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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 132

Yello Keith Coloflare 12 - The Inescapable Condemnation

Yello Keith Coloflare 12 – The Inescapable Condemnation


After that, by the time we left the Sacred Church, not only was Lady Chloe’s dance over, the dance party had already started. The sun had already set and the concluding fireworks were fired towards the sky.

‘Waa, to think that I would be able to watch fireworks even after reincarnating.’

‘Ah, we’ve really done it. What kind of excuse should I tell brother later.’

In the end, Canaria’s greeting to my parents was made abrupt, and she had to return to her country without even meeting my older brother. However, my older brother never asked about her either.  It looks like he doesn’t particularly mind anything as long as he can avoid his fiancée.

As for the reason why we ended up being late, it’s not like we committed blasphemies within the archive that would elicit divine retribution. We just had large amounts of forbidden books reproduced using copy magic and store them in the magic bag that Canaria brought with her. Yep, it would be really bad if that were to be found out.




And now, the game has entered its 2nd year. This is the part where the younger brother of the crown prince, Yello, will have many appearances. In other words, my point of contact with the heroine will increase, however—

[‘I’m Momo Palette, sir. I’ve heard a lot of things about you from your older brother. He said a brother that he takes pride in.’]

[Really? Brother sure is reserved, he’s never told me those kinds of things.]
‘Really? Brother sure is reserved, he’s never told me those kinds of things. (Although I know that he only said that in self-depreciation due to his full-blown inferiority complex.)’

[‘Fufu, he must have been embarrassed. He can’t really be honest due to his position… Ah, but he’s actually a very gentle person, you know?’]

[Looks like you earnestly look after him even though you only just met. I feel assured knowing that my brother has a friend like you.]
‘Looks like you earnestly look after him even though you only just met. I feel assured knowing that my brother has a friend like you. (I don’t need you to tell me that though)’

[‘Sir Benny… I mean, his highness Leddorio has always been helpful to me too, sir. That’s why, I want to be next to him and lend him my strength… Nothing more.’]

[If brother allowed it, you may call him Benny. You can also call me Keith too. I also… want to support him by his side too. However, I will be leaving this country soon… when that time comes, I hope that you’ll support him by his side instead.]

‘Sir Yello?’

(No no no, that’s unreasonable. Give me a break.)


But if I make a different reaction to the game, the irregularities will just increase. I don’t know whether that will lead to good or bad things so I’m trying to act out the character lines as much as I can, but the way Lady Momo is intent in delivering her lines according to the game’s scenario feel rather shallow than natural due to her birthplace. Brother, are you really okay with this kind of woman?

Well, I had Canaria revealed to me the similarity of this world to a game as well as the possibility of heroine being a reincarnator too, so I can see her without filters, but even so.

‘Jeez, what the heck is happening? Is this some kind of bug? I don’t see any yellow feathers either.’

The lady mutters in small voice which makes me even more certain that she’s also a reincarnator. Starting from brother, all of the capture targets are awfully convinced that Lady Momo is a delicate and pure lady…. but seeing her now, she’s actually rather shameless. Although she’s indeed tends to be dreamy.

For her, much like in the game, the royal academy is just a stage where she can enjoy bargaining love with such good-looking gentlemen; she is only acting out the role of the protagonist. Watching her move fast from one place to another when an event overlaps was quite impressing even. The game is likely everything to her, and she doesn’t even have the slightest interest in the reality that lies underneath. It will be highly unlikely to turn her into an ally.

As I barely bear with her, trying to not make my smile cramp, a fluffy yellow feather began falling from the sky. Lady Momo catches it with sparkles in her eyes.

‘I did it!, Yellow feather, get!.., huh?’

Realizing that the feather was followed by the sound of flapping wings, she looked up to the sky and saw several yellow-colored bird flying. Astonished, before she realized, we have been surrounded by several birds. Seeing such several bright-yellow birds moving about in the sky is actually quite fearsome, aren’t they?

‘W-What the hell is this? There’s no scenario like this at all. What on earth is happening!?’

