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CA Chapter 19.1

Translator: Hua

Qu Yanting was like a piece of fragile glass, and those words fell on him like raindrops. As if awaking from a dream, he let go of his hands and pushed Lu Wen away.


As his palm lost the warmth of his cheek, Lu Wen staggered half-step back, waking up from the role as if he was dreaming.


Qu Yanting’s expression was hidden in the shadows, indistinguishable, his voice also seemed erratic, he murmured: “I don’t need it.”


Lu Wen couldn’t speak for a while, and in a flash, Qu Yanting deprived him of the opportunity to speak, and his voice became clear and indifferent: “If you can shoot, we will shoot it. If you cannot, I will delete the entire scene.”


Qu Yanting didn’t pause after speaking, and walked away, quickly disappearing from sight.


The set fell into a dead silence. The staff was unclear about the situation. They all looked at the obscured place under the tree. Lu Wen whole person became stupid. Behind him, Ren Shu was also a little confused.


A few minutes later, the assistant director came to inform them that Qu Yanting had left with the Porsche.


Lu Wen intuitively felt that the problem this time was very serious. He had spoken against him before, yelled loudly, even blowing his beard and staring at him1The appearance of tantrum or anger., but Qu Yanting was always calm and unhurried. This was the first time that he turned his face way and left.


He looked back at Ren Shu and called: “Director”.


“What do you want me to do?” Ren Shu asked, “Now you remember that I’m still here?”


Lu Wen was ready to be scolded and walked to Ren Shu. Suddenly, as soon as Ren Shu raised his hand, he subconsciously assumed a dodging posture, thinking that Ren Shu was going to hit him. He wouldn’t go that far right? Even if he wanted to hit him, Qu Yanting himself should be the one to do it right?


Ren Shu took out the cigarette case and the lighter, and put it on the pivot point: “What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you quite overbearing just now? Take a step forward, hold that small face, whisper into his ear with a low voice, I thought you were about to kiss him next.”


Lu Wen defended: “I dare not. I will borrow the angle.”


Ren Shu was simply amused: “What did you eat to grow up, why are you so wild ah?”


Lu Wen said: “Aren’t you the one who let me go through the scene?”


“I didn’t ask you to do it with Screenwriter Qu ah.” Ren Shu was flustered, “The female lead is not here, I beckon you to go through it with me, what kind of drama did you play with Teacher Qu?”


Lu Wen asked: “Did you signal me to come over?”


“Nonsense, I’m waving my hand almost saying hi.” Ren Shu said, “You didn’t look at me at all. Who were you looking at?”


Lu Wen wiped his face, rubbed his wet palms against the tip of his nose, slid it down, supporting his cheeks. The image of him holding Qu Yanting’s cheek appeared. At that time, he dared not move his fingers, for fear that his fingertips would touch Qu Yanting’s earlobe.


At this time, holding yourself up was more like pulling out your wisdom teeth.


Ren Shu smoked silently. Although he admonished Lu Wen, but in fact, he was actually quite surprised by Qu Yanting’s reaction.


They had a background in directorship and worked in this field. It was a common practice to teach the actor in person. They learnt this when they were in school. Because of this, when Lu Wen foolishly paired himself with Qu Yanting, he didn’t stop it immediately.


According to the reason, Qu Yanting did not push Lu Wen away at first, but accepted the cooperation. He didn’t understand why he suddenly became unhappy.


Lu Wen also didn’t understand, and asked, “Director, in the end, What’s the situation?”


Ren Shu analyzed: “It is estimated that this scene is too ambiguous. The confrontation was still bearable, the next step was to kiss. Which straight man can bear it.”


Lu Wen said to himself, alright, I’m just asking you for nothing.


After this small episode, all the staff members got into their positions and the shooting continued, as if nothing had happened on the set. However, gossip spread the fastest in this circle, and the story of Qu Yanting’s turning away and leaving would be spread throughout the whole crew by tomorrow.


It was late at night after the filming. On the way back to the hotel, Lu Wen nestled in the last row of the car, slid halfway and tilted his head, looking a bit like body paralyzed. 


“I can’t help complaining when I’m determined, and I can’t help being scared when I’m down…” he would sing whenever he was upset, “that pass lost hope, daily drunkenness bewildering …..”


It was rare that Sun Xiaojian didn’t interrupt him. After so many experiences, he had realized that everything was not the fault of the agent. He had thoroughly understood that even the company’s gold agent, general manager, and even the boss couldn’t get hold of Lu Wen, this inferior good2完犊子Wanduzi, the northeastern dialect , has a derogatory meaning and is a description of a person or thing that can’t do everything well, incompetence. Sometimes used as a joke among friends..


He was really curious: “It’s hard for others to see Screenwriter Qu. You not only act with him, but also hold his face. Let me interview you, what does it feel like holding Qu Yanting’s face?”


Lu Wen was immersed in the scene at the time, and did not consider anything else. If he had to talk about the feeling, he curled up his palms and recalled the touch of Qu Yanting’s skin. It was smooth, delicate, and clean, more than the powdery feeling after the actor’s makeup…


He stopped his thoughts in time, and was so upset that he refused to answer.

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  • 1
    The appearance of tantrum or anger.
  • 2
    完犊子Wanduzi, the northeastern dialect , has a derogatory meaning and is a description of a person or thing that can’t do everything well, incompetence. Sometimes used as a joke among friends.
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