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TWE Chapter 4

As soon as Zhuo Yang agreed, Elder Zhuo immediately reported the change in marriage partner to the royal family and Elder Council1长老会 translates to “Presbyterian”, but has a more general meaning roughly of elder council. The former isn’t quite right here, so I used the general meaning. to avoid nightmares and dreams.

Queen Catherine had already figured out the Zhuo family’s idea. She gritted her teeth in hatred at Zhuo Yu’s disapproval of her eldest son and his elopement.

But things have already reached this point. It is no longer possible to delay the eldest son getting married quickly.

If Zhuo Yang it is, then so be it.

Even if he is a B-level guide, at any rate he is also a noble and unmarried guide. Compared with Zhuo Yu, who has already bonded with someone else, or other civilian guides casually found for the sake of time, Zhuo Yang is still a much better candidate for the royal family.

She only hoped that this chongxi2冲喜: Again, a marriage arranged to cure the ill (or for luck). There’s no good English translation so I kept the phonetics. marriage could really make her eldest son live longer.

At the very least, before her second prince has nine to ten points of confidence in ascending to crown prince, her eldest son must remain alive.

Because of the crown prince’s unique situation, the royal family and the Elder Council quickly passed the proposal for Zhuo Yang’s upcoming marriage to Moodys Bricania. News of the crown prince’s upcoming marriage was distributed the same day through the royal family’s official network.

As soon as the news came out, the whole network immediately boiled.

The crown prince, Moodys Bricania, used to be the male god of countless girls in the interstellar. Even after becoming what he was today with an unhealthy body, he was still a national hero because of his exploits and efforts to rescue all his soldiers as the legion commander.

At that time, when he was at his peak, the crown prince had a relationship with Rand Corey. They were hailed as a national CP by everyone.

When the crown prince’s accident happened, countless followers and fans hoped that Rand Corey could look passed what happened and marry the crown prince. But Rand Corey’s choice was to sever their relationship, and five years later, he began a relationship with the crown prince’s younger brother.

It is understandable that Rand Corey made such a choice as a precious S-level guide, but the crown prince had a loyal following of fan girls and was a national hero in the eyes of countless fans.

Rand Corey’s behavior was immediately seen as contemptuous and cold-hearted, earning him the scolding of countless fans and followers. Even after several years, when he officially announced he was with the second prince, and the crown prince had also clarified many times that they were only just friends back then and had never been together…

…the voices cursing Rand Corey never stopped. The people even scolded the second prince, Vincent, along with him.

Even today, nine years later, their voices have not ceased.

As a result, the popularity and reputation of the second prince and Rand Corey plummeted again and again. The crown prince’s fans even stated that if something really happened to him in the future, they would support the third prince and never the second prince.

In the eyes of countless fans and followers, it is not that Rand Corey and the crown prince have never been together, but that their crown prince is too kind-hearted. He repeatedly defended the little brother who doesn’t care about brotherhood and the guide who abandoned him when he was in a crisis.

As the fans scolded Rand, they were also deeply saddened for the prince.

The knew in their hearts that after missing the opportunity with Rand Corey, given his Royal Highness’ situation, they’re afraid that he will never get married to avoid burdening others.

It’s too pitiful for his Royal Highness. He could only be a bachelor for a lifetime, never to learn what combining with a guide is like.

But no matter how sad or regretful they felt, the fans had no other way… Most of them were ordinary people or sentinels. Without a guide, the royal family will never agree to them being close to or taking care of the crown prince.3Remember, guides can help stabilize mental energy and such. They can only continue to do things in their hearts. Praying that their Royal Highness’ body can last one day longer. Him being alive was their greatest comfort.

All the fans and supporters were particularly concerned about his physical condition.

Therefore, this time when the crown prince became ill, even if there is no specific news, fans both spontaneously and actively paid attention to the royal family’s official website.

While praying for the crown prince to survive this disaster, they were also afraid of what would happen to the crown prince.

Unexpectedly, they waited for news that the crown prince was about to get married!

There was a lot of discussion on the entire interstellar network.

“I don’t know, what kind of person the future crown princess is like? Will he be okay with the crown prince?”

“I always heard that the Zhuo family and the royal family had a marriage contract, but I didn’t expect it to be with the crown prince. It’s just that, I rarely hear the name Zhuo Yang, the future crown princess, and I can’t find any pictures on online either. The most famous unmarried guide of the Zhuo family’s youngest generation is Zhuo Yu. I don’t know how Zhuo Yang is, but I’m just wondering why it’s not him. How about marrying Zhuo Yu and the crown prince?”

“I can’t ask too much! I just hope that Zhuo Yang is a good person and can treat His Royal Highness better. His life is too bitter.”

“Upstairs +1.”


“Dear brother, as soon as I came back, I saw the news that you and His Royal Highness are about to get married. As a younger brother, I am very happy for you. From now on, I will have to call brother ‘His Royal Highness’.” While Zhuo Yang was being hotly discussed online, Zhuo Yang was sitting in the living room of Zhuo’s old house, casually listening to his god-knows-where-he-eloped-to half-brother, Zhuo Yu’s, hypocritical remarks.

Yes, that’s right!

After Zhuo Yang and the crown prince’s marriage was officially announced by the royal family, Zhuo Yu, who was missing and unable to be found, immediately ran back.

The other party looked at Zhuo Yang provocatively with a smile. “I remember that when brother was a child, the master of prophecy predicted you have the fate of an imperial queen. That’s why grandfather loves brother so much. Now, brother, you’re about to be married to the crown prince. I don’t know if this is considered to have fulfilled this prophecy?”

