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CA Chapter 9.2

He looked over in confusion and saw Ruan Feng, the second male lead, among the crowd.

Translator: Hua

Qu Yanting was holding the tape and a piece of paper with the words “Unauthorized personnel is not allowed.” in his hand. He didn’t expect that there would be a big person blocking the door. He was stunned for a second, and then he was stunned for another several seconds after seeing who it was.

Lu Wen’s eyebrows shape was changed to a more natural shape but not delicate.

The eye makeup was too light to be seen, but it actually modified his eye contours and made it look more childish. The short hair was slightly messy making his face look softer. On his cheek there was an additional light brown mole. He stood with his hands in his pockets, and his shoelaces were not properly tied. Overall he looked like an unreliable high school student.

At the beginning of the audition, Ren Shu said that he was not at all like a twenty-sevenths year old person, he had juvenile air. 

After the two of them confronted each other for a while, Lu Wen spoke first: “Good morning Teacher Qu.” 

Qu Yanting ignored him, and continued to fiddle with the tape in his hand.

Recalling Sun Xiaojian’s instruction, Lu Wen moved nearly half a step closer, and took the initiative to say, “Teacher Qu, I’ll post it for you.”

He took the paper from Qu Yanting. The words on the paper were handwritten and beautiful. Pressing the paper on the door, he asked with concern: “Teacher Qu, did you sleep well last night?” 

Qu Yanting raised his head and gave Lu Wen a glance. Thanks to Er Bai Wu blessings, he dreamed of his long-dead father last night. He woke up with insomnia and a dark circle around his eyes.  

Lu Wen quickly changed the subject: “Did you have breakfast? If you haven’t eaten yet, I will ask the agent to buy it.”

Qu Yanting finally said: “No need to be so diligent.” 

Lu Wen was exposed with one sentence, and he felt a little embarrassed but he still insisted: “I could be considered as a warm-hearted person.” 

He glanced at Qu Yanting, feeling very complicated. After knowing Qu Yanting’s identity, he consciously couldn’t provoke him, so he was restrained. But deep inside he always wanted to ignore Qu Yanting’s identity and do whatever he wanted.

Lu Wen tried to hug thigh again and asked: “Teacher Qu can I ask you for advice if there is something I don’t understand in the script?” 

After the paper was posted on the door, Qu Yanting raised his hand, knocked on the door and answered with the words “Unauthorized personnel is not allowed.”

It was true that Qu Yanting did not like to contact actors in private.

It only took five seconds for Lu Wen to give up hugging thighs, forget it. He said, “Then I’m going to the set. Goodbye Teacher Qu!” 

The shooting was divided into group A and B, according to the main and supporting roles or the inside and outside scenes. 

Today, Lu Wen and Group A took some trivial life scenes in the morning. The location was limited to a few shops across the street.

The narrow streets were overcrowded. In addition to the crew and onlookers, a bunch of little girls appeared. Lu Wen walked around and no one yelled at him. Obviously they were not his fans.

There was a scene in a snack bar where Ye Xiaowu and a few friends ate Chongqing noodles. In order to protect his voice, Lu Wen never smokes or eats spicy food all year round. But Ye Xiaowu lives in Chongqing, a place where people enjoyed spicy food so he couldn’t avoid it.

In the first shot, Lu Wen was gritting his teeth because was unable to bear the spiciness so he was stopped by the director. In the second shot, his expression stabilized but his tongue was so hot that it was trembling and he could not say the lines clearly. In the third one he was doing alright but the two supporting actors were competing for the rhythm.

After taking four shots, Lu Wen was sweating profusely and his makeup was already spent.

After a 20-minute break, he went back to touch up his makeup and change his clothes. When he walked out of the snack bar, Sun Xiaojian handed him a large bottle of pure milk.

Lu Wen crossed the road with milk in his hand. As he walked to the gate of the community, the group of little girls burst into exciting screams outside the gate.

He looked over in confusion and saw Ruan Feng, the second male lead, among the crowd.

Ruan Feng was more than 180 centimeters tall, with a fair complexion and light brown hair. He was very handsome, the kind of handsome that would make girls scream. A quick glance at him you would see a sunshine youth. A few more glances you would notice that he had a somewhat classical and beautiful temperament, which was due to learning Chinese opera as a child.

The crowd was bustling. Surrounded by bodyguards and assistants, Ruan Feng was as his name suggested1The Feng(风) in Ruan Feng name means wind., light and agile like a gust of wind.

He got closer, and gradually stopped after seeing Lu Wen.

The two met at the gate of the community and looked at each other for three or four seconds.

Ruan Feng stretched out his hand first: “Hi, I am Ruan Feng.”

Lu Wen shook his hand: “I am Lu Wen.”

Ruan Feng grinned: “You are so handsome in person, I turned around and noticed you immediately.”

Lu Wen said: “I also saw you right away.” 

The director and others were across the street but Ruan Feng didn’t look at them. Instead, he looked straight towards the community. He said politely: “I heard that Teacher Qu has come to the crew. I will say hello to Teacher Qu first. Let’s talk later.”

Lu Wen remembered of Qu Yanting’s noble and cold attitude, and thought  whether or not he should also go.

During this interval, Ruan Feng had already ran into the community as if he couldn’t wait.

Lu Wen was going back to unit 201 to change his clothes. He was screwing the milk bottle as he walked.

People were concentrated on the street, and the community seemed deserted at this time. Lu Wen slowly swayed to the door of a unit, and saw Ruan Feng running up three steps and couldn’t wait to stop outside the 101 door.

He paused and stepped aside to hide to avoid making Ruan Feng feel embarrassed when he was rejected.

Boom boom boom, Ruan Feng slammed the door hard.

Damn it, so courageous. Lu Wen was sweating for the other party.

Not long after, the door opened and Qu Yanting appeared.

When the two of them faced each other, he couldn’t see Ruan Feng’s face but Qu Yanting’s appearance was exposed. He smiled with pleasant surprise. Then there was an unguarded intimacy like seeing a very good friend, which was much better than his previous expression.

Ruan Feng was a little taller so it was easy for him to put his arm around Qu Yanting’s shoulders. Moreover, his whole person was leaning over and hugged Qu Yanting. His movements were extremely natural. He hugged Qu Yanting tightly and squeezed into the room, fearing that he would be seen by others.

The door was clearly marked with. “Unauthorized personnel are not allowed.”

At the door of a unit, Lu Wen was dumbfounded and choked on a big mouthful of pure milk.

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    The Feng(风) in Ruan Feng name means wind.
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