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BTC Chapter 14


Back to the Countryside

Chapter 14: 同意 (Agree) 

The village chief stood at the door with a sullen face, followed by Fang and Qi Yue behind him. Qian struggled for a moment. She didn’t know what attitude she should take to face Qi Yue, so she just ignored him. She smiled at the village chief, “Village chief, why are you free to come to our house today?


“Let’s talk at your home!” The village chief waved his hand at her and led the people straight into her house.


    Naturally, Qian didn’t dare to stop him, so she had to follow up and invite people into the hall, “That, I’ll go and call the head of the family to come over!”


    No matter how strong she is, she is also a womanly family, if there is a problem naturally, would not discuss it with her. After showing the seat, Qian went to the back yard and asked He Tian to come over, and instructed some of her juniors to take He Ling to his own room. 


        “He Tian, in the first place, the one who made the statement go out in the village that He Ling would be married off for anyone willing to pay thirty taels, Was it from your side?” As soon as He Tian’s buttocks touched the stool, the village chief opened his mouth leisurely. 


    “…Yes!” He Tian couldn’t argue, it was indeed what Qian said.


        Back then, although there were already many bad rumors about He Ling in the village, there were still some inconsiderate brats who came to the door to ask for marriage, and Qian wanted to keep He Ling for a few more years to work, and did not want to waste his good looks by marrying him to a poor village boy, so she said those words.


The village chief stretched out his hand and pointed at Qi Yue, “That Qi boy is now willing to pay 50 taels of silver to marry him, and why don’t you agree?”


        “I didn’t even know that the Lin Shan family was here today, but it’s my wife who answered the door!” His words were indeed true, and he heard nothing in the room at that time.


        “Now that you know about it, are you going to accept the marriage?” The village chief knew that he was not lying.

 If that’s the case, he could ask again.


    “This ……” He Tian hesitated, Qian’s words still echoing in his mind, if there was a way to let He Zhen marry…..


        “Uncle He!” As if reading what he was thinking, Qi Yue, who had not spoken all along, opened his mouth, “I want to marry He Ling and only marry He Ling.”


Being stared at by his seemingly gentle eyes, He Tian seemed to be seen through all the secrets in his heart, and the ideas he made seemed to be spread out in front of him, making him a little speechless for a while.


        “Big brother Qi, where exactly am I inferior to him?” He Zhen, who had been hiding outside the door and eavesdropping, could no longer hold back, and he barged straight in, despite Qian’s obstruction.


        At his appearance, Qi Yue didn’t seem surprised at all.He shifted his gaze from looking at He Tian to him and said, “As far as I am concerned, no one is as good as him.”


He Zhen was struck by lightning,took one step back with a hurt face. 

This man in front of him, even though he was sitting in such an old house, could not conceal his presence.His every movement carried an excellent self restraint. He once thought that such a graceful gentleman would only appear in the distant royal city, live in a splendid mansion, surrounded by servants like forests around him, a man he would never meet! 


        But then, one day, out of the blue, such a man came to him, so close to him, smiled at him so tenderly, and he couldn’t help it, to be occupied with him.

He thought for a moment that this gentleman had feelings for him, but now he was telling himself that he was going to marry someone else, his cousin whom he had hated so much since he was a child!


        He Zhen looked so pale that even Fang felt a bit sorry for him, but when she thought about what he had done, that pity was gone.


         The village chief also felt a little unbearable, “He Zhen, such a gentleman is not Qi Yue only, don’t be too persistent!”


He Zhen, however, did not appreciate him at all, and his expression suddenly turned fierce, “Qi Yue, that He Ling is a hu mei zi, he even seduced Lin Sheng the other day. Do you dare to marry a ger like him!?”


        It was okay that he didn’t take his words to heart but he even said such things.The village chief was so angry that he grunted coldly and ignored him.


        “Get him out of here!” He Tian felt that he was losing his face.


        Qian rushed to pull him out by the arm.He Zhen struggled and refused to go out. “I won’t go. I want to tell them that He Ling is a slut, a vixen who seduces men everywhere!”


        With a bang, the village chief slapped the table fiercely, “He Tian, is this how you teach your ger?”


    He Tian opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything, so he just gave He Zhen a fierce glare. 


        When the village chief lost his temper, he shocked He Zhen and made him restrain himself a little, but he still stood there stubbornly and refused to leave.


        When he made such a fuss, the

The village chief also lost his patience and said directly: “He Tian, no matter what, He Ling is still your own brother’s child, and although you have raised him for all these years, he has also worked for you.Now that he has a good marriage, it’s a good thing, and He Ming should be relieved when he finds out about this in heaven!”


        The village had said this, and Qi Yue had made it clear that he would only marry He Ling.If they still had the original idea of marrying He Ling off to a wealthy landowner by delaying for another two years, he was afraid that someone would break his spine.

He Tian sighed and said, “I accept this marriage!”


