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AFDF Chapter 17

Jin Hua Restaurant

Accompany by a Fool to Do Farming

Chapter 17: 金华酒楼 (Jin Hua Restaurant) 

Translator : LittleYen


“Knock knock!”

There was a knock at the door.


Zhong Ziqi tidied up things, got up, and went to open the door.Outside the door stood Zhao Amu: “Zhao Amu, you come! Quick come in please!”


Zhao Amu entered the courtyard with a smile on his lips as he looked around, he saw how clean and tidy the house was, which meant that the household was all settled. He had a fondness for Zhong Ziqi, now he was even more pleased with what he saw.


“Zhao Amu.” Zhao Zheng’an stood aside, called out in a small voice. He had been taught by Zhong Ziqi to greet acquaintances when he saw them, although the person in front of him, he had only met a few times, he was not familiar at all,and never spoke to him before. He was completely unaware that he hadn’t seen or known many people at all since he’d gone stupid, let alone spoken to them.


“Hn.” Zhao Amu nodded, giving him a gentle look in his eyes before following the two men into the hall and taking a seat. Taking a sip of water before speaking, he said: ” It’s like this, yesterday, you said you wanted to build a wall, didn’t you? I’ve found two men for you, five wen for a day is okay. They are good and from honest families in the village. When will you have time for them to come over?”


Zhong Ziqi did not expect Zhao Amu to be quite efficient, he tilt his head and thought, he seems to have time only at this moment, other times are very busy, now the business has just opened,so he can not be delayed even for a day, so Zhong Ziqi thought about it then said to Zhao Amu in a pleading voice: “Zhao Amu, you see where I have so much time? Why don’t I give you the key to my house? You can watch it for me, it should be ready in half a day, right?”


Zhao Amu didn’t expect Zhong Ziqi to say that, a little bit hesitant in his heart. After all, they are not related to each other, so this kind of openly entering the house is always bad.


Zhong Ziqi saw him hesitate, smiled and said,”Don’t hesitate anymore! I trust and I believe in Zhao Amu’s character. Besides that, my family’s house as far as you can see here,nothing valuable, probably only the room is the most valuable. Moreover I’m really too busy.”


Seeing Zhong Ziqi’s words have come to this extent, Zhao Amu was not going to push his luck. Besides, as he had said, there was really nothing valuable in the house.The only money is the income in the past two days, he also believes that Zhong Ziqi will put in a safe place: “Okay, I will take care of it for you, tomorrow I will bring someone to repair, by the way, today I collected another fifty pounds of vegetables according to your request, all picked and collect from honest people, when collecting I did not tell them who’s the buyer, but the impact is still too big, a lot of people have come to ask me, I think this matter is guaranteed to be exposed one day. I don’t know when it will be revealed one day, but the whole village will know about it later, then many people will definitely come knocking on your door, so be prepared.”


“Okay, I know! Thank you Zhao Amu for reminding me, by the way, Zhao Amu, wait a moment I will give you the vegetables money for these past two days, just as you are here, otherwise I still have to go over.” Zhong Ziqi told Zhao Amu to sit down and have a drink of water while Zhao Zheng’an stayed with him.


He went into the bedroom, took out the money bag under the pillow then he counted the two hundred wen, after that he shoved the money bag back under the pillow, lifted the curtain and came out: “Zhao Amu, count it! ”


Zhao Amu took the money, padded it with his hand, took out a purse from his pocket and put it inside, as he straightforwardly said:”No, I’m sure it’s right! Give me the key, Qi Ge’er ,I think it’s better to put the vegetables at my place first, later I will let Sheng xiao zi (he means Zhao Sheng) carry it over to you.”


Zhong Ziqi likes to deal with such frank and straightforward people, no need to waste words: “Then let’s leave it at Zhao Amu’s house first, when Brother Sheng comes tomorrow, just carry over thirty pounds.”


“Alright then, I’m off! I’ll go and let those two know first.” Zhao Amu got up and headed out the door after saying that. Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an sent the people out together.


The evening after dinner, Zhong Ziqi took a hot bath, as he lay comfortably in bed, Zhao Zheng’an also washed himself clean before going to bed, as usual his hands on his wife’s waist, but after a while he was not satisfied, squirming, wanting to hold his wife’s whole body in his arms, soft and fragrant wife, he could not let go of him (愛不釋手), there was also restless feeling (something begin to stir) in his heart, but he did not know what that feeling was, so rightly ignored it, as long as holding his wife is good.


愛不釋手 :to love sth too much to part with it (idiom); to fondle admiringly


But Zhong Ziqi couldn’t stand it anymore, Zhao Zheng’an was full of fire, his body was very warm, Zhong Ziqi was already uncomfortably hot on a hot day. Zhao Zheng’an was unconsciously coming over to him.He wasn’t hot, but he was hot!


Besides, what’s the point of hugging? It’s really inappropriate!


Zhong Ziqi thought with a black face,he unconsciously elbowed him because he disliked it. The arm around him was loosened,a sad voice was heard in his ear: “Wife.”


The hot air from the words sprinkled on Zhong Ziqi’s neck gave him goosebumps.

His neck was his sensitive spot, it should not be touched easily.He felt a tingling sensation as his face turned darker, so he could not help but struggle, swatted Zhao Zheng’an’s hand away, glaring with round eyes and warning him: “Behave yourself! It’s hot! Don’t come any closer, or you’ll go to sleep in that room.”


