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BATCFO Chapter 26

Chi Yu was very depressed after leaving the infirmary.

Su Zinan asked him to dinner, but he was not in a mood at all and went directly to the simulation training room instead.

Many of his classmates are practicing. Everyone was busy discussing strategies for the upcoming third round of competition, but Chi Yu lacked interest.

As he was looking around for the simulation cabin, he suddenly heard two people in the corner discussing a name he was familiar with.

One is an alpha and the other is a beta.

Male alpha: “This Yun Xingze is too arrogant. I asked him to become my mecha master for 30,000, but he doesn’t agree?”

Male beta: “Then he thinks of himself too highly. He is an omega, who knows what his real level is.”

Male alpha: “You don’t say. I looked for him because he is an omega, hehe.”

The beta was stunned for a moment and immediately started: “You are thinking…”

“I give him more than 30,000 yuan a month, and he still has to listen to me obediently.” The alpha said with some frivolity. “He is very clean and good looking, how many people are seeking his abilities? Building the relationship between mecha fighter and mecha master is more important, so…”

“Bang——” His last word was not spoken yet when a fist flew at his face, and almost knocked out his teeth.

The alpha looked at Chi Yu in shock and anger, then roared: “Who the fuck are you?!”

Chi Yu rolled up his sleeves and squeezed his fists: “I am his fiancé. Yun Xingze these three words are also ones you can speak?”

The beta next to him hurried over to stop Chi Yu, but the alpha was still severely beaten several times before it concluded. His eyes swelled up and his face was full of black blue marks.

“Are you crazy?!” He looked at Chi Yu in indignation. “Are you Chi Yu? Didn’t you tell everyone that you separated with Yun Xingze?!”

Chi Yu was stunned. His belly full of fire iced over immediately.

He did share this with many people because when the engagement was first broken off, he felt like he had gotten rid of a big nuisance and ushered in a new life.

Seeing Chi Yu stunned silent, that alpha rushed over and directly punched him in the face.

The corner of Chi Yu’s mouth was beaten to bleed, but he was still stunned, as if he had forgotten how to react.

People around him stopped the alpha, preventing the situation from further escalating.

Chi Yu stood there for a long time, with his head hanging, and his hair drooping messily in front of his forehead. The few people next to him did not dare to come forward and speak, only hoping that his erratic beating would stop.

Finally, Chi Yu took a deep breath and walked towards alpha who was fighting with him just now.

The alpha boy looked at him vigilantly and backed into a defensive posture. “What do you want to do again?”

“Where did you send the mecha master hiring request?” Chi Yu looked at him blankly, with a terrifying tone. “Send the link to me.”

Surprised, the boy didn’t react until Chi Yu calmly asked a second time, and finally sent him the link.




After Luo Wenchuan returned to the dormitory, he entered his bedroom, closed the door, and locked it.

Taking off the black backpack, he tossed it on the bed, leaning against the door and let out a sigh of relief.

What happened today was too sudden, like an unexpected dream.

God knows how patient he was, suffering every second in front of Yun Xingze.

Highly matched pheromones entered his body and disrupted every nerve and cell of his. HIs heart, which was never agitated in more than two decades, thrummed rapidly like a pacemaker.

Luo Wenchuan didn’t even dare to think about how he resisted the urge to mark the other party.

Fortunately, he held back.

Returning to his senses, Luo Wenchuan found that his fingers were squeezed into a fist. He closed his eyes and drove the boy under the cherry blossom tree out of his mind.

Walking to the bed, he opened the backpack, planning to take out the bottled water, but accidentally took out the black umbrella instead.

A little rose scent remained on the umbrella, which made Luo Wenchuan freeze up on the spot.

He obviously sprayed the odor blocker, but some pheromone odor was accidentally remained.

The clear smell of the rose was soft and ambiguous in the warm room. It was different from the smell under the cold room, but had the same effect.

Luo Wenchuan had never thought that there were omega pheromones in this world that could provoke his instinctive reaction – a strong instinctual reaction.

But this omega… already has a fiancé.

Luo Wenchuan embarrassedly shoved the umbrella back into his schoolbag. Throat parched, he hid the backpack in the deepest recesses of his closet, and did not dare to think more.

After half an hour.

Luo Wenchuan walked out of the bathroom and returned to the room. While wiping his hair, he picked up the encrypted communication on his optical brain.

Zhuo Feiyue’s image appeared on the other side. It seemed like he was in a private room as he looked at Luo Wenchuan seriously and said: “Second Highness, you just finished a cold shower?”

Luo Wenchuan wore a bath towel around his waist. Droplets of water lingered on his chest and his abdominal muscles. His half-dry hair was messy, his expression a little absent, and his voice was cold. “Yes.”

“Excuse my rudeness, but I have a question to ask you.” Zhuo Feiyue frowned and looked at him. “You saved an omega in estrus today?”

Luo Wenchuan raised his eyes to look at Zhuo Feiyue. “You know?”

“He is my student, I heard from Chi Yu today.” Zhuo Feiyue said to Luo Wenchuan. “Second Highness, it is too risky for you to do this… Are you not allergic?”

Luo Wenchuan shook his head.

Zhuo Feiyue’s eyes widened in shock. “No? Is it because he didn’t leak omega pheromones?”

“It leaked.” Luo Wenchuan’s gaze happened to fall on the closet, and he quickly moved it away.

“Ah? That…” Zhuo Feiyue was stunned, as if he realized something. His mouth was so wide that an egg could fit right in. “That means that Yun Xingze’s pheromone match with you is… as high as 95%? ”

Luo Wenchuan pursed his lips. “I don’t know. The doctor said that upon reaching this level of matching, I will no longer have an allergic reaction. But this statement has not been verified.”