“Father!” He Zhen stared at him, how could he agree to this?! How could he just say yes?! 


It was only at this moment that the smile on Qi Yue’s face reached the bottom of his eyes, he lowered his eyes in thought for a moment and said, “I want to see He Ling.” 


As soon as he said this, He Tian stiffened, Qian’s attitude also looked a little vain, and even He Zhen, who had been arrogant earlier, dodged his eyes.


 Qi Yue’s heart sank, he was afraid that Fang’s words had come true. 


    “Since we are going to settle a marriage, it’s not good to meet again so soon, right?” Qian’s face squeezed a smile, trying desperately to look natural.


    The village head did not think much of it, thinking that there was some truth in her words.


But Qi Yue got up straight away and walked out with big steps, not in the direction of the door.


        When Qian and He Zhen saw that he was heading for He Ling’s room, they panicked and hurriedly followed him out.


        The village headman and Fang looked at each other and felt that something was wrong, so they also followed.


        Qi Yue was a tall man with long legs.Naturally, they could not catch up with him.He arrived in front of He Ling’s room and pushed open the closed door, lifted his leg and stepped inside.


    He Ling hugged his knees while sitting on the bed. Hearing the movement, he looked up and met Qi Yue’s eyes. He was so surprised that he froze for a moment.


    Seeing the man with red and swollen cheeks looking at him blankly, Qi Yue completely darkened his face. He walked a few steps, stretched out his right hand to support the back of his head, and gently lifted it up, to take a closer look at his injuries, but he saw blue handprints on his neck.


        Qi Yue lightly pursed the corners of his mouth, and his face turned a little scary.


        He Ling returned to his senses at this point, and as he looked at Qi Yue, who was somewhat different from before, he spoke tentatively, “Qi Yue?”


        Hearing the man in front of him call his name with some uneasiness, Qi Yue’s face brightened again, he raised his left hand and gently wiped the blood from the corner of his lip with his thumb, saying softly, “Does it hurt?”


        Before he could answer, the few people who followed him came in.


        Seeing Qi Yue’s actions, He Zhen could only gnash his silver teeth in hatred.


    “What’s wrong?” Because Qi Yue blocked their vision, the village chief and Fang couldn’t see He Ling’s situation clearly.


    Qi Yue put down his hand and gave way to the side, revealing He Ling as a whole. 


        “Ah!” Fang let out a soft cry, He Ling’s appearance was really too miserable, he was already thin and small, and now his face was full of wounds, it was really heartbreaking!


        The village chief’s face was very dark at this moment, originally he still thought that the appearance just now was really some kind of forced marriage, his heart was a little bit quilty. Now he felt that he had done the right thing, the He family is really capable of such cruelty.This is what they have seen, there are many more that they have not seen over the years, “What? You want people’s lives in order to prevent them from marrying?”


        The fingerprints on his neck were so obvious, how much effort does it need to take? Is this a relative or an enemy?


Qian had always been domineering but now she didn’t dare to say anything. She had never been seen beating or scolding him in the past. Although the villagers knew that they had been mean to him. But they understand that, after all, he’s not his own child and has to be raised, she must have been upset but now the village chief has seen it!


He Zhen could only hate himself for not strangling He Ling to death, so that he wouldn’t have to see Qi Yue’s face full of tenderness towards him now!


        In any case, there was no way that Qi Yue would feel comfortable letting He Ling continue to live here, in case they dared to do anything more than that, it would be too late for him to regret, “Village head, I want to take He Ling to live with me.”


        “This ……” The village chief was a bit hesitant about this, living together before they were married, it would not sound good if it spread out and it’s not following the etiquette. 


        “Hey, Qiyue, although sooner or later is your person, but if you take him away now, it is also too disrespectful to us, right?” Qian shouted first. She used to think that Qi Yue was good in every way, but now he was a blind man who didn’t know what was good for him!


“I …… won’t go, I’m fine here!” Although he didn’t quite understand what Qian’s words meant, it didn’t stop He Ling from refusing Qi Yue’s kind offer.To live in a man’s house, what in the world?

Then he would really be an indecent ger! 


What Qi Yue said just now is also a bit impulsive. It is obviously impossible to let He Ling live there now, otherwise the village people’s spittle could drown them, he himself did not care about this, but he could not let He Ling feel sad. 


  However, to let them keep He Ling in this family until they got married, Qi Yue was really not at ease. He was somewhat impatient. He used to do whatever he wanted, but now he couldn’t, and it made him feel unhappy!


He reached out and took He Ling’s hand, which was still stained with dirt, in his hand, gently rubbed the skin under his hand with his thumb to calm his displeasure.  


        Qi Yue suddenly grabbed his hand, which startled He Ling a little, as he was a bit overwhelmed by all the people here, and his hands were dirty from tidying the vegetable field.His face flushed red and he tried hard to pull his hand out, but he couldn’t. 


