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TRTN Chapter 9

The bloody apartment (9)


Chapter 9… The Bloody Apartment (9)


The administrator got stuck for a long time. After a while, a grimace was squeezed out of his wrinkled face: “No, nothing, what we want is the corpse of this little beast.”


“Who killed this little beast?” His was muddy eyes rolled, staring at everyone present.


Xu Jiaojiao, who had been slumped to the ground, finally struggled to get up, shivering and pointing to the messy meat: “It’s the pervert with golden glasses. He died with the monster.”


“The person is dead? Then? It’s a pity that the rewards promised to him can’t be sent.” The administrator said with great regret: “However, there are a few other little beasts who have been lost in the apartment…”


The bald man on the side heard it, his eyes red with jealousy , a pair of small eyes spinning quickly.


Immediately afterwards, the administrator closed the elevator again, drove everyone away, and warned with a serious expression: “The corpses of this little beast will naturally be cleaned up by the residents, and none of you are allowed to move.”


Everyone was driven away from the first floor. After that, they broke up angrily.


Only Shen Yu, standing on a high place, looked downstairs at a distance before leaving.


He saw the administrator who had never been active in the daytime. At this time, he was taking a few apartment tenants and sneaking into the elevator, looking for something in the dead body of the monster.


He knew that the other party must be looking for the golden key.


Xu Jiaojiao was shocked because of the previous shock. At this time,  she clung tightly to Cuihua and was in a panic.


Cuihua comforted her for a while, then placed her in another safe place, and then came to find Anonymous and Shen Yu.


When the three came to a quiet place, Shen Yu finally found the opportunity to show the golden key that had been hidden in his sleeves to Anonymous and Cuihua: “I just noticed that the corridor manager’s eyes were wrong, so I didn’t hand it over. “The golden key is completely different from the red or pink key before.


Anonymous took the key, looked at it for a moment, and couldn’t help but exclaimed: “You react quickly. Some characters in the book sometimes do deliberately deceive us.”


The residents and administrators in this apartment don’t want the monster corpse, but the key.


“However, how should we use it?” Cuihua asked.


Shen Yu pondered for a moment: “Wu Jianyi’s name is engraved on the key. Maybe this key is the key to open room 444?” A few people had planned to go to Room 444 before. At this time, it was a hit, and they decided to use this key in things. Try it on both floors.


However, Room 444 in the East Building still couldn’t be opened. Whether it was with the key or the door directly, even Cuihua failed to open the door with brute force.


The three of them had no choice but to go to the West Building to try again.


And room 444 in the west building… is not locked!


The door of Wu Jianyi’s residence in the West Building was concealed, and it opened with a light push.


Shen Yu stood in front of the door, holding the key that was not useful at all in his hand, and he was even more puzzled.


In the room, the furniture is very messy, as if it had been ransacked.


The dressing table by the window was overturned, the rusty razor rolled to the ground, the double bed was dilapidated, and the alphabet on the wall was covered with a thick layer of dust.


Anonymous made a rough survey and speculated: “According to the traces of life left, a family of three lived here before.”


The alphabet for children to read, the dresser for women, the razor for men, and the double bed for couple sleeping together. .


Wu Jianyi took his own mistress into the room and gave birth to a son. He fits well with the traces of this family of three… But what about Zhang Lili?


Although she has disappeared, she is the real hostess of Room 444. She has lived here for many years, and she should have left some traces of her life more or less.


But no, not at all!


Her traces were artificially and deliberately removed, as if they had never existed.


At this time, Shen Yu found a diary from the overturned desk drawer.


When he opened the diary, the handwriting on it was in a mess, like someone who was anxious and panicked, writing it up indiscriminately.


[September 16, sunny]


[She filed for a divorce with me, how dare this bitch woman? 】


【Not only eating mine and drinking mine, but also unable to give birth to a son, how dare to divide my money now? [September 20th, sunny]


[I locked her at home, wanting her to reflect on it, but the bitch dare to run away? 】【There is no way but to lock her in the closet. ]


[September 21, overcast]


[Oh, what should I do? How to do? How to do? ? ? ]


[September 22, gloom]


[I can’t go to jail, Axiang told me she is pregnant and it is a son! ] [My son must have a father! ]


[September 23, sunny]


[The apartment we live in is too shabby and needs renovation. ]


[October 2nd, sunny]


[The whole apartment was renovated in less than ten days. I have used the fastest speed. 】【Old neighbors praised us, no one talked about gossip. 】


【It’s just that I want to paint the apartment white, but the color of the walls is a little powdery. ] [But it doesn’t matter. ]


[October 3rd, sunny]


[Published a missing person notice in the newspaper, although I know she will not go home. [November 1, sunny]


[Bring Axiang home, waiting for the birth of her baby son. 】


In the following diary entries , the handwriting gradually tends to be flat, and the records are also frequent trivial things, such as “the birth of a son”, “Little Treasure called Dad”, “Little Treasure can walk”, “Little Treasure gets into trouble again” It’s getting more and more naughty” and so on…


These brief records in a few words are probably a few years away from the previous diary.


