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AFDF Chapter 84

成亲 (Get Married)

Accompany by a Fool to Do Farming

Chapter 84: 成亲

(Get Married) 

Father Shen and Shen Amu didn’t expect their son to move so quickly, since it was so, the wedding was pressing in on one’s eyelashes 1(idiom for imminent).They had to go back to the south to make the preparations for the wedding. Moreover, they still didn’t know what the Gao family thought about this. Even though the relationship between the two families were close, the Gao family had never mentioned Gao Hanjin’s matter to them. So now that this event had happened, they didn’t know what the Gao family meant.


“Ziqi ah, your grandfather and I will make arrangements as soon as possible.

When your day comes, your grandfather and I will come back again and help you coax my little great grandson.” Shen Amu patted Zhong Ziqi’s hand, having lived here for so long, he was already sad to leave. Every day was fulfilling and very happy.


On one side, Father Shen also nodded approvingly : “Your little Uncle’s wedding will be two months away at the earliest. It won’t be convenient for you to come at that time so both of you don’t need to come. Wait until they get married, they will come back with us.”


Actually he also didn’t want to leave. This small village, although it was poor and some of the villagers were clever in trivial matters but in his eyes, it couldn’t be regarded as something, it was just small tricks. The scenery here is enchanting, not so much trouble. Life was easy and relaxed here. His elder ger was here, his grandson was here and his great grandson would be here too. He was even more reluctant to leave now. 


“That’s right ah, Ziqi, you and Zheng’an should stay at home and be in ease to nurture your baby. After this uncle gets married, I will bring my wife to visit you directly.” Shen Yu Bei also said.


Zhong Ziqi smiled and said, ” Okay then,as long as I am in this condition, even if you guys want me to go, I can’t go either. I’ll just sit at home and wait for all of you.”


“After we leave, you should be careful when you are alone at home, pay attention to dangers around you. Please don’t be too carefree, it makes us alarmed and tremble in fear.” Shen Amu was not at ease and warned him repeatedly. 


Zhao Zheng’an answered from the side : “Grandma, you and grandfather can go back without worry, I will take a good care of him.”


“With you, I am not at ease either. If you have nothing to do,toss him less. He is now pregnant and It’s physically inconvenient. Pay a little attention to it.”


Zhao Zheng’an and Zhong Ziqi both blushed and a little embarrassed at the words, it was really shameful to be lectured by their elders like that.


Shen Yu Bei stayed here for two days. He equally had a good feeling for Zhong Ziqi’s currently and newly developed stewed pork. The unique taste was something he had not tasted before. Therefore, on the third day when the three departed, Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an packed a small jar of marinated pork and gave it to Hong Ying so he could take it well with him. They also prepared a lot of ma hua and you tiou for them to eat on their way back. 


The head housekeeper did not leave, but stayed behind to continue to help them with the family business.


In this way, Father Shen and the three of them went back to the south with the same reluctance. The house was empty all of a sudden, Zhong Ziqi still couldn’t adapt to this. He was already used to having his grandma and grandfather accompany him every day.


In his heart, he still liked the two elders very much. Although his grandfather was a bit serious, he was not obnoxious. His grandma smiled and laughed every day. He couldn’t help but like them. Since they were gone, it was a little hard to adjust.


Besides, after Father Shen and his family returned to the south, at top speed, they discussed it with the Gao parents. The Gao family had been prepared for this since they had already heard about the incident from their eldest son.They were furious and angry with the bad man but at the same time they also felt sorry for their ger. They could not help but reflect on whether they had made a wrong decision on raising Gao Hanjin as a guy all these years. He couldn’t dress like a normal ger. He couldn’t show even the slightest manner and the elegance of being a ger. He could not live a carefree and relaxed life like the usual ger. He was brought up with a strict upbringing. It was only when they had the younger son that they gradually relaxed their restrictions on Gao Hanjin. However, it seemed to be too late. To outsiders, he was a guy. His every word and action was in the form of a guy so who could marry him?


They were already looking for someone to marry him, but it was only unavoidable that they would be ridiculed.


