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AFDF Chapter 74

La Lang Pei ( 拉郎配)

Accompany by a Fool to Do Farming

Chapter 74: 拉郎配1[拉郎配/ La lang pei could also mean forced marriage but in this context is not suitable so I prefer matchmaking]



On the 8th day of Chinese New Year, the number of people coming to eat at ‘Quite Delicious’ had been increasing day by day since they opened the restaurant. After the New Year, everyone was basically back to their old states. 


      On the 15th day of Chinese New Year, it could even be said as the busiest time of the year in the whole town. During the day it was fine, the crowds were not obvious.


        At night, just as Zhao Zheng’an had said, the people in the town started to go out. The whole town was brightly lit and bustling with noise and lively. Many people come and go in the street, rubbing shoulders with each other.


        When Zhao Ame saw this, he discussed with Huang Ame and the others, on the night of the 15th, they would stay up all night. Zhao Ame really did not want to miss the opportunity to make money, he and Huang Ame discussed that he would go to his house tonight and stay there for one night. 


        Huang Amu naturally did not object, very straightforwardly he agreed to it.


        Zhao Ame sent Zhao Ning, Zhao Sheng, and An Ning home. He and Zhao Baogen stayed in the town.


        Huang Ame, Uncle Huang and Huang Jinlei were unlikely to leave. They live so close to the shop. They were initially planning to stay for the night. Now it was even better to have Zhao Ame with them.


        Zhong Ziqi heard from Zhao Zheng’an who had returned from the town said that Zhao Ame and the others were not coming back for the night, so he asked in purpose to talk over it:  “I also want to go to the town to see the lanterns ….”


        Zhao Zheng’an did not even think about it and immediately refused: “No, there are too many people there. Your little body will be squeezed to nowhere. Moreover, with your current body, if you go, what if you get squeezed and fall over?” 


There were so many people, he couldn’t even take care of himself. How could he take care of him? It was better to stay home.


        “Don’t go then I won’t go.” Zhong Ziqi pouted, unhappy.


        Zhao Zheng’an went over and kissed his curled lips: “Don’t be upset! Wait for next year, I’ll definitely take you there.”


        Zhong Ziqi wasn’t really angry because he had expected it and reached out to nudge Zhao Zheng’an: “The three of them are home, so who’s cooking? An Ning?”


        When Zhao Zheng’an was pushed by him so he lazily collapsed on the Kang bed, “Well, I heard from Zhao Sheng that An Ning can cook. Didn’t you say that Zhao Ning could cook too? Three of them can feed themselves.”


        Zhong Ziqi nodded, then reached out and kicked the lazy Zhao Zheng’an, inclined to him : “Then why don’t you hurry up and go to cook? I’m hungry.”


        As soon as Zhao Zheng’an heard that he was hungry, he immediately sat up, “Master, please wait a moment. I’ll go and make some food.”


        Zhao Zheng’an pinched his nose, said with his out of tune voice. 


        “Granted. Go and return quickly.”

Zhong Ziqi also said in a gesture. Both of them looked at each other and couldn’t hold back their joy.


        As the sun set in the west, it was dark within minutes. The night in Qing Shui Town was just beginning to start. 


        At the time of the festival, the town was always bustling with activity. Today is the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar so the wealthy landlords of the town invited opera singers to come and enjoy the festivities, without restricting the general public to watch. Those who were interested would go to see it. There were also colored lanterns and riddles, which attracted some young people.


        When you look at the crowd, you could see that most of the young people are under 30. Many of them were a boy and a ger together, either as a couple or engaged to be married, or climbing the walls (fig. to be unfaithful) and intimate friends. 


        The older people generally didn’t like to get involved in the festivities, as they disliked making too much noise, and It would be bad if they bumped or tripped over. Moreover, they definitely have to come out with their husbands which was embarrassing at their age.


        Therefore, the merriment of the Lantern Festival belonged to the young people. When they were tired of playing, they looked for a place to eat to replenish their strength and then continue playing. 


