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WTA Chapter 47

Kinky Demon Meeting Another Kinky Demon

When they arrived at the hotel’s restaurant, the waiter took them into their booked room.

As soon as the door opened, they saw Wen Xiaohui taking a selfie with his mobile phone. The exquisitely carved face looked fair and clear under the soft spotlight, and it looked even more tender than a girl.

“Brother Li.” Wen Xiaohui turned his head and was startled when he saw Zhao Jinxin, then he looked up and down boldly, and couldn’t help whistling, “Wow.”

Li Shuo introduced them: “Xiaohui, this is Zhao Jinxin, Jinxin, this is Wen Xiaohui.”

“Call me Adi, not Xiaohui.” Wen Xiaohui curled his lips.

Li Shuo laughed loudly: “Jin Xin, you call him Adi.”

Zhao Jinxin smiled and said, “Hello.”

Wen Xiaohui jumped over, circled Zhao Jinxin all around, and then stared at his chest muscles.

Li Shuo remembered that he had shown Wen Xiaohui’s semi-nude photos of Zhao Jinxin that day. Wen Xiaohui had a misunderstanding. He coughed and just wanted to explain but Wen Xiaohui had already licked his lips and blinked innocently and said with big eyes: “Can I touch it?”

Zhao Jinxin chuckled, and he spread his arms: “Go on.”

Wen Xiaohui rushed forward unceremoniously and touched it carefully with both hands. While touching and complimenting, he almost drooled.

“How does it feel?” Zhao Jinxin asked proudly.

“Good! Great! So flexible, how long have you been working out?” Wen Xiaohui felt very intoxicated.

“It has been many years since I was 17 years old.”

“Can you…” Wen Xiaohui made a chest shake, but he was too thin and could only do it.

“Of course.” Zhao Jinxin held his hand against his chest muscles, and really shook it twice. He was tall and thin in clothes, but his chest muscles shook with full weight.

The waiter who led them in was dumbfounded before they left. Li Shuo lowered his head and stroked his forehead, his face was embarrassed that he almost wanted to go out and hide for a while.

“It feels so good!” Wen Xiaohui excitedly said to Li Shuo: “Brother Li, have you tried touching this? It’s really shaking! Look at it!”

Li Shuo couldn’t think about it. If Zhao Jinxin knew that Wen Xiaohui treated him as a duck, how would he react? He laughed and said, “Are you not done already? You scared the little girl.”

The waiter blushed and exited slowly.

“It’s okay, she’s gone.” Wen Xiaohui flexed his hands and said expectantly: “Can I touch your butt?”

Li Shuo is dumbfounded. He half-joked and half-seriously said: “If you want to take advantage of my boyfriend’s like this, wait for me to go to the toilet first.” He is not really jealous but he is afraid that Xiaohui won’t stop. With Wen Xiaohui’s unrestrained character, the possibility of him asking Zhao Jinxin to striptease on the spot is highly plausible.

Wen Xiaohui’s smile froze, and he reacted quickly. He immediately withdrew his hand and laughed and said, “Okay, I’m satisfied.” He flew kisses to Li Shuo and Zhao Jinxin respectively.

Zhao Jinxin glanced at Li Shuo with a satisfied smile on his lips. He was obviously very happy hearing the phrase “boyfriend”.

Li Shuo smiled and patted Wen Xiaohui on the head: “Have you ordered? What do you want to eat?”

“I haven’t. I was waiting for you. I’ll call the waiter.” Wen Xiaohui jumped to call the waiter again.

Li Shuo whispered to Zhao Jinxin: “His personality is very cute like this. Don’t mind him.”

“Am I so stingy?” Zhao Jinxin winked his eyes.

Li Shuo didn’t say a word or poked at him. He was obviously unhappy when they were about to went out just now. It was probably because Wen Xiaohui didn’t threaten him that he suddenly stopped being ‘stingy’.

After a while, Wen Xiaohui came back with the menu, turning over and saying: “Oysters, peony shrimp, sea cucumber…” After he ordered, he handed the menu to Li Shuo, “What else do you want to order?”

“You can order whatever you want.”

“Let’s do these then, it’s enough.” Wen Xiaohui returned the menu to the waiter, and when the waiter went out, he winked and said, “It’s all aphrodisiac, no thanks for me.”