Then, at some point, they found out that Gao Hanjin seemed to have someone he liked. However, when he talked about him, there was a hint of sadness on his face so they thought that things might not be going well for him. Could it be that the other party didn’t like their family Jin Er? Later they found out by chance that the person he liked might be Shen Yu Bei from the Shen family. It was because they found out that Gao Hanjin often went to the Shen Residence to look for Shen Yu Bei. As they thought about it, they immediately understood what was going on. Gao Mu even asked Gao Hanjin if he ever wanted them to propose marriage for him, but Gao Hanjin refused. Now, after all the roundabout, they were still back to the start. 


Since both parties had agreed, the marriage could be arranged. The Gao family was a little surprised that the Shen family was in such a hurry.


Nevertheless, Shen Amu explained to them : “My eldest great grandson is going to be born in just over three months. His Grandpa and I want to return to the north in time for the birth. Their family is just two of them, they don’t have any relatives. Both of us are not at ease.


The two elders of the Gao family just suddenly realized. Gao Hanjin had told them that Shen family had found traces of their elder ger but unfortunately, he had died, leaving behind a child. Before that, they had not seen them for a long time,it was because they had gone to the north.


“Okay, let’s find a closer date to the time. This month is impossible. It’s too rushed. Let’s see if there’s a good date next month.” Father Gao said with understanding. He still had to make a good plan to let out the news that Gao Hanjin was a ger.


        …The sun shined fiercely and the cicadas’s sound was echoing, signalling that summer was here again. One area of the back garden of Zhong Ziqi’s house has been set aside for growing vegetables, which are already lush and green.This was all planted by Zhao Zheng’an together with the head housekeeper, Zhong Ziqi only stood by and gave some instructions.


        If you look closely, you could see that some of the crop rows were still a bit curved. There were other areas that all have been planted with saplings. Some of the saplings were mature and some were still young sprouts. All these saplings were dug up by Zhao Zheng’an after he had spent several days in the mountains. Particularly the mature ones, as long as they lived, they would bear fruit in autumn.


Mature fruit trees were not easy to dig up because they have a well-developed root system. With the roots’ shape it was difficult to manage not to ruin the root. It took Zhao Zheng’an a long time, digging them out bit by bit and it was all for the sake of Zhong Ziqi being touched by it. 


Zhong Ziqi’s heart was really touched.


Not long afterwards, Zhao Ning’s wedding arrived. Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an had another busy day. With Zhong Ziqi’s condition, it was impossible for Zhao Amu to ask him to be the head chef. He was only asked to come and talk to Zhao Ning. The night before the wedding, Zhong Ziqi slept with Zhao Ning. Zhong Ziqi could see that although Zhao Ning was happy, he still looked obviously nervous. 


“Xiao Ning, are you nervous?” Zhong Ziqi asked Zhao Ning with a smile as he lay down under the covers.


Zhao Ning nodded: “A little, but I also can’t bear to leave my Father and my Amu.”


Zhong Ziqi understood clearly, this should be considered to be a common thought for all people that were going to get married. They were scared and panicked over the unknown future. They subconsciously desire not to leave the harbour that had sheltered them : “What’s there that you can’t bear to leave? Even if you get married, you’ll still see Zhao Amu and your other family members every day. Besides, the town is so close to your home. You can come back whenever you want too. What are you afraid of? Huang Amu and Uncle Huang treat you like their own son. Moreover, Lei Ge, he also only sees, hears and obeys you. Are you still afraid he will bully you? If Huang Jinlei really dares to bully you, you come back here and tell us. We’ll all go and help you out.” Zhao Ning laughed, unable to hold back his joy.


“Alright, alright, I know you’re great! Don’t worry about me. I won’t suffer there, Lei Ge is very nice to me.”


“Hey…you haven’t even married yet, and you’re already making every effort to help him talk.” Zhong Ziqi deliberately said it in a peculiar way and winked at him. 


Zhao Ning blushed and glared at him, “Nonsense! Go to sleep, we still need to wake up early tomorrow… “


“Okay, okay! Let’s sleep then!” Zhong Ziqi nodded his head.


The next day, before dawn, Zhong Ziqi, who had a light sleep, heard the door’s opening sound. He guessed that it might be Zhao Amu already waking up. Sure enough, not long after, he could hear a sound coming from the kitchen. Zhong Ziqi listened to the occasional sounds coming from the kitchen and fell back to sleep. When he woke up, Zhao Ning had already got up and washed up.


“You’re awake, Ziqi! Get up, have some food!” Zhao Ning said in a cheerful tone.


