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WTA Chapter 66

Zhao Jinxin is such a stalker

Title: 谁把谁当真 (Winner Takes All)

Author:水千丞 (ShuiQianCheng)

Translator: 月野 見事 (TsukinoMigoto)

Protagonists :黎朔 (LiShuo), 赵锦辛 (ZhaoJinXin)


Walking outside the bar, Li Shuo followed the violently surging anger in his chest before turning around, staring sharply into Zhao Jinxin’s eyes: “You stalked me.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled seemingly innocent: “How could that be? Uncle Li and I are destined. We will always run into each other everywhere.”

How could Li Shuo believe this kind of nonsense? From the beginning, when they met at the nightclub in Sanya, he already suspected that Zhao Jinxin must have located his whereabouts by some means. He could have sent someone to track him or he could have put a tracker on his mobile phone. But he has no evidence. And even if there is evidence, what is the use? He couldn’t stop Zhao Jinxin’s series of harassments. It’s useless to scold him, and it’s not appropriate to fight with his fist with him. He really has no choice but to face Zhao Jinxin head on.

Zhao Jinxin made a ruckus today, which also caused him to feel embarrassed, and he would not even dare to come to this bar again in the future.

How could there be such a bastard? He was even attracted by the childish cuteness deliberately portrayed by this bastard and even fell in love with such a bastard!

Li Shuo gritted his teeth: “Zhao Jinxin, no matter what you do, we can’t go back to what we were. When will you stop harassing me?”

A trace of sadness flashed in Zhao Jinxin’s eyes and he smiled slightly: “I will harass you for the rest of my life.”

“A person like you is not worthy of using the words ‘a lifetime’.”

“A person like me thought about the words ‘a lifetime’ because of you appearing in my life.” Zhao Jinxin’s expression didn’t seem to be fake. He then spoke word by word, “I love you. I think of staying with you for the rest of my life.”

“Shut up.” Li Shuo’s eyes were red with anger, “The more you are like this, the more I despise you.”

“If you don’t believe me, it doesn’t matter. I will say it over and over again and I will always be by your side.” Zhao Jinxin stared into Li Shuo’s eyes, a smile appeared on the corner of his lips, “Actually, I doubted myself. But when I thought about my future and there may not be you with me and that you might become someone else’s future, I can’t stand the thought.”

“So you spent 43 days sleeping with all the people you could find and finally realized that I was better?” Li Shuo said coldly, “You call this ‘love’? You insult this word.”

Li Shuo’s disgusting eyes pierced into Zhao Jinxin’s heart like a knife. Only the person in front of him could make him feel this kind of heart-piercing pain. He often couldn’t believe it. The Li Shuo that was always indulging him and kissing his mouth tenderly would one day say the harshest and coldest words to him. All of this is wrong. Everything is wrong. He wants to repair the cracks. He wants to get rid of the chaos between them. He wants the former Li Shuo to return to him!

Zhao Jinxin suppressed the turbulent sadness and said softly: “You probably won’t believe me… but those people, I didn’t sleep with them at all. I thought that as long as I found my former friends, I would be able to regain my old life. I thought I could forget you.” He laughed at himself, “I really wanted to forget you at the time. You scared me.”

“Then forget me.” Li Shuo said solemnly, “I won’t believe what you say. Even if it is true, it doesn’t make sense to me. Forget me, so that I can keep the last few good memories of you.”

Zhao Jinxin took a deep breath: “I can’t do it.” He held the corner of his mouth and smiled scornfully, “My original plan was to never get married for a lifetime and play around until the day when I no longer can get it up. You showed up and mess everything up. Uncle Li, you have to be responsible to me. I won’t let you go.”

“You are so…” For the first time, Li Shuo felt that language was so insipid and weak that he couldn’t even find the right words to use to tear Zhao Jinxin’s face away even for a small crack. Even if he learned all the swear words in the world, he could not find the right word to describe what he thinks of Zhao Jinxin at the moment. They are all useless. So what is the point of going on with this conversation? He squeezed his eyebrows wearily, “I really have nothing to say to you.” He turned and walked off towards the parking lot.

Seeing Li Shuo’s back again, Zhao Jinxin felt his eyes hurt fiercely. The back that was given to him by Li Shuo became a nightmare he couldn’t get rid of, as if this person would walk out of the world and never look back. For a moment, he forgot whatever strategy he has to step-by-step sweep a person off of his feet, and immediately blurted out: “I will give you everything.” He muttered, “Anything at all… Can you give me one last chance?”