‘Ah, I just remembered that I have a business to attend so I’ll go now. Bye bye!’

‘Huh, wai—, Sir Keith!’

Flustered, Lady Momo tried to call out to me, but the large flock of yellow birds kept her in check making her scream. Like hell I’d stop to look, I didn’t even allow you to call me by my name.

When I lost sight of Lady Momo, I invoked the name ‘Honey’, the yellow birds came flying to my hand transforming into envelopes one after another. They were originally Canaria’s letters and now that they’ve reverted back, the feathers must’ve disappeared leaving Lady Momo confused.

I put those bundles of letters in my pocket, and returned to my room as if nothing happened and opened them there.

The first one was a report in regards to the circumstances of House Glinda. The countess gave birth to a pair of twins, a boy and a girl, so the inheritance problem was solve. Still, Locke was the one who received the guardian’s divine protection, so he is now undergoing procedures to officially become Corrundum Kingdom’s citizen.

Locke had endured the rigorous training of the dragon knights. The guardian had recognized his potential from the very start, which is why it gave him its divine protection. He apparently became stronger. He had already completed several requests as an adventurer and the name Count Glinda has been earning a recognition within their neighborhood. He will likely step foot on the Coloflare kingdom’s soil soon enough.

Apparently, he had a couple of opportunities to talk with Canaria. He wanted to grow stronger to meet the childhood friend that had been separated from him and sent to the capital. It was exactly the same motive as the Count Glinda in the game. If that’s the case, I wonder if Lady Momo will deviate from the Leddorio route and go for the hidden route instead? If so, she’ll stop her relationship with everyone at friendship and ignore everyone’s approaches near the end. She’s definitely not thinking of the future at all.

The 2nd letter is the blue print of magic brooch. On last year’s birthday, I received a prototype model of a magic item that has a recording function. It was an item that appears in the game too, and we had it made with Corrundum Kingdom’s technology using that as a reference.

The harassment to Lady Momo under Lady Chloe’s name is growing even more severe each day. It won’t be long until my older brother requests the development of the magic brooch to the court mages. That’s where this blue print will slip into. The recorded data will be sent to my brother’s brooch, but as an extention, they will also be sent to my brooch as the base unit.

…which reminds me, our country security is too baggy. While the sacred magic is strong against evil beings, it doesn’t have anything against people’s evil intentions. The real threat here isn’t monsters but humans, you know?

The third letter was regarding the translation of the forbidden books in the Sacred Church’s archive. The  ancient language was the same as the one used in Canaria’s world so I had her translate in in Coloflarean language. I’m sure the reason why Momo is able to read through them easily was because she’s a reincarnator too.

[For the wind that brings forth beasts be appeased, two ladies chosen by gods prays as they confront the evil. Yet, with her heart tainted by malice, one succumbs to temptations and surrenders herself to the darkness. After generations,, the lady drowning in malice is called the witch, and the other to seal her away, the saint.]

That’s how the first translated paragraph reads. Initially, I was already surprised hearing from Canaria that originally, there were two saintess. However, now that I’ve confirmed that, a new question comes to mind.

According to the passage, the saintess suddenly appeared in the era of the thickening miasma and sealed the witch. With her achievements recognized, she was wed to the crown prince of that time. The historical book was more detailed, saying it is the sacred church who chooses the saintess from the selection of ladies with high sacred powers that they gathered. The current ‘Interim-Saintess’ also applies to that.

However, the current deity of our country is Saintess, the first, and the Sacred Church designates her as the one to worship. If that’s the case, who was the ‘god’ mentioned in the book that chose the two original saintess? What did the Sacred Church at that time believed in? Reading the remaining translations, it’s all about the first saintess’ achievements, sacred magic’s compendium, the method to see through evil using a play song, as well as what became of the saintess after becoming a queen.

(The truth behind the legend will only be told to the crown prince, huh?)

Now I need to become the crown prince even more.

Compared to his increasing intimacy towards Momo, my brother’s relationship with Lady Chloe is growing worse. Once he comes to know the lady’s lineage of Witch Yolda, he’ll likely gleefully use that as an excuse to cancel the engagement. That’s just how detestable Lady Chloe had become to my older brother.

