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BTC Chapter 35

Chance encounter
Back to the Countryside
Chapter 35 : A chance Encounter

“Ah Ling, Wei fu is going to be jealous!” Qi Yue spoke coldly from the side, even though the other party was a ger, he didn’t like it when Ah Ling smiled at him like that. 
He Ling let go of his hand, turned his head to look at him, “What are you talking about?” 
“Just telling the truth!” Qi Yue justified back to him, “You should pay more attention to your husband!” 
“You ……” He Ling blushed, “Uncle Xu and Hua’ ge er are still here!”
 “So what? It’s not like we’ve done anything shameful!” Seeing him blush, Qi Yue’s mood improved a lot. 
Dumbfounded and speechless, He Ling turned his head away and paid no more attention to him. 
Xu Hua felt that this couple of wife and husband was really funny. It was easy to get along with them. 
When he saw the smile on his ger’s face, Father Xu was relieved, but later he sighed, If only he could met a husband who will love him so much, then it would be better! 
Qi Yue know when to stop, he could not really let his Fu lang be angry with him.
He looked at Xu Hua and said, “Open the doors and windows more often to let in some air! It’s not good to be stuffy like this, also don’t let him stay in bed all the time! Go out more often! even sit down at the front of the house is also okay!”
        “Ay, I’ve remember it all!” Xu Hua immediately nodded his head.
        Qi Yue looked at the bowl of medicine on the small wooden table, “Although the medicine prescribed by Doctor Li does not cure the root cause, since it doesn’t conflict with the medicine I prescribed, it is also nourishing for the body. If you’ve paid for it, you should finish it.”
        Xu Hua was a little relieved, he was thinking that he probably couldn’t take this medicine anymore, it’s not that he was distressed about the silver, it just that Doctor Li was a good person, the old doctor never asked him for the consultation fee, and every time he went to get medicine, he gave him two more sets.If he used Qi Yue’s medicine and didn’t need his, he would feel sorry for him.
        Having explained everything that needed to be explained, Qi Yue stood up, brushed his robe and said, “Then we will not bother you anymore, if  later Uncle Xu has any discomfort, you could look for me.”
        “I will definitely bear in mind the great kindness that I received from both of you!”
        Xu Hua bent his knees, he was about to kneel down, but Qi Yue lifted one hand to lightly support his arm, He Ling’s face also changed, “Hua ge erl, What are you doing? Don’t do that!”
        Xu Hua was stopped from moving, so Xu Hua could only stand up straight , his heart full of gratitude but he didn’t know how to express it!
If someone had been able to save his father back then, he would have reacted in the same way. He Ling sighed and said, “I hope Hua Ge er will remember in heart what I said just now, I really want to treat you as my friend sincerely!”
        Xu Hua was silent for a moment then said in a deep voice, “You are my friend for life!”
        Qi Yue looked at them and smiled. People like Xu Hua were most affectionate and loyal, once he recognized someone as a friend, he would definitely take him to the heart and value him immensely. 
A few bottles of medicine that he could prepare with just a lift of his hand could actually give his Fu lang such a friend in exchange.It was a good deal! 
        With the five taels of silver he had received from Qian in his arms, He Zhen went to the Shengde Clinic as soon as he got off from the Zhao family’s bullock cart.
        The clerk recognised him so when he saw him, he said, ” Xiao Ge er, are you here to get the medicine?”
        “Yes, here’s the silver, take it all!” He Zhen put the money on the counter, hesitated, and then said, “Is it true that this medicine cannot be cheaper?”
        Hearing his words, the clerk didn’t bother to touch his silver. He smiled politely, “I’m really sorry, what I gave you is already the lowest price, if you think it’s expensive, you can also go to other clinic to take a look!”
        Why didn’t he go to the other place then, last time he left the restaurant, he already went to several clinics, but none of them could see what was wrong. He had asked them to look at the medicine he had taken to see if he could get something cheaper, but the results were similar. Some of them were even more expensive than the Shengde Clinic! 
