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FE Chapter 1

The morning sun rose in a pool of crimson and dazzling yellow-dwarf, spilling the brilliant warm light all over the land. On such a calm and soothing day, a youth wearing eye-patch covering his left eye with sweats dripping all over his delicate face hurriedly hasten his footsteps down the rocky mountain path.

This youth’s name is Jie Xingfu. He resided on a remote mountain located in a small village, northern Jin Sheng Empire. He used to live in the village with his mother who, despite being a woman, was a skillful doctor. He and his mother were chased out of the village because of the villagers’ stupid superstition.5

Even though he was just a five years old boy at that time, he knew that there was something unusual about his left eye. He was not allowed to look at his own eye. His mother had always made him covering his left eye all the time. On top of that, he was forced to swallow some kind of odd and bitter medicine every day with the same reason “To cure his eye“. Since Xingfu was an obedient and kind boy, he can not refuse his mother because he did not like the sight of her disappointed face whenever he protested not to drink the medicine.7

One day, when he was playing with the neighbors’ kids, they all got really curious about what is under his eye-patch.

Boy A,”Xingfu, why are you covering your eye all the time?”

Girl A continued, “That’s right! Can we see your left eye? “

The question came as a shock. Xingfu did not know how to response to their questions. He himself did not even know anything about his left eye either. Unsure what to do, he just stood there looking troubled and gave them an apologetic smile.

A few other kids joined in and kept on pestering him to take off his eye-patch. Seeing Xingfu’s hesitant face, Boy A got really impatient and swiftly snatched the eye-patch off. Everyone was stunned upon witnessing Xingfu’s left eye. Furious and dumbfounded by boy A’s action, Xingfu quickly recovered his sense. He pushed boy A down and marched to his home forgetting about his left eye now exposed.

On his way home, the villagers who noticed his eye all had the reaction as the group of kids. They all looked so frighten as if they had just seen a ghost. When he was finally home, Xingfu quickly went to his mother’s room and found the mirror she had been hiding. He was rendered speechless at the reflection in the mirror. His left eye, unlike his right eye with a light brown color, has a deep blue color.16

The mirror fell of his hand and made a loud cracking sound. His mother, who was in the backyard, hurriedly dashing into the house when she heard the sound, worried that something bad might happen to her son. She was relieved seeing that her son was safe, but that did not last long. She just noticed the broken mirror on the ground and his exposed face. Her complexion turned pale. She slowly walked toward and pulled him into her embrace with her trembling hands patting his back. She then started to sob and kept on apologizing to him.

Xingfu was too young to fathom what was happening. The only thing he knew is that all of this happened due to his unusual eye color. After a while, when she finally calmed down, Xingfu told his mother about what happen today and the villagers’ reaction. His mother gave him a reassuring smile and kept on apologizing to him.

When nightfall the group of villagers came to their house and forced them to leave the village. His mother did not protest at all. She seemed to expect this kind of outcome. Xingfu, who did not understand why the villager suddenly being so harsh and mean toward both of them, started wailing. He heard the villagers calling him “bad omen” “monster” and so on. He cried even harder. His mother hastily pulled him in a tight hug to calm him down. Still protectively hugging her son, she turned her determined and sorrowful face toward the villager and said “I promise to not step foot into this village ever again so please do not hurt my son.”

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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