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Express Delivery

Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Gummy

Zheng An stood on the edge of a towering building, only half a step away from the sky. The cold wind on his face made his brain sober.

He realized that he was ignoring a person and that Xu Xin’s death was a signal. How could someone end up becoming addicted to gambling, but when he didn’t notice it, he gave the Zaiyuan power.

The goods caught fire in the abandoned warehouse of Border town. Yan Xue Xiao’s dark eyes appeared in front of Zheng An’s eyes. He watched Luo Shu and watched for Yan Ji, but didn’t take Yan Xue Xiao, who had a lofty temper, into his heart.

However, Yan Xue Xiao is the most terrifying person in the Yan family. Yan Zhao is inferior to him. What he wants is not to send him to prison but his life. Xu Xin is the first and Zhou Ting is the second. Now it’s his turn.

If he had known what would happen today, he would never have let Yan Xue Xiao return to China alive. He regretted it but it was too late. The flowers were burning with brocade and cooking oil, Zheng An took the last half step.

Outside the crowd, Yan Xue Xiao looked coldly at Zheng An on the tall building, as if looking at a disgusting dead thing, without any warmth in his always gentle eyes.

With a smack-

Flesh and blood fell to the ground.

He took Shen Chi’s hand and turned around to send him to the base.


Yan’s temporary meeting was held in the morning, and all the people present, including Wang Shao, were shocked by Zheng’an’s sudden death. No one doubted that Yan’s meeting would usher in a big wave.

Wang Shao looked up. Yan Xue Xiao, who was ill yesterday, sat on his throne. He couldn’t help but sigh that his illness was timely.

Yan’s senior officials said in private that with Yan Xue Xiao’s uncompromising temperament, most of the vacated positions would fall back to Luo Shu, but Wang Shao looked at Yan Ji under his position and didn’t think so.

Yan Ji, who stayed behind closed doors, attended the meeting for the first time, apparently prepared. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the meeting to start. Yan Ji threw out an introduction: “What do you think of the vacant position?”

Wang Shao remained silent when he heard the words. Zheng An’s sudden death involved many people. No one had yet to react. Not to mention that when a suitable candidate was proposed in such a short period of time, even Luo Shu frowned.

In silence, the person in charge spoke calmly: “Draw up a list.”

The list is of course Yan Xue Xiao’s people, but the qualifications and background are beyond reproach. Wang Shao finally understood Yan Ji’s purpose and for Yan Xue Xiao to bring up the rear, he brought back most of Yan’s rights.

Zheng An’s body was still cold, no one dared to have any opinions, or to speak out, the list passed quietly.

Wang Shao couldn’t help but look towards the head position, Yan Xue Xiao’s brows were filled with the coldness of the superior, and the passing of the list represented the young Yan family’s real power.

When the news reached the Lins’ house, Mrs. Lin’s cup almost slipped, said to Lin Sinian with gratitude, “I listened to you and didn’t associate with Zheng An.”

She had the idea of ​​befriending Zheng An, but her son almost lost his mind. Who knows that Zheng An fell so fast that he almost offended the Yan family.

Lin Sinian did not say that in the dream Lin’s family did follow Zheng An. After Zheng An died, his mind collapsed. He still remembered Yan Xue Xiao’s cold eyes.

His face couldn’t help being pale, he stood up from his seat and walked out the stairs and heard Mrs. Lin asking what gifts to give, there is no shortage of jade and calligraphy.

Lin Sinian suddenly thought of Shen Chi. He didn’t know what their relationship was and said with an attitude of giving it a try: “Why don’t you give a gift card for the game?”


Shen Chi sat in the training room quietly training, and the live broadcast never had any expressions. At best, he was lucky enough to smoothen the red hair on his head when it dropped.

“I want to rub Cub’s hair but dare not rub it”

“Does cub fall in love with his face expressionless?”

“Suddenly not jealous of my daughter-in-law”

“I’m still jealous that he can rub cubs’ hair!”

There is no response to the barrage, and I still talk about it. The questions are all scattered, even which dye he used is asked.

Because the fans who often squat on live broadcasts know that the cub doesn’t always watch the barrage. He trains very seriously, and moves to lengthen the training, often being the last person to walk out of the training room.

