiao listened quietly.

Mrs. Yan sighed: “I know what you are thinking now. You can’t listen to what others say, and your uncle can’t get involved in the group. Please think about it.”

She doesn’t know how to discipline her adult son, she always feels that the originally gentle child is getting stranger and stranger creating an invisible distance.

Before she was about to hang up, she suddenly heard the question from the other side of the phone: “Is the plum blossom in Yandi blooming?”

Madam Yan suppressed the error in her heart and replied: “Blossoming .”

Yan Xue Xiao hung up the phone in silence, and looked down at the bright and extinguished Yancheng through the window. Yan Xue Xiao’s expression was so dark that Ah Pei lowered his head and dared not approach.


The fifth place in the Emperor Penguin Cup was not bad, but there was a prize for the game, and Shen Chi licked his lips and sat in the car back to the base.

Because he had to prepare for the mid-term exam, he put off the afternoon dinner, took the express and went straight back to Huating.

He sat in the study and opened a brand-new book, from six in the afternoon until eleven in the evening, but Yan Xue Xiao did not come back.

As soon as Shen Chi wanted to call, the door of the living room opened. He walked to the door and asked: “At the end of the year, are you busy at work?”

Yan Xue Xiao said gently, “The Beigang project has just started.”

Sensitively aware that the young man is not in a good mood, he presents a treasure. He took out the vinyl record he received today: “I promised to buy it for you.”

Even if he did not get the bonus, he saved enough money from the live broadcast. Yan Xue Xiao watched the little wolf dog who came with a gift and lowered his dark phoenix eyes: “I will listen well.”

Shen Chi sent out the record and continued to review. He yawned on the chair, and after washing, he leaned on the bed and read a book.

His attention was focused on the textbook, and he paid attention to Yan Xue Xiao when he came up. At first, there was nothing, then he pressed his waist and kissed him on the neck, as if he was going to jail he embedded firmly.

He turned the book with a flushed face, feeling that the tight movements he couldn’t concentrate, pinching the pages of the book’s fingers loosely and tightly, sinking into the sea.


Yan Xue Xiao behind him, spoke.

The young boy’s red hair was wet, and the slightly oozing liquid slipped down his fair skin, trying to stay awake: “See what?”

He was shrouded underneath, and a cold voice rang in his ears: “I’m inside you.”

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