Li Shuo’s body trembled, but he didn’t stop or look back.

This poor Zhao Jinxin was pretending to be pitiful, he told himself so.

He knows that it is easy for him to be soft-hearted. So he has to build a hundred times stronger armor to resist Zhao Jinxin’s attack. He will never allow a person who dares to humiliate him like that to re-enter his heart.

Zhao Jinxin stared at Li Shuo’s back, his eyes gradually reddening.

The gentlest person is also the most ruthless person.

He is afraid of Li Shuo’s tongue that was like a knife that can cut him with only words. And he was also afraid of the impulsive beast in his body that wanted to violently correct every mess that he had made himself.

Li Shuo returned to his car, feeling down. Every time he confronted Zhao Jinxin, he seemed to be exhausted. Fortunately, he never showed his nervousness. He lost all his chips in Zhao Jinxin’s hands. He will not lose again.

He calmed himself down for a long time when suddenly, a cell phone ringing can be heard in the quiet interior of his car. Li Shuo was so surprised that his heart beat wildly. He took a look at the phone, and the caller ID was Cheng Sheng’s name. He just remembered that he had come here with Cheng Sheng.

“Li Shuo?” Cheng Sheng breathed a sigh of relief, “I went out to smoke a cigarette with the little handsome guy. You disappeared when I came back. Zhao Jinxin is here? The boss told me…”

“I’m in the parking lot.” Li Shuo interrupted Cheng Sheng. He didn’t want to know how the boss described what happened just now, nor did he want to discuss it with Cheng Sheng, “What are you planning to do? Are you going with the guy to the hotel? ”

Cheng Sheng was silent for a moment: “You wait for me to come to you now.”

They both hung up the phone, and after a while, Cheng Sheng walked over, and climbed into the co-pilot of the car.

Li Shuo looked tired and glanced at Cheng Sheng: “My buddy, I’m sorry I disturbed your happy time.”

“It’s no big deal, I care more about your business.” Cheng Sheng rubbed his hair irritably, “Do you want to chat? I’m willing to chat with you at any time.”

Li Shuo was silent for a moment: “I want to digest it by myself.” Since returning from Guangzhou, he has not discussed his feelings with anyone, not even Wen Xiaohui. He has never had the habit of finding someone to complain about. A man should handle his troubles by himself. Even if he mentions it someday, it will be a joke by then and he can express it coolly. Besides, it hurts his ego that he had to suffer for being played with by such a hairy boy.

Cheng Sheng was also silent. For a while, he slammed the door, then cursed angrily: “Damn, I’ve warned you already that Zhao Jinxin is not a good thing. What did you say at the time?”

Li Shuo deliberately showed a calm look: “Well, I’m a bit unsure. It’s such a headache, don’t mention about it anymore.”

Cheng Sheng changed his breath again and whispered, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Li Shuo said in a relaxed tone, “I have already turned the page but he is still entangled in it. Don’t tell anyone about what happened today.”

“Of course.” Cheng Sheng paused and then snorted. His tone became a bit proud again, “You are indeed Li Shuo. You are indeed my brother. This Zhao Jinxin kid has spent so many years fooling around and finally caught fire for you. He deserves it.”

Li Shuo laughed at himself. If Cheng Sheng knew what he had gone through, he would probably be sympathetic to him for the rest of his life. He didn’t need any sympathy at all.

After Li Shuo got home, he called the bar owner and asked the boss to give Arrow 10,000 yuan as compensation. He wanted to buy all the wine, but Zhao Jinxin has already settled the bill. The wine, however, has not been taken away. It was said that it is all given to him. If he didn’t take it, it would be such a shame.

Li Shuo asked the boss to send the wine to Ennan Group.

A few days later, President Cui arrived in the capital. Zhou Jinxing asked Zhao Jinxin out, and the four decided to negotiate on the shareholding ratio.

The atmosphere when they met was very delicate. Mr. Cui had been trying to round himself out the game, but the other three were stern-faced. After the negotiations began, the atmosphere became more and more depressing, because Zhao Jinxin proposed that he wanted to hold a controlling share.

Zhou Jinxing omitted even the disguised smile, and said bluntly: “Impossible.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled: “I have the land exchange rights certificate in my hand and I happen to be rich. This land should undoubtedly belong to me. If Mr. Zhou disagrees, you can go and develop on another land to build your resort. I will build mine without interfering with anyone.”

