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BTC Chapter 36

Back to the Countryside
Chapter 36 : Guest

Zheng Yuefeng used his fan to lift the curtain of the carriage and took a look at the scenery outside, then withdrew his hand and praised, “Let alone the fact that although this Gu shui Village is a bit remote, it has enchanting scenery* which is a good place to go for a walk!”
[山清水秀* shān qīng shuǐ xiù : lit. verdant hills and limpid water (idiom) / fig. enchanting scenery]
Zheng Yue yan look at outside with great interest*, “That’s right ah! I want He Ling ge ge to take me to the mountains to play and pick wild fruits!”
[兴致勃勃* ( 興致勃勃 ) : xìng zhì bó bó
to become exhilarated (idiom); in high spirits / full of zest]
“Picking wild fruits?” Zheng Yuefeng snorted, “You don’t even like the piles of good fruit at home, how can you pick wild fruits to eat? Besides,can you even reach the fruit tree🌲🌳🌴!?”
“You’re the one who can’t reach the fruit tree!” Zheng Yue yan kicked him in the calf. Seeing him cover his leg in pain, she continued, “The fruit at home is not as good as the fruit you pick yourself!”
        Zheng Yue Feng rubbed his leg, thinking that his sister was getting more and more savage (barbar), how could she get married in the future!
        “Young master, we have arrived at Gu shui Village, where does young master Qi’s family live?” Zheng Yue yan’s personal maid, Chun xiu, lifted the curtain to ask.
        “Let’s find someone to ask around later, I didn’t ask in detail last time!” He only knew that Qi Yue’s family lived in Gu shui Village.
        Chunxiu said “Yes” and lowered the curtain, and in a few moments the carriage stopped, probably to ask someone!
        “This auntie, do you know how to get to Qi Yue’s house?” Seeing a woman passing by, Chun xiu jumped out of the cart and greeted her.
        The madam was taken aback when she was stopped, but when she looked at her, she was relieved to see that she was a young girl with a pretty face and decent clothes, and said, “Their family lives in the north of the village, the fifth house in front of the head, the one with the green brick house!”
Chun Xiu said thanks then she returned to the carriage, “Young Master, Young Miss, i’ve got the detailed address!”
        “Well, let’s go then!” A male voice floated out from the carriage and answered her.
        Chun Xiu bent her knees and got back on the carriage.
        The woman marvelled in her heart, “My goodness! She dressed so well, but she was only a servant. This Qi Yue was really something, he knew friends from rich families!”
        The carriage moved slowly again, heading to the north of the village.
        The woman watched the carriage go away before she reluctantly withdrew her eyes.
        Just as the woman was about to leave, someone called out to her from afar, and she turned around to see He Zhen of the He family running over to her.
        He Zhen ran up to her, after taking a couple of breaths,he asked, “Is that carriage going to Qi Yue’s house?”
        “Yes, how do you know?” The woman looked at him in wonder.
        Then it was Zheng Gong zi! He was delighted, “Thank you, auntie, I have something to do, so I’ll leave now!”
        Looking at He Zhen’s haste in coming and going, the woman was simply baffled, she hadn’t been stimulated too much lately and become stupid,right? 
“What are you embroidering?” When Qi Yue, who had finished dispensing medicine in the medicine room, returned to the hall, he saw his fu lang’s very serious expression and went over to him. 
He Ling heard his voice and lifted his head, holding up what he was holding, “I’m embroidering this!”
Qi Yue looked at it, it was a large grey cloth bag of satin, with a long cloth strap sewn on it, for a person to carry it across the body, and on the front of the bag was a tiger’s head that had not been finished embroidered yet. “What are you embroidering this for?”
        He Ling put his hand down, picked up his embroidery needle to continue working on it as he replied, “Isn’t Xiao Hu going to school, I want to make a bag for him to carry his books!”
        He smiled and sat down on the stool next to him, “I almost forgot about that, I’ll send a set of pens and ink from home too!”
        “Hn!” He Ling agreed, but then thought of something else and sighed.
“Shang zhuang village isn’t that close, so it’ll be hard to go there every day!”
After listening to him, Qi Yue thought for a while and suddenly said, “Why don’t we go to Sun Carpenter’s and order a bullock cart? Anyway, our ox are idle now, Mu Yan won’t allow anyone else beside me to ride, then the ox will be fine, we can lend it to Lin Sheng to drive Xiao Hu too!”
“Make a bullock cart?” He Ling stopped embroidering, yes, it was good, but he wasn’t going to spend the money just because he said so, was he?
