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TVITC Chapter 21

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[21]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Yin Minglu knew that just a few pornographic photos of Han Shihao with other women couldn’t make Lin Shuwu really give up. He still lacked a potion of strong medicine, but as long as he continues to send it to her for a month, it would be effective under the subtle influence.

Time passed, until the sound of footsteps sounded, the young boy took the phone. He quietly cleared his browsing history and returned to the game interface. He found that he had won the two rounds of the game.

It seems that ”game god” finally took some mercy and accidentally made him won the game. OTHERWISE…….HEHE! Yin Minglu returned the phone with peace of mind.

In the surprised gaze of the staff “You actually won”, he returned to the room like a good boy. He had just sat down on his stool when he was greeted by Yuanfeng’s gaze that seemed to have seen through him completely. He tilted his little head and pretended to be obedient: “Big Brother Yuanfeng, why are you looking at me like this?”

The corner of Yuanfeng’s mouth curled up. He coldly said, “I saw it!”

What did you see bro…………brother? Could it be that his too calm performance of just now was seen by him? Yin Minglu blinked and…….again blinked. He tried to look as innocent as possible. He obediently said: “Big Brother Yuanfeng, let me explain.”

“No need to explain! I saw it all.” The boy interrupted him. He angrily said: “Very good! I’m doing homework here and you actually went to play games, it’s not fair!”

Oh… you scared this baby to death, you sxnsjasja. Yin Minglu instantly felt calm.

Yuan Feng was still very upset there. The little fool is always assisted by Xia Ming when he does his homework. Sometimes Xia Ming even helps him to do the problems directly. He even cooks for him. And now, when the little fool wanted to play games, the staff also directly gave his phone to him.

And he gets nothing! They are getting different treatment! Obviously, his game skills are better than the little fool’s!

While the two were playing around, Xia Ming came in. He rubbed the child’s head and smiled. He said, “What do you want for lunch? I’m going to the kitchen.”

The little guy was originally thin and pale. Just a few days after Luo Cuihua entered the kitchen, Yin Minglu became thinner. Xia Ming felt extremely sorry. He thought cooking was not that difficult anyway, so he started to learn by himself for a few days.

But it was unknown if it was because of his extraordinary talent, only after a few days of learning, the food he cooked was also amazing. Unfortunately, limited by the types of Luo’s ingredients, no matter how good he was, he couldn’t expand his talent. But it was much more delicious than Luo Cuihua’s.

“Okay, okay.” The little guy nodded and immediately hugged Xia Ming’s arm. His soft body was glued to Xia Ming’s. His face was very cute and his actions were especially pleasing to the eye.

Yuan Feng didn’t bother to roll his eyes. Coz…….caring for fools like this little one is everyone’s responsibility.

He thought like this. Because of Yin Minglu’s long eyelashes, his small pale and tender face, his red mouth pouting, and baby fat on his face, he looked extraordinarily cute and pleasant. Yuan Feng squeezed his face casually and laughed out loud: ”Hahaha Xia Ming, look he looks like a bun!”

As soon as he finished laughing, he was greeted with a small slap that had a creamy fragrance.

Before Yuan Feng had time to react to pain, he suddenly shouted, “This smell is of white rabbit toffee! You just ate the candy? Who gave it to you?” Don’t talk about the candy, after he came to this broken place, he hasn’t even got a chance to drink a bowl of sugar water! He has seen Mrs. Luo giving the little guy that sweet winter melon candy several times. She also praised the little idiot while smiling for being an obedient boy from time to time. This time he definitely didn’t know who it was……….who gave this little guy these sweets again.

Damn it, this dog nose of this Yuan buddy!!!

The little guy immediately blinked and pretended to be innocent, “I didn’t eat.” As soon as he finished speaking, he gave a milky hiccup.

Yuan Feng: “…”

In fact, it is not rare for him to buy a handful of cheap candy for a dollar. He usually eats a piece of candy imported from foreign countries at home or a special type of candy from domestic hotels. But when he came here, seeing the little idiot sneakily eating toffee, he felt that he had finally found a chance to teach him a ”lesson”. He couldn’t wait to scold till his throat explodes.

He leaped forward and scratched the soft flesh under the armpit of the little guy. He continuously scratched it. The little guy suddenly laughed out of breath. His sleek body couldn’t help shaking wildly. He finally handed over the last candy very honestly.

Yuan Feng happily obtained White Rabbit Toffee x1

When the candy was handed over, the child’s expression was aggrieved. He hiccuped several times as if he had been wronged by the heavens. Yuan Feng felt that the toffee in his mouth tasted extremely delicious. It tasted better than the old Beijing rock candy he had eaten!