[元宵 /yuán xiāo

Lantern Festivals / night of the 15th of the first lunar month]


On every street in Qing Shui Town, under the eaves of every shop, including ‘Quite Delicious’ were two bright red lanterns emitting a fiery red glow in the darkness of the pitch-black night, lighting up the whole world with a hazy sense of aesthetic perception, leading people to be engrossed and indulged in it. It was the first time Zhao Ame had seen such a scene. He was also a ger, with romance beneath the surface, if he had not already passed the age of impetuousness, he also wanted to follow the people running around in the street and let loose.


        Huang Ame’s family had lived in the town for many years and was not surprised by such scenes.


The number of people coming to eat at ‘Quite Delicious’ was almost double the usual number. Some of them were regulars, while others came to the restaurant on account of their reputation, thus causing ‘Quite Delicious’ to be overflowing with customers. 


Zhao Ame and Huang Ame could hardly stop smiling, while Zhao Bao-Gen, Uncle Huang and Huang Jinlei suffered. They were so busy that their feet left the ground and they were dizzy and confused. 


It wasn’t until midnight that the crowds dispersed and Zhao Ame and Huang Ame were able to catch their breath.The five of them sat in the shop, had a quick bite to eat, filled their stomachs, then called it a day and closed the shop.


It was not the first time he came to Huang Ame’s house, but it was the first time he saw exactly what was inside of  Huang Ame’s house. Their house also had a hall at the entrance. There were bedrooms on either side. On the left side of the house, there was another room, only it was not as big as the main house.Inside was a simple room because no one lived there, it was piled up with miscellaneous items.To the side of this room was a small kitchen.


        “Come in! The father will go and boil some hot water.” Huang Ame said to Uncle Huang.


        “Hey …… will go now.” Uncle Huang answered.


        Huang Jinlei reached out to stop Uncle Huang: “Father, I’ll go. You rest for a while.” After saying that, Huang Jinlei went into the kitchen.


        Although Zhao Ame was talking to Huang Ame, he also observed Huang Jinlei’s actions and became more and more satisfied in his heart.    


After a day and a half of work, several people were already tired. After washing, Huang Ame divided the room for them:  “You three big men, go to that room. Both of us sleep in this room.”


        Naturally, everyone didn’t object. Although the old were old and the young one was young, they still needed to avoid the arousing suspicion. 


        After closing the door, Huang Ame and Zhao Ame undressed and lay down.


        They didn’t go straight to sleep, but talked idly for a while.


        “I’ve made a lot of money today. I’m glad I stayed here, otherwise I would have missed it out.” Zhao Ame said with a sigh. Although he was tired, after thinking of all the money he got today made him feel so happy that his entire body felt carefree and he didn’t feel tired anymore. 


        “Yes, if you weren’t here, I would have thought of going home after selling with his father for a little longer. These kinds of good occasions happen only several times a year.” There were only a few holidays that kept them up late to earn money.


        The two of them chatted, with Zhao Ame’s intentional lead, they talked about Huang Jinlei.


        “Your family Leizi, this time coming back, do you go to search for a suitable ger for him?” Zhao Ame pretended to ask this by accident. 


Huang Ame sighed: “There were some introductions but either he doesn’t like the ger, or the other party thinks he’s too scary.”


Huang Ame was also very angry when he talked about this. Huang Jinlei also did not even know how to put on a smile when meeting those family’s gers, with the appearance of as if any stranger should not come closer to him. In addition he himself also had the bareful look from being a soldier so when he smiled, he was fine but if he didn’t smile, he was simply remarkably alike to evil.


        Looking at this, at the same time, Huang Ame and Uncle Huang could not help but roll their eyes but also worried, hate iron for not becoming steel2[hèn tiě bù chéng gāng 恨铁不成钢 lit. to hate iron for not becoming steel / to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (idiom)]. Why couldn’t their son be more sensible? 




“He he, it’s okay. There’s no need to hurry. Marriage is a lifelong matter, you have to choose well.” Zhao Amu was in the dark, his eyes smiling into narrow slits.