Li Shuo raised his eyebrows: “Then are you going to eat them or not?”

Wen Xiaohui held his chin sadly: “I won’t eat, Luo Yi is still in the hospital.”

Li Shuo smiled. Although he and Luo Yi are hostile to each other, he still wants Wen Xiaohui to be happy, so he asked nonchalantly, “When will he be discharged from the hospital? Is he almost recovered?”

“He could be discharged from the hospital a long time ago. He has tossed about himself, so I will let him stay a few more days.” Wen Xiaohui took out his mobile phone, “Hey, I will send you a few pictures of his unlucky appearance to relieve you.”

“Don’t, don’t,” Li Shuo said helplessly, “You little fairy, what kind of brain circuit do you have? The past is in the past. It’s okay as long as you have a good life.”

Wen Xiaohui smiled lightly and said, “Thank you.” He took back the phone and changed the subject, “Hey, how did you two met each other?”

Li Shuo and Zhao Jinxin looked at each other and said in unison: “We met on the plane.”

“Wow, why didn’t I have the luck to meet a handsome guy on the plane.” Wen Xiaohui touched his chin, “I must be poor before and can’t afford to sit in first class.”

Li Shuo smiled and said, “Why do you still think about handsome guys all the time? Are you not afraid that Luo Yi will be jealous?”

Wen Xiaohui waved his hand: “I’m not breaking the law by just thinking about it. Besides, he doesn’t know.”

Zhao Jinxin stretched out the broken hair on Li Shuo’s forehead, and said softly: “It’s enough to only want you.”

Li Shuo blinked slightly and smiled at him.

Wen Xiaohui hugged his arms and shook exaggeratedly: “You two are dazzling.”

The waiter began to serve dishes one after another, Wen Xiaohui raised his glass: “Brother Li, I am very happy to see you two together, I wish you happiness!”

The two also toasted and drank from their cups.

After drinking the wine, Wen Xiaohui urged the two to eat more oysters: “Hurry up, take advantage of the love period. You guys can keep doing it every night.”

Li Shuo laughed: “What are you thinking about every day?”

Wen Xiaohui blinked his eyes: “I want to be shameless. Hey, seriously, can you send me a semi-nude picture? Just one, let me treasure it. I’ll keep it just for me this time.”

Li Shuo tapped his finger with his chopsticks, and said with a smile: “Can you be more serious?”

Wen Xiaohui grabbed Li Shuo’s hand and said coquettishly: “Brother Li, just one, okay, let me treasure one, preferably with the pectoral muscles against the pectoral muscles. I promise not to show it to anyone.” Zhao Jinxin looked forward to it.

Zhao Jinxin shrugged: “No problem, I’ll show you naked.” He smiled and clipped a piece of sea cucumber to Li Shuo, “Your Brother Li is shy so I will cover his face.”

Wen Xiaohui said “Oh yeah!” and gave Zhao Jinxin a high-five in the air.

“You two…” Li Shuo really didn’t know whether to be angry or to laugh.

During the dinner, Wen Xiaohui and Zhao Jinxin started to discuss about what kind of lubricant is good, what kind of condom cover is thin, and what new sex toys are out there recently.

These two people, one is a good mouthpiece, the other is a real wave. It is only natural that they have a vigorous conversation about this kind of topic.

Li Shuo is a little frightened, afraid that Wen Xiaohui knew that he is bottom when he’s with Zhao Jinxin. Although this is not as shameful as much, it is still a hit to his ego, after all, his image in Wen Xiaohui’s heart has always been particularly tough.

But gradually, he felt relieved. Zhao Jinxin was considerate like a slanting wind and drizzle. He was also considerate in all such matters. Even if the topic that would reveal his position, he was really, really vague in his response. He cooperated with the chat and gave full consideration for Li Shuo’s pride.

Li Shuo was moved and delighted in his heart. He couldn’t help holding Zhao Jinxin’s hand under the table, and his fingertips gently squeezed his palm.

Zhao Jinxin’s dry and gentle palms also held his back firmly.

During the dinner, Wen Xiaohui kept chatting, his temperament has always been lively and fun, and his words are sharp. It is not boring to be with him at all thus, the meal is enjoyable.

