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BATCFO Chapter 43.3

Chi Yu gritted his teeth and said: “Su Zinan! You shameless liar!”

Su Zinan’s face flushed red and white. The eyes around him making it feel as though he was trapped in an icy cellar.

Lu Ranxu felt that Chi Yu’s face was shockingly thick, and coldly rebuked Chi Yu: “What about you? Before, you kept asking Yun Xingze for storm mecha accessories. How’s that any better than Su Zinan’s behavior?”

The surrounding crowds heard Lu Ranxu’s words and understood what was going on. Their eyes were full of disdain and disgust towards Chi Yu, Su Zinan, and He Haomin.

“Damn, there are still melons to eat?”

“Mom, Su Zinan said 690,000 was 300,000. How much money did he swallow?”

“In this deal, Su Zinan made hundreds of thousands so easily. Awesome.”

“Really a green tea bitch. Turns out he’s lying to both sides.”

“Chi Yu is also disgusting. At that time Yun Xingze was still his fiancé. He actually resold the accessories Yun Xingze gave him?”

“There is also He Haomin, actually daring to say those disgusting things to Yun Xingze before…”

“This is a group of vampires, right?”

The people who ate melons chatted a lot because of this good show. As the central figure of the whole thing, most of the eyes looking at Yun Xingze were sympathetic.

He was cheated by his former fiancé and had blood sucked by a green tea bitch. After having blood sucked, the green tea even framed him, and let the stupid He Haomin go to deal with Yun Xingze…

If it wasn’t for Yun Xingze’s strong ability, He Haomin obviously wasn’t going to let him have a good outcome today.

Luo Wenchuan, Ke Lei, and Ashley were also present. Ashley, who had witnessed this scene, couldn’t help but cover her mouth. “Oh my god, this is too tragic…”

Yun Xingze didn’t seem to be surprised by such a thing happening. In other words, he hadn’t held any hope for Chi Yu since long ago.

Luo Wenchuan looked at the young man at the center of the storm of public opinion, frowning. A touch of distress flashed in his eyes.

Chi Yu looked at Yun Xingze and apologized to him: “Xingze, I was really wrong in this matter, but I never thought of asking He Haomin to beat you with those accessories. As for the money I got from selling the goods, I will definitely give it back to you. I won’t miss a single coin. Please forgive me…”

Yun Xingze really didn’t want to talk to Chi Yu. He gave Chi Yu a cold look. “You’re not forgiven. Money, you obviously need to pay back.”

“I’ll definitely pay back.” Chi Yu turned to look at Su Zinan, his tone suddenly became icy. “Su Zinan, the 690,000 star coins, you took away 490,000. Please return it to Yun Xingze.”

Su Zinan’s lips trembled. He looked at Chi Yu and begged: “Chi Yu, how could you do this. It was obviously your idea at the time…”

Chi Yu was afraid that Yun Xingze would be angry at him, and interrupted Su Zinan coldly: “Shut up!”

At this time, He Haomin finally came to his senses. Frowning, he his eyes were firmly fixed on Su Zinan. “Susu, they’re words… is it true you did such a thing?”

“I, I didn’t…” Su Zinan replied while trying to escape the scene, but the surrounding audience blocked his back path very tacitly.

“You really resold Yun Xingze’s mecha goods, and you lied to others that you only sold them 300,000?” He Haomin grabbed Su Zinan’s wrist, who was trying to escape, with terrifying force. “Su Zinan, why did you do this?!”

“He Haomin, even you treat me like this?!” Su Zinan looked incredulously at him, his voice trembling. “We both came from a barren star. The cost of living in the capital that first year, don’t you know? I just wanted to make some money. I didn’t break the law. Please forgive me…”

After that, Su Zinan looked at Yun Xingze and Chi Yu and announced loudly: “Yun Xingze voluntarily gave the goods to Chi Yu. Chi Yu voluntarily wanted to resell the goods. So what if I sell them?”

He Haomin looked at Su Zinan coldly, a touch of sadness and despair from being deceived flashed through his eyes, as he said solemnly: “Su Zinan… you disappoint me too much. ”

Su Zinan yelled at He Haomin hysterically: “Why are you pretending! You were so happy when you bought them, but now you are disappointed in me? If you didn’t have the goods Yun Xingze gave, you wouldn’t be able to do anything, let alone entering the school team!”

