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TRTN Chapter 15

Real life

Chapter 15 … Real Life


He was falling endlessly.


The next second, he fell heavily onto the soft bed.


The darkness in front of him had faded. Shen Yu got up, only to find that he fell onto his own bed and was surrounded by a familiar room.


As if the past few days were just a nightmare, nothing happened.


It’s just…


He looked solemn and picked up the black book in his hand.


It was true.


He turned the pages of the book and saw his first horror story “The Bloody Apartment” written on it.


At the end of the story, another sentence was added.


[The novelist Mint acquired the skill “Female Ghost’s Appreciation” and the prop “Luminol Reagent”]. He turned a page again and saw a bunch of blood-red hair drawn with rough brushstrokes on the originally blank page.


[Zhang Lili is very grateful for everything you have done for her, so she cut off a section of her hair as a gift. 】【Activation of the skill, you can restrain the target for three seconds. After the blood threads sucked the blood, the restraint time can be relatively extended.] [Ps: Please don’t fall in love and cheat on your wife during the period of use.Otherwise, Zhang Lili’s blood will not let you go!] Turning to the second page, a jar of luminol reagent was drawn.


[I am the strongest in chasing murderers for thousands of miles. With this pot of reagents, I am the most beautiful cub in the detective world! 】【The use of props can make the wiped blood stains visible in a dark environment. It can be used for unlimited times, but it is useless for the blood stains wiped with bleach.] [Ps: I don’t know if this item is useful, but I still have to say that this item is not edible! Some nasty hosts are requested not to try to put chemical reagents into their mouths.] Looking at the newly acquired skills and props, Shen Yu felt a little bit strange in his heart and he opened a new page again with a complicated mood.


Only one sentence was written on this page.


[Congratulations to the novelist “Mint” for finishing a horror story. You have been qualified to enter the “White Tower of Words”.] White Tower of Words?


Shen Yu brushed the bloody palm prints on the writing and couldn’t help thinking.


However, a rush of cell phone ringing interrupted his thoughts.


He clicked and talked casually but the sound from his phone shocked him all over.


“Surname Shen, I will go to your house with a gas tank tonight and die with you!” On the phone, the editor’s voice broke down: “Ancestor, what is today’s date!? Tomorrow the magazine will ask me for thedrafts, have you finished writing it!”


Drafts! Deadline!!


Even when facing monsters, Shen Yu was not afraid of danger but his heart trembled after hearing these two words.


What was the worst thing in the world? It was not,getting involved in a world of fiction where people will die at any time.


What’s worse then? It was, after you escaped from the novel, the first thing you did after returning to reality was to be reminded by the editor.


“The script, I haven’t…I…. soon…give me some more time…” he explained haltingly.


The editor’s voice was even more desperate: “You haven’t written a word? What have you been doing these past few days? Have you gone to heaven? Why couldn’t I reach your cell phone?”


I went to write a novel, the kind of life written!


Shen Yu pinched his eyebrows with a headache. He didn’t know how to explain it.


Just when he was struggling to apologize to the editor who was also struggling, the door of the room was knocked suddenly.


He turned off the phone and leaned close to the cat’s eye to look out.


Standing outside the door were two police officers with rare guns on their bodies.They politely informed him to pack up and leave the house.



Shen Yu was sitting at the gate of the community in a daze with his belongings, surrounded by crowds.


Just now, the officers notified the unfortunate news that for unknown reasons, the foundation of this old community has collapsed and the entire community may be swallowed by danger at any time, so all residents were urgently asked to leave to avoid danger.


Afterwards, the relevant government departments will strengthen and repair the community. If the repairs are unsuccessful, the residents will need to move out of the area and the government will come forward to compensate the residents of the community for all losses.


The police went door-to-door to inform them that someone was saving their lives and was afraid that the whole community would really collapse, so they would move out early. There are also some stubborn people who were unwilling to leave in a hurry and were waging a fight with the police.


The community was full of hustle and bustle but Shen Yu was increasingly troubled with his luggage.


What’s worse than the worse things?


It was your return to reality after nine deaths. Not only do you have to be urged by the editor, but you are suddenly homeless.


The government’s compensation and resettlement house cannot arrive tonight. He must drag his luggage and go to a hotel for the night.


Shen Yu stood up helplessly but suddenly a hello came from behind him: “We meet again!”


He turned around in disbelief and saw Cuihua, who had just been separated, standing behind him, smiling at him.


In the novel, Cuihua was wearing a wide black and white sportswear, her face was tender as a middle school student with a lollipop in her mouth.


But now, Cuihua took off her sports clothes and wore a smart military uniform with a gun on her waist. Her hair was shorter, and she looked more like a soldier.


Hmm… the height is still a bit short!


Cuihua didn’t know Shen Yu’s thoughts at this time. She skilfully took out a cigarette from her pocket, didn’t light it but just dangled it at the corner of her mouth: “I originally wanted to find you but I didn’t expect to run into you so soon.”


“You live here?” She asked, pointing to the community.


Shen Yu frowned and instantly grasped the key point: “You banned this community…not because of the collapse of the foundation, but because of the novel?”


