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BATCFO Chapter 7

Does such a generous person really exist?!

Yun Xingze was stunned. He guessed that Luo Wenchuan was a rich man, but he had never thought that this guy actually gave a bonus equal to his salary.

He only helped modify the elbow!

Quickly turning on his optical brain, Yun Xingze sent several “thank you boss” to the account of “Luo Wenchuan”, and added the sentence “don’t need to give me so much next time” after sending it.

The other party did not reply to him.

Yun Xingze couldn’t bother to care that much either. He happily ran back to the mecha shop, and said to the boss bursting with emotion: “Boss! I have money! Give me the mecha!”

“Did you rob someone?” The boss looked at him suspiciously, “Why do you have money?”

Yun Xingze said that he earned it through a part-time job. Suddenly he thought of something and said to the boss: “Boss, if I pay tens of thousands of dollars more, you can give me a better mecha? For example, a B-class…”

“How much can you pay?” the boss asked. But it was obvious he held not real hope.

“About 180,000.” After Yun Xingze finished speaking, seeing the boss’s slightly disgusted expression, he scratched his head. “You know my financial strength. I definitely can’t afford anything expensive, or else I wouldn’t keep bargaining.”

“30,000 coins more than before. What do you want to buy?” the boss asked. However, he didn’t really dislike Yun Xingze. Instead, he was infected by the boy’s happy mood, and the corners of his lips couldn’t help but rise.

“Just something better than the original one.”

After searching through a pile of mechas for a while, the boss looked at Yun Xingze. “Why not do this – I’ll give you this box of parts. Go back and find someone to help you remodel it. It’s more cost-effective.”

If the boss can give Yun Xingze better parts, he can modify it himself, which is indeed very cost-effective, so he nodded vigorously.

The boss found a small storage box and said to Yun Xingze: “This is a reconnaissance mecha with a height of about 2 meters. It was originally part of a dual-star mecha, but the mainframe was smashed. The  reconnaissance mecha is here.”

Yun Xingze took the storage box and asked, “The reconnaissance mecha is also a mecha?”

“Semi-automatic mecha can lock the enemy’s target for positioning and short-range harassment.” The boss explained. “There is no cockpit inside. It is the same as an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. If you take it apart, there are still a lot of valuable accessories in it. I will give it to you for 30,000, which is very affordable.”

Yun Xingze felt that it was impossible for him to buy a Class B mech for 30,000 more. It would be good for him to buy a reconnaissance mecha as a research object. After finishing researching, he can dismantle and modify it.

Therefore, Yun Xingze paid directly and bought the C-class lightsaber mecha and the reconnaissance mecha.

The boss was surprised: “Oh, this time is so straightforward?”

“Thank you boss, I will come next time!” Yun Xingze said cheerfully.

“Farewell, goodbye. If you come more, I’ll lose all my money.” The boss scolded with a smile.

Yun Xingze took his trophies and left the third underground floor, preparing to go back to school. Along the way, he still wore a mask, fearing that his omega identity would be exposed and cause unnecessary trouble outside.

As he left the black market, it was drizzling outside.

Yun Xingze put on the hat of the sweater, and his entire person was encased in a shadow.

Suddenly a fierce voice called him:

“Hey, the kid in front, stop for me.”

Yun Xingze was taken aback. He looked back and found three tall alphas, male and female. They looked like rascals, not good people.

Yun Xingze hugged the mecha cube and storage box in his arms, turned around and prepared to leave the alley quickly, but unexpectedly the group of people rushed over and surrounded him.

“Oh, look at his boots. They belong to Xinghai Academy.” A young man in the lead curled his lips and smiled darkly. “I heard that military academies are very rich. You should be too?”

Yun Xingze suddenly understood that these people are here to rob him.

He wore the badge of the Xinghai Academy on his boots. He thought this badge could show his identity as a military academy and avoid unnecessary troubles-after all, who would trouble a military academy?

But really…

“I have no money.” Yun Xingze calmly said the truth. “Go find someone else.”

“Really?” The fat alpha stared at him, “Then what are the two boxes in your arms? Is it something like mecha?”

The red-haired female alpha, twirled her hair with her fingers: “I heard that mecha can sell several million star coins.”

They overestimate his ability by several million coins.

Yun Xingze stepped back a few steps, looking around. There is no room in the narrow alley to release the mechas. And even if they were released, there was no room for movement.

“Box of salt and MSG.” Yun Xingze said, “Big brothers and sisters, I am indeed from the Xinghai Academy, but I am in the cooking class.”

“Cooking class?” The alpha asked the two people next to him curiously, “The military academy has such a major? If I knew, I’d have attended. I am familiar with cooking…Hey, boy, what kind of cuisine do you usually cook?”

Yun Xingze: “…”

“Oh, I think he is lying.” The young alpha stepped forward to grab it.

Yun Xingze didn’t want to fight at all. While hiding flexibly, trying to leave the alley, he was blocked by the other two.

Just as the three alphas managed to block Yun Xingze’s path from the alley and about to grab him, Yun Xingze turned and prepared to run to the black market.

