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TRTN Chapter 25

Hide and seek (2)


Chapter 25… Hide and Seek (2)


“You want to do it with me?” The woman squeezed out the burning cigarette, leaving only a trace of smoke rising in her hand.


Zhang Cuihua in the crowd looked at the rising nicotine with greedy eyes, and sniffed her nose almost aggrievedly.


“Little girl, you better know each other!” The strong man stretched out his palm and wanted to grab the woman’s white and tender wrist.


But what he didn’t expect was that the woman in the red skirt jumped on her toes and passed over his head lightly, like a flying bird, falling silently behind him.


“You…” The strong man widened his eyes in astonishment.


Before he uttered his exclamation, he suddenly let out a stern scream, “Hand! My hand– ” He screamed and fell to his knees. Holding his wrist and rolling on the floor with pain, blood spilled all over the deck.


His left hand was gone, and the blood-sprayed wrist section was as flat as it was cut by a sharp blade.


The woman in the red dress looked at the brawny man indifferently, stroked a slender steel wire with two fingers, and wiped the blood from the steel wire, with a cold expression on her face.


Until the end of the good show, the crowd suddenly burst into laughter, “Idiot! Where does this fool come from? He doesn’t even know Starscream, so he dares to go forward and die!”


Starscream, on the stone tablet of the White Tower, one of the top ten novelists, wearing a red dress and a cigarette stick in her hand, is her signature style.


That brawny man must be a half-hearted guy who has just started, so he dared to provoke the top ten characters. This time he just lost a hand. It is still lucky for him!


Most novelists are laughing at the brawny, but many ordinary tourists who are only “audiences” can’t stand the bloody scene in front of them and just wants to escape here.


Someone screamed out of control, turned and fled to the upper deck of the cabin.


Almost accompanied by this scream, many novelists wearing black bracelets looked at each other, and almost immediately used their skills to catch up.


The scene was instantly chaotic.


People wearing black bracelets were constantly hunting and looting.


The person wearing the white bracelet would either stay stunned, or run around in a panic.


Shen Yu was also among the people being hunted down.


He raised his head and looked at the cabin above his head, which was one storey higher, and suddenly remembered what Captain Hans had said before.


Invite the distinguished guests to go to the ballroom on the top floor to participate in the ball…


He instantly realized and he sprinted up the way leading to the top floor, while shouting at the crowd wearing white bracelets below, “Go to the top floor! According to the rules of the cruise ship, people with black bracelets cannot approach the ballroom on the top floor!” The ball is prepared for the distinguished passengers. In the eyes of the captain, “inferior  species” naturally cannot approach the ballroom of the superior.


This sound was like a thunderbolt in a clear sky, and instantly awakened everyone present.


Those who react quickly have already begun to climb up desperately.


But Shen Yu’s shout, instantly made him a target of public target.


“Where did this little white face come from? What identity?” “I haven’t seen him before! A newcomer who has just entered the tower…” “He also has a white bracelet!”


“Grab him!”


Several novelists wearing black bracelets, apart from anything else, he raised a knife towards him.


Shen Yu’s eyes sank, his left hand was placed on the black book, and he used the props:


[Plain Engineer Shovel]


The heavy touch of the engineer’s shovel fell in his hands, and his heart was slightly relaxed.


Just at this moment, one person has already rushed in front of him, slashing at the top of his head fiercely with his hands.


Shen Yu raised his shovel to block.


With a “slash “, this unremarkable-looking shovel cut off its sharp horn in one fell swoop.


The novelist who was holding half of it was taken aback, but before he could react, Shen Yu had already slapped a shovel on the tip of his nose!


He screamed, clutching his broken nose, nosebleeds between his fingers, and he stumbled down the stairway.


Without the slightest stasis, Shen Yu launched his second skill


[Gift of the Female Ghost] like a flowing water .


The scarlet thread appeared out of thin air, spread wantonly, and instantly entangled other people who came after it.


He grabbed the handrail of the stairway, like a dexterous cat, throwing away the crowd in twos or threes, and climbed to the higher cabin.


Three seconds later, the novelists, who were suffocated by the bloodshot threads, fell to the ground with a flushed face, clutching their necks and coughing violently.


“Who is this kid? He doesn’t look like a newcomer at all!”


“I don’t know! His pen name has never been seen on the stone tablet of White Tower…”


“Are the new novelists nowadays monsters?”


Starscream,  also walked over at this time, looking at the direction Shen Yu had left, and slightly raised the corners of her mouth.


“This newcomer is interesting!”


Then she turned her contemptuous gaze to the red-faced novelists.


“Your self-defeating, bullying, and lazy-working appearances seem to be no different from the beaming clowns you laughed at before.” She sneered and left .


