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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 5

Suspicious Brooch

Suspicious Brooch

Cold atmosphere froze the air. With her fingers pointed in front of them across the mirror, it felt as though they were the one being observed instead. The magical brooch was an item secretly developed by the royal mages, but during her condemnation, they camouflaged it by using a crystal ball as intermediary so there’s no way Chloe would know of its existence.

“That brooch, is the same thing that Miss Momo… Lady Momo has on right? I have always thought it to be the case, but am I wrong?”

“I have no idea where milady’s misunderstanding is coming from, but this is merely a cheap article that can be bought in street stalls anywhere.  It is likely that the miss only bought a similar one if she had the same thing.”

It seems that she even sharply remembers the things that Momo wore during the academy days. Naturally, it wasn’t Momo but Leddorio who gave them out but, it would be careless to be suspected after coming this far.

“Street stalls, is it?… I never thought you had that kind of taste.”

“I can give it to milady if she wishes for it. Although the design is far too simplistic.”

The brooch was made entirely for observing Chloe, and although it will see lesser use if worn by the person herself, it would be much better than being found out immediately. But after staring at it momentarily, the lady peeled her gaze off it.

“Never mind then. It is no longer my business to whom Lady Momo sends her gifts. However, if Shin truly loves that woman, you would be better off going back to her side immediately rather than wasting your time with me.”

I will not return as I have said earlier. Is Milady so intent on pushing me awa.., y?”

“Shin who was still about to say something was suddenly put to halt. Chloe immediately drew a leather bag outside her luggage and stood up.”
“At the very least, at this moment, I need you by my side.”

“As you wish.”

An ambiance of urgency reverberated within the recorded footage.

“What on earth is happening!?”

Dy yelled upon seeing Shin covering Chloe with his sword drawn.

“Mountain bandits, from the looks of it.”

“Mountain bandits!?”

 “Nansonia Mountain Range has a dungeon in it and is inhabited by demonic beasts. Perhaps groups of wanted criminals that gathered there together to hide from the law had turn to banditry.”

The area within the region had a very severe public order which results into numerous requests for army dispatchments.  Most of those dispatched troops however, were sent towards subjugation of monsters instead, which resulted in the worsening banditry problem.

A yell resounded in the other side of the screen. By the time the two of them returned to the carriage, the coachman had already been killed. The bandits numbered too many placing too much burden on Shin’s shoulders.

Must Shin really protect Chloe? The prince thought. At the very least, if he chooses to let Chloe die or taken away without resistance, Leddorio and the others will certainly not blame him.

Presently, Chloe’s had no allies in her predicament.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar darkkingt says:

    you open for picking up novel suggest ?

    1. Avatar Vouivre says:

      I’m not entirely sure if I am willing to work on more than two at the same time. But if I like it enough to enjoy TL’ing it then maybe. :/

      1. Avatar darkkingt says:

        i wanted to suggest this one

  2. Avatar saelihn027 says:

    I swear those other guys are just….

    Thank you for the translation.

  3. Avatar Raine says:

    Grateful for Shin/Sheen but he still betrayed her

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