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Banished Villainess – Under Observation! : Chapter 14

Sacred Stone and Magic Stone

Sacred Stone and Magic Stone

After the last customer had left, and having finished tidying up the bar, they can now have their meals. At the same time, Pastor Grace had also returned from the church.

“Good work, you really helped me out there. It’s only your first day but it makes me want to truly hire you as waitress.”

“Had mistress been managing the whole place all this time?”

“Although they all left already, sometimes those adventurers who explore that dungeon pay their lodging fee through helping. That statue of a husband over there only stays holed up in his church all the time though.”

“Hey, what do you mean by statue? There would be a vast difference if there’s no church right next to a dungeon. Whose efforts do you think keeps the peace around here…”

Pastor Grace is different to the solemn priests of the Holy Church. To find a perfect description, his temperament much closely resembles that of an adventurer than a priest. What he meant by having the church keeping the peace refers to the barrier that Chloe had said much earlier. Although the sacred stone to keep it up is already broken.

When they were told to rest, the two headed outside pretending that they would only take a stroll. After confirming that there’s no one else to see them, Chloe’s body began to emit a glow. She was trying to erect a barrier using her own sacred powers. She may not be the Saintess anymore but she is still as capable as a priest recognized by the Holy Church, making her capable of such feats.

“Although we can keep the safety around here by putting a barrier up every day… they would still need to buy a new sacred stone after we leave.”

 “About that lady, couldn’t you just use magic stones instead?”

Magic stone refers to the energy source of all magical tools in this world. So long as you have one, anyone one whoever they were can easily use the magical tools. However, from what Shin had seen thus far, the lodging house doesn’t use any at all, to the point that even their facilities from bathing to cooking are all functioning primitively.

“The foundation of magic stone and sacred stone are entirely different. Magic stones are made from grinding a mineral found in a certain special region. On the other hand, sacred stones are made by specialist priest from minerals found in advanced dungeons. Also, their magical origins are different. All of us who came from the holy church uses sacred power…, using magic stones to erect a barrier on the other hand, falls to the specialty of magic users, I guess?”

“Then, they must truly get a sacred stone from the holy church…”

“That’s about it. First they would have to send an official request for that so, let’s send one at the same time as we contact the capital.”

Chloe took a huge stretch before returning to the lodging house. Although they would have no choice but to be stranded in the Iris Mountain for a while, she doesn’t look to be impatient about it. Rather, on the contrary she looked as though she was having fun in this situation.

“You must have been tired, milady.”

 “That’s true… but it’s the kind of tire that feels great. Although I was able to live such a luxurious life in the capital, everyone else just thought of my effort as something to be expected so I hardly get any appreciations. Here, everyone’s words feels warm. Maybe it was a mistake for me to have been born as an aristocrat.”

“Those words are very unlike you, lady. Furthermore, if milady hadn’t been there for me, I would not be here either.”

“Fufu, I guess that’s true… I will be heading back now, what about you?”

 “I will be staying for a little while.”

Not even suspecting his words in the slightest, Chloe left Shin alone immediately.

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