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TVITC Chapter 23

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[23]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

There is no means of entertainment in the village. So, the only thing they do for fun is gossip. So, the rumors spread very quickly. As long as the three aunts are free for a moment, nobody will be able to guess the speed of the news spread. By the afternoon, half of the village will have known about that rumor.

When Father Luo came back from the town, he heard the embarrassment done by his daughter from the number 1 hairdresser of the village Xiao Li, when he had gone for a haircut. He hurried home and cursed: “What the hdfdfhdb do you think you are doing? I lost my reputation. “When he had left, he had told his family members several times that even if those city’s teenagers came to the countryside to ”improve” themselves, they would return to the city sooner or later. It is the program team’s business to torture them. They had better not intervene or help. If those young boys wanted something, they could even try to help and try to make a good relationship with them as much as possible.

As a result, the whole village now knows that they don’t give meat to those teenagers to eat! The ancients love to say “the guests are the form of the gods.” When the guests from far away come to their home, even if their family is poor, he should have brought out the most decent things at home to entertain the guests, not to mention the guests who had given themselves a bunch of gifts and money.

And now………………….very nice thing has happened. Luo Cuihua’s deeds have spread everywhere. The people in the village either make fun of his stinginess or laugh at his daughter saying she is an ungrateful greedy child who fools people for her own benefit. It’s fine to deceive audiences who don’t know much about villages by saying that they only eat meat during the Chinese New Year but they can’t deceive the villagers at all.

What’s more, the three teenagers actually ran to the other villagers to eat a meal. Their actions proved that eating meat in the village was not that difficult at all. Now Luo Cuihua’s reputation was even worse.

How miserable Luo Cuihua had acted before, now the tables have turned, the audience laughed even harder. They thought that there were many people in their family who were stingy and intentionally despicable.

Forget the audiences, who were living far away and will not affect their normal life, but everyone in the village knows this. Everyone in the same village usually does everything together. Now that Luo Cuihua has a bad reputation, who will she marry in the future? Thinking of this, Father Luo was so sad that his hair was about to fall.

Hearing what Father Luo meant, Luo Cuihua’s face darkened. A flash of disdain flashed in her eyes. She wanted to refute that she had never thought about staying in this small broken place to marry a stupid villager who has no culture and has to do dirty things like agriculture on weekdays. She doesn’t like the people from the overwhelming countryside at all.

“You look down on the people from the village. Now that your reputation is so bad, do you still think people like you?” Father Luo said badly.

He is old-fashioned. He feels that the boys in the village grew up in front of his own eyes and he knew their family well. So, his daughters would not be wronged by marriage. Even if you don’t marry a villager, it’s best not to leave the county as far as you can. Otherwise, if you are far away from your natal family, what should you do if you are bullied? It’s fine now, the villagers won’t ever want to marry her now. Humph!!!

Hearing that, Luo Cuihua’s face was tense. She mocked, “Hahahahaha, today they will ignore me, but the next time, they will beg me to give them a glance.” What’s more, they have neither culture nor appearance. Yes, so what right do they have to look down on her?

When his eldest daughter said such words, Father Luo almost forgot to breathe. He was speechless. He realized that his daughter really had a BIG idea. His face was sullen. He said: “I didn’t say mean words earlier in order to give you some face. But you idiot…….. who do you think you are?? Do you think I don’t know what you are thinking, huhhh? Those three boys are from the city. It’s impossible for them to have a relation with us. As a human being, you should only think of something that is possible. ”

Even if she succeeds, she will just be the plaything of the rich people who want to try something new. It won’t last for long. What’s more, with so many young and beautiful girls in the city with superior family backgrounds, what will his eldest daughter use to compete with others? Instead of having unrealistic dreams, it is better to act right first.

After being pierced by the rightful words of Father Luo, Luo Cuihua was extremely angry. Her eyes were bulging out vigorously.

Father Luo was not the first person to point out this thing today. When she had said those words about meat, a few girls studying in the town had specially come to curse her and said how could she abuse and blame the three boys? How kind and handsome those teenagers are! She should have had a good relationship with them but NO!!! The people in the village said she was not generous, and aunt Mei next door also said she was an idiot who was extremely confused. It seems that the whole world knew that she was scheming. And this time Father Luo who comes home only once every three days also knows about it.

