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The scar is forgotten to hurt

Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi didn’t expect that he was really in his heart, even his love words were not half false. He shook his hands and touched the tattoo covering the scars, it was hard to imagine how painful it would be at that time.

He doesn’t like crying. The corner of his eyes were red, the distress hit his heart and the tears rolled on his chest. A slender hand took him into his arms, feeling sleepy, his voice was dumb, “Why are you crying?”

“Im not crying.”

He finally knew why Yan Xue Xiao stopped him from taking off his clothes, so he pressed his lips tightly and asked, “I saw a gunshot wound on your body. Does anyone want to kill you?”

“Someone ambushed the place where I lived after the interview.” Yan Xue Xiao described the suffering in a flat tone. “I was lucky, but it was a pity that the philosophy books were gone.”

He knew how thrilling it was without even thinking about it. He felt lingering fear in the man’s arms and it would linger in the bottom of his heart, “So, you don’t like philosophy?”

“Philosophy is clean.”

After hearing these words, the young man shook his heart suddenly and stubbornly corrected, “You are also clean.”

The man kissed him gently on his forehead.

There is one more thing that Shen Chi didn’t say. In his heart, Yan Xue Xiao is not stained with dust. He is the moon and he once illuminated the dead branches and water in the sky.


Early in the morning, the e-sports forum was very active. Although Shen Chi mentioned a sentence of “Han Duqiu” in the live broadcast, he had vowed to say that TTL is not yet recruiting Han Duqiu.

Because Han Duqiu is the anchor of the Emperor Penguin, the Emperor Penguin is an old and exuberant household after PCLP and the comments are full of a strong sense of superiority.

【Piranha】 TTL is also an ordinary team when it hits PCL. It is not certain whether it will be able to keep the rank next year. Han Duqiu, who was recruited by SWL, did not leave. How could he join TTL ?

【Rock Jumping Penguin】 SWL is digging people every day.

【Sunfish】After all, PCL is out of the talent transfer camp, no matter how the Puppy team threatens and lures Han Duqiu, we must hold on. We can’t lose our emperor penguin.

Han Duqiu frowned when he watched the hot discussion post. Shen Chi sent him the address of the TTL base, saying that he was threatening to lure him into suspecting that Shen Chi had sent the wrong message. He might have wanted to retaliate after he killed some TTL members. ‌

No matter what purpose Shen Chi’s message had, Han Duqiu had no plans to go. He was content with his current life. It would be better if the live broadcast income could buy a new wheelchair.

He turned his dirty wheelchair to the tabletop and made a pack of instant noodles for himself. Then, he quickly finished eating the instant noodles and returned to the screen.

Han Duqiu entered the game as usual, but he was killed shortly and he was besieged. There were more fans than yesterday. The live broadcast ‌ has not been watched by many people and the reward income is pitiful.

“Why don’t you go to the trash” ‌ ‌

“Board once and kill once”

“If you have hands and feet, why can’t you make money upright”

Seeing the last barrage, Han Duqiu looked down at his amputated leg. Without saying a word, he glanced at the blade on the table.

At this moment, the doorbell rang without being pressed for a long time. He did not broadcast live on guard and slowly pushed the wheelchair to open the door.

After opening the door, a person dressed in a suit stood outside the door: “Mr. Shen Chi wants to invite you to go to TTL for a trial. I think you should not refuse.”

Han Duqiu’s heart rises with fear. The timing of this man’s arrival is accurate. If he comes five minutes early, he will not agree, but now he has no choice.

He knows that the TTL team is the second team from PDL to PCL in the history of the league. The rich team buys it directly, and the salary is definitely not comparable to SWL. He is prepared to bear hardships and stand hard work. .

Han Duqiu packed up a few luggages, put on his keyboard headset and stepped out of the house in his wheelchair.


Shen Chi still did not receive a reply from Han Duqiu in the afternoon of the second day. When he was resting, he browsed the original philosophy book on the shopping website. Next to him, Lan Heng said, “Han Duqiu will definitely not come.”

“It’s not that I look down on the God Penguin anchor.” Lan Heng said on the live broadcast. “Do you remember when the anchor was maliciously killed? It was also the Emperor Penguin anchor, who used all means to become popular. ”

The doorbell downstairs rang, and Shen Chi finished buying the book and went downstairs to open the door. Lan Heng followed behind and put on eye drops: “It’s better to recruit younger brothers from SWL Youth Training Camp. Training with such people will pollute the air—”

Lan Heng stopped when he said the last sentence, because outside the door was a young man sitting in a wheelchair, “Is this TTL training base?”