        Reading the meaning in his eyes, Qi Yue reached out and pinched his face, “I had plan to make a bullock cart, originally I wanted to wait until the autumn harvest so I could use it to haul grain. Now it’s only a bit earlier!”
He Ling nodded, since it was going to be done, it didn’t matter how early or late it was, doing it now would also make it easier for Lin Sheng and the others!
“Knock, knock, knock.” 
Before they could discuss it carefully, there was a knock on the door, and Qi Yue gestured for him to sit. He himself got up to open the door. 
 When he opened the door, he was a little surprised to see them. It had only been a few days, and these two siblings were really here! 
“Qi Gong zi, we are here to disturb you!” Zheng Yue feng arched his hand, not  embarrassed at all
 “Qi Gong zii!” Zheng Yue yan gave him a greeting.* see pic

        “It’s nothing about being disturb and not to disturb, please come in!” Qi Yue also gave an arch of his hand and sidled out of the way.
        Zheng Yue feng turned his head to let the maids and servants who were following him to wait in the car. As he was about to lift his steps to enter the door, 
        “Big brother Qi!”
        A distant shout stopped them in their tracks, and they all turned their heads to see He Zhen trotting over.
        Qi Yue raised an eyebrow and said in a very flat tone, “He xiao ge er, is there something wrong?”
        He Zhen stopped walking ,as if he had only just seen Zheng Yue feng and the others. He said slightly shyly, “Gong zi is also here?”
        Zheng Yue feng smiled, did not say anything.
As if he understood something, Qi Yue shifted his gaze to him and curled his lips into a smile, it seemed that this He Zhen, had shifted his target!
 Zheng Yue yan also turned his head to look at his brother, the meaning in his eyes was: when did your taste become so bad, even this country ger, flirting with you! 
Zheng Yue Feng stretched his hands innocently, he really didn’t know this ger well! 
He Zhen was shy for a while before he remembered the business and said, “Is cousin at home?” 
“Whether he’s home or not, it seems to be none of your business!” 
He looked like this, just by first glance, Qi Yue know that he wanted to take advantage of his fu lang’s relationship with the two siblings to climb up to Zheng Yue Feng, so he would not let him get what he wanted.
 “Big brother Qi ……” 
He Zhen’s eyes were red, “I just want to apologize to my cousin!”
 “I don’t think is necessary to apologize!” He Ling hadn’t seen anyone back for a long time and he was wondering that’s why he came out to take a look, but he didn’t expect to see He Zhen at the front door again. 
Qi Yue smiled faintly, what Ah Ling said was exactly what he wanted to say just now, it was really a heart-to-heart’s mutual exchange! 
 “Cousin ……,” He Zhen spoke weakly, shrinking his shoulders, looking as if he was frightened. 
“He Zhen.” He Ling lightly wrinkled his brow to look at him, “Always acting like this, aren’t you tired?” 
He Zhen stalled and secretly gritted his teeth, this bitch was getting harder and harder to handle! He looked a little scared and leaned towards Zheng Yue Feng, “I’m not ……” 
He Ling sighed, “Then it mean there is nothing right? my family has guests to entertain today, then please take care!”
“I ……” He Zhen seemed afraid to retort, he reached out and grabbed Zheng Yue Feng’s sleeve, asking him for help, “Gongzi ……”
        “Hey hey hey, I say you this ger, why are you so shameless, did my brother agree that you pull him!” Zheng Yue yan brushed his hand away as soon as she could,after listening for almost half a day, she understood that this ger was the one who hid his face in the town last time, and now he seemed to be well. 
Is he trying to seduce her brother? 
He looks like he’s being bullied by He Ling Gege, What kind of pity is he playing? He is not even a match for the little tricks of the girls in the town who want to enter the Zheng family’s door!
He Zhen’s body went limp,he sat straight down on the ground, sobbing in a small voice.
        “Yo, this body is so delicate, it’s really a delicate flower!” Zheng Yue yan clasped her hands to her chest, her tone sarcastic.
        Zheng Yue feng brushed his scratched sleeve as if it had been soiled, not even giving him a look.
        He Zhen’s nails were grabbing into the dirt, he was in such a mess now thanks to He Ling!
        “Both of you, please come in home!”
Qi Yue, who had been watching the drama for half a day finally spoke up, exactly for what, wasting all his time on this person. 
The Zheng siblings listened and entered his house, they were here to have fun, not to deal with extremely gross and annoying person. 