The anger of the day was piled up together almost reaching the tipping point. She almost wanted to go wild. She said: “I don’t think so at all! Who told you? Is that Luo Cuimiao spouting nonsense again?” Her first target was her sister. Luo Cuimiao must have complained in front of their parents, otherwise, how would Father Luo know about it?

Faced with this question, Father Luo avoided answering embarrassedly. Luo Cuihua, who thought she had found out the truth, surged up, with a sneer at the corner of her mouth, and headed to her sister’s room.

That night, the three boys took turns in line to take a bath. Yuanfeng, who was using the hairdryer, turned off the button, and asked suspiciously, “Did you guys hear the cry? It seems to be of a woman.” Don’t scare people ah crying sister. This dark night of countryside along with the girl’s cries………….. HELP!!!

But why was this crying a little familiar?

The little guy also trembled in fear. He kicked off his little slippers and ran onto the bed.

Xia Ming stood quietly in front of the window, looking down at the dimly lit village outside. The cicadas cried out one after another, faintly mixed with a faint sound of crying.

Of course, he knew whose cry it was. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he himself from his last life who was in love with this fake bitch was a joke. His blood gradually became cold.

And Yin Minglu in the bed also sighed slightly. In the plot, the heroine Luo Cuihua was the kind of person who bullied the weak and feared the strong. Because of her parents’ partiality, she lost her chance to go to the city. But she did not dare to rebel against her parents, so she indirectly told the entire world about it in front of the camera. It aroused everyone’s attention and caused great harm to her own family. Everyone cursed and threaten every Luo family member except her. In the end, she vented her envy and hatred on others. The original owner was a stupid child but possessed all the things she dreamed of, which naturally made her jealous, so he became a secret object of her oppression.

In the end, with this program, Luo Cuihua made her way out of the Da shan Village, and even successfully entered the capital’s university with the funding of the Xia and Yuan family and became a city resident.

She has always shown striving for the top, which is admirable. But her enthusiasm did not benefit her family in the end. The girl married into a wealthy family and became a ”noble” person too. After achieving this title, she was ashamed to admit that she was born in a peasant family. The Luo family wanted to enjoy the blessing, but they couldn’t see their eldest daughter at all.

And their eldest son Luo Yusheng, who had seen the prosperous city during the filming of the ”Metamorphosis”, lost himself. During the three months of studying in the city, he couldn’t get along with the students in the capital high school. From the accent to the clothes, he was ridiculed one after another. Even the results that he has always been proud of are not in the forefront of the ordinary classes in the capital, let alone the top classes where the elites gather.

The educational resources in the rural towns are inherently backward and not as advanced as those in the capital. The gap was so huge that every time he didn’t fit with the city’s ”terms”, he was reminded of his ”inferiority”. In addition, his sister used partiality as a topic in the show from time to time to discredit him. He didn’t even get the sympathy of the audience. He became a bully who used his sister’s place to achieve ”success”. Nobody supported him. He was pushed to the dark abyss by his own sister. He was one of the stepping stones of Luo Cuihua’s way to success.

It was Luo Cuimiao, a little girl who later worked as a teacher in a town, this shy little girl in the ”Metamorphosis” Program who was the most filial. When her parents were seriously ill, she was never absent from washing, cooking, and paying for the family debts several times. So she was always complained by her husband and he finally left her. It is a pity that her whole life, from birth to after marriage, was extremely miserable.

The completely different circumstances of the three brother and sisters in the family all were the after-effects of this show, which was really embarrassing.

However, unlike the previous life, the heroine’s plan was intentionally or unintentionally too obvious this time. What’s more, now her previous life’s suitor Xia Ming knew what kind of person she actually was. Her original schemes were revealed and her reputation was completely gone in front of Xia Ming and Yuan Feng. In this life, she will not be able to step on people to get ahead.

