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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 100



Momo flew into a severe rage, warping her face like a brute in sheer anger. The grief and the melancholic expression she had shown listening to Leddorio’s and everyone elses’ circumstances, as well as her angelic smile that pierced their hearts, were all acting. This would be the very first time they will see her sentiments without filters.

‘Shin! You’re going to betray me as well!? Chloe treated you like her plaything, you know!? I know you very well! I know just how much you want to take revenge on that woman! Wouldn’t you like to turn both her heart and body to shreds before you throw her at the very pits of hell!? Very well, Shin! I’ll make those wishes come true. After all, I am the true Saintess. So come, let’s defeat the real witch together, alright!?’

Shin, who turned around to face Momo, put his mistress down and urged her behind him.

‘Shin!! Just how long do you plan to remain that woman’s pet!? You love me, don’t you?’

‘Yes… You may have cajoled me, but that doesn’t change the fact that you saved me as well. You were the one who made me human… You were the one who taught me how to love.’


Shin drew the sword in his waist, not even turning a glance towards Chloe who anxiously called his name. Convinced that the butler was about to betray his mistress, Momo had a triumphant smile on her face.

‘Which is exactly why I want to save you. Back then, I got so caught up in my revenge that I almost did something that could never be undone. I believe that the one who put a stop to all that was your image, even if that was nothing but a mere pretense.’

Chloe eyes widened gazing upon Shin. The butler turned his sword towards Momo, who shook her head unable to accept what he said.

‘What are you talking about…? The one you should be cutting down is right behind you, right?.’

‘The Miss Momo that I loved would never wish for me to hurt Chloe. That’s the only thing I will choose to believe in, no matter what kind of person you truly are. Miss Momo, thank you for crying for my sake… I loved you.’

Tears flew down his cheeks, followed by words seemingly signifying goodbye. Chloe softly pulled the young butler’s sleeves.

‘Are you sure,…Shin?’

‘Of course. If it would lead to Miss Momo’s happiness. Milady, let’s save her together for sure.’

‘Of course, that’s the plan.’

Shin wiped his tears and smiled at Chloe. Momo was dumbfounded for a moment but suddenly raised an ear-piercing yell.

‘Shin! That’s the line from your bad end!! Why!? Even though you all say you love me!! You’re all liars, liars, liars!!’

As she went full hysterical, Momo scattered feathers of different colors to the ground. Different pentagrams emerged, summoning the sacred bird.

The surrounding people all raised their guards, save from Chloe who looked visibly startled.

‘What is that?’

‘It’s the sacred bird. Momo rode that to the Iris Mountain.’

Leddorio answered her but omitted the fact that he rode alongside Momo to the mountain. Chloe muttered ‘You’ve got to be kidding, isn’t that too grotesque?’ in response, a sentiment that surrounding agreed with all their hearts.

However, right after being summoned, the sacred bird suddenly turned odd. Its feathers rapidly fell off and started slowly disappearing. Before long, even the five pentagrams had disappeared, leaving Momo restless.

‘Why!? Why is this happening!?’

‘The feathers symbolize your bond with them; A proof of trust. Now that they’ve disappeared, it means that no one believes in you anymore.’


‘Will you accept it now? Right now, you can no longer call yourself the ‘True Saintess’ anymore.’

As Chloe admonished her, Momo went silent for a moment, raised her head. Her eyes looked blank and hardly expressed emotions but her lips alone warped upwards.

She was smiling.

‘Fufu….ahahahahaha! Haaah, how stupid. I guess there’s no choice. Fine, I accept it. I am a witch. I’ve become one so there’s no point in denying it anymore! There’s nothing like this in the game but I’m sure this is a bad end too. I guess there’s no other choice but to reset.’

‘You’re still saying that? This is reality; there’s no such thing as a reset butto…’

Chloe, feeling repulsive, was about to reproach her but she stopped herself. Everyone found her sudden halt suspicious and looked at her but the lady was restraining her mouth, looking completely pale.

(Is there something like that!? That reset button or whatever?)

Leddorio and the others do not completely understand what that was but they knew that it meant Momo had a trump card to escape her fate.

‘Looks like you remember it now. That’s right, even if there’s no reset button, that game has an function that forcibly resets everything;

The ‘Salvation of Darkness’ ending.’

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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