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BTC Chapter 70 Part 2


Back To the Countryside

Chapter 70: 惧怕[ Fear]

Part 2

        After settling his little Fu Lang, Qi Yue sat down at the chair, tapping his fingers on the tabletop, one at a time, without hurrying, as if he was considering how to deal with the person in front of him.


He was not in a hurry to speak, but He Zhen was breathless by the silence, so he said, “I am already like this now, what more do you want?”


        “What?” Qi Yue stopped his hand for a while, as if he had heard some joke, even his eyebrows were tinged with laughter, “I don’t intend to do anything or I should say, I don’t need to do anything anymore.”


        “What do you mean by that?” 

He Zhen did not believe that after what he had done, the other party would let him off. 


        “Is it possible that your body has been feeling unwell a lot lately?” Qi Yue did not directly answer his words but instead asked him a question.


He Zhen froze, precisely at this moment his head was still pounding with dizziness, making him unable to support himself, “How did you know?”


        “I don’t know if I ever told you that…” Qi Yue propped up his elbows on his knees and bent down slightly to look at him, “I am the owner of the Sheng De Clinic. “


        “You …” He Zhen’s hand that was propping his body up went limp and he almost fell to the ground. He took a moment to slow down before saying, “So, you can cure me from that strange disease?”


    “Of course! (Naturally!)” Qi Yue straightened up his body, stood up and smiled playfully, “That prescription of yours was prescribed by me.”


        “Since it is the case …” He Zhen’s eyes were red and full of resentment, “Then, at that time, why didn’t you help me? If only you were willing to help me, I wouldn’t have been married off to an old man by my family?!”


Qi Yue took back the smiling expression on his face. In his eyes, a cold chill flashed through within it, “Have you forgotten what you did to my Ah Ling? Who are you to beg me to help you!”


        “But isn’t he all right? Isn’t he fine now? He even conceived with your child!” Why is he the only one who has suffered misfortune? Why should both He Ling or Xu Hua be able to have everything?  


        “At this point, you still never reflect over yourself.” Qi Yue stood up, walked to him and squatted down, “I might as well tell you that I am not only good at using medicine, but also very good at using poison.”


        He Zhen was startled and stared blankly at him. He had a not so good speculation in his heart, “You….”


        “It seems that you have already guessed it!” The smile on his face was tinged with mischief, “How does it feel for your body to be festering all over?”


        He Zhen quickly covered his chest and gasped violently, his eyes full with the unwillingness to believe. He didn’t want to accept that the strange disease that had brought him all the misfortune was the handiwork of this man he had once admired!


        Qi Yue sat back down on his stool and picked up a cup on the table and played with it, “To use a poison in front of me, you simply are too naive. Do you really think that the cup of tea you drank earlier was only yourself that had someone add something to it?”


“What did you say? What did you put in?!”

There was nothing unwell or physically wrong with He Zhen but he just knew what the other party said must not be a lie!


        “Since you want to harm my child…”

Qi Yue’s hand loosened, therefore the cup fell to the ground and broke into pieces, “Then you will never have a child of your own.”


        “Impossible, impossible!” He Zhen shouted hysterically, how could he not have a child? If he didn’t have a child, then he wouldn’t be able to live the rich life he has now for much longer!


        “You don’t need to feel too sad since you won’t live for a few more years anyway.” Qi Yue looked at him as if he were watching a play, “That’s also not true, you still have a choice.”


        “What else have you done?!” He Zhen felt like he was going to collapse. The ways this man brought him under control seemed endless, how many other hidden dangers were there in his body that he didn’t know about?


        “He Zhen, do you really think that I am that kind and would give you a prescription to cure your illness?” How could he be merciful to the person who had hurt He Ling countless times?

“The medicine is eating away your body bit by bit. Every time you drink one set, you are one step closer to death.”


        What he had been taking was the deadly □□! He Zhen wrapped his arms around himself and curled up on the floor, unable to accept what he had heard. The medicine he had been taking every day, with its burning pain, was not a life-saving remedy!


Qi Yue sat there, like an elegant and distinguished young master from the aristocratic family, gazing at the petty and low mole cricket and ants (fig. tiny individuals with no power) as if it was a dust in front of him, “You have two choices, continue to take the medicine and maintain your present appearance, or stop taking the medicine so that you can live for more years. What will you choose?”


       How to choose? No matter what the result would be, he didn’t want any of them! For the first time, He Zhen began to feel regret, why did he have to provoke this man in the first place? Why did he have to fight with He Ling? If he had been more honest, wouldn’t he have married a nice man and lived a happy life now? At least, he wouldn’t be dragging his sick body around weeping bitter tears like he is now!  


(Tl : Sad 😢 why the regret coming so late?) 


        “This is my last warning to you, from now on, do not appear in front of my Fu Lang, or I have a thousand other ways here to make your life worse than death, and believe me, you do not want to try it.” With these words, Qi Yue paid no more attention to the person on the floor, got up and left the hall. Rather than wasting too much time with him, he still had to go and accompany his little Fu Lang. 


        Until he left, He Zhen’s body did not stop trembling. He realized that he had never seen this person clearly. All that he had once sentimentally attached to was nothing but a false image disguised by the other person! The real him was not some kind of gentle and elegant young master that could make people delighted just like bathing in the spring wind but he was instead a frightening and terrifying evil spirit!


        The author has something to say :

That’s right, the last chapter was about the drama queen He Ling, so my precious baby, if you guys guessed it right, raise your hands for me! ~2333333


I like that last warning from Qi Yue

Next chapter is sweet and funny

Made me smiled and laughed while reading it


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  1. Avatar Kurokami Anko says:

    Ahh… that warning is truly refreshing. Making me wonder when will I have such a man? Anyway, thank you for the TL, Little Yen! 🙂

    1. LittleYen LittleYen says:

      You will, thank you Anko.. Good luck with ur study

  2. Avatar Meh._.meh says:

    Thank you for the very lovely chapter Little Yen. The face slapping was top tier. I am satisfied, now I just need some fluff and everything will be okay.

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