Without the support of the Yuan and Xia family, with the original ability of the heroine, it would have been difficult for her to achieve that success and achieve the title ”noble”. Having lost two suitors in this life, it is estimated that it will be difficult for her to even go to the city by herself.

Yin Minglu wanted to suggest to the director whether, after three months of living in the countryside, on the return trip, he could take Luo Cuimiao, who had always wanted to go to the capital and let her reunite with her elder brother who lives in that city at the same time. Perhaps the timely arrival of his family member will enable Luo Yusheng, a village teenager with a sensitive heart and stubbornness, to get out of his closed heart and not fall into a desperate situation in the future.

Before Yin Minglu fell asleep, he faintly heard Xia Ming say, “Did you shoot it?”

Someone replied: “Yes. That girl is really unkind, pinching and beating her own sister.” She even chose the place that no one could see her beating her own sister.

Xia Ming: “You will just have to shoot and the rest of the thing will be naturally done.” He isn’t a god. But everything is happening right in front of him. This show is gonna affect the lives of innocent children, and even old people. He can’t see everyone slowly being ruined by some fake bitch. He’ll help as much as he can. As for Luo Cuihua, he was originally a cold-hearted person. She deceived him in her previous life…. the things she earned from him….. he will get it back with profit.

At the same time, the city video shot by Lin Shuwu was officially released after post-editing. The former generation’s internet celebrity “Sister of the Republic of China” once again stepped forward.

At the age of 36, she is still unreasonably beautiful, as if the years have not changed her.

She appeared as the mother of a child, with only simple jewelry on her body and plain clothes. But this did not compromise her appearance and temperament. On the contrary, it made her more gentle and charming.

Facing the interview, she talked about the shortcomings of the child. She also talked about a series of difficulties that she and her child had to face growing up including the desperate blows that they received after the death of her husband. She talked about their helplessness being a orphan and a widow.

Everyone eats eggs. They occasionally care about the physical condition of the old hen who lays the eggs but they don’t care about the chicken farmer at all. This is especially true for ordinary people. Yin company is the hen that lays eggs. Stockholders care about stock prices and products, but few people care about the health of Yin’s CEO.

Many people only realized after this video that Yin Minglu’s father had already passed away.

A beautiful and wealthy widow and an intellectually disabled child can really only depend on each other and support each other. The entire video depicts a story about the growth of two individuals.

At the beginning of the scene, a three or four-year-old child was lying on the table doing his homework. Seeing his father holding a VCR and approaching him, the child’s lovely face immediately giggled.

The big black and pure eyes bend into a small moon. The small laughter was tender as if to melt into everyone’s heart through the lens. It was suffocatingly cute.

And the child’s mother was instructing his homework next to him. Pointing her finger on the homework book, she gently said: “Tell me, d a d-dad, dad.”

The child obediently repeated: “l a d mad, sad!!”

The beautiful woman lowered her fingertips, “This one, B R O T H E R-brother.”

The child cutely said, “blow her, blow her, blow her!!”

The beautiful woman nodded and kissed his tender little cheek. She said, “Our Lu er is really awesome. Let’s read another one. C O U N T R Y.”

The children who are praised seem to be encouraged to do something even more. Once someone praises them, they will be so happy that they will fly to the sky. The person holding the VCR stretched out a pair of warm hands and touched the child’s head. The child continued to learn: “Laundry! Bluntly! One Tree!”

In the lens, this cute child has very smart eyes. He doesn’t seem to have any problems with his intelligence at all. Instead, he looks like a little sun that shines, which everyone likes.

Immediately afterward, in the lens, time flew to the time when the child was seven or eight years old. At this time, there is no one holding a VCR anymore. What was shown in a flash was the child’s intelligence test sheet. Then in the next scene, the picture of a man lying in a hospital bed with weakness was shown. The overall tone and soundtrack of the video have also become depressed as if the storm was coming. The audience in front of the TV had a heavy heart and their mood also became flustered.

They had foreseen something but couldn’t bear to see any sadness on that carefree little face.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Who is the fool who thought that program was a good idea?

  2. Avatar Baldingère says:

    I can only sigh at her exposing her kid’s whole childhood story just to whitewash him from some stupid TV show.

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