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Banished Villainess – Under Observation : Chapter 10

Villainess’ Rescue

Villainess’ Rescue.`

“There’s no need.”

Shin consulted Chloe about requesting a carriage during their breakfast but she refused without hesitation. Their breakfast consisted of bread, ham and egg, as well as coffee. It makes one wonder just how do these food supplies make it to the mountain.

“However, it might lead to problems if we stay in this place for long.”

“About that, Shin–”

Placing her fork on the plate, Chloe’s glance headed towards Shin.

“My punishment says that I am to repent for my self-conceit thus far, live a frugal life as I dedicate my whole heart towards the service of God, right? What I’m telling you Shin, is that I don’t need to be in the convent to do that.”

“However, according to the orders of the crown prince..”

This punishment is just the prince’s way of harassing me, you know? If I sent something like a request for carriage, I would have to prepare myself facing 100, or even 200 hundred ridicules.”

Although she kept her voice and head low in order to kept their circumstances secret, the brooch is capable of recording even up to the most quiet whispers, which by the way, the brooch can raise the volume.

Prince Ledorio was slightly red in embarrassment after having the true nature of his harassment, found out by Chloe. Normally though, it should be obvious to everyone else. However, Chloe had been conveniently misunderstanding the prince no matter how much he had treated her coldly thus far. She’ll arrive at incomprehensible conclusions along the lines of the prince not being honest with his feelings, or it being their trial of love, among other things.

The prince thought that perhaps after being condemned, she finally understood that he had loathed her.

“Leaving his intent for harassment aside, dedicating my heart for god can be done in this church, can’t it? I can never return to the capital anymore either way, so there’s no need to rush ourselves to go to the convent. I am thinking that I can also do my atonement here and help people at the same time.”

(Atone for her sins!? Helping other people?  That vain ducal lady  Chloe Sereknight of all people?.)

The prince thought if one day Chloe herself said this to him with such a serious tone, he would begin to doubt whether she had eaten something wrong. Sure enough, even Shin, whom had kept her company for so many years had asked her the same thing moments before.

“…Does milady have anything particular in mind?”

“Last night, I took a stroll around the surroundings of the lodging, right? The barrier seems to have weakened and the miasma had gotten thicker. To the point that a small demonic beasts could have even gotten inside if it wanted to. It’s very likely that the sacred stone they are using to erect the barrier is wearing out. Furthermore, with the Church being this much worn out, hardly any believers will come which could weaken its divine power to almost none. Savepo–, I mean the words of god is even more of utter importance for such a place close to a high level dungeon. That’s why I want to meddle with it for a bit before I leave. I may be like this now but I had been a temporary Saintess at some point, you know?”

“That makes sense, lady…, However, wouldn’t it be even more imperative to send a report to the kingdom and have them purify it?”

“Not at all, the current saintess is Lady Momo, right? If she were made to come to this place for that, they would not only have her purify the lodging but capture the entire dungeon altogether instead. It would be too much for her at her current level. Furthermore, this isn’t a place of total importance that the royal capital would send her here knowing it would put her in danger, and first and foremost of all, the entourage of the prince wouldn’t permit sending her here just to die either.”

The main reason why she chose to stay was the weakening barrier. Still the prince feels uncomfortable seeing Chloe thinking about the betterment of the people or the world itself…, as far as he is concerned, he is certain that the lady is doing this in order to earn the mistress’ favor and turn her into one of her pawns.

That aside, the prince is still surprised how the lady had calmly explained the circumstances regarding Momo and his entourage. She may be a banished criminal but if the place they had been stranded at were to become truly dangerous they would have no choice but to send the Saintess depending on the circumstances.

Of course, Leddorio would not allow Momo to go there, but he didn’t expect that his former fiancée would even be able to guess their would be sentiments.


Vouivre Notes:

I might not update for some days due to school works. Either way, I guess everyone can pretty much guess what’s the deal with Chloe at this point. At any rate, I just want to say something in regards to how I’ve been translating this series.

The truth is that in some parts of its chapters, the narrator seems to switch from third person to the first prince’s out of nowhere, which… is slightly okay-ish in Japanese but a little odd in English. With that in mind, I have decided to just change them all to third person and make those switches appear to be describing his feelings instead. If it feels odd, you can tell me… or not actually, spare me.

That’s about it really. Yeah.

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  1. Avatar kirindas says:

    Thanks for working on the series! I’m interested to see how the story develops from here.

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    Thanks for the chapter. =)
    Is this a gem I found? The story is good for me so far.

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      I hope chloe find better man, not end up with the one of them

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    Well, there’s proof she’s reincarnated now. “Save points” are important, and all gamers know that.

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