When the two were playing around, the director came in. Seeing these two kids were sitting in a hurry, he suddenly became suspicious: “This smell is of candy, you guys just ate candy? Who gave it to you?” Luo Cuihua who was following him from behind gave a mocking smile to them.

Damn it, this dog nose of this director dhdcdjkdh.

Yuan Feng and the little guy thought at the same time. But they both pretended to hold a pen and write on the workbook.

The director only needed to look up to find that the two boys were still working on the same topic as half an hour ago. Half an hour later, they haven’t written a single word!?

The director almost laughed outrageously. This is the room he had specially selected. The walls were dilapidated, the curtains were old, and there were many awards posted on the wall, such as “best student award”, “excellent composition”, “1st in mathematics competition”, etc. The name written on the awards were of Luo Yusheng, and the other two girls, Luo Cuihua and Luo Cuimiao, indicating that the three son and daughters of the Luo family are very competitive.

As a result, in such a room full of a “learning atmosphere”, the two children were actually talking about the games and toffee. Half an hour ago, he had heard these two talking about some history-related things. He thought that the two children were interested in history. But it turned out they were talking about some stupid game. He only realized after a long time that it wasn’t right. He clearly saw that their summer homework was on language and mathematics. Where did history come from?

As a result, when he came back in half an hour, they ate the candy secretly!

The director was helpless with these two boys, but he knew that the little one was very good and he must have been influenced by the big one. So, to face slap he deliberately mentioned the progress in the city, “Luo Yusheng has gone to Yuan’s house, your father is very nice to him. Seeing that he is from a poor family, he bought him a lot of things and took him to many places in Beijing to play.”

In the past, children from rural areas were exchanged to the cities and they had to live with the city’s children’s parents in the city and enjoy a good life of three months. He deliberately mentioned this, hoping that as the son who was thrown here, Yuan Feng would be slightly jealous. After all, his own father was kind to other children. Wouldn’t he be jealous?

However, he never expected that this evil dude won’t be jealous at all.

Yuan Feng sneered, “My dad is very old-fashioned. Him taking Luo Yusheng to play means he must have taken him to some museums, art galleries, and old people’s parks to play chess, see flowers, and shopping, just like old people.”

As for buying things, Father Yuan is a person of his own style. Referring to what urban families bought in the past, he must have bought a bunch of flashy items to increase his ”reputation”. It can be said that even the clothes must be of expensive brands. He doesn’t want to be compared at all. According to him, ”It is better to buy some clothes of ordinary price but of good quality”, and guess what his ordinary price is…??? He bought too many clothes to let the village lad change and wear one set every day for a month.

The director choked because Yuanfeng was right. This evil dude was really that weird man’s son. He understood his father so well.

The goal was not achieved, so he had to say something good about the father. He continued: “Not only those places, but your father also took him to the parks. They played the roller coaster, carousel, and Ferris wheel together…” The children from the countryside are totally ignorant about these things!? After seeing this, Luo Yusheng was naturally moved to tears. While looking forward to his three-month city life, he felt guilty that he was enjoying the good here, while his parents and sisters worked hard in the country. The photographer had a good grasp of emotions. It was natural to shoot Luo Yusheng’s guilty look while he was playing those things.

“When they went to play those, my brother must have been there as well?” Yuan Feng turned around. His tone was sure and authentic.

Director: “…”

Seeing the director had nothing to say, Yuan Feng sneered, knowing that he was right again. How could his father know what young people like to play in these cities? It must have been suggested by his half-brother.

His good brother is the most used to pretending and he likes to play with people’s minds and use people as a tool to achieve his goals. You will still have to thank him when he is done, thinking how good he is to yourself. Yuan Feng knew that Yuan Jing must have used Luo Yusheng to fight for a lot of good shots of him being a “good brother”. And Luo Yusheng still is being kept in the dark, thinking that this buddy in the city was generous and kind, and would not treat him coldly because he came from the countryside.

The two chatted happily, but they did not know that Luo Cuihua on the side was listening. Her eyes were red with jealousy. What beautiful new clothes, a clean new room, an excellent school, a generous and considerate brother, a pair of wealthy parents, a prosperous big city……………. these all are everything she had dreamed of!

Why can her brother go to the city and she must stay here? This is not fair!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Avatar Rai says:

    Thanks for the chapter(。・ω・。)ノ♡ Stay safe everyone~
    Luo Cuihua oh Luo Cuihua, being jealous gives no benefits. Better study hard, get a sponsorship then work at a nice place. Hugging thighs are not a necessary…but alas, a cannon fodder is bound to be blind towards better paths and choices…

  2. Avatar 11Xiao11 says:

    Hello, I enjoy this novel and also your translation too. I want to translate your work in Burmese. Can you please permit for that?

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