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WTA Chapter 4

It Hurts!

Li Shuo returned to the dining table. His mother said unexpectedly, “Coming back so soon? What about Jinxin?”

“It was a bit cold outside so I came back. He went to the bathroom.”

“It’s a little bit cold at night. When the weather is good, we will have a meal by the lake.” Mrs. Zhao said with a smile. “Li Shuo, I hope you will walk around with JinXin in the future. I don’t like him going about all day with some friends of the same age. They often play dangerous extreme sports. Sports like you play are healthy and safe. You are also stable. If JinXin is in constant contact with you, he might be able to learn a lot.”

“Thank you, aunt. I am just a few years older than Jinxin. I may not be able to teach him anything. But if my life experience can help him, of course I am happy to help.”

Li Shuo’s suits and shoes are extraordinary and handsome. He has a natural grace about him from head to toe. Mrs. Zhao couldn’t help but sigh: “This child Li Shuo is really perfect. Many girls should like him. Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Ah … not yet.” Madam Li unconsciously pulled her hair back. Although they accepted the son’s sexual orientation. But the Chinese are conservative. This is not particularly glorious after all. They don’t want too many people to know.

Li Shuo said with a smile: “I have a boyfriend.” The words came out. Everyone froze. Li Shuo’s words and deeds have always been decent. He didn’t show his hobbies everywhere. He just wanted to take the opportunity to send a message to the Zhaos: advise your son to stay away from me.

Mr. Li gave Li Shuo a surprise look. He couldn’t understand what he was thinking. Zhao Rongtian came back first: “… oh. Oh. This. Young people have their own choices.”

Mrs. Zhao smiled awkwardly. She nodded. Li Shuo raised a toast to them. He took a sip of wine calmly. After a while, Zhao Jinxin came back. As soon as he sat down, he said, “Big Brother is free tomorrow? Let’s go play tennis.”

Li Shuo stretched his arms with a smile: “I just played with my dad this morning. I haven’t played for a long time. The muscles were strained. Next time.” Li Shuo looked at the expression of Zhao’s couple.

Zhao Rongtian coughed lightly: “what do you mean you wanna play tennis? Tomorrow we are going to the company to discuss things.”

“Oh.” Zhao Jinxin seemed to remember it. “Then I’ll go to the company tomorrow.” He took out his mobile phone. “Brother, give me your phone number.” When he said the word “phone”, he realized that he had blocked his number. He displayed an ambiguous smile that only Shuo could understand.

Li Shuo pulled out his phone silently, pressed it a few times. He then gently pushed the phone and slipped it over the dining table. He looked at Zhao Jinxin with a smile.

As soon as Zhao Jinxin picked up the phone, he saw the blacklist page. He smiled and liberated his number from the blacklist. Then he pushed the phone back: “Please take care of me later.” … “You’re welcome.”

After eating, the family of three said goodbye. As soon as he got back in the car, Mr. Li was not very happy and said, “Tell me, what are you trying to do infont of them?”

Li Shuo said calmly: “Zhao Jinxin is not suitable to work together. It will cause me trouble. It is best that his parents let him stay away from me.” Mr. Li did not speak. He just sighed heavily.

Mrs. Li persuaded: “The son is not a random person. That JinXin kid has been pampered ever since he is a child. It may not really be suitable for working together.”

Mr. Li then added: “Hey, Yes. I also heard that the kid is a playboy. I don’t know if he has the real skills. Little Shuo, I won’t force you to do anything. It’s all up to you.”

Li Shuo pats his dad’s shoulders. He gently smiled and said, “Thank you Dad.”

The next morning, the father and son of the Li family went to the headquarters of the Ennan Group. The receptionist invited them to the conference room. In addition to Zhao Rongtian and Zhao Jinxin, there were also two executives and secretaries.

The two entered the conference room. Except for Zhao Rongtian as the chairman, the others stood up in respect. For the first time, Li Shuo saw Zhao Jinxin wearing a formal suit. He was half a head taller than the foreigner with a big belly. He was wearing a three-piece suit in iron gray. He wore a tie of the same color. This young man can turn around and make a big fashion or movie star. Li Shuo couldn’t stop thinking about what a perfect body it is that was wrapped in that suit-after all, he had seen it.

Several people exchanges a few words. Zhao Jinxin took the initiative to open the chair for the father and son of the Li family: “Uncle Li, please sit down. Brother, please sit down.”

Li Shuo thought to himself. With Zhao Jinxin’s serious look like this, who can imagine that he would just pursue a man he had just met. He also sent semi-nude photos to a stranger. If it were not for the fact that he already had Li Chengxiu, he would definitely wanted to “see” the apartment Zhao Jinxin spoke of.