“Then you could prepare it for me!” He couldn’t negotiate the price and do anything about it. If they didn’t want to do the business, it was only a matter of losing the money but if he did not take the medicine, then it will be a torture for him! 
The clerk took the silver then he sent a fellow to get his medicine. He pointed to the chair at the side of the lobby, “Little Ge er, please wait there!”
        He turned around, sat down to see the clerk lowered his head and continued to check the accounts. This was the first time he had ever seen a prescription that gave people a burning pain after taking it, and sometimes he wondered if the clinic’s doctor was trying to trick people.But,even the other doctors couldn’t understand the medicine prescribed from here, let alone him.
        It took some time to prepare the twenty-five sets of medicines.
        He Zhen brought a basket in order for convenience, put all the medicines in it and covered it up with a cloth towel.
        The Zhao family’s ox cart would not leave until the group had finished shopping, since it was only midday so he had to find a place that sold cheap food to eat.
        His mother was so stingy that she gave him only six coins besides the five taels, one coin for the cart and five for the food,yet she still complain about it for the entire half a day! With this amount of money, he could eat a bowl of noodles in the town, but if adding some meat in, it would have cost him at least eight wen!
        Not long after leaving the clinicq, He Zhen came across an unexpected surprise.Besides the young master in white attire who is holding a fan and walking this way, a young servant boy following him. 
Isn’t he the young master that Qi Yue had dinner with last time?
He straightened his clothes and hair as soon as possible, put on what he thought was his best smile to greet him,opened his mouth and said, “This young Master, what a coincidence!”
Zheng Yue Feng stopped moving his fan, look at him, up and down inexplicably,
 This ger had a clear face and a quite pretty face, but he didn’t look familiar. 
He smiled flirtatiously, ” This beauty, Do you know me?”
He Zhen blushed shyly, “We have met before at the Yan yue Restaurant, but at that time, I was suffering from a strange disease so I did not show my true face. My mother even had a misunderstanding with your sister!”
When he said that, Zheng Yue feng finally understood that this person is the relative of He Ling’s,the relatives that unpleasant to the eye, “Oh, I remember! you are He Ling’s cousin, right?”
At the words “He Ling’s cousin”, He Zhen’s face twisted for a moment, did he have to hang behind that bitch to be remembered!? 
He calmed down and said with some apology, “My name is He Zhen, last time my mother was reckless. She had offended your sister, please do not blame us!”
“Oh..that’s matter? My sister has always been bad-tempered, and she has bullied many people, so as long as they don’t come up to her again, she won’t remember!” Zheng Yue Feng shook his fan, seemingly unconcerned.
The tone of his voice was clearly a sarcastic remark about him not having eyes.He didn’t know how many bad things He Ling had said about him to make this gentleman treat him like this!
He Zhen reluctantly raised the corner of his mouth, “I wonder what this young master’s name is? If you are a friend of my cousin and Big brother Qi then you are also a friend of mine!”
 “Big Brother Qi” This kind of calling was a bit subtle, as he should have called Qi Yue as his cousin’s husband*( 堂哥夫) . Zheng Yue Feng seemed to have seen through something, he suddenly closed his fan and said to the young servant boy beside him, “Do we still have some shops to see?”
The boy had been with him for a long time and naturally understood what he meant, “Yes, young master, there are still a few shops left to visit, if we don’t hurry, we’ll miss the lunch!”
        “Look, I’m busy, I’ll see you later!” Zheng Yue Feng unfolded his fan, smiled at him, and left with the boy.
        He Zhen, who was left in the same place, gritted his teeth, annoyed in his heart, it was all that bitch He Ling’s fault for making them have a misunderstanding last time!
        “This little ger, don’t be sad! the Zheng family’s young master is not that easy to climb into!” The peddler on the other side, out of the goodness of his heart, spoke up to console him.