However, he just turned around and suddenly heard three screams coming from behind.

Yun Xingze stopped abruptly, causing the things in his hand to fall to the ground.

But he didn’t dare to look back, nor did he dared to bend over to pick up things.

Just now, when the three people chased him, he was not afraid at all. As long as he dealt with it for a while, sooner or later he could get rid of them.

But at this moment, there was almost no gap between the screams from the three people.

An extremely dangerous breath came from behind.

Yun Xingze couldn’t tell whether the opponent was a friend or an enemy. He couldn’t help holding his breath, turning his head slowly, and looking behind him.

Afterwards, his eyes widened.

All the three alphas fell to the ground, and a pair of long legs stood beside them. Looking up, the person wore a black suit, and the skin of his neck was glaringly white under the street lamp. Moving his eyes further up…

It was a beautiful face that fascinated the viewer.

Judging from the proportions of tall and long legs, wide shoulders and narrow waist, this person must be alphas. Although his facial features are exquisite and three-dimensional, the lines are clean and neat. Under his black hair, the eyes with single eyelids appear cold, the corners of the eyes are slightly raised, and the small moles under the eyelids look attractive in the light and dark.

An extremely high-quality alpha-in Lu Ranxu’s words.

The three alphas struggled to get up, and the first young man gritted his teeth and looked at the handsome man: “Who are you? Do you know whose territory this is… AH!”

Before finishing speaking, they received another kick.

“Don’t block the way.” The man raised his eyelids lightly, his voice calm, but at this moment it carried high deterring pressure.

The other two dared not speak any more, holding their male compatriot, and left angrily.

Yun Xingze looked at the man and said seriously: “Thank you for helping me.”

The man didn’t say a word. He looked down at the mecha cube that fell by Yun Xingze’s feet, his eyes stopped for a few seconds, and a flash of unknown emotions crossed his eyes.

Yun Xingze hurriedly bent over to pick it up. While picking it up, he said, “I finally saved money to buy a mecha today, but I didn’t have time to even use it. If you didn’t help me, I might be in danger…”

As he finished, he stood up to find the man had already left.

Yun Xingze was startled. Are masters so difficult to get along with?

He also wanted to thank that person well, why did he leave…


The third underground floor of the black market.

Seeing an acquaintance appear, the owner of the secondhand store greeted him enthusiastically. “Oh, you finally came back. I was worried about running out of stock recently…”

Luo Wenchuan took out the weapon storage bag and handed it to the boss: “Boss Chu, these are mecha weapons.”

Boss Chu happily took it and transferred money to Luo Wenchuan.

“Oh, by the way, the mecha you drove was finally bought.” Boss Chu said to Luo Wenchuan suddenly. “Whenever previous customers learned it was downgraded to C-class due to being damaged, they sneered. None of them would guess the mecha used to be S-class, and the accessories inside are very good.”

When some accessories are removed from a S-class mech, it may become C-class. Of course, if the design and accessories are reasonable, it can be changed back to the S-class with some modifications.

Several years ago, Luo Wenchuan was the owner of this mecha, and the mecha was badly damaged in a battle. It just so happens that he wants to change a mecha, so he decided to sell it to someone who is destined for it at a low price.

“I know.” Luo Wenchuan said calmly.

“You know?” Boss Chu was stunned. “How did you know? Did you see that person?”

Luo Wenchuan replied, “The shelf is empty.”

The boss was amused: “You really observed carefully…”

At this time, Boss Chu remembered something and continued: “But I think the guy who bought the mecha looks mediocre. I doubt he even knows how to fight, and is unlikely to realize the value of the mecha, let alone modify it. At first the guy bargained, and I did not even want to sell…”

Luo Wenchuan made an “ah”sound, seeming to agree, before asking: “So why did you sell it?”

“Ha… I saw he had a good attitude and liked mecha, so I sold it.” After Boss Chu finished speaking, he added: “Don’t be angry. Although that kid looks weak, he will definitely treat your mecha well.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Luo Wenchuan said. Suddenly the conversation changed: “How much did it cost?”

“150,000.” The boss’s eyes were a little dodgy.

Luo Wenchuan stared at the boss for a while, then turned and left, leaving behind only one sentence: “Sooner or later, you will go bankrupt.”

“Luo, why do you say that? Wasn’t it because I saw the kid liked your mecha. Otherwise, no one wants it, and you don’t want me to tell the truth… Hey, come earlier next time!”

The boss looked at the weapons in the storage bag and smiled from ear to ear: “With this kid here, how can I go bankrupt?”


A short, full chapter after several 3.5-4k ones!

Hehehe. If it’s not obvious, MC bought ML’s mecha. (And then he did some stuff to it… 👀)

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  1. Avatar Malacat says:

    Yay, MC and the ML finally has their first encounter.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Yup. Of course, ML doesn’t pay attention.

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    This is such a great actual meet cute! And I thought the mistaken identity mechanic route was great already! Our main couple has such fate together! <3

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      When the ML sees his modified mecha it’s even more amusing. 😉

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