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TWE Chapter 1

“Father, we have no other choice. Xiaoyu has already formed a bond and eloped with General Lin. Neither our men nor the Zhuo family’s people can find them. The wedding is coming up, and except for Zhuo Yang, we have no other choice…” Zhuo Hengyuan tried his best to persuade his father.

Elder Zhuo picked up the tea cup and put it down again violently, causing the whole coffee table to shake, “Are you unable to find Lin Xuan and Zhuo Yu, or did you deliberately let them go?

Zhuo Hengyuan is his son. If he couldn’t see even these small tricks and thoughts, his position as the head of the Zhuo family would be in vain.

Zhuo Hengyuan was shocked by the patriarch’s momentum, and dared not speak anymore.

Indeed, he was the one who made it possible for his youngest son Zhuo Yu to run away and elope.

And his purpose was to prevent his younger son from marrying the crown prince, and to spend his whole life in vain…

In the evolutionary history of humans in the universe, human beings are divided into three categories: sentinel, guide, and ordinary people. The total number of sentinels and guides accounted for about a quarter of the total population. Sentinels have strong mental power, and their senses are much sharper than ordinary people. They are representatives of strength and power. They are the protectors of ordinary people and guides. The stronger a sentinel’s ability, the greater the possibility of being overloaded; the more unstable the mental power, the easier it is to enter a irritable state… At the same time, guides who are born the least and with extremely high mortality rates, who have delicate bodies and strong mental power, play a huge role. Through the combination of mental power, they can smooth the nerves of sentinels who are in a disordered state and restore them to normal. Because of this, guides are cherished and protected by ordinary people and sentinels…

Because the number of guides is scarce, almost every sentinel is eager to be able to combine with a guide, but not every sentinel will have the qualification or opportunity.

Most sentinels will eventually be with ordinary people, and only a very small number of outstanding sentinels will have the opportunity to be with guides.

In a sentinel-guide pair, if the guide dies and the sentinel survives, then the sentinel will no longer have the opportunity to combine with another guide unless they have outstanding ability. On the other hand, if the guide survives, they will soon often have a new sentinel to pair with.

Both guides and sentinels can also combine with ordinary people. The children of sentinels and ordinary people may be sentinels or ordinary people, while the children of guides and ordinary people can only be ordinary people. Only the children of guides and sentinels can be sentinels, ordinary people or guides.

Because the ratio of sentinels to guides is not proportional, there is extremely high demand for guides.

In order to allow more guides to be born, to ensure the high birth rate of guides and the purity of their blood, the royal family and various noble families have once again recovered.

The Zhuo family was one of the best old nobles in the Osphia Empire.

There are many sentinels and guides born in their family every year. The family has been around for many years since the interstellar age, and have accumulated a lot of military and political forces, and have produced many military and political leaders. Within the Osphia Empire, a stomp from the family will cause many waves.

In their most prosperous period, even the emperor had to give three points courtesy to the Zhuo family patriarch.

The distinguished Asian lineage of the Zhou family continued… However, those are all things in the past. Now with the continuous rise of new rookies, the declining birth rate of Zhuo’s sentinel-guide pairs, and the fewer number of talents, the family is declining.

However, even so, the two grandson guides of the Zhuo family’s lineage had two of the best marriage contracts in the entire empire.

Of the two marriage contracts, one was made with the imperial family, and the other was made with the Lin family. In the past, the Lin family was a declining noble family, but now they produced the youngest major general who has a boundless future. Even the Lin family jumped up, and there were signs of re-emergence…

The two marriage contracts were both hard-to-find good marriages.

But now, Mr. Zhuo’s youngest grandson Zhuo Yu escaped from the royal marriage, and had a marriage fever with his brother’s fiance, and eloped. What is this?

Mr. Zhuo only felt a splitting headache.

“Father, I was the one to let Xiaoyu go. But if Hengyuan and I didn’t let him go, what can I do? He and Major General Lin have already happened, they have bonded, and something that shouldn’t have happened…” It was Zhuo Yu’s mother, Zhuo Yang’s stepmother Xia Xiuzhi, who was bold enough to defend her little son in front of the old man: “Even if the crown prince is already a crippled person who can’t stand up anymore, even if he is not favored by the empress… between the emperor and queen, one supports the second prince, and the other wants to hold the third prince, they both want to remove him from the crown prince’s position, but he remains the crown prince.”

