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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi stood at the ground at a loss. He wanted to say too much, but he didn’t know how to boast. He stammered and said, “You are very good.”

He clearly ‌ had praised ‌him to pass the level, but he was suddenly pressed against the cold door and kissed. He was covered with cedar pine wood with a bitter breath.

He held the man ‌neck, the door panel swayed more frequently. The crackling ‌ was mixed with unbearable ‌whispering.

If you look inside the door, you can see a red-haired boy hanging on a man’s body, with wet hair on his forehead. He seems to try his best to sit up, but he is kissed by a gentle and tough press.


In the morning, Shen Chi walked out of the bedroom tremblingly and Yan Xue Xiao was reading a magazine while drinking coffee at the table.

The dining-room chair is a cool wooden chair. He struggled for a while and decided to sit. Yan Xue Xiao held him in his lap.

Yan Xue Xiao touched his head and he obediently ate the shredded pork with sauce on the table, the man turned the page and stopped his hand slightly.

Shen Chi saw a Bach‌vinyl record. He was relieved after looking at the price: “The Penguin Cup is rich in prize money. I will buy it for you if I win the prize.”

Yan Xue Xiao continued to browse the magazine, and stopped at the inside page of the advertisement from time to time. The young man followed his kindness.




Although the weekly competition hasn’t started yet, Shen Chi’s bonus is well planned.

Looking at the teenager who didn’t leave half pocket money for himself, Yan Xue Xiao’s dark eyes like ink soften.

Shen Chi stood up after eating breakfast, saving time and picking up warm milk: “I’m going to train early today.”

Not long after he walked towards the door, he suddenly felt that something was stuffed in his pocket. When he was about to ask, Yan Xue Xiao said lightly, “Pocket money.”

The teenager didn’t take it to heart. He took his team uniform and walked to the elevator. When he walked to the elevator, he found that it was Yan Xue Xiao’s salary card.

He carefully placed it on the innermost layer of the backpack, pressed the ‌ elevator out of the Huating. He sat in the training room ‌in front of the computer half an hour in advance.

“Cub, cub, arrived early today”

“Others are coming too”

“Foreseeing the fierce competition in the Emperor Penguin Cup this time”

“Which time the Emperor Penguin Cup competition was fierce?”

Lan Heng pulled back the chair and sat beside Shen Chi. The teenager hugged his backpack in front of his chest. Lan Heng banning ridicule, “Gold in the bag?”

He answered seriously,”It’s more expensive than gold.”

“Seriously not kidding, cub is so cute”

“It’s adorable.”

“Suck cats and cubs”

Lan Heng is also laughing and joking with the young man. After all, the captain of the family is so poor that everyone can see.

Xu Cheng boarded the game, “SWL did not register for the training competition today.”

Shen Chi holds his hand and the mouse is not in the position. SWL is a team that often plays training games and has never played head-to-head. Judging from the video, the gameplay is not normal. He paused for a while and clicked to start the game. .

A week’s perception has passed in the busy training. The Emperor Penguin Cup, which was praised as the league’s weather vane, came late on Saturday morning.

There are totally 24 teams participating in the Emperor Penguin Cup, all of which are basically PCL teams, including the league champion VF.

Players enter the arena in turn. It is beneficial for professional players who are used to sleeping late and getting up late to play at 9: 00 in the morning. The whole team of RE sits on the lounge chair with a yawn.

TTL was used to this time. Shen Chi closed his eyes and memorized the picture. After a while, MAR‌ members ‌especially entered the rest area.

MAR‌ Captain Wu Rui’s shooting skills are strong, unexpectedly, he is a short head and a baby face. Wu Rui glanced at him deeply, and finally walked to the corner to sit ‌.

The barrage is too busy to watch the scene of bustle.

“Carefully confirm it.”

“Sit down when you are wronged.”

“How do I feel that Han Duqiu is taller than him in a wheelchair?”

“Too much ahead.”

This time, the commentator is Fang Shengquan. Before the game, the host asked in an active atmosphere according to the old rules: “Which team does Mr. Fang prefer?”

Fang Shengquan adjusted the headset too high. “VF bought BOX Li Cheng during the autumn transfer period, and after running-in, he got the wrong result in the intercontinental competition. I believe that he will make another great achievement in this competition.”

“No name or surname”

“Old Duanshui Master”

“It’s okay, it’s Liu Xiaodong.”

“Familiar with the taste”

The host showed a clear look, and promptly raised another question, “What about TTL?”

“Han Duqiu adapts to the team faster than I thought. I am still accustomed to team fighting. I didn’t expect them to defeat MAR in the Silver Fox Cup last time to win the championship.” Fang Shengquan analyzed slowly, “If I can play this stably. They can win third place.”

“Able to win third place! The evaluation is quite high”

” Will little red be happy?”

“He also said that SWL is strong”

“This sentence came out of Late’s mouth, it was a little bit strange”

It is the most watched ‌Cup. The live broadcast of the competition has not yet started. There are already millions of viewers. After the start, it has soared to tens of millions. Tens of millions of viewers are following today’s competition.

Fang Shengquan leaned on the back of his chair and scanned the screen on the big screen. The PCL team ‌ jump point is fixed, and the choice of jump point ‌ is not too suspenseful.

