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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

A small piece at the bottom of the heart filled the vacancy, and warm and enthusiastic blood suddenly flowed through the body. The boy lowered his head and wanted to hide the red eye circle, but then——

He was gently lifted, Yan Xue Xiao kissed him meticulously, guiding him to open his lips and touching it slowly as if he was a treasure.

He still didn’t dare to respond, he was so stiff that he didn’t dare to move, shyly immersed in tenderness and even forgot to watch the video of the training game.

The teenager huddled to bed with a kiss. He lay on a soft pillow and had a half-dream and half-awake dream.

He was sitting on a cold chair in the train station. He couldn’t remember how long he had been sitting in the dark. The young man in a white shirt reached out to him and told him that no one wanted defective products.

Yan Xue Xiao watched and pulled out the little wolf dog who had not let go of his clothes. He had thought about the reason why the teenager saved money. He was reluctant to use it, and he didn’t expect it was for the expenses used on him when he was a child.

Now the private money is only 450 yuan and there is not even a piece of cotton in the winter in the border town. With such a stubborn temper, it is possible to die quietly in the border town.

He kissed the young residual tears, turned off the lights and went out of the room, overlooking the solemn night scene of Yancheng and read a sentence in a low voice.


In the middle of the night, Yan Jianguo returned to the border city from Yancheng. He carried a cheap souvenir and walked out of the remote train station and he caught a glimpse of spark that seemed to faint in the distance.

He has always had confidence in his own eyesight, and he does not need any tools to unlock the lock. He curiously follows the direction of the sparks.

The border town at night was pitch black, and indistinct curses came from the corner of the alley. He was short in stature and no one noticed when he walked in the darkness.

Yan Jianguo went all the way to the deserted Panshan Highway and garbage was everywhere on both sides of the road. He remembered that this place was originally developed as an industrial park but after the development, the project was shelved without a factory.

There is a logistics warehouse of a large enterprise in the park, but he heard it was abandoned. He should say that the border town can be developed early, and there is no need to waste money.

Yan Jianguo went along the Panshan Highway to the park . At the entrance of the park, he found that there was no spark at all but a fire!

There was spilled liquor in one place, and the fire engulfed the entire warehouse. He just wanted to go to fight the fire and smell the unusual smell in the air. He immediately covered his nose and turned around.

Yan Jianguo hurried home, and the movement of opening the door awakened the lightly sleeping woman. “Is the train late?”

Yan Jianguo knew that the fire in the park was not something that ordinary people could touch and followed the woman’s words and said, “It’s late.”

“Can you tell me about Yancheng?”

“Yancheng is bigger than on TV.” He racked his brains and described, “The best-built square in the border city is not as big as Ah Shen’s school. If you are sick, I will take you to see it.”

When he said the last sentence, he noticed the depression of the woman and hurriedly changed the topic: “I’m afraid that Shen Chi is busy in training, so all the food is delivered to Ah Shen’s hands. Those little kids like to eat my brown sugar pot helmet.”

With his words, the woman slowly fell asleep, but Yan Jianguo thought of the park area, worried filling his heart, he made up his mind to say nothing about going out tomorrow.

The morning of bordertown came in the fragrance of oily noodles. Zhou Ting, who had come from afar, didn’t want to taste the oily noodles. He sat in the car bound for the industrial park.

There are other people in the car: “Is the cargo safe?”

Zhou Ting replied respectfully, “Safe.”

He didn’t feel at ease at first, let alone the police. There was no stranger in the park and his heart gradually relaxed.

The people in the car didn’t answer and obviously didn’t trust him, but Zhou Ting didn’t dare to be dissatisfied when he saw the reflection of the gun.

The car slowly drove up the winding mountain road and Zhou Ting was suddenly feeling uneasy. He couldn’t help but look back at where he had seen this scene.

There was no car following behind the car. He looked at the empty road and felt uneasy, but he hadn’t been pressed for a long time before the scene calmed down.