His existence represents the dignity of the royal family. Even if he is already a sentinel with his mental energy wasted, it is absolutely impossible for him to combine with a guide who has already had a bond with others. If we force Xiaoyu to marry his Royal Highness, then we will be slapping the faces of the emperor, the queen, and the entire royal family.” Xia Xiuzhi continued with a strong voice: “Besides, even if the royal family does not blame us, no one dares belittle the crown prince. Don’t forget, the reason why his Royal Highness became like this was for the country. He is a national hero. Even if no one in the noble circle blames us, his supporters and the people who defend the crown prince will not let go of our Zhuo family, father.”

Xia Xiuzhi said plausibly: “For the sake of Zhuo family’s reputation, Hengyuan and I had to let him go.”

“Those word sound food, but since you know the crown prince is the crown prince and the empire’s hero, and the public opinion will unconditionally turn to his side, then why did want to let Zhuo Yu do such a thing in the first place?” The Zhuo patriarch shot back fiercely, furious: “Lin Xuan is a sentinel who has a marriage contract with Zhuo Yang. Zhuo Yu is Zhuo Yang’s younger brother. Doing this now and letting these two brothers to exchange their marriage contracts, if this matter is spread… How do you want people to look at me and our Zhuo family?”

Elder Zhou couldn’t be more clear about the thoughts of this daughter-in-law who was born in the ‘well’ of the city.1Guessing it’s a reference to an idiom about a frog at the bottom of the well where she only sees what’s around her and doesn’t see the bigger picture

“Father, Zhuo Yang was the one who you brought up. Hengyuan and I can understand you feeling sorry for him. But don’t forget, Xiaoyu is an S-level guide, Zhuo Yang is only a B-level… Do you have the heart to watch Xiaoyu, with such a high level of mental power, marry a crown prince whose mental power is wasted, needing to take care of a sentinel who stays in a wheelchair and guard him for a lifetime until widowhood?” Xia Xiuzhi’s tone was full of grievances: “Even if you are partial, you can’t be this partial.”

Elder Zhuo furrowed his brows deeply: “At the beginning, I made a marriage contract for these two children, one for the royal family and the other for the Lin family. You rushed to choose the royal family first, I only pointed out the other one to Zhuo Yang. How come it’s now like this in your mouth?”

When the marriage contract was made, because Zhuo Yang was predicted to have the fate of an imperial queen, he originally wanted to give the imperial marriage contract to Zhuo Yang. But Zhuo Hengyuan and Xia Xiuzhi were both noisy and made a fuss… Elder Zhuo also considered that Zhuo Yang’s mental power was only B-level, and was afraid that it would make the royal family dissatisfied, so he ended up pointing the royal marriage contract to Zhuo Yu, and Lin’s marriage contract to Zhuo Yang.

Now, Xia Xiuzhi making trouble again.

“At that time, the small family of the Lin family, how could we know that Lin Xuan will be so good now, and the Lin family is also so good.” Xia Xiuzhi gritted her teeth bitterly: “Furthermore, at that time, when the contract was drawn up for Xiaoyu, it was clearly the second prince…”

“But, who would have thought that the second prince would get involved with the little bitch of the Corey family, and would not marry Xiaoyu alive and dead. Her Majesty the queen saw that Corey’s family was stronger than our Zhuo family, so she insisted we exchange the marriage contract made by our ancestors and the royal family to the crown prince, saying it was giving Xiaoyu a better one, and letting him be the future queen of the empire… I say, who in the empire doesn’t know the crown prince is very ill and can’t live for so long.” When Xia Xiuzhi mentioned the Corey family robbing her son’s engagement, she was so angry that she almost couldn’t breath: “Who doesn’t know, that when the crown prince was fine, he was engaged with the Corey family… but now he’s engaged to the second prince again. They’re really trying to eat when it’s delicious, and take advantage when it’s not.”2There’s a whole history behind this phrase which I won’t get into, but you can look it up yourself: “好吃不过饺子,好玩不过嫂子”

When Grandpa Zhuo heard about the crude description, he was so angry that he couldn’t even take a sip of tea.

Xia Xiuzhi had tears in her eyes: “Father, now Xiaoyu and Lin Xuan have both run away. If you scold him and scold us again, it won’t help. It’s useless to catch him back. Based on today’s situation… we can only… let Zhuo Yang marry his Royal Highness on his behalf.”

