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BTC Chapter 70 Part 1


Back To the Countryside

Chapter 70 : 惧怕 (Fear) 

Part 1

“Feeling guilty, huh? Someone close to you has been hurt because of you!” Looking at his expression, He Zhen knew what was going through his mind, “If the Lin family knew about this, they would hate you to the bone, ba! Today, you also lost the baby, what would Qi Yue look like? Would he have loved you more than his own flesh and blood? 


        The thought that he would be rejected by everyone around him made him very happy, he wanted him to have a taste of what it was like to have nothing and to experience the same pain as him. 


        “Do you think that their hearts are all as ugly as you?” He Ling suddenly sat up straight and looked at him calmly.There was no trace of the pain he was in before. 


        He Zhen’s eyes widened as he looked at him incredulously, “How…could you …?”


“Very surprised?” He Ling picked up the cup that was placed in front of him and poured the tea inside onto the floor, “Even if I were stupid, I would never put what you gave me into my mouth !”


Just now, he was only dipping his lips into that cup of tea. However, he didn’t drink it at all. He then pretended to have abdominal pain,he was merely intended to test him. Sure enough, he had really put the medicine in it.


        He Zhen stepped back abruptly, unable to accept that he had been set up by him, “How could this be? How could this happen?”


“I’ve known you for so many years and I understand your character and temperament too well. How could it be possible for you to do things such as specially come to my place and ask for my forgiveness? Don’t you think that if you shed a few tears then I will be soft-hearted.” He Ling waved his hand and smashed the empty cup in his hand on the ground, the sound of broken porcelain was like the blood bond between him and the other party that had been broken a long time ago.


“You are, indeed, not that innocent. That’s just your fake image in order to win favors and to gain sympathy!” He Zhen was startled by the broken porcelain sound and raised his hand to point at the other person, not thinking rationally. 


        “If innocence means letting you guys bully and humiliate me, then I don’t need it!” He Ling stood up and approached him, “Your mother once hurt my mother who was pregnant, and now you are coming to harm my child. He Zhen, between us, who do you think hates who more?”


This was the first time He Zhen had heard of this. This was also the first time he had seen the overbearing (aggressive) look in his eyes. He was speechless for a moment. How could he tolerate himself being weak in front of him? He lifted his chin and said, “You brought this on yourselves, it was you guys who …”


“Pa!” There was a loud slapping sound, the words that had not yet been finished were slapped back by He Ling,”This hit is for you, for wanting to kill my child.”


        He Zhen covered his face and turned back in disbelief, “How dare you…”


        “Pa!” He Ling turned his hand over for another slap, “This time, hitting you for hurting Xiaohu!”


        He didn’t wait for him to cover his face, he slapped him again ruthlessly,not showing any mercy at all, “This one, hit you for all the bullying and humiliation you’ve done to me!”


        He Zhen covered his cheeks, which were already red and swollen on both sides, his eyes red with anger, “He Ling, you dare to hit me!”


        A series of three slaps not only hurt his face, but also his pride, even He Tian had never hit him like this, so how could this cousin who he had never put him in his eyes (who he never cared about), on what basis he dared to hit him like this? 


        “Why wouldn’t I dare?” Even though the other person was a little taller than him, He Ling would no longer cower like he did before, “You’ve hit me like that too many times since I was a child. However, I only hit you back three times!”


      He Zhen gritted his teeth and stared at him, the anger in his heart rising even higher, just as the other party had said, it was himself who had always hit people since he was a child but not the person in front of him.He raised his hand and tried to return the favor but his hand was held and grabbed by the other party! 

He Ling tightened his grip on his wrist and looked directly into his angry eyes, “I thought I had given you more than enough forgiveness, but you still don’t know how to repent. It’s fine if you only target me but you shouldn’t have touched anyone close to me!”


        He squeezed his wrist so hard that it was extremely painful and He Zhen tried to pull it out, but his head swam with dizziness. His eyes were blurred and his body swayed, as if he wanted to collapse.


        Looking at him, he seemed to be uncomfortable,but He Ling did not know whether he was faking it or not, so He Ling pushed his hand away with a push, but who knew He Zhen suddenly stumbled and sat down on the ground. 


        “I don’t care if you are really unwell, or faking it, please leave my house!” He said this while rubbing his somewhat sore and limp waist, after all he is pregnant. He was a little tired from spending so much time with him.


        “Is Ah Ling tired?”


        A voice came from outside the door, as He Zhen turned his head in surprise to look over. He was surprised when he saw Qi Yue step in. He did not even stop to look at him as he passed by and walked directly to He Ling’s side. He lifted his hand and placed it on his waist, rubbing it in place of him. 


        “You, why are you here?” He Zhen stared at him with wide eyes, didn’t he say he had gone to the Lin family?


        Qi Yue turned his head sideways, not showing a hint of sympathy for his wretched state at the moment, “This is my house. If I am not here, where else can I be?”


        What could He Zhen not understand now? It turned out that he was the one who had been stupid all along. The other side was simply playing him. He was still in there immensely pleased with himself like a contemptible scoundrel!


        Looking at his twisted face, Qi Yue curled his lips. When the sound of a horse sounded outside the door, he felt a little strange. Yesterday, Zheng Yuefeng had said that he would not be coming over today because he had something to do in town so who else could have used a horse?


And there was only one answer to this. He hadn’t even gone to settle the score with him, but he had come to his door first. Nothing good was bound to come out of this trip . He wanted to see what the other party was up to, so for the time being, he avoided it and let Ah Ling entertain him.


The result was as he thought, the other party was really after his little Fu Lang! It was true that It is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one’s character’!1[ 江山易改,本性难移  (jiāng shān yì gǎi , běn xìng nán yí) :  it is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one’s character (idiom) / It is hard to change one’s essential nature / Can the leopard change his spots?]

“You go ahead and rest for a while! I’ll take care of the rest.” Qi Yue patted He Ling’s waist and said, “You don’t have to bother anymore!”


After so much time dealing with him, He Ling did, indeed, want to lie down and rest, so he did not refuse. He took a last look at the unpleasant expression on He Zhen’s face before he walked past him and went out of the door.    

Translator’s Notes:

I  am happy to see the changes in He Ling’s character.  He is no longer weak like he used to be. For the purpose of protecting people that important to him, he is willing to throw his weaknesses and becoming strong.

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    [ 江山易改,本性难移  (jiāng shān yì gǎi , běn xìng nán yí) :  it is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one’s character (idiom) / It is hard to change one’s essential nature / Can the leopard change his spots?]
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