“Yes ah! ” Huang Amu was disappointed and frustrated, a few moments later, he joked a little and said to Zhao Amu : “Actually I’m quite fond of your family Xiao Ning. I just don’t know if you’ll accept it or not.”


Zhao Amu didn’t expect Huang Amu would say that, so he was happy in his heart: “How could it be possible that I do not agree? Your family Leizi, I think he is an honest and capable man. It would be good if he could marry.”


After he heard what he had said, Huang Amu swiftly rose to his feet and looked at Zhao Amu in the hazy darkness: “These words of you, are you telling the truth?”


        Zhao Amu laughed: “How can that be false? To tell you the truth ba, I am quite fond of your family Leizi, but I don’t know if your family Leizi is willing or not?”        


Huang Amu was happy in his heart and said happily:  “Xiao Ning is such a good child, If he dared to not to like him, I’ll break his legs ( Tl note: it’s just an exaggeration)! Let me tell you, I actually support both of them too. The key is that our family Leizi is such a blockhead, he is not a sensible person and he doesn’t like to talk. I’m afraid that Xiao Ning won’t like him.” Huang Amu said genuinely and sincerely.


        Zhao Amu said in his heart: Our family Zhao Ning is one hundred percent willing ne! 


However, in front of Huang Amu, he said: “What’s there to dislike? When the time comes, let the two kids get along first then we will know. “


        “I think it’s okay.” Huang Amu nodded his head too. He liked Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Ning the most. At the beginning, he thought that if Zhong Ziqi was still single, he could introduce him to his own son. Later, he moved his target on to Zhao Ning. But although he had a good opinion of the two of them, he was not willing to randomly set up their marriage. If the two children weren’t willing, could they still be forced to be together?


        Huang Amu and Zhao Amu muttered to each other until the second half of the night, only after that, they were perfectly satisfied and went to sleep. 


        The next day, early in the morning, after breakfast,  Zhao Amu and Zhao Baogen left first. This was all agreed last night. Huang Amu was going to find out what Huang Jinlei’s real intention behind his words while Zhao Amu went to inform Zhao Ning.


“Son, you could tidy it up later. Come here! Amu wants to ask you something.” Huang Amu waved to Huang Jinlei who was cleaning up the dishes.


        “What is it, Amu?” Huang Jinlei glanced at his father. When he saw that he also didn’t understand, he walked over to his Amu.


        “Son, Amu has chosen and found another ger for you.This time it’s definitely good. You’ll obviously be satisfied.” Huang Amu spoke highly of that person. 


        Uncle Huang suspiciously asked : “Who is it?”


How could he didn’t know?


Actually Huang Jinlei was somehow lacking in interest. He didn’t like matchmaking, being judged from top to bottom and finding fault upon his appearance by the other persons made him feel so uncomfortable.


    Huang Amu glanced at his expressionless son and cleared his throat:  “This person, you guys are also familiar with him. He is….” Huang Amu deliberately paused for a moment.


        This made Uncle Huang extremely anxious: “Who is it? Tell me quickly! 

Why do you make us curious?”


        Huang Amu laughed ‘He he’: “This person is …. Xiao Ning.”


        “What? Xiao Ning?” Uncle Huang was completely shocked. 


        Even Huang Jinlei was astonished.  “What about it? Son, you’ve been in contact with Xiao Ning for quite long. What do you think about him?”

Huang Amu asked, not believing that his son didn’t feel anything at all.


        Huang Jinlei thought for a moment and said honestly: “Quite good, he’s very nice.” He was lively and also cute, much better than the ones he’s been seeing. (He meant those gers that have been introduced to him previously) 


        “Then today you guys should try to get along.” Huang Amu said as if it was final, without giving Huang Jinlei time to object.


        “….” Huang Jinlei opened his mouth but he swallowed back his words.



  • 1
    [拉郎配/ La lang pei could also mean forced marriage but in this context is not suitable so I prefer matchmaking]
  • 2
    [hèn tiě bù chéng gāng 恨铁不成钢 lit. to hate iron for not becoming steel / to feel resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement (idiom)]
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