        He lifted his face and met the sunken eyes of Qi Yue, who was looking at him.The force of his hand had no intention of letting go, even to the point of secretly pulling him a little closer to him.


        He Ling was so ashamed and scared that he glanced cautiously at the others.He Zhen, who had been hysterical before, did not say anything, even though his face was full of anger.

Qian didn’t stop him either.The looks from the village chief and Fang were kind, with a little bit of teasing. 


He was confused, what was going on? How come everyone is so weird?


    Fang looked at Qi Yue holding He Ling’s hand tightly, as if he couldn’t rest assured no matter what, so she felt a little funny. When he was with his family Lin Sheng on usual day, although he was a few years younger, yet he knew when to come, when to leave in handling things, also very polite.He was steady and proper. Appropriately, he seemed to be able to keep his face intact even before the mountain collapsed in front of him. He is always not infected by the angry people, now it’s good, he’s got that vivid expression! 


    Lin Sheng has a good relationship with him, and Fang is happy for his stupid son to learn more from other. Besides,Qi Yue is a capable person, and can help them out If something happens in the future. Fortunately, today she is also being a good person until the end, “Little Qi, auntie think ba, it’s not appropriate to let He Ling live in your house for now. It’s better to let Ling Ge er live in aunt’s house. I have a spare room at home, which is reserved for Huzi in the future. Now clean and tidy it up, he could stay there. And it’s close to yours, so you can take care of him.”


   This idea that she came up with, was to Qi Yue’s liking.Lin Sheng’s house is right next to his house, so it wasn’t much different from staying at his house. “Then I’ll trouble you auntie!”


    “What are you being polite for? Anyway it won’t be a problem for long!” Even if we don’t talk about this level of Qi Yue, since He Ling also caused her heart ache, she would be happy to help him out. 


“Hey, what’s the trouble and not trouble?  Our He family’ ger, don’t need to trouble others, you guys discussed it very well, really don’t put me, big aunt in your eyes?!” Seeing that they had decided on He Ling’s destination, Qian couldn’t help herself. If they really took him away like that, she wouldn’t be able to save her face! 


        “Now you know it’s your own ger? Who could have beaten their own ger like that? Even an outsider like me feels sorry and pity for him. It’s such a loss, you dare to do it!” Fang choked back, He Ling’s face was so pretty, but now it’s swollen like this, no mercy at all!


    Qian opened her mouth, wanting to say that she didn’t do it, but if she did, it would ruin her own ger’s reputation, and she didn’t always do it, but what if she hit him twice? She fed him and clothed him, “Can you manage our own family affairs?! What’s wrong with a few lessons? Who hasn’t beaten their children before?”


        “All right!” Seeing that Qian didn’t feel guilty at all.The village chief’s anger rose again. “Go and stay at Lin Shan’s family’s house, and save your guys a mouthful of food!”


        The village chief had spoken, so Qian can’t offend people too much, but she couldn’t just turn her back on the idea she had in mind, so she rolled her eyes and said, “It’s fine to live there, but He Ling must marry out of our family.

After all, she is a child of the old He family, and it would be too unpleasant to marry him from another family!”


        This was a reasonable request, and it would be unreasonable for them to refuse it, so Qi Yue pondered for a moment and said, “When the wedding date is confirmed, we will send him back the day before.But once He Ling is married to me, he is mine and you must not pester him any further!”


“Naturally, I still understand this principle; ‘marry a husband, obey the husband’.” Qian agreed, thinking that this boy was really unpleasant, and that he was now starting to clear up his relationship. But is this relationship something that can just be brushed aside?


 Now that things are all agreed, there is no need to stay here. Qi Yue looked around and felt that there was nothing to bring in this house, so he said to the man holding his hand, “I will go to the town tomorrow and buy you new clothes. Let’s go!”


        He Zhen’s hands were clenched so tightly together that his nails were digging into the flesh.These tender feelings should have been his!


        Until they left, He Tian never showed his face again, thinking that he was so ashamed. 


    He Ling let Qi Yue lead himself in a daze. His brain is still stupid, so Qian just let him go? And what is the wedding date? What is married off?


        When Qi Yue saw his dumbfounded eyes, he knew he hadn’t understood, so he tightened his hand and when he looked over, he smiled and said, “He Ling, your family has already agreed to our marriage, soon you will be my husband/bride!”


        He Ling couldn’t believe what he had heard, when he found out that Qi Yue had come to propose a marriage, although he was touched, he didn’t think his eldest aunt would agree, after all, He Zhen liked him so much! He himself hadn’t really thought he could marry him, he didn’t think he would be good enough for someone like him. But now, he was telling himself that their marriage was fixed, that they were going to be married?


        Qi Yue held his future young husband’s hand tightly, in a very happy mood, and he is a little impatient to marry this person to enter his house.




Tl: Lol, he is impatient/ too eager to bring his wife home 🏠

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