Before leaving, Starscream also dropped a sentence, “A group of frogs at the bottom of the well!” Looking at her back, the people who were mocked were so angry that they didn’t dare to speak, so they could only watch the boss leave.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, many people who were unable to protect themselves but were wearing white bracelets also took the opportunity to flee to the top.


But there are still many unlucky people who have not had time to escape, are intercepted by others and are forced to hand over their white bracelets.


The deck was in chaos again.



Shen Yu ran to the top of the cruise ship in one breath, and then stopped and took a rest.


As he thought, those wearing black bracelets, let alone entering the top floor, that is, the three-storey cabins close to the top, will be driven off by the sailors guarding them.


“Go away, inferior people! Is this where you should come? Go back to your bottom cabin and be with the ship maggots!”


One of the people wearing a black bracelet, because he didn’t want to watch his prey slip away, trying to forcefully squeeze into the upper level, but was shot and killed by the sailors, and the bloody corpse was thrown into the water to feed the fish.


And those who escaped to the upper level by chance, as long as they wear a white bracelet, they will be respectfully invited to the ballroom by the sailors.


Shen Yu was the first to reach the top.


The door of the ballroom in front of him was slowly opening.


A group of tall, handsome men and beauties, all of them blond and blue-eyed, rushed out of the ballroom neatly to greet them, “Dear passengers, the party is about to begin, and we are your dancing partners!”


These handsome and beautiful boys and girls were so enthusiastic. It made people blush, and many people who were still in shock were all pulled into the ballroom at a loss.


A blonde girl who doesn’t seem to be a teenager, is enthusiastic and cheerful, with a rosy face, like a lovely youth. Just like a cute lark, she flew into Shen Yu’s arms as if flying, “Dear Mr. Passenger, I am your dancing partner. Would you like to dance with me?”


Shen Yu squinted his eyes, stepped back vigilantly, and distanced himself from the passionate girl as much as possible, “Of course! Beautiful lady, it is my honor to dance with you. I haven’t asked your name yet?” The girl giggled, “My name is Chrissy.”


“Okay, Miss Chrissy, please hold my hand and be careful of falling!” Shen Yu used holding hands as an excuse, finally distancing from the girl who had been throwing herself into his arms.


“God, you are such a respectable gentleman.” The smile on Chris’ face became more delicate.


While they were talking, the two had already walked into the ballroom.


Even though he had already prepared himself, the ballroom on this cruise ship still surprised Shen Yu.


The dome and floor are inlaid with gold threads, with ivory, jade, pearls and other ornaments displayed on all sides. The luxury is everywhere, showing off without concealment.


At this time, in the ballroom, someone has begun to dance in pairs.


Everyone is equipped with a dance partner, even those who are clumsy and can’t dance, blushed, and under the patient guidance of the dance partner, they dance awkwardly.


When Shen Yu was in college, for reasons of interest, he spent a year in the waltz club on campus. At this time, he was comfortable with simple dance steps.


At least it’s better than those who always step on the dance partner’s feet.


After a dance, Chrissy smiled with almost some surprise, “God! Your dance steps are amazing.”


“The first time I saw an excellent gentleman like you, the dance steps, cultivation, and appearance are all impeccable. Are you from a noble background? Otherwise, how could you have such a pale and noble complexion!”


Hearing her endless praise, Shen Yu’s eyebrows lightly jumped.


Since childhood, many people have praised his fair skin, like a soft warm jade.




He calmly continued to dance with the girl, as if seducing, and asked, “Chrissy, what kind of person am I in your eyes?” The girl blushed, “You are the most handsome person I have ever seen. The noble skin is pale and bloodless, the brilliant blonde hair is like shining sunlight, and those azure blue eyes were deeper than the sea…”


Shen Yu didn’t listen to Chrissy’s next compliment.


Blond hair, blue eyes, pale complexion, and the appearance described by the other party is clearly white.


As an authentic yellow man, Shen Yu blinked his ink-stained eyes, and his expression gradually became weird.


The dance music continues.


On the west side of the ballroom, there is a huge mercury mirror, reflecting the dancing men and women in the ballroom.


Shen Yu cleverly moved the dance steps, leading the girl in circles, turning around and coming to the mirror.


He looked into the mirror.


He saw in the mirror, the person who was dancing with the girl Chrissy, was a blond white teenager who looked like a classical aristocrat.


In an instant, Shen Yu seemed to understand, what the captain’s “noble person” meant!


He also understood what those so-called “inferior people” represented!


After all, this is “White Angel”.




His mood suddenly turned gloomy, and he couldn’t help but stop dancing.


Before Chrissy was surprised, in the front of the ballroom, a white male in uniform climbed up to the high platform and said loudly, “Dear ladies and gentlemen!”


“I am the chief mate of this ship, Jack!”




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