“Good. Wait for me for a while.” Zhong Ziqi hurriedly got up and got dressed. He had initially hoped to get up earlier, but who would have thought that he had overslept again? It was only dawn at the moment but Zhao Amu’s food was already ready, even Zhao Sheng and Zhao Baogen were already up. Only Zhong Ziqi and An Ning, the two pregnant Fu Lang weren’t up. They didn’t call both of them, they hoped the two would get some more rest.


“Amu, so early?” Zhong Ziqi asked with a yawn.


“It’s not early anymore. Xiao Ning will have to shower and dress after eating. It will take a lot of time! Besides, the sky will be bright soon, when it’s already bright, our friends will come over to visit us so if we don’t get up early, we can’t make it.” Shen Amu said.


Zhong Ziqi received the teaching and nodded his head. He remembered the time when he was married, there wasn’t so much going on. The Zhong family did

not feel like doing it in complicated and detailed ways. Wang Cuihua didn’t want to waste money by making it too grand, so apart from changing his clothes, not to mention bathing and dressing, he didn’t even manage to eat breakfast. That was so heartbreaking…


After eating, Zhong Ziqi sat lazily on the Kang bed, dozing off and waiting for Zhao Ning to freshen up and get dressed. The total time it took was too long for Zhong Ziqi to really remember because he had slept again. When he woke up, he saw Zhao Zheng’an beside him. There were already quite a few people in the house, one after another coming to see the lively situation. Zhong Ziqi took a look around and did not find Zhao Ning so he wondered where he had gone.


“You are awake?” Zhao Zheng’an hurriedly asked as soon as he noticed Zhong Ziqi waking up.


“Hn, when did you get here? Where is Xiao Ning?” Zhong Ziqi asked.


“I just got here not long ago. Xiao Ning already went to another room. It’s too noisy here.”


Zhong Ziqi nodded: “Is the groom coming soon?”


“It should be soon. Are you bored? Want to go out for a walk?” Zhao Zheng’an asked, knowing that he didn’t like such a noisy situation. 


“Sure ah! Let’s go, ba!” Zhong Ziqi got off the floor and put on his shoes. He walked through the crowd of people talking noisily and went out into the courtyard. Indeed, not long after that!!!


Huang Jinlei came to fetch the bride. He rode a horse and was dressed in a big red robe. A sedan chair followed behind him. In this day and age, there was no complicated ordeal to receive a bride, just pick up and go.


So under the situation of Zhao Amu and the others crying and sobbing endlessly and hate to be parted with him, Zhao Ning got into the palanquin.


Huang Jinlei also hired several carriages to pull people who were going to the town for the banquet.


Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an did not go with the group of people to grab a place on that carriage. Instead, they rode on their own carriage. 


When they arrived at the Huang family’s door, the deafening sound of firecrackers rang out. Zhao Ning and Huang Jinlei crossed the cargo basin again. They carried and held each other again. Finally, it was time for the wedding ceremony.2[拜堂/ bài táng : ritual kneeling to heaven and earth by bride and groom in a old-fashioned wedding ceremony]

The master of ceremonies shouted, “First, bow to heaven and earth.”


The two of them kowtowed to heaven and earth outside.


“Second bow to the parents!”


The two of them hurriedly kowtowed to both sides of their parents who were sitting in the middle.


“Third, Husband and wife bow to each other!!!”


Zhao Ning’s head covered with a red veil, while feeling embarrassed, he turned around and bowed to Huang Jinlei. 


“The whole ceremony is over!!! Send the bride into the bridal chamber!!!”


This could be granted as the end of the process, Zhao Ning could wait for Huang Jinlei in the room with ease. Huang Jinlei, on the other hand, had to go out to drink with the guests. 


“You drink less, okay?” Zhong Ziqi instructed Zhao Zheng’an.


“Don’t worry, wife! I still have to drive the carriage! Just one cup, that’s all.” Zhao Zheng’an was self-aware about this. 


Zhong Ziqi nodded his head.


After the banquet, Zhong Ziqi informed Zhao Amu and the others that he would be back first. There was no need for them to help with anything here so he rode on the carriage first and went home.    


  • 1
    (idiom for imminent)
  • 2
    [拜堂/ bài táng : ritual kneeling to heaven and earth by bride and groom in a old-fashioned wedding ceremony]
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