Zhao Zheng’an was dispirited, still having a lingering response as he didn’t know what he had done to upset his wife. Actually he didn’t want to be separated from his wife but fortunately his wife would forget all about it the next day after a good night’s sleep.,


The angry Zhong Ziqi was completely unaware that his own little temper had been completely figured out.


The next day, at the same hour, the four of them went to the town, their business was gradually saturated, because the money they made in a day was almost the same as yesterday, Zhong Ziqi was very content, their stall was the first one to make so much money every day, but the cost was also quite a lot, the money needed for the ingredients every day took up nearly one half, otherwise he would have earn more money.


On the way back, Zhong Ziqi walked distractedly, thinking about what the fat man had said today.


[心不在焉: xīn bù zài yān

absent-minded / preoccupied / inattentive / with one’s thoughts wandering]


At noon today, when Zhong Ziqi had time to take a break, a fat man in fancy clothes came to his stall with a kind smile on his face. He was unusually conspicuous in this humble stall


Zhong Ziqi quickly noticed him and guessed that this man must be extraordinary just that he didn’t know what the purpose of his visit was, so he secretly settled his mind and asked, “What would this guest like to order?”


The fat man took a look at him and said with a smile, “I heard that there was a delicious food at the pier and that it was made by four children, I didn’t believe it, but when I saw it today I was really impressed.”


Zhong Ziqi couldn’t figure out where he was coming from so he just had to deal with it, “No, you are really flattering.”


The fat man shook his head, “Let me introduce myself, I am the owner of the Jinhua Restaurant in front, my name is Jin Sheng, the purpose of my visit today, I think with these little Ge’er’s intelligence, you will be able to find out soon.”


The moment Zhong Ziqi heard the words “Jin Hua Restaurant Owner”, these four words, his eyes flashed, immediately he knew the purpose of this person, nodding with a bitter smile: “Boss Jin is rushing here for my noodles, right?”


Zhao Ning and Zhao Sheng had been listening while their minds were puzzled, but after hearing Zhong Ziqi’s words they immediately woke up and looked at the fat man warily,as if afraid of being robbed.


Zhao Zheng’an was also rendered by the Intense atmosphere, he secretly hid behind Zhong Ziqi, his eyes also unblinkingly looked at the seemingly amiable restaurant owner, but his tense body let people know, as long as someone dare to hurt his wife, he will scurry over the first time to fight the man to death.


As if he didn’t see their nervousness, Boss Jin said unhurriedly, “Xiao Ge’er (little Ger) is smart, I did come for your noodles, but I’m not the kind of person to rob by force, I heard that you sell two kinds of noodles here, if you are willing to give me the recipe, the price is negotiable.”


Zhong Ziqi was somewhat moved because he really needed the money now too.The cost of selling noodles was very high yet the daily net profit was too small.Therefore it was not safe to keep a stall here all the time, since the space is small,he was sure to lose a lot of customers.He wanted to have his own restaurant so that he could cook whatever he wanted, and close it whenever he wanted to, but that was only a thought, he had enquired about the restaurant’s price that would cost at least 500 taels of silver to buy, which was astronomical to him.The daily net profit of one hundred wen, how long would it take to make 500 taels?


But the shopkeeper’s words were a reminder to him that he could sell the recipes, but he couldn’t afford to sell the good ones, so he could only sell the easy ones. But he had to think hard about it for a long time, so he smiled lightly and said, “What Boss Jin said, I already memorized it but let me think about it for these two days,can I? This is not a trivial matter after all.”


He was very impressed with this neither obsequious nor supercilious ger,with a smile, he didn’t force them: “Good! When Xiao Ge’er is ready, you can come to me. I hope you won’t disappoint me! ” He turned around to leave, but then he thought of something and said: “By the way, since I’ve noticed you guys, other restaurant owners must have noticed you too, so be careful, little ger, not all restaurants are as fair and reasonable as we are in Jinhua. ”


[ 不卑不亢: neither servile nor overbearing (idiom) / neither obsequious nor supercilious. Refers to taking proper measures to others, neither in a low self esteem, nor arrogant]


Zhong Ziqi thanked him, “Thank you Boss Jin for reminding me, I will be careful.”

In his heart ,he secretly said that one phrase ‘troublesome’, but it would also be good if he could have a good relationship with Jin Hua Restaurant. It is said that there is a big power behind it. The restaurant is spread all over the place whereas this is just a small branch in Qing Shui Town.


After all, rumours are rumours and no one knows whether they are true or not, but all Zhong Ziqi knows is that they are alone and have no one to turn to.If they could climb a big tree, it would be good for them to take advantage of it.


[Tl: I think the last sentence is inspired by this idiom: 大樹底下好乘涼 :dà shù dǐ xià hǎo chéng liáng = lit. under a big tree the shade is plentiful (idiom) / fig. to benefit by proximity to an influential person]



Zhong Ziqi was so absorbed that he didn’t notice the hot, jealous looks coming from all around him. Boss Jin—There were very few people at the docks who didn’t know him.But this was the first time that Mr. Jin had come to negotiate in person. How could they not be envious? If they sold one recipe, they could get several taels of silver, money they wouldn’t earn in a year, yet now these people were getting this opportunity so easily, but with such awfully disdain that they couldn’t help but be jealous and angry.


If Zhong Ziqi knew what they were thinking, he would have been baffled. When had he been disdainful? He was just trying to put his thinking in order to get his mind around the matter and postpone it for only a few days!



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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    It’s a big decision! Ziqi needs to contemplate a fair cost, what recipes he’d want to keep rather than sell, and probably make a long term plan as to how to get that restaurant.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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