Zhao Rongtian is changed from yesterday’s kindness. His whole body is a fan of leaders of large groups. He first introduces two executives. One is his strategic development director. The other is the financial director who will be sent to the country. Then he briefly said his thoughts on developing the northern trade.

He hoped that Li Shuo would do it from consultation on policy and taxation to Cooperation on auditing. After he finished speaking, Zhao Jinxin opened the PowerPoint presentation. They began to elaborate on their plans. The company is still in the recruitment stage. Even the organizational framework has not been completed yet. But the company’s long-term development for years later seems to have been fully viewed by both father and son of the Zhao family.

If this is a small company, Li Shuo would think they are so tall and bragging. But Ennan is such a big office building. His evaluation, like what his father had said, Zhao Rongtian is a visionary man. That, and Zhao Jinxin’s ability has also impressed the father and son of the Li family. Several questions have been cut very deeply, which is definitely not an experience that a newly graduated student can have.

In fact, in the few hours that they chatted on the plane, Li Shuo knew that this person was by no means the second generation of the big boss. They did talked for a whole morning on the plane. Li Shuo is actually very interested in this cooperation. Not only can he bring considerable benefits to his firm, but also to cooperate with Ennan Group. This is beneficial whether for him personally or for the firm’s industry reputation. It is a leap forward. It would be too wasteful if such an opportunity was simply pushed away because of private matters.

Moreover, he had no reason to fear Zhao Jinxin’s “harassment”. He should believe in his own principles and determination. After the meeting, Zhao Rongtian had to do other things so he lets Zhao Jinxin take Li Shuo around the company. At noon, he asked Li Shuo to have a meal. Out of the office, Zhao Jinxin took Li Shuo to visit the various functional areas of the Ennan Group headquarters.

This office building is located in Midtown Manhattan. It is only two streets away from Rockefeller Center. The land price is scary. Ennan Group occupies four floors. The other floors are rented out. It is no exaggeration to say that even if Zhao Jinxin looks more conservative, as long as such a net worth is raised, there will be countless people who will pursue him. It is a pity that the material is not so attractive to Li Shuo. After all, he does not lack anything. He works because he enjoys the sense of accomplishment brought by the work, not because of money.

The office is full of employees. Zhao Jinxin behaved decently. But when he walked to the cafe where no one was there, he was exposed. He suddenly came to Li Shuo’s ear and whispered, “Do you think I look good in a suit? Tell me.”

Li Shuo took a step back. He smiled and said: “Appreciating beauty is everyone’s innate ability.”

“That makes sense.” Zhao Jinxin held out his hand and gently brushed Li Shou’s tie. There was a deep smile.

Li Shuo looked at his watch: “I will not take up your time at noon. I just happened to want to meet a friend.”

“An appointment with a friend? Why don’t you call him for dinner together? It’s on me.”

“No need to trouble you. Perhaps next time.”

Zhao Jinxin shrugged: “Okay. I’ll take you downstairs.”

The two went to the underground parking lot. Li Shuo held out his hand: “Thank you today. Contact me after returning home. If you have any questions, let’s talk over the phone.”

Zhao Jinxin held his hand. He smiled and said: “Okay. We will have an in-depth cooperation.” He deliberately emphasized the word “in-depth”.

Li Shuo directly ignored his meaningful emphasis. He drew back his hand and opened the door.

“Is he called Li Chengxiu?” Zhao Jinxin put his hands in his pockets. He looked at Li Shuo lazily.

Li Shuo couldn’t even say anything. His body stiffened. He turned his face and his face sank: “You investigate me?”

“The 21st century is the information age. Just to understand you a little bit. Don’t be so serious.”

Li Shuo narrowed his eyes: “Zhao Jinxin. I have tolerated you a lot. Don’t go too far.”

“Are you angry? Can I apologize?” Zhao Jinxin asked with a smile. “Sorry, I’m just … curious. He’s so skinny. Can he satisfy you?”

Li Shuo grabbed Zhao Jinxin’s shirt and with a spin, he pressed him heavily on the door. Zhao Jinxin held his hands high. The relaxed smile on his face remained the same: “You don’t seem to be as principled as you said. You are the third party in other people’s relationship. Why should you be so against me?”

Li Shuohan said: “You know shit.” He was really angry. The way Zhao Jinxin provoked him before, he only felt more helpless rather than displeased. Zhao Jinxin didn’t offend him. But what he said just now just poked a point that he was least willing to be poked at. And also the fact that Zhao Jinxin looked into him!

“I don’t know much. But I agree with you very much.” Zhao Jinxin blinked. “Go and get whatever you want. If you can’t take it, grab it. Isn’t it the nature of men? You are doing pretty well.”

