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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 35

Castle Conference 2

Castle Conference 2.

The first one to react to the bombshell that Prince Keith dropped was Margrave Whyte who sent a forced smile to the Duke’s direction.

“Sir Sereknight… I believe it is you, who bowed your head at our doorstep asking for the engagement out of your concern for your son’s position due to not having your wife’s blood, are you not? Unfortunately, your fatherly sentiments seems to have not reached him. At any rate, my daughter had already been aware that young man didn’t have feelings for her, that’s for the both of them to deal with… However, I believe that you can no longer plead for your son’s excuse if he yearns for the first prince’s lover.”

“I have no words to excuse him, sir Whyte. I have already told my son that he can never get married to the saintess and to stop competing against the prince but…, he insists that the saintess had yet to choose a man for herself and that the prince is no more than a friend to hers either. My son even asserted that they have a mutual agreement to accept whichever gentlemen the lady decides on.”

At that moment, the conference went into an uproar. There have been doubts about whether the marriage between Leddorio and Momo will happen, but now even the assumption that the two were lovers had fallen apart. The king, caressed his temple, attempting to ease his headache, glanced over the prince in question.

“Leddorio… you heard the minister. Is it true that you have yet to earn the heart of the saintess?”

“She is a pure lady capable of equally loving everyone without discrimination. That’s why she wanted the holy church to handle Chloe’s punishment instead to avoid making Darck and the House Sereknight shoulder her sins. That kindness of hers was what had captivated me in the first place.”

“….About this agreement that the minister had spoken of, is Darck the only compliant party?”

“No, it includes my foster brother Sei, and Dai. We are all rivals in love but we have agreed not to force her love on ourselves but prioritize her happiness instead.”

Leddorio insists with his unwavering eyes. Of course, it’s not as though he completely complies with it. While the prince keeps his rivals in check, he still waits for any moment to get past them in their race. Of course, the prince also watches out for outsiders like Locke, who was apparently her childhood friend, attempting to suddenly snatch her away.

The prince saw the minister to the left looking greatly perplexed at the corner of his vision. Although the prince heard that the engagement of his son had already been dissolved, much of what had been revealed at this conference may still be news to him.

The king looked at the whole surrounding at let out a huge sigh.

“Then is the relationship between you and the saintess nothing but friendship? I take it that it is not on the level of having an engagement possible.”

“She said that this is an important decision and wants to think about it carefully. Nevertheless, I love Momo and I will make her heart mine alone.”

“Minister Sereknight, I take it that your son was also acting just like this due to the Saintess?”

“He is, sire. We had failed to reach a compromise, and because I fear the possibility of my son committing a taboo out of passion after the adoption, I had decided not to proceed with it… I would very much like to take responsibility for this and leave my post but…”

“The minister to the left is in the same predicament and I can’t have the royal palace out of its crucial men. However, you must talk it over with him once more.”

Seeing the pale minister taking his words into his heart, the king turned his glance over the prince this time.

“Now to get back on the topic. Leddorio, as things are, Yello shall become the crown prince instead.”

“W-Why is that, sire!? If Momo becomes my fiancee…”

“And when is that going to happen?”


“There’s a possibility of the saintess choosing a different man, and she may in fact, choose none at all. I am aware that the marriage between the two of your is still within the realms of possibility, however, that is not going to happen any time soon, is it?  Duke Sereknight is already having second thoughts on the adoption due to his son, and without this plan of yours into motion, there’s no other house willing to take her in either. It is only logical to choose Yello instead given that he had a proper lady next to him.”

Leddorio immediately turned pale. His legs now seemingly faltering.

 (Wait… I need time! Just a little more time.. Once I marry the Saintess… after I get married with Momo.. I..)

Do not lose to your brother. If only he had been born incompetent, you surely had been the next king.
The same words said to him as a child could be taken as losing to his brother would make him nothing as a worthless incompetent prince.

Flustered by the genius of his younger brother, and pestered by the persistence of his fiancée, Chloe, at the same time, the prince closed his heart thinking that nobody ever understands his pain.

“Even the swans who look elegant at the surface of the lake are swimming with all their might. It is only natural that his highness is working his hardest considering his position.”

“The lessons and studying on my own are both hard, but whenever I think that even sir Benny working his hardest, I feel like I can put more effort into it.”

“You are not alone, sir. Be it your complaints or whatever, I will hear all of them for you, as long as you wish.”

(Momo…., the true saintess who shone the light on my heart. It is you and not Chloe who befits the position of a queen. As long as you stand right beside me I..)

As Leddorio was about to stand up after sorting out his thoughts, Keith placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Brother Leddorio, father is not saying that you should give up on Momo. He is merely saying that if you truly wish to pursue your love, you can do so while leaving the matters of the kingdom to me.”

Prince Keith who talked to him like he was trying to convince a small child smiled deviously.

Vouivre Comments

Gotta say, I do love me some karma. Get fukd, stupid prince.

Maybe some more chapters later. Not sure if two or three more.

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