“Back then, it was a marriage contract between our Zhuo family and the royal family that determined this marriage. We never specified which child from our Zhuo family and the royal family it was.” Xia Xiuzhi said.

For her son, she can only offer her stepson up.

Elder Zhuo frowned, but he was hesitant in his heart.

Although, in the heart of an old-fashioned sentinel cancer, the status of a guide grandson is far less than that of the sentinel grandson, but Zhuo Yang is an cute and obedient child he brought up… Plus, when Zhuo Yang was young, the master of prophecy foretold he would be a person of “indescribable prestige, the fate of a queen.” Because of this prophecy,  Elder Zhuo always had high hopes for Zhuo Yang.

But he was still a little reluctant to push Zhuo Yang out to marry the doomed crown prince.

Although Zhuo Yang awakening as a B-level guide did more or less disappoint him, among his two guide grandsons, Zhuo Yang was better than Zhuo Yu in everything except mental power. He was also smarter than Zhuo Yu.

For ordinary people, because the number of guides is scarce and rare, the higher the level, the more precious.

But in his eyes, when considering marriage between these noble families, a smart guide is more important than a precious and advanced guide so as to maintain the relationship between the two families.

“Father, are you still thinking about the so-called prophecy made back then? You know, Zhuo Yang is only a B-level guide, and Zhuo Yu is an S-level guide. Zhuo Yu is the future hope of our Zhuo family.” Xia Xiuzhi didn’t know how Zhuo Yang was better than her son. When she saw the old man hesitating, she remembered the prophecy again.

What ‘indescribable prestige, the fate of a queen,’ bah!

It’s just a B-level guide whose mental strength is far less than her son. She blamed the old man for being superstitious, and letting that Zhuo Yang get into his eyes.

Zhuo Hengyuan also echoed: “That’s right, that’s right, father.”

As the father of both Zhuo Yang and Zhuo Yu, his attitude is completely different. One is a son held in the palm of his hands, and the other is nothing in his eyes.

“Someone come, call Master Zhuo Yang over.” Master Zhuo looked at his troublesome son and daughter-in-law, sighed deeply, and finally made a choice.

Even if he couldn’t bear Zhuo Yang, he had no choice but to give up his grandson for the sake of the family.

Thanks for reading! Pacing is slow to start, and I strongly advise reading until chapter 10 before you decide if you want to drop or not; as you’ll have an actual sense of the characters and plot by then.

It’s by 雨落轻尘 who often writes strong (shou) MCs. Zhuo Yang (MC) is definitely one of them; love the interactions with the ML (and the tiny bit with their pets).

Updates will be sporadic, but I’m hoping to have this wrapped up by end of the year.

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  • 1
    Guessing it’s a reference to an idiom about a frog at the bottom of the well where she only sees what’s around her and doesn’t see the bigger picture
  • 2
    There’s a whole history behind this phrase which I won’t get into, but you can look it up yourself: “好吃不过饺子,好玩不过嫂子”
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  1. Avatar Mier says:

    Mc has shitty parents, I was just hoping he would clearly cut off the blood relationship after marriage.

    1. Avatar komorebi says:

      The Zhuo family drama doesn’t consume that much of the plot. There’s actually more drama with the ML’s family. And that shit gets real…

      1. Avatar Bernice Adjei says:

        Can it be mtl….i just saw it and am really itching…to know what will happen

        1. komorebi komorebi says:

          I’m not sure I get the comment? Are you asking why can’t I just post the MTLs?

  2. littleyen littleyen says:

    I’m interested in the synopsis and after read the first chapter… It’s a rare sentinel-guide setting. Yes, I agree that the MC parents kind of not being fair to their own child.. I wonder if the mom is the stepmom?

    1. Avatar komorebi says:

      I’m glad you’re interested! The synopsis is very to the point. ?

      It’ll become apparent next chapter (just posted). XXZ is the step-mom, but ZHY is the real dad. ZY is the MC’s younger half-brother.

  3. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    What’s the phrase? If you have a stepmother you’ll also have a stepfather? I can’t wait for time to prove these scum parents wrong!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. Avatar komorebi says:

      Thank you! If only his dad was his stepfather… but he’ll get his comeuppance. ?

  4. Avatar BloodCoveredAngel says:

    Can these parents be executed for incompetence?

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      Not just incompetence, but nepotism and idiocy! 🪓

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    wow another trash family huh!!! thank u for the chapter~

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