“He Zhen, the ground is cold, it’s better not sit there for too long!” He Ling closed the door with Qi Yue as soon as he finished talking to him.
He Zhen stood up, staring fiercely at the closed door, He Ling even dared to mock him ? ! His previous weak and deceitful self was really an act, but inside he was really a vicious vixen! He had hoped that today, he could take the opportunity to enter the door and get in touch more with Zheng Gong zi but not only did he fail to do so, he had even made him dislike him!
He stomped his foot angrily, if he couldn’t climb up to him, he wouldn’t be able to pay for his medicine in the future!
When he entered the door, Qi Yue held He Ling’s hand, “My Ah Ling has grown up!”
        He Ling blushed and raised his eyes to look him straight in the eye, “I can’t let my xiang gong worry about me all the time, I have to learn to protect myself, and I have to learn to protect you too!”
        Qi Yue’s other hand lifted up and touched his cheek.
        “Ahem, don’t forget about us, you two!” Zheng Yue Feng cleared his throat and made his presence known by giving very unobtrusive meaningful eyes signal. 
        “I’ll go and boil some water for tea!” He Ling blushed and backed away, turning to go to the stoveroom
        “He Ling Gege, I’ll go too!” Zheng Yue yan carried her skirt and went after him. 
        With his own family’s little fu lang running away, Qi Yue turned his attention to the culprit, “Zheng Gong zi is so charming, he has just arrived and has brought a troublesome peach blossom!”
(Tl : Qi Yue’s meaning by a troublesome peach blossom 🌸 is He Zhen. i just realized in english, do not have a significant word for yi tuo hua te yi tuo) 
Zheng Yue Feng unfolded his fan and shook it, saying, “Even if I don’t come, this troublesome peach blossom won’t come?”
        “Oh?” Qi Yue raised one eyebrow, seemingly not understanding the meaning of his words.
        “The person are saying ‘Big Brother Qi’ here and that everytime he opened his mouth!” Zheng Yue Feng looked him up and down, “Qi Gong zi’s charm, I am ashamed of myself*!”
[自愧不如* zì kuì bù rú : ashamed of being inferior (idiom) / to feel inferior to others]
Qi Yue hooked his lips and smiled, no longer seeking trouble from him, “Sit inside!”
        He Ling boiled water and brewed a pot of good tea, carrying it to the hall, Zheng Yue yan followed him, carrying two plates of snacks.
        “Yo, the sun has come out of the west today, my sister usually doesn’t even bend down to pick up her handkerchief when it falls!” Zheng Yue Feng watched her put the pastry down and teased her. 
        Zheng Yue yan gave him a fierce glare, “You’re talking like you’d pick up a fan if you dropped it!”
        Choked back, Zheng Yue Feng rubbed his nose with embarrassment and picked up his cup to drink his tea, his sister must not be able to be married off!
        He Ling smiled as he watched them fool around and helped Qi Yue pour the tea on.
“Yo, is this embroidered by He Ling Gege? It’s so pretty!” He Ling had left the unfinished cloth bag on the table when he went out, and at this moment Zheng Yue yan saw it.She touched the embroidered part on it, “It’s really good, the shops in town don’t even have this kind of craftmanship!”
“I’m just embroidering it casually!” He Ling didn’t think that he was really that good.
Zheng Yue yan looked at it and put it down reluctantly, the tiger’s hair was embroidered realistically, it was really beautiful!
        He Ling saw the look in her eyes and thought to himself, this cloth bag is for Xiao hu, let’s embroider another small item for her later ba! 
        Zheng Yuefeng was a man and did not care much for embroidery, so he only took a glance at it and thought it looked good, but could not tell the difference. “Yue yan, on the way here, were shouting noisily that she want to go to the mountains to pick fruits, can you take us there to have some fun?”
        “Of course!” Qi Yue nodded, every day when they had time, they would also go up to the mountains, and A Ling would accompany him to pick some herbs.
        He Ling also said, “There are many wild vegetables ripening in the mountains at this time, they are fresh, let’s pick some and I will cook it for you at noon!”
        “Yes, yes, I’d like to try He Ling gege’s cooking!” Zheng Yue yan was looking forward to it, she had never eaten wild vegetables before, she was tired of the ones she usually ate!
Translator’s Notes: Recently didn’t have time to read another danmei besides the ones that I worked on it. 
Talking to oneself : Now, do you even dare to pick up another danmei novel?? 
Those unpicked up danmei novel said, “Pick me up!”
Me : (/ω\)
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