“We have signed a contract of intent with the government for this piece of land and we have already invested a certain amount in the early stage. I won’t change the place. Why don’t I change the land for development?” Zhou Jinxing sneered, “Moreover, as far as I know, the right to exchange land. The certificate hasn’t been in your hands. Isn’t Mr. Zhao so confident that he is not afraid of being intercepted?”

“It will be mine soon.” Zhao Jinxin stared at Zhou Jinxing, with a cold light in his eyes, “I will give you up to 30% of the investment rights, Uncle Cui 10%, and a total of 20% to Brother Li.”

“I agree with the ratio of Mr. Cui and Mr. Li, but let me think about yours unless we change the ratio.”

“Oh, don’t worry, everyone.” Mr. Cui looked helpless, “you young people, you are so energetic when you talk and do things. You can cooperate well, why bother to be like this?”

Li Shuo looked gloomy and said nothing. He could tell that Zhao Jinxin didn’t simply want to buy shares, but wanted to squeeze Zhou Jinxing out. Their Li family has already invested money and got on the boat, and it is impossible to let everything that they have given to go to waste. If Zhao Jinxin succeeds, not only can Zhou Jinxing be turned away, but the two will inevitably be tied together in the next few years. This is really shrewd.

Zhou Jinxing gave President Cui a face and returned to show a graceful smile: “Negotiations… It means seeking common ground while reserving differences. In short, President Zhao’s proposal cannot be agreed with me. You have a land exchange certificate in your hand and I have a contract of intent. If you really want to bet, I will accompany you.”

Zhao Jinxin squinted his eyes. The pair of peach blossom eyes were full of calculations. He clicked on the contract on the table with his slender fingers: “I must have a controlling share. There is no discussion about this. If Boss Zhou is really unwilling, we can only fight with each other for this piece of land by our own ability.”

Mr. Cui sighed, anxious and annoyed, sweating on his forehead: “You are really-! Hey, talk for yourself, I don’t care, I’m leaving!” He grabbed his briefcase, got up and left.

Li Shuo hurriedly got up and chased after him. Mr. Cui sent some complaints to him, saying that he and the parents of these two people are friends, and he is in a dilemma so he doesn’t want to mix up.

Li Shuo calmed Mr. Cui down with a few words. Through the glass window, he looked at the two people facing each other in the cafe and a deep boredom arose in his own heart.

Of course, there was no result that day.

Zhao Jinxin left first, Li Shuo patted Zhou Jinxing on the shoulder, “Don’t be angry, this kid is like this.” He smiled bitterly, “I’ve been through enough more than you.”

Zhou Jinxing smiled: “It’s okay. I won’t be bored if I have challenges.”

“I feel very sorry for you.” Li Shuo lowered his head and said helplessly, “It was originally a very good and promising project but because of my personal relationship with him, it has caused such a chaotic situation now.”

“Don’t say that. No one can predict this.”

Li Shuo shook his head: “Even when you have never accused me, but I know it very well in my heart.” Although the two are friends, after all, their relationship is not so deep. He knows that Zhou Jinxing has dissatisfaction in his heart. But it is because of the friendship. To put it bluntly, after all, it is ridiculous that such a big project is stagnating because of such personal problems. Zhao Jinxin is wasting everyone’s money and energy. And this is all happening because of him.

Zhou Jinxing sighed and said nothing.

“Thank you for everything. Just agree to Zhao Jinxin’s terms.” Li Shuo calmly looked at Zhou Jinxing’s eyes, “As soon as the contract is signed, I will transfer all my shares to you, so that you still hold the total control of the project.”

Zhou Jinxing showed a surprised expression.

Li Shuo smiled: “The price is up to you. As long as I can cover the cost I invested, it will be a waste of work for Zhao Jinxin’s to have caused trouble for us. Isn’t it good?”


Next update: 2021/11/22

*Translator’s Note: Zhao Jinxin-40%, Zhou Jinxing-30%, Li Shuo-20%, Uncle Cui-10%. If Li Shuo backed out, it will be Zhao Jinxin-40%, Zhou Jinxing-50%, and Uncle Cui-10%. Hmm Uncle Cui is still the most pitiful. Aha!

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  1. Sumiramiss says:

    Zaho Jinxin has a very long road to go to regain Li Shuo trust :/

    1. Raquel says:

      And he’s doing everything wrong

      1. @Sumiramiss lol true that

  2. Susu says:

    Where is Zhou Jinxing from? Is he the funny weak soldier from one of the book?

    1. Zhou Jinxing’s from ‘a wife, children and warm bed’

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