From my perspective, both are to blame. Chloe who vents all the frustration brought by his fiancee’s cold neglect to Momo, as well as my brother who pins all the blame to his fiancée. Both of them are refusing to compromise which bereaves them of the chance to understand each other. However, their mountainous prides will definitely not recognize their own faults… What a pair of stubborn individuals.

haa… I guess there’s no other choice, so I’ll have to shoulder the troublesome works. Feel free to dance the way you like in the stage that you built on your own.

Having finished reading them and compiling all the ones to be disposed of, my hands went towards the last letter. The contents were her personal sentiments, something that should be disregarded if unreasonable according to her.

[It is possible that Miss Momo is a reincarnator. Judging from what I heard from Locke about the timing of her change of behavior, it’s possible that there are some others who will remember their past life memories in the midst of the game.

Like for example, Lady Chloe could also regain her past life memories, just like me.]


 ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆



“Chloe Sereknight, I will have your engagement with me rescinded!”

Hearing my brother’s voice of condemnation from the brooch, it made me remember Canaria’s letter in the past. [If she were to have recovered her memories, then perhaps we could help her now.]―However, that didn’t happen. Even if it did, Lady Momo is unlikely to be understanding, and there’s hardly anything you can do now that the scenario had advanced this far.

(I’m sorry, Canaria.)

Thanks to my knowledge, I’m not concerned on Lady Chloe’s chance of becoming a witch. What worries me is the huge changes that it would cause to the influential powers within the country, but with the help of Duke Moonlight, we were able to contain the waves to some degree. My brother doesn’t realize this but there were a lot of factional switches among the lower nobles.

With this condemnation, I have confirmed that we will proceed towards the hidden route, so I had presented to the minister to the right of the correctional facility within his territory, and the talks smoothly headed towards that direction.

――However, the capture targets objected to that. They said that the punishment would be too lenient. Well, that’s true but we finally had the sacred church to accept that too, and now you’re interfering based on your personnel feelings. My brother’s years of pent up frustration was likely the reason why he wanted to totally crush her now that he can. In the end, she was sent to the Nansonia region instead, as per the original story.

“The more you push her to such extreme circumstances, the more she will resent me in return. Your highness should not underestimate the grudge of a woman.“

Lady Momo’s helpless sounding voice had poured a clamor water to the surrounding to clamoring flames. This ‘dialogue’ of her was accordingly to the game’s plot. This way, her anxiety would hit the mark; Chloe would awaken as a witch and plot her revenge against Momo and the others, or so was the game’s foreshadowing. My brother and the other capture targets were supposed to make light of it, telling her that there’s nothing for her to worry about. Even stating that they will protect her in case from anything.

“If that’s the case, let’s keep observing her. If Chloe were to show any signs of unrest, she will be cut down imeediately. As for the one to do that; Shin, I’ll leave that to you.’


My brother’s lines that runs contrary the game plot not only surprised Shin and Momo, but me as well. There’s nothing wrong with the continued observation in itself. One could say that it’s a natural treatment if you consider the chance of her escaping midway. However, I didn’t expect that the responsibility for that will fall towards her personal attendant, Shin.

It was unexpected for one of the capture targets to exit right here. After wards, Lady Chloe will be assaulted by the bandits and will come to curse on the world itself, becoming a witch. Incidentally, I had the Nansonia Region’s public order improve by dispatching additional soldiers there but, it would be hard to pinpoint at which point of their travel in the mountains will their convoy be attacked by the bandits. If one were to consider that, perhaps this idea of brother may actually go to a favourable direction… Although he’s the one who banished her himself.

That’s how the absurd observation meeting started. The changes in Chloe’s personality after leaving the capital, (which to be more precised, had started during her condemnation), had left my brother and the others confused.


‘Canaria, it might actually be possible… to fulfill your request.’


With my hands on the crystal ball amplified with magic power, my lone chuckle reverberates within the room.


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