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TVITC Chapter 16

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[16]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Everyone was stunned. The staff rushed up to turn off the faucet.

Covering his flushed face, the eldest master cursed: “What kind of huge plant are you watering, you weirdo?” Just now……….just now he was softened for this little fool’s fatherlessness. As a result, just within a few seconds, this kid made him so angry that he squeezed the little idiot’s face with fierce anger. His face was completely wet. The clothes that he had worn today happened to be a white T-shirt. It was sticking to his wet body at the moment, revealing some skin color.

Everyone hadn’t expected that Yuanfeng, this young master who usually looked tall and thin, had a very good figure behind his wet body. His limbs were slender and flexible. Taking a closer look at his waist and abdomen, one could see a layer of beautiful tight muscles. His figure was so good that it could cause people’s noses to bleed regardless of their gender. That figure coupled with the handsome and fierce face of the boy was extremely eye-catching.

Even the many young wives and middle-aged women working in the field couldn’t help but look more there.

“I…….I’m wrong. I’m sorry.” The flesh on his face was pinched and shaken several times. The little idiot was tearful and looked so pitiful.

Xia Ming felt distressed when he saw it. He walked up to protect the person behind him and also helped him explain: “He is still young. Don’t pinch him like that. He didn’t mean it. I gave him the water pipe. If you want to blame someone, then blame me.”

The staff also hurriedly came up to complete the scene and persuaded him: “Yeah, Yuanfeng. You are completely wet. So you should go back and take a hot bath and change clothes.”

Others also came up to serve as peacekeepers. Someone even took off his coat and put it on him to keep him from getting angry.

Yuan Feng was extremely angry. He wanted to say that he hadn’t used any force at all. He had just squeezed that kid’s cheek a few times venting his anger. He found that the little cheek was too tender and soft. So he squeezed it a few more times because he couldn’t help himself. Then this group of idiots immediately stood up to protect their ”prince”. Looking at their treatment towards the kid, he almost believed that this fool was the son of the director himself!

He also saw a female staff member holding Yin Minglu’s shoulders and trying to hide him away from himself. Yuan Feng became even angrier: “Where are you trying to hide this little fool? I don’t plan to kill him.” Does he look like someone who eats people?

The staff became even more suspicious: “You are all companions. Please get along well.”

Yuan Feng’s face suddenly turned blue and white. He gritted his teeth and said: “I FUCKING FINALLY KNOW NOW THAT WE ARE COMPANIONS. THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOU IDIOTS.”

Later netizens laughed after seeing this scene.

After this season’s episode was broadcasted, the ratings were good. Among everyone, Yuan Feng was the one who was spoofed by netizens the most. With his arrogant and domineering posture, coupled with the dramatic background music of the villain’s entry, his whole existence was so cool that he attracted a lot of fans as well as anti-fans.

“I’m capable of shaking this entire world. I am enough to fulfill the people’s wishes. I will never look back. I must turn this chaotic world upside down and be a ferocious wild wolf.”

The thing that they could frequently see in the video was his evil smirk. His posture was lazy, capricious, and arrogant that almost nobody liked in the beginning. But he didn’t only have this side of him. He had different sides to him. In the beginning, when this dude had turned the Luo family’s table upside down and when he had insulted the Luo family, it made people want to beat this young man; but in a blink of an eye, when they saw him vomiting when he saw his remaining food was given to pigs, netizens couldn’t help but laugh. Immediately afterward, they saw the other party dealing with the director’s torture using a set of stupid excuses. He was shameless than anyone else in this world but his posture still was more arrogant than anyone else.

Gradually, people who didn’t like him thought that this young man was arrogant and a lazyass but those who liked him said that he was independent and not easy to bully. Different people had different opinions about him.

But these two groups of people somehow had the same ……….desires: They were happy to see Yuanfeng suffer.

Except for this cruel program group who had detained him here, the only person that could make him acknowledge his defeat was Yin Minglu. For others, he never gives them a good face. When his temper comes up, no matter who it is, he will curse and scold them making them feel ashamed of themselves. He uses his sharp mouth to stab others with his words. But for Yin Minglu, as long as the little guy blinks his eyes and looks at him eagerly, Yuan Feng’s both soul and temper would be gone.

Even if he didn’t admit it, the majority of netizens had already noticed it. They said that his mouth was harsh but his heart was soft.