He still remembered the last sentence of Anonymous.


Can’t let her invade our world…


Cuihua looked at his expression, and simply led him to the police car: “I’ll take you to a place.”



In the city ​​centre, an inconspicuous courtyard.


A sign “Zeshui City Academy of Sciences” stood at the entrance of the courtyard and a soldier was standing guard.


The yard is a bit old, the verdant creeper crawls all over the back of the building and the civil servants in the building come and go in an endless stream.


If Shen Yu had passed by this yard before, he would definitely not be interested in taking a look, because this place is too unremarkable, just as ordinary as countless basic office buildings.


But after he really entered here, everything that happened subverted his cognition.


“Don’t look right and left here, at least three snipers are watching you on the road you have just walked.” Cuihua walked in front to lead him.


“Don’t run around after entering the building. The civil servants who just passed you by, at least half of them are plainclothes. You are a newcomer. They don’t know you. If you get caught, I have to go to the top to ask someone.”


Turning left and right, she led him to a young man: “Head, I brought him here.”


This man was not wearing a military uniform like Cuihua, but was wearing a long black windbreaker. The dressing is a bit casual, which is incompatible with this place.


Shen Yu was very tall, but he was taller than Shen Yu.His eyes were jet-black, his face was stern, his eyebrows were very handsome and his body was lonely and tall.


The man looked at Shen Yu and asked him to sit down with a faint expression: “Shen Yu, 24 years old this year, born and raised in Zeshui City.His parents drowned accidentally when he was three years old.”


Shen Yu paused, then smiled “Sir, you checked my household registration?” The man continued: “After your parents passed away, a distant relative took care of you and became your guardian. But when you were five years old, this family member died of gas poisoning.”


“After that, several distant relatives lived with you, but they encountered accidents one after another. In the end you lived alone in the house left to you by your parents until today.”


The smile on Shen Yu’s face finally disappeared completely: “What do you want to ask?” The man asked again, but this time he did not mention those distant relatives who died accidentally: “According to the information, when you were three years old, a family of three went on an outing in the suburbs. Your parents drowned in the river, but why did you survive and persisted until someone rescued you?”


Seeing him turn the topic back to his parents, Shen Yu frowned, and then said: “I can answer your questions, can you answer my doubts?” The man’s dark eyes stared at him quietly: “What is the problem?”


“You know everything about the novel. This is clearly not the first time you encounter this kind of thing.” Shen Yu tossed away, leaning back, seemingly randomly asked.


The person on the opposite side paused for a while, then took out a bottle of water and a small plastic ball: “Yes.”


“This is our world.” He put the water bottle on the table.


“This is an ordinary person in our world.” He threw the small plastic ball into the water.


“And this is a novel.” He took out another sharp nail, and then lightly poked the bottle a few times.


Several small holes were broken in the water bottle causing the water to flow suddenly, and some plastic balls in the water were also mixed, flowing out of the bottle and spilled on the table.


He pointed to the plastic balls that flowed out and said: “These are the ones that have been extracted from the world by the novel, it is us…whether it is a novelist or an audience.”


“Those who entered the world, some died, some luckily survived and returned to the world.” He picked up a few small plastic balls from the table and stuffed them back into the water bottle.


“These people who survived have some identities as spectators and some as novelists. Obviously, novelists are fonder of novels, so those novelists who survived will be drawn out of the world over and over again and write horror stories.”


“The main responsibility of the government department I belong to is…” He wiped the hole in the water bottle with his fingertips, and the water flow stopped immediately, and the hole that had been pierced before was as smooth as new.


“Our duty is to repair.” He said, “A horror novel is over, but the hole it left in the world has not disappeared. We can only seal up that place completely, not allowing ordinary residents to enter, so as not to cause a population disappearance incident.”


And Shen Yu, staring at the repaired place on the water bottle: “This is also one of the abilities you got in the world of fiction?”


The man understood what he meant and nodded: “The skills in the book can be used even in the real world.” The real world…Thinking of the new skills and props on the pages of his book, Shen Yu frowned.


He didn’t know if this news was good news or bad news.


“I have another question.” He continued to ask, “What is the White Tower of Writing?” The man glanced at him: “You have obtained the qualification to enter the White Tower?”


“Put your hand on the cover of the black book. With the scarlet palm print, those who are qualified can enter…but I advise you to wait until your skills are proficient enough before entering the White Tower.”


“Now, you should answer my question.”


Shen Yu was pierced by his gaze. Feeling uncomfortable, he rubbed his eyebrows and replied a little irritably: “Actually, there is nothing to say. It is indeed a miracle and an accident that I survived.”


“I don’t know why I was not drowned in the first place and I don’t know why the guardians who took care of me died bizarrely one by one, but do you believe it?”


No one will believe it, but it has been the case since childhood.


A family of three fell into the water, two adults drowned, but a three-year-old child floated on the water for several hours, waiting until rescue.


Relatives in distant places coveted the inheritance left by the parents to their children and rushed to be his guardians. The family moved into the big house grandiosely, then drove the children to the utility room to live in and abused them day by day.


Then the family died of gas poisoning not long after and the child happened to be out on the day of the gas leak.