“After all, a person who can become the crown princess, a future queen, is also considered to have the fate of an imperial queen.” Zhuo Yu laughed.

He has been unhappy at Zhuo Yang for many years.

Now that the other party has to marry such a sentinel for him, how can he not be happy?

Facing the opponent’s childish provocation, Zhuo Yang chuckled lightly, looked at Zhuo Yang in amusement. “Knowing that I am the imperial crown princess, the future queen will be fine. In the future when you see me, you will have to salute.”

He didn’t put Zhuo Yu’s provocation to heart.

“You–” Zhuo Yu was irritated by Zhuo Yang’s attitude towards marrying such a person. After thinking again, he felt that Zhuo Yang’s face must have swollen after settling the marriage4Swollen face, as in being proud of the fact he is going to marry the crown prince soon, and smiled provocatively. “By the way, I haven’t had time to tell brother. Grandfather has already decided the marriage between me and Major General Lin Xuan. In the near future, we will have an engagement banquet, and will definitely invite brother to the celebration.”

Zhuo Yang listened to him showing off Lin Xuan without any other superfluous expressions on his face. He only said lightly: “Oh, is it? I guess I have to congratulate you.”

“Speaking of which, Major General Lin Xuan was originally brother’s fiancé. Strangely, who knew how it happened, but I somehow swapped marriages with brother. This must be a trick of fate.” Zhuo Yu was frustrated; it felt like he was hitting cotton each time.5As in, MC’s not responding to provocation / not getting angry or upset “Brother hasn’t met Major General Lin Xuan yet, right? He actually looks more handsome than in the pictures, and he is also very gentle and considerate. Brother was almost able to marry the Major General, but it’s a pity that brother is going to marry the crown prince now.”

He sighed deliberately, and then said: “I heard that the crown prince’s face was completely ruined. He looks like an evil ghost, and has scared several timid guides to tears. It even caused them to have nightmares all night long. I just hope, brother, after you get married, you won’t be too scared to sleep by the crown prince…”

“After all, after you get married, you have to sleep together every day.” Zhuo Yu couldn’t understand the other side’s calm and indifferent look. He just wanted to scare the other party to cry.

Zhuo Yang’s expression changed after hearing the other party’s words.

However, he did not do it for himself, but for the sake of him – Moodys.

He fixedly looked at Zhuo Yu and sneered. “What is appearance? It’s just a layer of flesh. No matter how good one’s appearance is, it is not as valuable as a beautiful heart. Instead of worrying about me, you might as well worry about yourself…”

“After all, Lin Xuan can elope with you today. But who knows, maybe he can elope with a Zhang Yu or a Wang Yu tomorrow.”

Zhuo Yang can tolerate others talking about himself. But when he hears others talking about the crown prince, he can’t accept a word.

Zhuo Yu’s face distorted in anger, as he gritted his teeth. “You–”

“Also, Zhuo Yu, as the elder brother, I would like to remind you that it is a big sin to criticize the royal family. Not to mention, what kind of disaster this will bring to the Zhuo family if it spreads out. Even if it doesn’t spread, if it passes to grandpa’s ears, I’m afraid you can’t swallow the consequences.” Zhuo Yang looked at Zhuo Yu with a smile. “After all, what grandfather cares most about is the family style of our Zhuo family.”

Zhuo Yu’s face changed suddenly. In Zhuo Yang’s hands, he has never obtained any benefit.

“Okay, you also know that I am getting married soon. I am very busy these days, and I’m afraid I don’t have much time to chat with you. I’ll leave first, and you see to yourself.” Zhuo Yang stretched lazily, then got up and turned away.

The other party is extremely naive. There is not even the slightest interest in dealing with him.

Zhuo Yu, who was left behind, gritted his teeth with hatred and swore angrily: “Damn bastard! A disgusting thing who can only complain to grandfather! You are proud now, but let’s see who wins when you marry that evil spirit tomorrow! Zhuo Yang, one day I will wait for you to cry to me.”

Zhuo Yang didn’t know about Zhuo Yu’s cursing, and if he did, he wouldn’t care. At this moment, he is carefully sorting out the steps and everything else about his upcoming wedding.

Knowing that it was a royal marriage, he was still too worried to completely hand over everything to the robots and maids. Instead, he did everything by himself, sorting out everything with great care and earnestness.

He sincerely looked forward to his wedding day.

“Master Zhuo Yang, Master Zhuo Yang…” At this moment, the maid Emily’s call suddenly came from outside the door.

Zhuo Yang frowned. “What’s wrong, Emily?”

“His Royal Highness… His Royal Highness…” Emily ran all the way, so she was out of breath and her words were not very clear.

Zhuo Yang immediately sat up anxiously. “What happened to his Royal Highness?”

“His Royal Highness…he woke up…”

Can someone say crazy fans? 9 years of scolding someone… dang, that’s a long time. And Zhuo Yu… don’t get me started on that dumb idiot.

But yasss! ML finally shows up next chapter. Don’t worry, he’s not scummy. He’s cold, but there’s a reason for it. ?

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  • 1
    长老会 translates to “Presbyterian”, but has a more general meaning roughly of elder council. The former isn’t quite right here, so I used the general meaning.
  • 2
    冲喜: Again, a marriage arranged to cure the ill (or for luck). There’s no good English translation so I kept the phonetics.
  • 3
    Remember, guides can help stabilize mental energy and such.
  • 4
    Swollen face, as in being proud of the fact he is going to marry the crown prince soon
  • 5
    As in, MC’s not responding to provocation / not getting angry or upset
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