This is naturally the same now. Even when he became completely wet because of the other party’s carelessness, Yuanfeng was helpless. He couldn’t act harshly towards this kid at all. So he could only pinch the other person’s cheek a few times and stare fiercely at him. In the end, however, he was misunderstood for almost beating his companion to death. He almost died of a heart attack because of anger.

Just when he was about to walk into the crowd to catch the little fool and pinch him again, Luo Cuihua in the crowd suddenly screamed. Her sharp sound attracted everyone’s attention. When he turned his head, he saw that the girl was folding her arms around her chest aggrievedly. There was a translucent water stain on her chest and her clothes inside were faintly visible.

Seeing everyone looking over, the girl immediately turned around and avoided the camera. Her pair of beast-like eyes glared at the child who hadn’t hold the water pipe properly. She was acting as if she was greatly wronged and she will not be able to face this cruel world anymore.

In fact, because there was a straw hat blocking her and besides, because Yin Minglu was far away from her, the girl was far less affected by the water than Yuanfeng. Only her chest was wet a bit.

Yuan Feng thought for a while. He was a man, after all, so he passed the coat that someone else had put on him to the girl.

Although he wanted to say that Luo Cuihua was not affected by the water at all in comparison to the girls in the bustling streets in the city who wear shorts and show their bellies. But then again, he thought of the conservative atmosphere in the countryside where for a rural girl, showing a wet thigh and a chest might have a horrible outcome. So he just handed his coat away.

He even said one more sentence, “He didn’t mean it. You can put on this dress.”

The girl was usually strong, but at this time, she was as fragile as a child who had lost her protection. She didn’t refuse but her eyebrows frowned and she pursed her mouth. She took the jacket from the teenager and put it on her body with her head slightly lowered. The atmosphere was a little ambiguous for a while.

Because both of them were wet, today’s work could only be stopped ahead of schedule, so that this young boy and a young girl could go home and take a bath to avoid getting cold.

The two walked in the forefront. The girl was fine but Yuanfeng’s clothes and pants were all wet. The water dripped all the way. The crew carried the camera but didn’t shoot them. They had to shoot the other two teenagers.

The two teenagers in the back were very friendly. The older one was walking while holding the little one’s hand.

The little one was holding the bigger one’s hand obediently. His face wrinkled like a little bitter gourd. He softly said: “Yuanfeng is angry.” It was all his fault. The little guy lowered his head and picked up the corners of his clothes as if he didn’t know how to face his good friend who was angry with him.

Xia Ming nodded, “En, he’s angry.” He comforted the little kid saying: “But it’s not a big deal. When you’ll properly apologize to him later, he won’t be angry anymore.”

“Yeah!” He obediently agreed as if he really believed that it was not a big deal.

After receiving a response, Xia Ming smiled. He gently raised his other free hand, pulling the child’s messy hair aside. He boasted: “Oh my little obedient kid.”

He likes this child and listens to him intently like this. This little guy’s pair of beautiful big eyes seem to be full of bright stars.

The happy voices of these two people were floating in the air. The tone of the boy speaking to the child was gentle and kind as if he was talking to a baby to persuade him.

Yuan Feng saw this scene and was so angered that he rolled his eyes and deliberately strode forward. It made people know that this young master was angry again. T/N: lol

The girl next to him didn’t know what was making him so mad. After all, Yuanfeng had always been temperamental and moody. But seeing him walking far away, she had to compromise. She then took a step forward, so as to stay side by side with the striding young boy to not be left far behind.

To get to Luo’s house they must pass through the village road which always has a huge crowd. There were a few idle rural wanderers among them. These people who were about 16 or 17 years old neither go to school nor work. They like to sneak around and full around. This was a common sight in the countryside.

A few of them who were squatting saw Luo Cuihua coming. They immediately became excited and ”greeted” her with a smile, “Ohho, Cuihua is back. Are you tired from going down here? Why didn’t you ask some of us, your cute and healthy brothers for help?”

In just a few words, the intention of these punks towards the girl was very obvious. Although others might think that they were just talking nonsense as grown-ass jerks, this was a serious matter after all.

Luo Cuihua’s expression instantly became embarrassed. She was wearing a coat but she couldn’t help but hug her arm even tighter.