Shen Chi looked at the young man with a hum.

Han Duqiu was surprised. Before he came, he thought that he would be crowded in a cheap house, but he did not expect that they would be able to rent a villa in the center of Yancheng.

“Xiao Han, right?” Killing fish in the kitchen. Manager Chen put down a blood-sprayed kitchen knife in his hand. “It’s hard coming from Ning City. I’m making sweet and sour fish for the welcome.”

“Where do you try out?”

Lan Heng didn’t even think about answering: “Training room on the second floor.”

Han Duqiu held the wheelchair, not sure if he was teasing him.

Shen Chi’s line of sight fell on the stairs, and he carried out the game and installed it on a laptop, “Is the laptop okay?”

Han DuqiuHe felt a little relieved. He couldn’t accept being lifted up the stairs by a stranger he first met. He took the laptop and put on the headphones to enter the game.

Shen Chi didn’t ask about Han Duqiu’s legs. He didn’t want to mention it. He watched attentively. It was not accidental that Han Duqiu was able to kill the MAR team. If Ye Ning’s melee was crushed by marksmanship, Han Duqiu’s melee was almost ghostly by throwing objects.

Manager Chen couldn’t see what was happening through the doorway, but looking at the young man raised his eyebrows and guessed that he was quite satisfied with Han Duqiu. The silver fox cup was in front of his eyes, and after the trial training, he signed the contract while the iron was hot.

He introduced Han Duqiu, “Now there are five team members with TTL. The red-haired one is the captain Shen Chi. The one who talks the most is Lan Heng, and the one using the laptop, Xu Cheng. Ye Ning, who likes soaking wolfberry water, is still undergoing treatment in the hospital. The team usually trains in the training room on the second floor. Today I will call someone to install the elevator.”

He was wearing an apron. At the end of the introduction, Manager Chen realized that he had forgotten to introduce himself, “I am the team manager, Manager Chen.”

Han Duqiu looked at the luxurious decoration of the villa, and asked his lingering doubts, “Can the team make a profit?”

“It’s more difficult for TTL to make a profit just after entering PCL.” Manager Chen pushed his glasses and replied, “But I will use my free funds as investment, and the monthly income can cover the club’s expenses.”

Han Duqiu couldn’t help asking, “Which club did you work in before?”

“Investment Banking.”

Han Duqiu was speechless for a long time. He had never seen a club that was stranger than TTL. He looked down at his legs, and it seemed that he was not that strange.

Because the manager asked someone to install the elevator, the training was temporarily cancelled at night. Yan Xue Xiao read in bed, and after taking a bath, he sat next to the man to watch the video replay.

“Han Duqiu is really here today. He is suitable for the breakthrough in the Silver Fox Cup tomorrow,” the boy said while watching. “But Manager Chen has said everything I want to say, and I don’t know how to talk. ”

Yan Xue Xiao raised his narrow eyes: “Send a gift?”

He nodded: “I will bring snacks tomorrow.”

Because the bruises are still not completely healed. He lay on the bed and watched the video. The curve outlines and scores are unremarkable. His skin is fair and his waist is exposed. He didn’t realize how attractive his posture was.

Yan Xue Xiao’s dark line of sight paused on the waistline.

Shen Chi just started to watch the video seriously, but Yan Xue Xiao was completely unable to concentrate. After covering him from behind, the whole world was infected with cold pine.

His red hair was still wet. Water is dripping down, his fingertips pressed against the sensitive skin. He rubs it over and over again. The skin is slowly stained with red, and he hummingly bears it.

The kiss was deeper, and the skin was too red to see. He looked at the looming tattoo on the bottom of the man’s clothes and dared to ask, “Do you want to do it?”

However, Yan Xue Xiao wiped his body clean. The opaque liquid did not leave a single drop. He continued to open the book and look at it.

Reason told him that he shouldn’t be disturbed. The young man couldn’t help looking at the book in Yan Xue Xiao’s hand. After reading the text on the page, his face turned red:

For the first time, it is better to lubricate the same sex. When relaxing, you should have sex gently. I hope that you can consider each other’s feelings and avoid injuries caused by too many times.

Not only the matters needing attention were checked out, but also the annotations were carefully made, and even the drugs for injury were noted.

Seemingly aware of his gaze, Yan Xue Xiao closed the book and calmly said: “I don’t want it to hurt.”

TL: Sorry, I did not post Monday and Tuesday so I posted 3 chapter today. I finally got a new keyboard so I can translate properly.

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