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SGGML Chapter 29

Translator: mlky | Editor: Miautara

On Monday morning, the subway was crowded as it was rush hour.

Xu Zhun finally managed to squeeze out, and found that there were still five minutes before he had to clock in at work.

He sped up and ran into the office building, leaning against the elevator to gasp for breath.

Since he was diagnosed with leukemia, Xu Zhun’s physical strength wasn’t as great as before, and running a few steps made him feel uncomfortable.

After finally calming his heart, he came out of the elevator.

As soon as he walked into the company, he found that his colleague, Qi Qi, looked at him with ambiguous eyes.

Xu Zhun was at a loss. These gazes made him uncomfortable.

Since Zhou Fuming left the company, his colleagues haven’t talked behind his back, nor looked at him with weird gazes.

What was it today?

Xu Zhun walked to his workstation anxiously. When he saw the rose next to the chair, his expression was frozen and even more dazed.

The colleague next door came over and said with an ambiguous expression: “Xu Zhun, amazing!”

Xu Zhun: “This flower…”

Colleague: “It was sent from the flower shop this morning.”

Xu Zhun: “It must have been given to the wrong person!”

No one would give him flowers, not to mention a red rose that represents love.

The colleague’s tone was firm; “The florist gave your name and surname, Mr.Xu Zhun. I’ve confirmed it many times.”

Xu Zhun frowned; his expression surprised.

Who gifted this flower?

There was no logo on the bouquet, not even a card.

Xu Zhun thought for a long time but didn’t know who the sender was.

Maybe someone sent it wrong!

For 5 days straight, every single morning, he came to the company and was given a bunch of flowers, all red roses.

His colleagues looked at him with more and more obscure eyes, believing that he was in love.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he tried to explain a few times and no one believed him, so he no longer bothered.

When the flowers were first sent, Xu Zhun would carefully bring them home and put them in fresh water to raise them.

But every day he received a large bouquet of flowers, and there was nowhere to put them at home, so he distributed the flowers to his colleagues.

They were a bit embarrassed to take the flowers for a few days, but not a single flower could be left at the company on Friday.

So he could only leave the company with flowers in his arms, intending to take the subway home.

As soon as he walked out of the company, a silver sports car drove up from a short distance away, and followed him.

“Xu Zhun!”

Hearing someone call out his name, he turned his head to see a familiar face. His expression froze and he quickly turned back again, as if he hadn’t seen the man in the sport’s car behind him.

He Chengyang frowned and his eyes sank.

He didn’t expect Xu Zhun to pretend not to know him.

“Xu Zhun!”

He Chengyang drove the sports car after Xu Zhun, and followed side by side with him, “I’m talking to you! Are you dumb?”

Xu Zhun looked ahead and said lightly, “I have nothing to talk about with you.”

After so many humiliations, he had suddenly realized that he was just a tool for He Chengyang to warm the bed.

This man has never loved him, so why should he stay by his side and shamelessly annoy him?

Xu Zhun’s attitude completely angered He Chengyang. He parked the car on the side of the road, reached out, and hugged Xu Zhun’s waist, dragging him into the car.

The convertible hood of the sports car was pulled down, allowing him to fall into the passenger seat unsuspectingly.

The bouquet of roses hit He Chengyang and he was covered in fiery red petals, the fragrance filling his nostrils.

Xu Zhun raised his eyes, and stared at the other.

Those deep and sharp black eyes were full of hostility.

Xu Zhun wanted to escape subconsciously, but He Chengyang clasped his shoulder with his fingers, not allowing him to move one bit.

“Why are you hiding? Can I still even eat you?”

Feeling the warmth under his fingers, He Chengyang’s body became rigid.

Just an ordinary touch would make him lose control.

Having not seen him in a few days, these cheap goods had become more and more alluring.

He Chengyang’s fingers were dishonest, rubbing Xu Zhun’s shoulder blades carefully, his tone became ambiguous, “Did you like the flowers that I sent?”

Xu Zhun’s expression suddenly changed, and he smashed the flowers onto He Chengyang.

The roses smacked He Chengyang across the face. “Fuck, you are sick!”

He let go of his hand subconsciously, allowing Xu Zhen to break free, immediately taking the chance to get up from his seat.

“I don’t want your flowers! He Chengyang, please don’t do such tiresome things in the future!”

Xu Zhun wanted to open the door, but found that he couldn’t open it. He shouted angrily, “Open the door and let me get out of the car!”

He Chengyang threw the flowers to the backseat and ignited the engine.

The sports car sped up very quickly, like an arrow flying forward.

Inertia madde Xu Zhun’s body to fall backwards, and he immediately buckled his seatbelt.

The wind blew quickly, and He Chengyang’s young and handsome face was full of wild beauty.

In a daze, Xu Zhun seemed to have gone back to that time, eight years ago.

At that time, He Chengyang liked to ride motorcycles and often took him to town to play.

How good they were back then!

Feelings were nothing but pure.

But, after all, he couldn’t go back in time!

The sports car finally stopped in front of a high-end restaurant. He Chengyang raised his jaw slightly, “Get off!”

“I want to go home.”

Xu Zhun turned around and wanted to go, but his wrists were caught.

“It’s just a meal. What are you nervous about? Don’t act like I forced you. If I don’t bring you to this kind of high-end restaurant, I’m afraid you’ll never be qualified to come to this place for the rest of your life.”

He Chengyang had always spoken without scruples. He didn’t understand at all that this sentence was unpleasant and harsh.

“I really don’t deserve to come to such a High-end restaurant with my identity. Young Master He, it would be lowering of your identity. Go and eat by yourself!”

Xu Zhun suddenly felt that his own egg noodles were quite good.

Simple and plain.

Isn’t this the life of ordinary people?

“Even so, I brought you to see the world today.”

He Chengyang held Xu Zhun’s shoulders to lead him into the restaurant.

Xu Zhun stood aside and avoided him, his face calm but eyes firm, “I don’t want to go.”

He Chengyang took out his greatest patience to coax his permission, but he found that this person didn’t appreciate it at all.

He frowned, face impatient, “What are you doing? I gave you flowers and invited you to dinner. Isn’t this okay?”

“I did not ask for you to send me flowers, nor did I ask you to invite me to dinner.”

Xu Zhun couldn’t figure out what He Chengyang wanted to do.

Obviously he(HCY) did not like him, so he(HCY) just had to go and tease him(XZ)!

He Chengyang’s heart was blocked, and he desperately resisted the urge to take Xu Zhun home and clean him up.

First chase Xu Zhun and then dump him after playing his fill.

That was his purpose.

He Chengyang repeatedly thought about Xu Zhun’s past obedience towards his words, and the anger in his heart finally calmed down.

He said in a soft tone, “Xiao Zhun, don’t get too angry with me! I admit that I was wrong that day. Isn’t it all right now that I’ve apologized to you?”

For the first time in his life, He Chengyang said an apology.

Xu Zhun looked at him in astonishment, “He Chengyang, what on earth do you want to do?”

I have nothing, and my life is almost gone!

My heart has been given to you, the whole person is given to you, what else do you want to take away from me?

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