These punks didn’t care about the program group in front of them. Seeing that Luo Cuihua’s expression was as if she was wronged, their eyes moved naturally, and they saw a watermark on the other party’s chest. Although they couldn’t see anything inside, they were ”forced” by their habits. Luo Cuihua’s usual image in front of them was serious and high-spirited. So seeing her like this they couldn’t help but blow a whistle and laugh mockingly.

Their whistles broke out all at once.

The embarrassment on Luo Cuihua’s face turned into anger. In her heart, she couldn’t wait to curse these horny bastards. She subconsciously hid behind Yuan Feng. Yuan Feng glanced at the girl blankly but did not object.

The not-so-innocent Yuanfeng criticized in his heart that these assholes had never seen the real world. Why were they so excited like this after seeing an underage girl. In big cities, there are adult girls everywhere with bare shoulders, arms, and thighs at every turn. Each and every one of them are beautiful and charming. If these horny kids will see them, wouldn’t they die of the extreme excitement?

With a certain inexplicable sense of superiority, Yuan Feng approved the young girl’s behavior of coming near to him after realizing these asshole’s intentions.

As a result, the distance between the two of them decreased a bit. But looking from the distance, they looked as if they were being intimate.

Seeing the two of them like this, the members of the program group glanced at each other, frowning. They hoped that they were being too sensitive. After all, this was an educational program, not a fancy country love story. They didn’t want any sparks between these boys and girls.

Walking to the entrance of the Luo family’s yard, the young widow in the courtyard next door was picking up her clothes in front of the clothes rack. Seeing a group of people coming back mightily, she couldn’t help but glance around, especially at the few handsome boys. After staring at these boys for a few more seconds, there was a hint of flattery in her eyes.

As soon as he arrived at Luo’s house, Yuan Feng couldn’t wait to enter the bathroom.

While he was taking a bath, the child followed Xia Ming’s instructions. He took a small chair and sat in it in front of the bathroom. While eating, he praised Yuan Feng to death. If praising Yuan Feng was a job, then he would have become the world’s first trillionaire.

But he repeated the same words over and over again because of the lack of vocabulary: “Yuanfeng, you are so good”, “Yuanfeng, you are so handsome”, “Yuanfeng, you are better than my mother”, “Yuanfeng, I only like you”. His very ”sincere” praise made Yuan Feng angry again. He almost laughed out loud angrily and the shampoo that he had applied to the top of his head almost entered his eyes.

He soon came out with only a bath towel around his waist. His wet black hair was slightly curled up. He looked inexplicably handsome. Anyone who looks at him would admire him saying ”what a handsome boy!”.

The teenager was still in his growing period but one could already see his figure as the future adult male. With broad shoulders, long legs, and narrow waist and abdomen, he lazily leaned against the door. He picked up the hairdryer, dried his hair, and calmly walked towards the door. He said to the kid: “Why aren’t you praising me anymore? Continue? Let me see your sincerity.”

The people around were all suffocating. The little guy wrinkled his little face because of the buzzing of the old hairdryer. After thinking about it in distress, he said, “And Yuanfeng, you have a very good figure! And…..and….You have good Big abs!”

The sound of blowing his hair stopped abruptly. It was unknown what had Yuanfeng thought of but his face changed slightly and a trace of embarrassment appeared on his face. He hardly punched the wall and yelled loudly, “You idiot! What are you praising about!” This little kid actually……actually sees other man’s abs and figure…………………!

Yin Minglu: “???”

Others : “???”

Luo Cuihua, who had changed her clothes, happened to walk to the teenager’s rooms at this time. She didn’t have the habit of knocking on the door, so she saw Yuan Feng as soon as she walked in. There was a loose bath towel around Yuan Feng’s waist, showing half of his black underwear. She was stunned for an instant.

After a long while, the girl burst out with a piercing scream. Her face flushed.

And this scene happened to be seen by the director again. He frowned his brows tightly.

He had just heard Yuan Feng screaming and then Luo Cuihua just screamed now. When he rushed over, he saw the blush on the girl’s face and neck, which was so obvious that anyone could see it as long as they weren’t blind.

It seems that what the other staff members reported to him was not just a rumor, these two horny kids are actually in love!


The author has something to say:

Yuanfeng is a miserable man…

Yuanfeng: who is horny, you loser!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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