After eating, the two sent Wen Xiaohui off in another car and walked to their car holding hands.

Li Shuo was a little embarrassed. He tried to withdraw his hand several times without a trace but it was held by Zhao Jinxin tightly. He refused to let it go so Li Shuo simply just go with it. Maybe young people are enthusiastic when they fall in love, he thought. He only occasionally unconsciously lowers his head when he meets passers-by. If he were in the United States, he would be calmer, but this is China after all.

When they got in the car, Li Shuo asked: “How about it? Xiaohui is very cute, right?”

“He’s very cute, and he looks good, just like you said.” Zhao Jinxin squinted at him.

Li Shuo smiled and said, “Why, are you still jealous?”

Zhao Jinxin pouted, but did not say a word.

Li Shuo broke his chin, kissed his lips, and said softly: “Hey, don’t be jealous, I only have you in my eyes.”

Zhao Jinxin bit his lip and sucked lightly: “This is not enough to coax me.”

“Really.” Li Shuo’s tongue pierced into Zhao Jinxin’s mouth, entangled his tongue, and deepened the kiss.

“Not enough.” Zhao Jinxin pressed the back of his head and responded enthusiastically.

The sound of intersecting lips and teeth had nowhere to go in the closed car, and it penetrated into the ears of the two people, and it was erotic to the ears.

Li Shuo stretched out his hand to Zhao Jinxin’s, and as soon as he grasped it, he panted and said, “How about this?”

“…not enough.”

Li Shuo bit Zhao Jinxin’s tongue and ended the kiss, then he curled his lips and smiled, with a touch of spring in the corners of his eyes, and leaned down.

Zhao Jinxin took a deep breath and his blood boiled with Li Shuo’s teasing.

It’s just that Li Shuo still has a sense of saneness and shame. He refused the request of “car sex”, and the two drove home.

After holding back all the way, the blood of the two of them was going to flow backwards. From the moment they entered the elevator, they started kissing frantically, entangled all the way to the door, opened the fingerprint lock eagerly, and entered the house.

Zhao Jinxin kicked the door, and at the same time threw Li Shuo down on the carpet. They were crazy like beasts, talking about the most blushing love words, doing the most self-releasing thing, the kind of peeling away all hypocrisy and returning completely to the original stimulation that brought them to the endless peak.

During that time, the two of them were almost inseparable.

When Zhao Jinxin goes to work, Li Shuo travels back and forth between the office and the company as a consultant. He spends 80% of his time at work and 20% of his time having sex with Zhao Jinxin in various unfamiliar places.

When his brain is calm, Li Shuo will also regret and get dejected with worry that he is so playful. He was just like a boy in his twenties thinking about sex all the time. He regrets it but at the same time, he still sinks uncontrollably. In this life, he’s the type that doesn’t indulge in smoking or getting drunk or even getting high with marijuana. He never expected that he would start to indulge in sex at the age of 34.

He knows that his liking for Zhao Jinxin is inseparable from those wonderful and crazy experiences. No one has ever allowed him to experience such huge love and physical pleasure. Zhao Jinxin is almost perfect to fault. If there is no suspicion and estrangement in the past, he will give in without reservation, to return all the good things Zhao Jinxin has brought to him.

He hopes that the decision this time is correct, and hopes that he can gradually grasp this person in the long river of water, and hope that this “sheep” is really the one he was destined for.

This weekend, the two of them had been fooling around for two days, and then they were so tired that they were still asleep until almost noon.

At this time, the doorbell rang, Li Shuo grumbled and opened his eyes reluctantly.

Zhao Jinxin also woke up, touched his face, and yawned: “Hey, you lie down, I’ll go and have a look.” He casually grabbed the bath towel on the ground and wrapped it around his waist, and went to open the door.

Li Shuo looked at his watch and found that it was almost 11 o’clock. It was too much to sleep at this time, and he also struggled to get up.

Suddenly, there seemed to be a few disputes outside the door. Li Shuo couldn’t hear clearly. He quickly turned over and got out of bed, put on a bathrobe and went out of the room: “Jin Xin, what’s wrong…”

Li Shuo froze when he saw the person standing at the door.

Han Feiye?!


*Translator Note: Ahahaha translating this, I’m reminded just how shameless and kinky Xiaohui is…

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