The car was parked in front of a ruined warehouse, and there was no trace of the goods. The voice of the people in the car became dangerous: “Where are the goods?”

Cold sweat seeped from Zhou Ting’s back. He opened the car door and tightened his hand at the edge of the warehouse. “Where’s the goods?”

His hand fell on the ground: “The wine in the warehouse was spilled. I don’t know who threw the cigarette butt on fire. We dare not report the fire.”

Zhou Ting didn’t care to hold him accountable at this time, and when he was about to explain to the other party, the cold muzzle hit his temple.

Out of fear of death, he dared not move. His forehead was filled with cold sweat, and he felt his incontinence very clearly: “May I call Zheng Ge?”

Zheng An was sending his young son to school when he received the call. For this old man, he loved his son and let him hang a piece of jade with an emperor green jade on his neck.

When people are old, they love to recall the past. When he grovelled before Yan Zhao, he would never have thought of today. Most of Yan’s people are his and Yan Zhao’s thoughtful son bowed his head in front of himself.

Zheng An was in a happy mood. He only got on the phone after watching his youngest son enter the garden. After listening to the call, his expression was unusually condensed. He was busy dealing with Luo Shu. If he had known that Zhou Ting was so careless. He shouldn’t have let Zhou Ting handle the batch of goods.

Now it’s too late to say anything. He understands the other party’s methods and calmly calmed down on the phone: “Believe it or not, the goods are really burnt. If you are willing to give me three days, I will pay double the price. Otherwise, things will be a big deal and the police know that you will not get a penny.”

“one day.”

Zheng An agreed. This little money is not a big problem for him now. However, when he was about to order the money to be taken, his assistant hurriedly said, “Someone has reported and called the police.”

Zheng An also panicked. No matter who called the police, the other party would use them to collude with the police. He knew how cruel the drug dealers’ revenge was.

This is really over.


Shen Chi slept until dawn. He went out of the bedroom with sleepy eyes, and sat in front of the dining table. Ah Pei standing next to him: “Will you go training today?”

Shen Chi drank milk and shook his head: “I have to make money.”

It’s just that his eyelids still involuntarily sink, and he simply closed his eyes and drank milk until he heard Yan Xue Xiao’s gentle voice: “How short are you on the Shen family matters?”

Shen Chi’s head immediately became sober, put the milk back and said, “I want to pay it back myself.”

He thought about it carefully, “You will have money if you play the league champion and you can also play in the cups hosted by the platform. It will be easier when the time is over for two years at most.”

The payment of seven hundred thousand after two years seemed to be a gratifying thing to the young man but he couldn’t help returning to the bedroom to change his pajamas because of the silence.

Ah Pei on the side thinks that Shen’s family is on the death list. He glanced at the photo on Yan Xue Xiao’s screen. Zhou Ting, who had dismembered his hatred, even got cold.

Yan Xue Xiao calmly pretended to take the snacks that the boy had taken to the base to eat and his slender hands seemed to be clean and unstained with any blood.

“I hate threats the most.”


Zheng An was looking at the photo in the closed compartment. Zhou Ting, who does not look human, had a dry throat and nausea. He forcibly endured the discomfort, “Have you caught someone?”


Hearing the answer, Zheng An numbly leaned on the back of the pillow, as if there was a hand pushing behind him. Every step was designed to push him into the abyss when the flowers were blooming. He only didn’t know the owner of these hands. ‌Is it Luo Shu?

He didn’t have time to think about it anymore, he knew too much, the people who killed Zhou Ting would not give him a chance and now he can only save his family by dying.

Zheng An became ten years older in an instant and slowly got out of the compartment.

When Shen Chi hung his white headphones around his neck and went out of Huating with a schoolbag full of snacks, he saw a crowd of people in front of him and vaguely heard the word Zheng.

The young man approached the crowd, he looked up and saw a black spot standing on the top of the building. When he was about to take a closer look, the headset ‌ was put on and a cold hand covered his eyes.

“Don’t look.”

Translator’s Note: YXX extracting his revenge. Happy Reading everyone!
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