He opened the water bottle and drank his water. Looking back at the screen. The jump point has changed astonishingly!

SWL did not choose a fixed jumping point of the zodiac but jumping to the P city, causing RE to be unprepared


“It’s strange that SWL didn’t even participate in the training competition, so they went to practice a new jumping spot.”

“This is to rob p city? ”

“Poor RE hasn’t used P City for long.”

Fang Shengquan‌’s reaction was half a beat slow. The island map ‌ in P City was originally the veteran team BOX‌‌’s. BOX and RE fought for it for a little half a year. Unexpectedly, such a short time would change its owner three times.

He was sitting upright on the chair: “Jumping point to change SWL‌The route of entering the circle will change a lot, and it may overlap with other teams.”

Fang Shengquan spoke euphemistically and said that it was a coincidence. If it was a head-on encounter, even if he had a good impression of Shen Chi, he still talked about it except for VF. He was qualified to be a SWL opponent. I am afraid that VF would want to win. It’s choking.

“SWL changed too suddenly”

“P is a school next to the city”

“So, is TTL dangerous?”

“Love to hear and enjoy music”

Fang Shengquan’s inference is unreasonable. The order of P city in the western circle is higher than that of the school, which directly sticks TTL into the circle’s neck.

This is a joke, which directly makes TTL‌ transfer into great difficulties. SWL seems to have informed people earlier and arranged a sniper attack at the top of the mountain in advance.

Shen Chi was the first to react. He gave up the idea of ​​parking and went straight to the center of the wheat field. However, the convoy was detonated in a fierce attack and was detonated in an ambush in SWL. TTL was completely destroyed.

“All off!”

“A wealthy family is a wealthy family, ‌ is PDL coming up ‌Rubbish can touch porcelain ‌

“I’m cool”

“TTL rolls back to the kitten live broadcast”

Fang Shengquan was secretly worried. The temporary change of SWL jump point is good news for the central team. The five mid-tier teams are all in the bottom, enough to be pressured by SWL.

Before the game,he was optimistic about ‌MAR, but Wu Rui seemed to break away from the negative state. He was surprised to comment: “Wu Rui, my adjustment ability is higher than I thought, and this outstanding young player obviously hasn’ t reached the flower board yet.”

“I almost cried at home with Wu Rui.”

“Thanks to Little Red Hair”

“The score of TTL‌ was pulled by MAR, saying that MAR can take the opportunity to regain the desert map‌ P city.

“The countdown is scheduled”

“It’s a reservation. It’s counting down.”

Looking forward to it, TTL ranked in the harsh countdown in the past six games. In the camera, he wore a red uniform and didn’t speak, just looking at the score on the screen and squeezing his lips tightly.

“Who said ‌SWL‌ is very strong?”

“Countdown to see if everyone is strong, it will be empty after two steps out.”

“SWL‌ Zhou Tingchuan has lost to him before, and now the gap between them has been completely widened, with a big team and a small broken team.”

“The environment is important.”

Facing the score, the team members could not hide their self blame, Han Duqiu clenched his wheelchair tightly, Lan Heng who always talked and laughed was silent, the team was filled with anxiety and frustration.

The boy raised his head and said calmly: “Go back and review the game.”

‌One sentence broke the pervasive depressive aura,as the backbone of the team he raised his head again, and went out of the venue.

Shen Chi rubbed his sore hands, and got into the Huiji car. Suddenly Yan Xue Xiao’s name was displayed on the screen of his mobile phone, and he answered the phone: “It’s over.”

The man on the phone said calmly, “I saw it.”

He held his phone and paused. He didn’t expect that Yan Xue Xiao would watch his game when he was busy at the company. He lowered his head and said, “Today, the resumption will be back later.”

Shen Chi hung up the phone and returned to the base to resume the game. He may change the jumping point, but can only improve the route to avoid the sharp edge.

After the replay, he sits alone in the training room to train. Compared with the resumption of the replay, he was rather silent, and usually his teeth bared and his fans dared not to comfort him.

On the wall, the clock was ticking and moving, and the young man seemed to be exhausted to determine the new route to enter the circle over and over again. After knowing how long he had passed, he suddenly listened to the footsteps, and he turned his head back.

The first thing that appeared in his eyes was the slender and straight legs of trousers. The dull buttons showing the waist, and the slightest suit lining made the whole person unattainable.


“Looking at the distant view, you know it is beautiful”

“I’m dead for this shot”

Shen Chi recovered and stood up from the chair, before thinking about it, he walked up to Yan Xue Xiao and hugged the man’s waist, rubbing the red hair on the suit.

He sullenly reflected: “Today, the game was played well, I am responsible, I have not considered that the game will appear, the route to the circle has not been adjusted in time, and the team .
[tl: Counts down mean ranks down]

He denied himself, so that he was slightly shaken by whether he could be a commander. He believed that his depression was well hidden.

The man suddenly called his name: “Shen Chi.”

‌‌His lips lightly touched in front of his eyes, Yan Xue Xiao‌ seriously said: “You are my proudest Late.”

TL: It’s okay you can’t always win every battle.

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