However, what fans did not expect was that Shen Chi took aim at the eye machine, and just closed the game: “I’ll get the express and download it first.”

“So early!”

“Download as soon as you open the software”

“What express? Mom will help you with it. ”

“Why is the cub’s face red?”

Seeing the last barrage, Shen Chi put on a hat pressed down to his eyes, and a scarf around his neck that covered half of his face. He was dressed tightly and ready to pick up the courier.

“What did you buy? What?”

“Isn’t it what I thought, kind of stuff?”

“Children can’t roll the sheets”

“”Well, I have ten G teaching videos. Would you like to watch them?”

“I have a friend who wants Kangkang.”

Shen Chi didn’t know the eagerly guessing game in the live broadcast room, so he took the courier from the courier point and walked back to Huating with the package.

He took the elevator to the door of ‌house. Instead of entering the door as usual, he carefully opened the ‌package from the edge with the knife he carried with him.

The cover of a book came out. The cover is full of pink bubbles. The title of the book is “How to Become a Cute Boyfriend”.

A paragraph to the reader is written on the cover of the book.

To qualified boyfriends in the future: Congratulations on entering the status of boyfriends. This book aims to share the secrets of love and establish a long-term close relationship. It is especially suitable for new boyfriends to pass the break-in period. After studying this book, you will become an attractive boyfriend.

Shen Chi finished reading word by word, turn to the first page:

Language is the bridge of communication. Learning to intercede can not only express one’s feelings, but also improve the other’s self-feeling. Please practice according to the demonstration feelings.

You look strange today.

May I call you you? Because you are in my heart.

I want to go to a place, in your heart.


Shen Chi closed the book expressionlessly, thinking that he would never say it for a lifetime, and decisively stuffed it into his backpack.

After he opened the door with the key, he walked towards the bedroom with his bag on his back, recalling the words on the cover, he stopped in front of the study.

In the study room, Ah Pei presented the list of presents to Yan Xue Xiao. The gifts from one family were more expensive than the other, as if for fear of causing dissatisfaction.

Most of them are sending calligraphy and painting according to Yan Zhao’s usual rules, and a small part asks about Yan Xue Xiao to send precious tea leaves. Only the Lin family’s gift is the most common, which is a game gift card.

This is the Lin family’s gift is the most practical. Sure enough, Yan Xue Xiao called for a gift from the Lin family. He walked out of the study with the slip and ran into Shen Chi , who had just finished training.

Standing hesitantly outside the study room, as if making a difficult decision, Ah Pei didn’t dare to bother and left , closing the door lightly.

Shen Chi thought he wanted to study. He takes a deep breath, recalls the model in the book and whispers to Yan Xue Xiao, who is working at the desk, “You look strange today.”

However, Shen Chi’s voice was too small and it did not attract Yan Xue Xiao’s attention at all. He walked to Yan Xue Xiao’s side, “May I call you?”

He was finally noticed this time, Yan Xue Xiao put down the information on the side, and narrowed the phoenix eyes: “I’m not this old yet.”

Shen Chi only changed to the final demonstration: “I want to go somewhere.”


Shen Chi’s fierce heartbeat rang in his chest, so shy that every eyelash was trembling, he mustered up the courage to answer: “In your heart.”

[E/N: Shen chi, I apologize for laughing at your silly pick up line.]

The air was extremely silent. His eyes fell on the thick materials on the table before he realized that he was interrupting his work. Just as he was depressed and was about to turn to leave, a slender hand was wrapped around his waist.

He fell into his arms full of pinewood scent, Yan Xue Xiao’s cold lips rubbed his ears.

“You are already here .”

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  1. Avatar bakateme says:

    I stopped reading this for a while because I was busy with work AND OMG WHY IS THERE SO MUCH DOG FOOD JAKFKKW I AM WELL FED. BARK BARK BARK WOOF WOOF

    Thank you for the translations!

    Shen Chi reminds me of the time I didn’t know that my dad got a promotion and that we weren’t short on money anymore. I was pinching pennies and would barely eat once a day for years while in university. Then I went home and we were going on trips in resorts???? Going on trips out of the country?????? apparently we can afford dental braces???????? i felt my world turn lol *pats the cub*

  2. Avatar Batata Anisia says:

    Thanks for the chapter 💛

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