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WTA Chapter 37

"I know better than you what ugly looks like."

Li Shuo was depressed for several days.

His mind was filled with a turbulent, depressed air, and they are all regarding Zhao Jinxin. He couldn’t digest it at all for a while, and it could only be resolved by masochistic exercises.

He exercised for a long time, sweating profusely in the gym, and when he was so tired that he even trembles when he walks, his brain went temporarily empty, thinking about nothing, not entangled in any thoughts. But this state did not last long. As he passed by the squash court, his brain exploded with the thoughts again.

He couldn’t help but pushed open the door of the squash court and sat down against the wall.

I’m so tired, I’m so fucking asking for trouble like this, he thought.

Thinking of the game that the two played back then, he couldn’t tell who the winner was. It was obvious that Zhao Jinxin lost the game but he had achieved his goal, and he won the game, but he had not had time to honor his reward. And he’s afraid there will never be a chance for him to cash it out.

Li Shuo doesn’t know if it’s because he’s getting older that it is easy for him to feel weak and fragile. He ended his relationship in the past but he had never reached such a low state. Now that he had just been hit by a broken relationship, it doesn’t seem like he’s even bother to get back up on his feet.

It’s just a broken heart. With time, it will pass soon.

Li Shuo stretched his sore thigh and left the squash court.

After taking a shower and changing clothes, he saw Han Feiye’s missed call on his mobile phone and a text message asking him if he would have time to watch a movie together at night. He sighed. In fact, he was resisting seeing anyone in his heart, but he still replied: Okay.

After going home and changing his clothes, he rushed to the cinema.

Han Feiye has always liked the kind of movies with strong literary atmosphere. The film he picked this time is no exception. The plot is as light as water, but the quality is delicate and beautiful. When Han Feiye was in college, he liked photography, and the two naturally talked about lens, lighting, etc. The topic is not at all boring.

After watching the movie, they found a Chinese restaurant nearby for dinner.

Han Feiye was blushing red from accidentally biting on the chili, but he had a great time eating.

Li Shuo smiled and said, “After so many years, your endurance for hot peppers still hasn’t improved.”

“No way, maybe because I just physically can’t take it, but I like to eat them.” Han Feiye said, taking another sip of the drink.

“Feiye, you really haven’t changed much.” Li Shuo couldn’t help but sigh. This person is really similar to how he remembered he is.

Han Feiye smiled and said, “You haven’t changed much either, but you are much more matured than before.”

“Haha, I’m here, but I don’t have the same vitality as before.” Li Shuo asked, “Fei Ye, have you been seeing anyone in these years?”

Han Feiye paused, sighed with a smile, and nodded: “Oh, it’s a pity that they all ended up without resentment. I have been struggling with my career a few years ago, and I am not thinking about being in a relationship.”

“Yeah, I understand.” Before the age of 30, he had his own fair share of bed partners and also serious boyfriends, but he didn’t think about the long-term and his career was the most important thing. After the age of 30, he seemed to have been given wisdom. Insinuation, or watching the friends around him set up families, he suddenly wanted to settle down.

“How about you?”

“I’ve been around about a few too.” Li Shuo shrugged and laughed at himself, “You saw it too.”

The two looked at each other and smiled, and both felt down.

After dinner, it was still early to head home so they wandered and chatted along the Times Square, reminiscing about the past. The topics were endless.

When Han Feiye raised his head, he suddenly stopped to look up ahead. Li Shuo followed his gaze and looked at the stock exchange board.

Han Feiye smiled and said: “In a few months, our company will be listed there.”

“Congratulations.” Li Shuo said sincerely, “Your hard work is worth all the rewards.”

“When my friend pulled me into the company to start a business, I thought about it for a long time. After all, I managed to gain a foothold on Wall Street. You should know that I am not a person to take risks.”

Li Shuo nodded: “I know.” Han Feiye was cautious and careful, completely different from him.

“Later, do you know why I agreed with him?”


“I thought of you.” Han Feiye looked at him with gentle and bright eyes, with a hint of affection. “I thought, when I was young, I wasn’t brave enough to take risk for love. I regretted it for many years. Now if I pull back again, how many years should I regret it?”