Then, the words in the diary suddenly began to panic again.


[September 20th, overcast]


[Little Treasure is so naughty, I don’t know where to pick up a newspaper from a few years ago. 】【It is the missing person notice published in the old newspaper. 】


【Inexplicably, I feel a little flustered. 】


【September 21st, gloom】


【Now that I think of it, seven years have passed. 】


【Today also happens to be the 21st. ]


[October 3rd, overcast]


[How is it possible? I didn’t do anything at all. Why is there a missing person notice in today’s newspaper? 】【This missing person notice is exactly the same as seven years ago. 】


【Who did it? 】


【October 10th, overcast】


【For seven consecutive days, the newspaper will publish exactly the same missing persons notices every day. ] [But it is impossible for her to come back! 】


【The neighbors have all theories, and their eyes are starting to be wrong when they see me. 】


【A bunch of bastards, and want the benefits for free, didn’t I pay enough closing fee for shutting their mouths last time? ] [October 11th, gloom]


[The missing person notice was published in the newspaper, and then she really came back. 】【impossible! Absolutely impossible! 】


【At first, I obviously hid her!]


When the diary entries reached here, the handwriting has been scribbled to be difficult to distinguish, and blood stains even appeared inexplicably on the paper in the middle of the diary.


In the end, the recorder of the diary seemed exhausted, and just used weak words to record the last paragraph.


[I don’t know what month and date it is now. 】


【I just know that I want to hide. 】


【Axiang and Little treasure, they have been hidden first, and everyone in the apartment is looking for us like crazy. 】【They can call me “Master Wu” in person and affectionately, but they want to stab us to death. ] [Because they want us to leave here. 】


【But she has returned, each of you is an accomplice, everyone should not try to escape. [No one can leave the apartment…]


The messy and scribbled text came to an abrupt end.


Shen Yu sighed in his heart and silently closed the diary.


Their worries before became a fact.


Zhang Lili, the hostess of No. 444, had died at the time and was not lost.


The cause of her death might be manslaughter. The most likely cause was to be locked in the closet. As a result, she died of suffocation due to lack of oxygen.


She must have been in pain before she died.


Seeing his expression, Anonymous also took the diary and read it again, and then thoughtfully said: “We have found the core of this horror novel.”


“This is a story of a female ghost’s revenge.”


Derailed, domestic violence, The husband accidentally locked his wife in the closet and suffocated her to death. He didn’t want to take responsibility for the murder, so he hid his wife’s body, and then pretended to post a missing person notice.


The reason why the husband renovated the entire apartment for free was to hide the traces of his wife’s body, and to give the apartment tenants a benefit, so as to block their mouths.


Then seven years after her death, his wife turned into a ghost and returned for revenge.


The object of her revenge is obviously not only her husband’s  family, but everyone in the apartment.


It also includes the residents who are greedy, hypocritical, with long tongues, and push her to the fire pit step by step.


So the residents in the apartment panicked.


They can warmly praise Master Wu for free decoration, and naturally they can chase and kill Wu Jianyi’s family of three and scold them for their own lives.


The wife who turned into a ghost wanted to kill them, and the residents of the apartment wanted to kill them too.


So Wu Jianyi hid in the elevator, perhaps because of Zhang Lili’s resentment, he became a monster.


It’s just that…


Shen Yu looked at the key in his hand in confusion.


The key taken out of the monster’s corpse cannot open the closed door of Room 444 in the East Building, and Room 444 in the West Building is not locked, so what’s the use of the key?


Why do apartment residents want to get this key?


The monster Wu Jianyi has turned into has a key, and does it also have other monsters?


While he was thinking hard, Shen Yu suddenly felt that the black book in his hand was a little hot.


The original icy cover, at this time, was tender and soft like the skin of a living person.


He opened his book and found that after finding new clues, the story in the black book had indeed been updated.


[Thirteen cleaners stepped into the pink apartment. 】


【Mint accidentally discovered the secret hidden behind the apartment. 】


【Be careful, now they all know. 】


【Guess, how long can you live? 】




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    【Guess, how long can you live? 】


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