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never not coax you

Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi clung to the cold ebony desktop. There was rough friction from the untouched skin, which made him ache with the pine smell.

A slender hand touched his neck. He was pressed firmly on the table and couldn’t move. He could only hold his head up to accept the kiss in this position.

Yan Xue Xiao, who was well dressed, kissed him lying on the table without hesitation, even the dark tie was meticulously tied.

He did not dare to look straight at him, trying to untie Yan Xue Xiao’s buttons, but as soon as he touched his shirt, he was restrained, replaced by a dazzling kiss.

The kiss was getting deeper and deeper, the milk on the table shook and the sound of water slapping outweighed the sound of entanglement of lips and teeth. He tried to stay close without touching the warm milk.

“Tell me the truth.”

Yan Xuexiao’s low voice sounded in her ears, as if completely controlled, his brain buzzed blankly, like a ship on the sea being forced to move forward under squeezing.

He didn’t know how long it took before this long kiss ended. Although he tried his best to keep it up, the milk in the glass was still spilled. ‌

The blushing boy stood up tremblingly, the pouring milk dripping from the smooth skin to the floor, but Yan Xue Xiao calmly asked, “Is it okay?”

He was choked and his complexion flushed red, and he didn’t care about wiping and returned to the bedroom, seeing his heartbeat fierce in the dark.


The next day, Shen Chi arrived at the base for training, even if he was less than ten minutes’ walk away, he still chose to ride a car.

The car stopped at the gate of the base, and the boy slowly walked up to the second floor. As soon as he walked into the training room, he saw Xu Cheng, “Han Duqiu was besieged.”

After he walked to Xu Cheng’s screen, it was Han Duqiu’s live broadcast room. As soon as Han Duqiu entered the game he was killed and he couldn’t play normally.

“He succeeded in sniping MAR yesterday.” Lan Heng took over, “He was approached by the opponent’s fan(MAR fans).”

Shen Chi raised his eyebrows. MAR is the most energetic team in the league. It has won the third place in the world, so he did not expect Han Duqiu to succeed.

In the picture, Han Duqiu is often killed around and his performance is not too amazing, at least it can’t attract his interest.

Shen Chi looked away from the screen when the news of Han Duqiu throwing Thunder Strike Killed Five was posted on the screen and he ‌‌‌ stopped.

The young man looked at the page without saying a word. Lan Heng, who was on the live broadcast, asked curiously, “Captain, do you want to recruit him?”

Yesterday Shen Chi avenged him and Xu Cheng. Seeing that the boy didn’t answer, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that his guess was right and he couldn’t help but persuade him, “It doesn’t need us—”

But his words were not finished yet when Shen Chi thoughtfully interrupted him, “I want to ask him if he will come to try out.”

Han Duqiu is obviously a wild man. Marksmanship is not top-notch, but the use of throwing is unmatched. If the price is not expensive, he can buy it as a substitute.

His voice fell, not only Lan Heng was shocked, but also Lan Heng’s live room was shocked.

“Trial training?!”

“The old man said that Han Duqiu is very strong, but his quality is not good. There are many PCL teams that he offended and I can’t imagine him playing professionally.”

“But our cub’s fate is not so good either.”

“The heart is broken in front”

Shen Chi asked Lan Xeng,”What did you just want to say?”

Lan Heng’s face was like he was taken away by other goblins and he still pretended to be sensible.

“It is said that BOX is also selling players and Han Duqiu’s online reputation is poor. If he comes to our team, won’t we pull too much hatred?”

The silent Xu Cheng said, “We seem to be pulling hate all the time.”

“The small team is so self-aware”

“It’s okay just to enter the PCL, the PDL team dare not say anything”

“I don’t know Han Duqiu will agree”

“It’s a lot better to promise the Zhou Yinhu Cup.”

Seeing that they had no opinion, Shen Chi sent a trial invitation to Han Duqiu and walked back to his seat.

As soon as he sat there was a bruising pain between his legs. He took a deep breath before sitting slowly, regretting that he hadn’t brought Yan Xue Xiao’s cushion while he was in the car.

Because of Ye Ning’s precedent, Lan Heng noticed the weird behavior of the teenager sitting and couldn’t help asking, “Captain, are your legs okay?”

Shen Chi expressionlessly replied, “It’s okay.”

Even sitting in a chair still can’t eliminate soreness and even the most private places still have some resistance. The teenager forces himself to divert his attention and turn on the computer to broadcast live.

“Are you feeling unwell today?”

“Your face is not so good”

“Daughter-in-law, take good care of the cub”

He caught a glimpse of the word care and his glowing ears turned red. The red disappeared quickly, sitting in front of the computer focusing on training.


Until he was taken home after training, Shen Chi still didn’t receive a reply from Han Duqiu. He walked out of the elevator with a pity in his heart.

“There is a substitute in the team. I invited an anchor of Emperor Penguin and he hasn’t replied to me yet. I wonder if he would like to come.”

Yan Xue Xiao opened the door, “Do you want him to come?”

The young man nodded.

“That’s it.”

He didn’t take it to heart. Perhaps he walked too slowly. Yan Xue Xiao turned on the light and asked gently, “Does it hurt?”

The young man felt his scalp tingle and shook his head, but he was hugged on the sofa for a second and the skin that was close to him gave him blushing pain.

The little wolf dog who eats the bitter fruit retracted his tail eager to try on the edge of the forbidden fruit, pretending to be calm and said, “Not today.”

He hummed softly, Shen Chi’s heart was relieved. Who knew there was still a cold air behind him and the coolness in the air was clearly tolerated.

When he was breaking free, the cold ointment was covering the bruises. Yan Xue Xiao applied anti-inflammatory medicine every inch and the effect of the medicine slowly calmed the pain.

“I haven’t coaxed you.”

Yan Xue Xiao said lightly.

His face was stained red, accompanied by shallow breathing tremors and the boy in his arms nodded weakly.

He was lying on the sofa and suddenly he thought of it and raised his ears to retort, ​​”Does love mean coaxing? You say I am in your heart, which is scientifically impossible.”

Yan Xue Xiao was quietly, just rubbing his red hair.

The teenager returned to his room to sleep cautiously, but today’s temperature was low, he sat up from the quilt so cold and gently opened Yan Xue Xiao’s door.

Shen Chi’s thick eyelashes applied a small shadow,and the phoenix eyes narrowed and raised. He looked at his face and held his breath.

The teenager went back and found a comfortable place in Yan Xue Xiao’s arms. The blood in his body gradually warmed.

When he was content to go to sleep, he caught a glimpse of the other party’s nightgown revealing ink traces.

His brother had never taken off his clothes in front of him. He dared to pull the clothes gently and the moment he opened them, he froze.

The tattoo is engraved on the heart, and the little wolf dog with its teeth and claws covered the hideous scars. The dazzling appearance is even more shocking, as if immersed in flesh and blood to write——

You’re in my heart.

TL: They did the thing. Anyways, I hope another member will come to TTL.

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  1. Avatar Sofea says:

    THEY REALLY DID IT???? and the tattoo uwu

  2. Avatar Somenonameshit says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA fucc in gucci way, so the milk they’re referring to is ‘that’ kind of milk, at first, I was so confused when I read that there was a pain between his legs and immediately re-read from the top 😂.

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