Then the second guardian checked in and repeated the abuse of the first-generation guardian. It didn’t take long for the whole family to go out and encountered a car accident… The third, the fourth…so many accidental deaths eliminated those who went there. Later, the relatives who continued to covet the family property also made Shen Yu a lone star in the eyes of others.


Inevitably, some people will think… what if all this is not an accident, but a man-made one?


A child who can make such an “accident” is scary enough even at a young age.


Suspicious, condemned, and fearful eyes grew up with Shen Yu from school to neighbours.


He tried to explain once but no one believed it.


So be it! It’s fine to live alone.


After many years, he heard this kind of suspicion again. At this time, Shen Yu didn’t even feel angry. He just shook his fingers indifferently: “I’m telling the truth. As for you, believe it or not!” He felt that the opposite was true. People should once again show that familiar and suspicious look.


But to his surprise, the man on the opposite side actually nodded, with a clear voice: “These events really have nothing to do with you.”


Shen Yu widened his eyes in surprise.


The man took out a document from the drawer: “Now it seems that the most suspicious point of the original death is related to your parents.”


His parents?


There was a momentary blank in Shen Yu’s mind and then he mechanically accepted the document and flipped through it.


According to documentary records, his parents’ household registration was originally in a remote mountainous area and the two had a primary school and a junior high school education. Their family was poor and therefore had so many poor relatives.


But just thirty years ago, before Shen Yu was born, his parents suddenly moved from the mountainous area to the present-day Zeshui City and spent a lot of money on real estate, vehicles, and jewellery.


Although they don’t have a formal job, they spend a lot of money. Every month someone regularly puts large sums of money into their cards.


According to police investigation information, the person who sponsored his parents was an organization called the “Black Dragon Society”.


“Black Dragon Society” sounds like a third-rate sect in a third-rate novel, but it has a strong religious colour inside.


His father and mother are also members of the Black Dragon Society…More precisely, they are all devout believers of the Black Dragon Society.


Later, Shen Yu was born. When he was three years old, Black Dragon Society would deposit the largest sum of money into his parents’ card at one time.


After his father and mother spent some time, on his birthday, the family was dressed up and drove to the countryside.


On that day, their family of three fell into the river and in the end only he survived.


Unconsciously, Shen Yu gritted his teeth tightly, his fingers was holding the paper so hard that they turned white.


Because he saw the autopsy report on the file.


“…The bodies of the two deceased were swollen, with their hands held together, smiling, and there was no sign of struggle before death… There was still some remaining fabric in the hands of the deceased, which was consistent with the clothing worn by the deceased’s son. Preliminary speculation is that the deceased was dying. Holding on to his son tightly, he pulled him into the water, but the child escaped accidentally in the end…”


“The police speculated that this was a mass suicide incident, perhaps related to religious sacrifices…”


Seeing here, Shen Yu almost took the documents and clenched them into a ball.


But immediately, he fell into a chair weakly like a slack and the crumpled papers came out.


“For so many years, I have always thought that my parents died unexpectedly…” He said, his voice extremely weak, “But you tell me now that they committed suicide and want to sacrifice me?” the man whispered, “I am very sorry.”


“No, why should you apologize?You obviously didn’t do anything. I just, I… It’s okay.” Shen Yu rubbed his face, probably trying to cheer up, but in the end, he just forced out some smile that was more embarrassing than crying.


“Then the subsequent gas poisoning and car accident… are all related to the Black Dragon Society?” He asked again.


The man nodded slowly: “According to the clues, you are the sacrifice chosen by the Black Dragon Society, but when you were young, you accidentally got out of trouble, causing them to miss the best sacrifice time.”


“We can’t predict the next best sacrifice time but obviously the Black Dragon Society did not abandon you. Your later growth process has been under their watch. Those guardians who abused their sacrifices, they will naturally find the opportunity to deal with them.”


“The country has secretly wiped out the Black Dragon Society many times, but every time it was wiped out, it didn’t take long for the Black Dragon Society to resurrect.”


“Later, more and more survivors of the’horror novel’ incident appeared in the eyes of relevant departments. Only then did the country discover that many people in the Black Dragon Club are also novelists. They have always relied on the existence and development of horror stories outside the world.”


“And the five days when you accidentally entered the novel world, it was precisely because the Black Dragon Society could not watch you for five days.”


Shen Yu leaned back in his chair and smiled freely: “No wonder Cuihua protects the newcomers in the novel world.”


She is a soldier and a civil servant in the special department of the country. Within the limits of their own ability, they will naturally do their best to protect civilians.


He seemed to suddenly understand the purpose of this “Zeshui City Scientific Research Institute”.


Study “fiction”, track down the Black Dragon Society, and try to protect ordinary people who are accidentally involved.


“That’s why you are looking for me.” He looked straight at the person in front of him, “I’ll join.” The man didn’t look surprised, then he took out a new document: “Enjoy national talent treatment, five social insurance and one housing fund. Include board and lodging, and allocate dormitories.” “You are welcome to join the Camellia Department, member 002.”


“I am the head of the Camellia Department.” 



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