Reprimanded by Su Zinan, He Haomin’s face paled. His eyes glanced at Yun Xingze, the young man who he mocked just a few minutes ago, filling with inexplicable panic.

Su Zinan sneered and ridiculed He Haomin: “It’s a pity that if you are a S+ mecha player, you are also a trash that can’t even beat the B grade.”

Chi Yu said coldly: “Su Zinan, you deceiving everyone is your wrongdoing…”

“And you!” Su Zinan gritted his teeth and said to Chi Yu. “Did you get any fewer goods from Yun Xingze? Is this the only batch? How many mechas did your Chi family secretly take away from Changsheng Company? They say the Yun family has taken advantage of you, and Yun Xingze is climbing up your Chi Yu, Chi family. In fact, your Chi family are all vampires. What qualifications do you have to call me one?!”

Chi Yu’s hands and feet were suddenly cold. Swallowing nervously, he subconsciously directed his eyes towards Yun Xingze.

Yun Xingze’s voice is clean, without any emotions: “How much money should be paid back, please figure it out by yourself.”

He didn’t want this dirty money too much. Once more, he just felt sympathy and apologetic towards the original owner’s experience. If Chi Yu could return the money to him, it would be counted as letting out a sigh of relief for the original owner.

He Haomin looked at Yun Xingze, his throat rolling. He didn’t expect that his mecha accessories were provided by Yun Xingze. Suddenly, he felt as if he had overturned a bottle of five flavors.1Imagine a drink with all 5 flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, sour, and umami 🤮 The various emotions made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

He took a step forward and wanted to apologize to Yun Xingze, but he couldn’t speak.

Remembering the cruel words he had made to Yun Xingze before, he was ashamed.

Seeing Yun Xingze unmoved, Chi Yu wanted to step forward and grab his hand.

The next second, with a “pop”, a wide palm directly slapped Chi Yu’s salted pig hand.

Luo Wenchuan didn’t know when he came to Yun Xingze’s side. He blocked his surrounding vision with his tall figure, and looked at Chi Yu coldly. “Please calculate the money that should be paid back together with Su Zinan. Don’t disturb Yun Xingze.”

Su Zinan’s voice trembled and said, “I don’t have that much money…”

“Then drop out.”

Luo Wenchuan’s voice was cold, and his words pierced Su Zinan’s heart like a knife.

Upon seeing this, Chi Yu said hurriedly: “I will pay back the money. Xingze, can you listen to me, I didn’t mean it…”

“If it wasn’t intentional, then it’s called stupidity.” Luo Wenchuan didn’t give Chi Yu face at all. He was like a wall blocking any opportunity between Chi Yu and Yun Xingze.

Chi Yu was choked by Luo Wenchuan’s words. The eyes and voices around him all seemed to laugh at him, making him feel ashamed.

Yun Xingze stared at Luo Wenchuan in a daze, only to see him blocking the onlookers, stretching out his arm to circle him in his arm. It gave him an infinite sense of security.

When Yun Xingze reacted, Luo Wenchuan had already taken him away from the scene.

Chi Yu’s voice came from behind: “Xingze, don’t go. I will give you more than 690,000 yuan. Xingze–”

Lu Ranxu frowned and looked at Chi Yu: “It’s so noisy. You, can you pay back the money first and then talk?”

Chi Yu’s face was pale and couldn’t say a word.

Luo Wenchuan took Yun Xingze to the sparsely populated cherry blossom forest.

Yun Xingze swallowed his saliva, and he whispered:

“Senior, I troubled you again…”

Yun Xingze always felt that he seemed to meet Luo Wenchuan in the most embarrassing situation every time.

“If you don’t want to talk to them, stay away from them.” Luo Wenchuan looked down at Yun Xingze, his voice calm and gentle. “If you need to get back at them, I will come forward for you.”

Luo Wenchuan always does this, standing by Yun Xingze in a gentle and firm way.

Moreover, unlike Chi Yu who clamored “I will be nice to you” constantly, whenever Yun Xingze felt that Luo Wenchuan was kind to him, he had already arranged everything he should do.

This might be why he, Yun Xingze, could not resist.


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    Imagine a drink with all 5 flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, sour, and umami 🤮
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  1. 917brat says:

    this is another really amazing chapter in a really wonderful story thank you so much for the work you do.

  2. Pletha says:

    Thank you for the chapter! I really like watching their relationship develop!

  3. Thanks for the chapter! Happy Holidays! Really hard to resist genuine kindness & thoughtfulness..

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