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VGSB Chapter 11

Side Mission¹

1The title of this chapter are same with chapter 8’s title *scratch head*

Ling Huan was shocked, “There are still exams? Can I finish the exam in one hour?”

He looked at the man with a pleading eyes.

“Can you issue a certificate immediately after the exam?”

“If, if you pass, of course it is possible…”

Being looked at sincerely by the youth’s amber clear eyes, the man was stunned for a while before he reminded him gently.

“Our exam is very difficult.”

It was good to have self-confidence, but a blind self-confidence might cause him to received a big blow.

In the world where AO2AO = Alpha/Omega was regarded with high value and B3B = Beta were just ordinary people, it was even more difficult for Betas to find a high-paying, easy and decent career, so the profession of a Breeder was well-known to everyone4Raw 众所周知(zhòng suǒ zhōu zhī); as everyone knows (idiom). as a delicious pastry.

Everyone was feeling ticklish in their heart and eagerly came to see if they were lucky enough to take a bite.

When the Registration hall was just established, the Betas who came to take the exam every day to get the certificate almost flattened the threshold. Everyone was full of confident when they came, but in the middle of exam they were defeated again and again, and finally left with tail between their legs. Some of the Beta even suffered from Alpha phobia after the exam, which shows that the exam was abnormally difficult.

Within eight years, there were only ten registered breeders.

On average, only one succeeded in a year.

The man glanced at Ling Huan, his appearance was indeed stunning enough, he was indeed outstanding within the generally ordinary Beta, but the Alpha in their childhood didn’t looked at appearance, they were all unreasonable cocky brats.

“It just happens that there are two Alpha cubs who signed up for Breeder No. 4 to be quarantined and observed today. The level of danger of one of them…” The man turned on the Light Brain and slid down the information, “The level of danger is five stars and your exam subject this time happened to be him.”

Ling Huan followed and glanced at the Light Brain, found out that there were only five stars in total, and the fluorescent screen was red, which looked like a full screen of warnings.

“I will not follow you into the isolation room. You can choose whether or not to wear the protective clothing. Of course, I suggest you to wear them. Otherwise, you will have to get an injection if you get scratch. You have to sign an exemption agreement before going in.”

“My surname is Qin, you can call me Instructor Qin.” He smiled and looked back at Ling Huan, and asked casually, “What level is your Spiritual power?”

Ling Huan said uncertainly, “S-level?”

When he first transmigrated over and the Main Brain input his identity, it seemed to say that he has an S-level Spiritual power.

Instructor Qin raised his eyebrows and stopped, “Did you bring your Spiritual power certificate?”


Instructor Qin laughed out loud. The favorable gaze he used to looked at Ling Huan was reduced, thinking that this was just an adolescent boy who couldn’t wait to proved himself, and shook his head invisibly, “I’m just asking casually, you can tell the truth.”

Beta with S-level Spiritual power?

What a clumsy lies, even A-level was more credible than S-level.

Not to mention that most of the Betas don’t even have Spiritual power, and even alphas with excellence quality were rarely have an S-level spiritual power. Among the current ten Breeders, the highest level was only A-level.

If any family has a Beta with an S-level spiritual power, it would had been spread all across the local planet and it would have been publicized with gongs and drums. How could Ling Huan’s tone was very ordinary as if he was talking about the weather?

Passing through the corridor and entering a room with four white walls, Instructor Qin put on his gloves and gently pressed on the wall. The white wall that the two were facing at, flickered twice and quickly turns into transparent glass.

Ling Huan, who had never seen the world, squeaked in surprise, and saw another connected room behind the glass. There were one tiny lump of gray balls curled up in the corner. Because the distance was too far, he couldn’t see where the head was.

“He’s not happy right now, his butt is facing us.” Instructor Qin’s gaze become amiable as if he was looking at a child in his rebellious period. He pressed his finger on the wall, and five little red stars appeared on the white wall.

“Your exam content is to reduce his dangerous level to three stars within one hour.”

There was a crackling of beeping sound in Ling Huan’s consciousness.

【Synchronous Side Mission has been opened: comfort a heartbroken Curly Snow Bunny, Drop Props Reward for completion of the mission: Indestructible Multi-colored Plush Balls. 】

【Host’s Main Mission reward Premium Fur Smoothing Brush has been issued, please check it carefully. 】


Author has something to say:

【Ling Ling: Is, is it a bunny? (Tickle heart)】


  • 1
    The title of this chapter are same with chapter 8’s title *scratch head*
  • 2
    AO = Alpha/Omega
  • 3
    B = Beta
  • 4
    Raw 众所周知(zhòng suǒ zhōu zhī); as everyone knows (idiom).
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