When he saw his words, he thought for a moment and said with a smile, “Does this big brother know that gentleman?”
        “Not many people in this town don’t recognise him!” As the peddler sorted out the things on his stall, he said, “That’s the eldest son of the Zheng family, his name is Zheng Yue Feng, nearly half of the shops in this town are owned by this Zheng family, no one dares to offend him!”
        He Zhen’s heart was thrilled, this Gong zi was richer than he thought. The restaurant that seemed to them to be a great deal, was only a small part of his property, “Then how old is this Young master Zheng, and has he ever married?”
        By asking this question, anyone would know what he was up to, then the peddler looked him up and down. He said, “Young master Zheng is almost twenty years old and has not yet married but I would like to advise you, this young master Zheng loves beauty and he is very picky. Otherwise, he would already decide to marry.It’s better for you to give up before it’s too late, or you’ll end up sad!”
        Is he saying that he is not a beauty? He Zhen was annoyed, he thought he was good-looking since few people in the village had proposed a marriage to him. It just that He Ling had a seducing foxy face that could seduce people, that’s all! 
He smiled at the street seller, thanked him then he left. 
        By the time he got back by using Zhao family’s ox cart to the village from the town, it was already time for dinner.
        When He Zhen entered the house, the family had already prepared a meal. Since hadn’t eaten at noon, he was really hungry now, so he went to the kitchen to get the dishes,and sat down near the table.
        “Little ge er is so lucky to be able to eat a ready-made food when he get back!” Zheng glanced at him, opened her mouth in an ominous manner.
        The two elders didn’t reprimand him although He Zhen had spent so much silver these days, the other two families must have been upset, so they said a few words that intend to hurt him, so he let her be. 
        He Zhen’s hand paused as he held the dish, but he continued to eat, pretending not to hear them. 
        “That’s right, our Zhen ge er is going to marry a rich family, of course he is lucky, these kind of rough work is given for us to do !” Liu also helped out.
        He Zhen put down his chopsticks, did not look at them, but smiled while he said to He Tian and Qian, “Father, Mother, guess who I met when I went to town today?”
        “Who?” Qian asked.
        “It’s that gongzi (young master) from before!” He Zhen’s tone was cheerfully excited. 
When the people at the table heard his words, they all stopped their chopsticks to look over, then Qian hurriedly asked, “And then what happened?”
        “I greeted him and explained what happened before, he said he didn’t take it to heart and ……” Here, He Zhen lowered his head and blushed shyly, “He was very kind to me, and told me his name was Zheng Yue Feng! “
        “Really?” Qian was clapping her hands in excitement, “Zhen’er, he doesn’t have a bad impression of you!”
        The expression on He Tian’s face loosened up a bit too, that’s a good sign!
        “And mother, do you know who he is?” He Zhen was still excited even now at the thought of his identity.
        Qian was puzzled, “Isn’t he the young owner of that restaurant?”
        “More than that!” He Zhen moved forward, “That restaurant is only one of their properties, the Zheng family owns nearly half of the shops in the town!”
        “What?!” Qian’s chopsticks fell out of her hand, but she couldn’t care less.
The other people were drew in a breath of cold air, Nearly half of the shop then that’s mean the Zheng family could be sleeping on a pile of money ah!
        “Zhen’er, this time you must seize the opportunity, besides for his poise and grace, this gentleman is better than Qi Yue in every way!” Qian grabbed He Zhen’s hand with such a force that his hand become red!
        “I know, Mother!” He Zhen patted her hand.
        During the rest of the meal, no one said anything more, Qian also kept giving him food to eat more. He Zhen sneered in his heart, so what if he lied? He would make the lie come true!
Unknown21 May 2021 at 07:26
This He Zheng is frighteningly manipulative. So disgusting! Now I really want Xu Hua to end up with Zheng Yue Feng.
LittleYen21 May 2021 at 07:53
Ha ha ha (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Just wait!
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