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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 39

Momo Joins The Fray

Momo Joins The Fray

Momo has only one body. No matter how many hearts of men she captivates, in the end, she will still choose only one of them.  Even though men may temporarily gather their arms together for the sake of their beloved, they must still have the will to sacrifice others in order to fulfill their yearnings. For Prince Leddorio, the aforementioned sacrifice refers to Darck.

Chloe was not only the daughter of the minister to the right, she had also been recognized as the temporary saintess. Her social standing and position made her the most adequate queen candidate. If the prince was forced to find a replacement for her, he would need to seek, not only a lady with the same influence, but also one who belongs to his political faction.

Incidentally, the prime minister to the left, Duke Bruno, belongs to the 2nd prince’s faction. However, because his son was closer to the 1st prince, the political balance will change in the next generation.


Political circumstances aside, leaving Darck psychologically battered, Leddorio now headed towards the mistress of the house in order to inquire the whereabouts of his third love rival, Dai.

“My son, Dai? He would’ve been at the training school as always but, he said that he wanted to grow stronger and recently headed towards an advanced level dungeon far away..”


 ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


At the next observation assembly, those who didn’t know the circumstances were bewildered by the entrance of the new participant. After all, the one who warned them about Chloe’s behavior and prompted this observation assembly, the saintess herself, sat in front of the mirror where the recordings are to be projected.

“Your highness, could you please explain this?”

“Well, Momo seems to be intrigued about that woman’s circumstances… that aside, Keith! Just how long do you plan on being here? There’s no merit for you in participating in this gathering anymore. Why don’t you go to your beloved fiancee and curry her favor instead or something?”
Leddorio glared at his brother who leaned himself against the wall observing Momo with interest. He thought that the 2nd prince should’ve been busy, given that he is now the new appointed heir to the throne.

 “Your worry is unwarranted brother. My relationship with Canaria is in perfect shape. It’s just that I’m curious about Miss Momo, or more precisely, just who among all of you will she pick. After all, she is the true saint, and I cannot ignore her circumstances as a royalty, myself.”

 Unlike Leddorio who scornfully smacked his lips in response, Momo offered no response to the words of the 2nd prince. It looked as though other men aside from specific individuals do not exist in her world.

The first prince just let out a sigh and used the brooch to start the projection.

 The scene reflected in the mirror was a dim stone wall which, as the observers know, means that they are at the Grace Church’s attic. After Shin who had the brooch on him, used a ladder to descend from the attic, he went towards the door that leads to the lodging.

At the other side of the door was Chloe, wearing her brown wig, turning her glance at his direction.

“Good morning, brother.”

“Good…morning, Chaco.”

‘She really named herself Chaco as you had told me, sir.’

‘That she did. I informed the person herself about this but she didn’t seem to mind. Did you have any discord with that lady?’

‘…No, sir. I don’t remember anything significant. She was just a classmate.’

Even as she answered the prince’s question, Momo’s eyes were glued at the projected screen the entire time.

Wasn’t able to update for a couple of days. Long story short, I had the foolish idea of thinking I might not be intolerant of this certain food anymore, and had it for a whole day. That didn’t work out for me well.

At any rate, although I can focus enough to resume this, there might be a slight drop in quality. Sorry about that.
(I feel like I’m saying this line every time lol.)

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        From what I can see, some just don’t seem to take as much liberty when it comes to editing. I understand why though.

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    Thank you for all the great work and keep it up, but make sure to stay healthy as well!

    1. Avatar Vouivre says:

      I can’t really promise whether the frequency will fall off at some point or not since motivation is a fickle mistress but, in most cases, the reason why I won’t update as much is either because I have some personal issues, or have found a good novel to binge read lol.

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