These words were spontaneous, and they were very heart-stirring. Li Shuo’s heart surged and he was full of emotion for a while. Only people of the same age can understand the ambivalent mentality of wanting to be content with the status quo but unwilling to obey the destiny. Breaking stability and seeking breakthroughs at this time requires courage several times stronger than in the twenties. If Han Feiye had such courage back then, the two of them must have been in a different situation. But he has found this courage right now and this is also very impressive. Li Shuo suddenly realized that Han Feiye had actually changed a lot, at least he was more confident than before. This time, with the mentality of theirs being basically equal, maybe the two can really have a chance to get together again.

Li Shuo sighed softly: “Fei Ye, it is really not easy for you to take this step, so you will definitely succeed.”

Han Feiye looked at the big light board of the stock exchange. The institution that symbolizes the world’s top wealth seemed to be waving at him. His eyes were brighter than the lights on the streets of Manhattan: “Little Shuo, I am standing next to you now. I will feel inferior, so I will try to get our feelings back.”

Li Shuo looked at Han Feiye with appreciation in his eyes. Although such a Han Feiye was strange, he also had some charm.

Just like before, I can try to develop new feelings, Li Shuo said to himself.

Let the meaningless past stay in the past forever.

Since that night, Zhao Jinxin has not contacted Li Shuo again, and Li Shuo has endured the unaccustomedness for the first few days, but he had slowly became calm.

He and Han Feiye met more and more frequently. They ate, went to bookstores, watched movies, and played football. These were all things that they used to do, but there was no progress between the two. Han Feiye has a reserved personality and is not a person who can take the initiative. He has always taken the initiative in his feelings, but at this time he is unable to make further actions. He is not willing to go into the reasons behind it, he just… does not want to change too quickly.

Han Feiye often shared the company’s affairs with him. The company has passed the qualification review, submitted a formal listing application, and worked well. If there is nothing unexpected, victory is just around the corner. Occasionally, he would discuss some financial problems with Li Shuo, and Li Shuo would try his best to help him.

Unconsciously, the weather became hot. By the time Li Shuo realized it, he had been in New York for more than half a year.

There’s no progress regarding Li Chengxiu. He guessed that Shao Qun was obstructing Brother Xiang’s investigation. He was increasingly unable to sit still. Even if he knew it might not be of any use, he decided to return to China in the near future. If he can’t find Li Chengxiu, he can also take a look at Wen Xiaohui’s current situation. For more than half a year, he was worried about Li Chengxiu being missing, but forgot to care about others.

After making up his mind, he informed his parents and Han Feiye about his decision, and then booked a flight ticket to return to China within three days.

He did not call Zhao Jinxin. The two of them have not been in contact for half a month. He is afraid that this could be exactly what Zhao Jinxin wants. Since sooner or later, he will have enough fun as well, so it’s better that both parties decently parted now. At least on the outside, he maintained a decent act. As for the mess inside, as long as others can’t see it, he can heal himself sooner or later.

Before leaving, Li Shuo and Han Feiye had an appointment to have a meal together. He arrived at the restaurant early. As soon as he was seated, his cell phone rang, and Han Feiye called, “Hey, Feiye.”

“Little Shuo, are you already out?” Han Feiye’s voice didn’t sound right.

Li Shuo smiled and said: “I just went out, don’t worry, take your time.”

“Sorry Little Shuo, I can’t come today.”

“Huh? What’s wrong, what happened?”

“Something went wrong in the company. The boss told us to go to a meeting now. I don’t know what it is, but it should be very urgent after hearing him, so I…”

“It’s okay, then you go quickly, business is important.”

Han Feiye apologized: “I wanted to see you off, but now I won’t see you before you leave.”

Li Shuo said dismissively, “It’s okay. I won’t be going back for a long time this time. Maybe I’ll be back here next month. Then you can catch me again. Be careful when you drive. If you need my help, call me, okay?”


After hanging up the phone, Li Shuo stood up a little awkwardly, told the waiter that the reserved seat was no longer needed, and hurriedly left the restaurant.

It’s good, I’m going back to China tomorrow, so I’d better go back and accompany my parents, he thought.

Early the next morning, Uncle Guang sent Li Shuo to the airport, and his parents went with him.

After checking in, Li Shuo smiled and said to his parents, “Go back. I have told you not to come a long time ago. I should come back soon.”

Mr. Li said: “You don’t have to come back in a hurry. I am fine for a long time. You can do what you want to do and go to Sanya to investigate the project. Let’s communicate at any time. If it is feasible, I will move forward.”

“Okay, don’t worry, Dad, take care, Mom, you take good care of my dad and let him avoid working too much.”

“I’ll see to it, be careful on the way.”