“Things are not what you think. Li Chengxiu was shut by that bastard …” Li Shuo closed his eyes. Why did he say this to an outsider? He opened his eyes. His eyes were sharp and clear. “It doesn’t matter. If you offend me again, I won’t miss any sentiments.”

Zhao Jinxin laughed: “You are really interesting. I like you. I’m just doing the same thing as you. Why are you so scared? Are you afraid that you can’t resist me. Or are you afraid to see yourself in me?”

Li Shuo squeezed his shirt tightly. His fists clenched violently. His eyes were cruel. The two stared at each other for a long while. Zhao Jinxin didn’t even feel the slightest tension. A pair of flirtatious eyes smiled from beginning to end.

Li Shuo let out a breath. Eventually, he let go of Zhao Jinxin. He didn’t like violence. He didn’t like mistake. He straightened his shirt and pushed Zhao Jinxin away. He then opened the door and sat in. Zhao Jinxin grabbed the door. He smiled and said, “Baby, if you like that type, I bet you have never tasted real climax.”

Li Shuo was about to be blown away in anger by him. He pulled off Zhao Jinxin’s hand and pulled the door shut. Suddenly, Zhao Jinxin gave a high cry of pain. Li Shuo was taken aback. Looking up, he saw that the car door caught Zhao Jinxin’s right hand! He hurriedly pushed open the door. Looking at Zhao Jinxin’s pale complexion with no absolute pretense. He nervously asked: “You, why don’t you pull your hands?! … are you alright?”

“It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.” Zhao Jinxin bent over and covered his hands. The pain is unbearable. “You are too shallow.”

Li Shuo took a deep breath: “I swear I didn’t do it on purpose. Get in the car. I will take you to the hospital.”

Zhao Jinxin got into the co-pilot. His face began to sweat. He wriggled in his seat: “It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.” Li Shuo pulled his safety belt and fastened it on him: “You’re already an adult. Endure it. Who asked you to drag the door…”

Zhao Jinxin looked at Li Shuo. The corners of his eyes were drooping. He pouted his mouth. He looked really pitiful. Li Shuo sighed, feeling somewhat guilty: “I’m sorry. It was not intentional.” Although you deserve it.

“You kiss me and I believe you.” Zhao Jinxin blinked his eyes.

Li Shuo pushed away his head: “Sit properly.”

The two arrived at the hospital. Zhao Jinxin’s four fingers had swollen largely. There are purple and black congestion in the place where it was clamped. It was bandaged. Fortunately, the bones are fine and the skin is not broken. The doctor put an ice pack on him. He prescribed the medicine for internal and external rubbing. And he only needs to rest after this.

Li Shuo looked at Zhao Jinxin, whose right hand was temporarily useless. He had a terrible headache. He felt that Zhao Jinxin was going to use this against him. Sure enough, Zhao Jinxin waved his hand: “Send me back. I can’t drive like this.”

Li Shuo rubbed his temples, thinking. He took the medicine and his case. He sighed, “Let’s go.”

Li Shuo thought he would never come to the apartment that Zhao Jinxin had repeatedly spoke of. Unfortunately, things were unpredictable. He really came. As soon as he stepped in the door, some vivid pictures appeared in his mind. He blamed it all on Zhao Jinxin, the brat. But he dare not say anything.

Zhao Jinxin collapsed on the sofa. He said pitifully: “I’m so hurt.”

Li Shuo said: “Then what to do? It can only be iced now. It’s not very serious. It will disappear in a few days.”

“It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.” Zhao Jinxin showed a pitiful expression. Li Shuo sighed. He took off the ice pack then he took his hand carefully to examine it. His long, beautiful fingers are swelled and look like carrots.

He did feel guilty. He touched it gently. Then he put the ice pack back on his hand: “Put it on first. Keep it cold for one day. Then keep it hot. For medicine, I will help you divide the daily portion. Set reminders on your phone. Remember to eat on time.”

“Then? Then you don’t care about me?”

“I … what else do you want me to do?”

Zhao Jinxin pouted: “I’m hungry. Can you cook?”

“Yes. What do you want to eat?”

“Look what’s in the refrigerator. Just make anything.”

Li Shuo took the pillow on the sofa and place it under Zhao Jinxin’s head. “You rest for a while. If it hurts, bear with it. Although the doctor prescribed painkillers, it is best not to eat.”

Zhao Jinxin stared at him quietly and nodded. He showed a completely different kind of temperament in peaceful day. Li Shuo thought about it. He reached out and rubbed his head to comfort him. Then he got up and went to cook. Zhao Jinxin watched his back disappear in the kitchen. He whistled to himself softly.

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