“This is not right,” Zhuo Feiyue frowned. “If Yun Xingze has such a high degree of matching with you, the imperial family cannot not know it. After all, since you returned to the imperial capital, the imperial family has almost rummaged through the gene bank, and even a 90% match is rare.”

Luo Wenchuan was silent. After a while, he said: “Isn’t he engaged to Chi Yu. Their pheromones should be bound, and won’t be matched with others.”

Hearing this, Zhuo Feiyue was in amazement. “He and Chi Yu? Didn’t they break the marriage contract?!”

Midway through wiping his hair, Luo Wenchuan suddenly raised his eyes to look at Zhuo Feiyue. “The contract is dissolved?”

“Yes, I heard that It’s Chi Yu who broke it. He even wanted Yun Xingze to get out of school.” Zhuo Feiyue said, with a smile on his face. “I will tell the royal family the news. The queen will be very happy…”

“Don’t say it.” Luo Wenchuan said with a serious look at Zhuo Feiyue. “Even if the match is 95%, if the person he likes is not me, it doesn’t make sense.”

Zhuo Feiyue was taken aback. Frowning, he considered what to say. But in the end he respected Luo Wenchuan’s wishes.

After all, the former Yun Xingze loved Chi Yu so much that no one can guarantee now whether Yun Xingze really put down Chi Yu.

“Then I will send someone to investigate the gene bank for you to see if their pheromone has been unbound.” Zhuo Feiyue said.

Luo Wenchuan said calmly: “Help me see if there is someone who matches 95% with me. If not, then this will stop here. There is no need to check his privacy.”

Zhuo Fei nodded. “Understood.”

Before Zhuo Feiyue’s call was finished, Luo Wenchuan suddenly received another communication request.

When he saw the other party’s name, Luo Wenchuan was obviously taken aback.

Those three words are “Yun Xing Ze”.1T/N: Yun Xingze’s name is 3 words in Chinese.

Quickly hanging up on Zhuo Feiyue, Luo Wenchuan’s eyes revealed confusion. He finally reacted after a few seconds. Ke Lei asked Yun Xingze for help before, and he asked Ke Lei for his number, but because it was an omega, so he didn’t call after saving the number.

By the time Luo Wenchuan reacted, the communication request had been ringing for a long time. He wanted to press to connect, but suddenly realized that he was only wearing a bath towel and hurriedly opened the closet to find clothes.

After Yun Xingze left the hospital, he asked Ke Lei for Luo Wenchuan’s communication number. When he returned to his bedroom in the dorm, he dialed Luo Wenchuan. But after waiting for a long time, the other party didn’t pick up.

Just when he thought Luo Wenchuan would not answer and was about to hang up, the light screen flickered.

Yun Xingze was stunned and looked up to see Luo Wenchuan wearing a loose shirt. The shirt was a little wrinkled, and the top two buttons were loosened, revealing his collarbone and vague muscle lines. His hair was a little wet – it seems that he just took a shower. And his skin complexion is quite good.

Seeing the other side’s narrow and cold eyes, Yun Xingze suddenly felt a little embarassed.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Wenchuan’s tone was flat.

Yun Xingze said earnestly: “Luo… Senior Luo, thank you very much for today’s affairs.” He stared at each other’s eyes very sincerely.

Luo Wenchuan seemed to be satisfied with the title of ‘Senior Luo’, as thin lips said: “You’re welcome.”

Yun Xingze continued: “Also, thank you for the 6,000 stars medical expenses that you paid for me. Wait for me to save enough, so I will definitely return it to you.”

The money may be only a small amount to Luo Wenchuan, but it moved Yun Xingze very much.

Luo Wenchuan let out a low “um”. The emotions in his narrow eyes were unknown.

The atmosphere between the two was a bit awkward.

Yun Xingze didn’t know how to talk to a cold and austere person. Normally, he basically wouldn’t deal with such people. He spent most of his previous life in the lab and hadn’t practice skills for casual conversation.

And talking about his estrus period earlier will only make the atmosphere even more embarrassing.

After all, Luo Wenchuan is afraid of omegas. That experience should be unbearable for him to look back, right?

“Recently, many people have asked me to repair their mechas.” Yun Xingze scratched his head. “Wait until the contest is over. I will be able to save enough money soon.”

Luo Wenchuan looked at Yun Xingze with raised eyebrows. “Are you short of money?”

His words caught Yun Xingze off guard.

Yun Xingze was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect Luo Wenchuan to ask that. After a moment, he replied: “Yes… The assets are negative.”

Gaze lowered, Luo Wenchuan seemed to be considering something.

When he was about to speak, he heard Yun Xingze continue saying, “I also found a part-time job as an exclusive mecha master. A senior student offered a price of 100,000 stars.”

Luo Wenchuan was slightly startled. “You found one?”

Yun Xingze thought this question was a bit strange, but he couldn’t tell how it was strange as he nodded. “I found one. I will go to the interview tonight.”

Luo Wenchuan frowned imperceptibly, but quickly regained his calm. “Congratulations. But…”

Yun Xingze looked at Luo Wenchuan. “But what?”

After a while, Luo Wenchuan faintly said something that surprised him. “100,000 star coins is still too little.”


The ML’s background, condition, and history are revealed! They finally speak to each other verbally… one quarter into the novel later.


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    T/N: Yun Xingze’s name is 3 words in Chinese.
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