“Brother Li.”

A clear and nice male voice came from behind him and Li Shuo trembled all over, his expression froze immediately.

“Oh, Jinxin?”

“Uncle, Auntie.” Zhao Jinxin walked over, he only brought one suitcase, with a warm smile on his face, “Brother Li, you came so early.”

Li Shuo took a deep breath, turned around calmly, smiled and said, “I came here early for fear of traffic jams.”

“Little Shuo, why didn’t you say that Jin Xin was going back with you?”

“Oh? I didn’t say it?”

“You definitely didn’t say it.” Mrs. Li said, “That’s right, you guys can chat on the way, it will not be so boring.”

Li Shuo smiled on his lips and looked at Zhao Jinxin with distaste in his eyes: “Yes.”

Saying goodbye to their parents, the two walked side by side to security.

Zhao Jinxin smiled and said, “Didn’t you say that we should go back together? Why didn’t you call me?”

“I forgot.” Li Shuo stared straight ahead blankly.

“You’re so ruthless, isn’t Uncle Li turning his face too quickly?”

Li Shuo said politely, “It’s not appropriate to put it like that.”

Zhao Jinxin leaned down slightly and laughed twice: “Then it’s appropriate for you to kick me away when you are done with me?”

He said in a low voice and Li Shuo couldn’t hear his emotions, but Li Shuo can still feel a chill inexplicably. He clenched his fists, put down the writhing anger in his chest, looked forward without squinting, and smiled indifferently: “This kind of statement, It’s even more inappropriate.”

“Why? Am I wrong?”

“I really hate reasoning with people like you. It’s a waste of time. It’s useless. So just say whatever you want.” Li Shuo walked to the customs quickly. The few minutes spent with Zhao Jinxin were more tiring than when he exercised for the whole afternoon. Since Zhao Jinxin knew that he was leaving today, he must have been ready long ago. When he thought of the next ten hours, he would face Zhao Jinxin again, he suddenly feel like he wanted to take a boat back home instead.

What does Zhao Jinxin want to do? What else does he want to do?

He refused to rebuild trust with him, said that he had ‘never dated’ anyone, and finally when faced with his cohabitation invitation, he slapped him in the face by rejecting it. A young player who just wants to have fun in time and does not want to be bound by responsibilities, he fully understands this, but he doesn’t want to play with him anymore, why does he dare to speak rudely to him now and playing victim?

It’s ridiculous.

The two went through customs and inspection temporarily separately.

Zhao Jinxin ended the security check first and waited at the security checkpoint for Li Shuo.

Li Shuo adjusted himself a bit. On the surface, he looked as calm as water, and he made a “please” gesture towards Zhao Jinxin.

After all, they are still business partners.

Zhao Jinxin raised the corner of his lips, smiling very coldly.

They walked side by side towards the lounge.

As soon as he entered the lounge, Li Shuo went straight to the VIP room, trying to keep Zhao Jinxin out of his sight.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Jinxin swaggered to follow him.

Li Shuo grabbed the doorknob and frowned, “Aren’t you a member here? Or you can swipe my card. There are many other rooms here.”

Zhao Jinxin spread his hands innocently: “That’s a waste, let’s use only one.”

Li Shuo narrowed his eyes: “Did I not make it clear enough that night?”

“Clear, but I didn’t agree.”

“I don’t need your consent.”

Zhao Jinxin leaned his elbow on the wall and smiled ambiguously, “I haven’t seen you for two weeks. I miss you so much. Even if Uncle Li doesn’t want me, doesn’t he want my dick?”

“Can you be more decent in public?”

Zhao Jinxin bit his lip and smiled and said, “I’m sorry? Uncle Li is serious in front of people, but he can’t bear it in the bed. This contrast is really cute.”

Li Shuo looked around, and remembered that the two spoke Chinese, and the chance of someone passing by who happened to be able to understand was very low. It was too early to blush because of dirty talk, but he was not slanted and interested. He said solemnly, “Jin Xin, don’t make things too ugly.”

“Ugly…” Zhao Jinxin’s beautiful eyes were filled with unfathomable emotions at this time, “I know better than you what ugly looks like.” He suddenly opened the door of the room and pushed Li Shuo in as he also went in.

Li Shuo was caught off guard. Before he could turn around, he heard that the door was locked behind his back. The next second, he was rushed into a familiar embrace, and all the anger that had not yet exited was blocked by a hot kiss.

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