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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 37

Dislodged Gears of Fate

Dislodged Gears of Fate

“Why bring her up now? She may be Darck’s sister but your adoption should no longer be her concern…”

“No Sir, this is quite important.”

Answering his question, Momo began biting her nails muttering “Is this what happens when the timing is off?”, however, the young prince had no idea what she was talking about.

“As Lady Chloe’s sins were being revealed, she was glaring at me with such frightening eyes. She was throwing all sorts of curses at me for stealing Sir Benny’s heart. Sir has told me that the lady was assaulted by the bandits in Iris Mountains after she had been banished, right? The miasma within that region is considerably thick, and those who have built up resentments and had wicked hearts are susceptible to the demonic influences. How was Chloe within the footage, sir?”

Momo had been saying that ever since Chloe’s banishment. She was firmly in the belief that Chloe had built deep-rooted grudges against her. However, as far as what they have seen in the footage, the prince finds it hard to believe that Chloe would ever seek revenge anymore.

“She has not shown any suspicious movements…, although she is quite unbelievable recently, far from being jealous, it looks to me that she had abandoned all matters regarding love. Although I cannot really say for certain if that’s her true feelings. By the way, Momo, do you remember the name Locke Glinda?”

As the prince tried to recall Chloe’s circumstances, he suddenly felt asking about the man who called himself Momo’s childhood friend. He was truthfully only nonchalantly asking her about it, but it elicited a prompt response from the lady who suddenly changed her complexion and brought her face closer.

“Where did you hear that name from, sir!?”

“Well… there was an adventurer with that name in the lodging house Chloe was working at. He claims to be from the same village as you so I thought of asking whether you remember him or not to make certain of it…, so is it true then?”

“Y-Yes… he was my childhood friend, sir…, but Glinda…?”

“Apparently, he was taken in by an Earl house of a neighboring kingdom after you went to the capital.”

As they talked about the man called Glinda, Momo’s eyes widened and her shoulders trembled seemingly finding it unbelievable. By her reactions alone, the prince was certain that Locke was not an ordinary childhood friend for the lady.

The prince inadvertently grasp both of the delicate shoulders of the lady.

“Momo, I haven’t thoroughly asked you about your feelings until now but, I need you to be clear with me today. Just who do you have in your heart?”

“Sir Benny? It hurts..”

“Is it Shin? Darck? Or is it that man called Locke? Momo, you know how I feel right? My heart had discarded Chloe just for you, and yet, would you still not choose me in return?”

“P-Please wait a moment, sir!”

Momo pushed Leddorio’s chest away in panic. That behavior felt like a refusal for the prince but the lady’s words that followed implied otherwise.

“I do not have the time to think about who I love sir. My sacred powers… were awakened for the sake of purifying the miasma… That is the exact reason I am here.”

“I do not care about those kinds of things. There’s no one else for me but you, Momo.”

The confession of Leddorio had stirred the surroundings. The place they are currently at in the dining hall of the church, naturally, there will be bystanders. Perhaps, because Momo was being mindful of that, her gaze wandered away from him.

“Sir Benny, I am truly happy for your feelings.”

“So I’m not enough?”

“That’s not what I meant!”

Seeing Momo unusually irritated by his persistence, Leddorio felt embarrassed by his overbearing assertiveness brought by his impatience. As he let go of the lady’s shoulders, Momo awkwardly took a step away from him.

“Until the miasma of the Nansonia Mountain range is fixed, I have no time to think about nobilities, marriages, and such things, sir. What I am more concerned about is Lady Chloe’s behavior. I am concerned about why she approached Locke, and there’s the matter regarding Shin as well. Sir Benny, may I come to the next observation session?”

The prince was bewildered by her sudden request but, it looked like the lady had thoughts in mind to do that.

Only two I guess.

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  1. Avatar Arxenium says:

    Thank you!! 😀

    1. Avatar Fani Hatinda says:

      Eyy, Momo is kinda sus though.

      1. Avatar Ash Slanabrezgov says:

        She was sus from the second chapter )

  2. Avatar Speed says:

    i am speed. your translations are also speed.

  3. Avatar Death Fairy says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    I know love is blind.
    But not like this!

  4. Avatar Mikael says:

    Thank you for the updates you’re the best! 😊

  5. Avatar Tsuki says:

    Thanks for the translation!
    I’m enjoying this so much! You get what you deserve, and the stupid prince and the others guys haven’t realized a thing yet, I look forward to theirs reaction once they find out Momo is a white lotus.

  6. Avatar Blue Girl says:

    It looks like both girls are reincarnators. Momo spoke to the “Newspaper information NPC” only when she needed info, and has been waiting for the “right timing” to announce her decision. She is probably trying for the harem ending.

    1. Avatar TheHillsAreAlive says:

      I agree. But I think Chloe’s reincarnator entered the picture the exact moment she was sent into exile, whereas Momo’s reincarnator has been there since birth. That would explain Chloe’s drastic change in temperament, and Momo’s consistent manipulative behaviour.

  7. Avatar Kevin De Leon says:

    Jajaja párese que a Momo se l está callendo el teatrito más por favor

  8. Avatar Rafaeus says:

    Momo over here acting real sus

  9. Avatar Baa Baa Black Sheep says:

    Bruh, I take back what I said. Momo is just the typical transmigrator ah. I thought they were real friends. It looks like I need to read more isekai otome manga/novels.

  10. Avatar chomiaaa says:

    i wonder if momo is actually in love with chloe 🤔 like she kind of lessened her punishment, she doesn’t like any of the men i think, uhh she seems kinda worried about chloe being possessed by a demon??? idk i have yet to finish the chapter lmao

  11. Avatar chomiaaa says:

    i am calling it, momo is waiting for the right timing to go to the mountains and rescue chloe or something. she’s worried about locke because she’s scared that they might fall in love with each other? same goes for shin, bc chloe might fall in love with shin. I JUST KNOW MOMO SWINGS THE OTHER WAY LMFAO /hj

  12. Avatar Vontes says:

    I think momo stole the heroine’s role from chako, the way she reacted after hearing that name sus af

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