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TSHJ Chapter 5

Both of them were not too far from the small market located on top of the mountain, they could even hear the noise of the crowd coming from above. However, Shen Yun tried to listen carefully but still did not hear anyone calling his boss’ name, so he said, “I don’t think so, did you hear it? Or, should I go up and take a look?” 

Shen Mucheng signaled with his hand to stop him and remained standing there for a while. After confirming that he did not hear someone calling him again, he said, “Let’s go.” He then took the lead down the mountain. 

Shen Yun took another look at the mountain top, then turned and followed him down. 

On the other side, Luo Shaoheng’s mind was somewhere else, he could not even hear what Ji Yu and his boyfriend were saying. He did not believe that he had mistaken it, but setting aside the fact that he could not confirm who that person was, he could not deny that he had been sweeping Shen Mucheng’s grave for ten years. The death report was also handed to him by the doctor personally; it was impossible for him to appear again. 

After they returned to the resort, he said goodbye to Ji Yu and his boyfriend and went back to where he was living. After he entered his room, he immediately threw himself onto the big, soft bed and covered his head with a pillow, but the deafening tinnitus did not reduce at all. 

— I like you, do you wanna date me? 

— It’s better if you don’t come and fetch me next time. Everyone is looking at you, I’m jealous. 

— Will you forget me when you remember your past? 

— I only have you left in this world. 

— This is City A First People’s Hospital, please come over immediately.

— This is the victim’s death report, my deepest condolences. 

— Shen Mucheng is already dead! 

When he was alone, these memories were just like a knife, stabbing into his heart and turning a few rounds, causing his heart that was already full of holes to bleed once again. 

— Shen Mucheng, in the future, let’s live together in a place where there are mountains and streams. We’ll hike the mountain to feel the breeze in the daytime and wash ourselves in the stream at nighttime. 

— Okay. 

— Shen Mucheng, you’ll wash the clothes, cook the meals and take care of me in the future. 

— Okay. 

The man’s pampering words were as if they were just said yesterday. Luo Shaoheng’s head hurt so bad it was going to explode. He pulled his hair more forcefully, his heart felt like it was being torn in half; one of them was his 20 year-old self, and the other one was the current him. One wanted to pull him out from the depths of despair, while the other one wanted to pull him down into the depths of despair; neither one was giving in.

He curled up on the bed, jaw clenched tightly and back completely wet. After waiting for that intense bout of heartache to slowly fade away, only then did he sit up and switch on the wall lamp by the bed. 

As the room brightened up, the light shone on his pale face and sweat could still be seen on his forehead. He stretched his arm to pull open the drawer of the bedside table, a photo frame and a dark wooden tag were placed inside. 

The Luo Shaoheng in the photo was only 18 years old, he was burrowing into Shen Mucheng’s embrace with his eyes curved in a smile. Although Shen Mucheng’s expression was cold, he was obviously not looking at the camera; instead, he was looking at Luo Shaoheng who was in his embrace. 

Luo Shaoheng’s hand moved past the photo frame and picked up the wooden tag beside it, the words ‘May Heng enjoy a peaceful life forever’ were engraved on it, accompanied by Shen Mucheng’s signature on the right bottom. 

He caressed the signature lightly as if it could reduce his fatigue. 

This wooden tag was engraved when he and Shen Mucheng went to the market together. They promised each other that they would open a resort on Yun Mountain after they reach 30 years old. They would hire professionals to help with the management, while they would do nothing but order people around.

Now, the resort was open, but he was the only one left. 

Luo Shaoheng lowered his head and kissed the name on the wooden tag, whispered some words that even he himself could not hear clearly, then tightly clutched it in his palm. 

Maybe I can get closer to him like this. 


Ji Yu and Gu Bai left the next day. After Luo Shaoheng sent them out, he started to plan his next trip. It was already winter, so he decided to go enjoy the snowy view in Switzerland. Before he left, he agreed to meet up with Chen Zhan, or else he would complain about Luo Shaoheng for meeting up only once a year. 

Chen Zhan was Luo Shaoheng’s doctor in the sanatorium, and Luo Shaoheng was his first patient after he just returned to the country. Both of them were almost the same age, so they became really good friends as well. They stayed in contact even after Luo Shaoheng had left the sanatorium. 

Chen Zhen suggested they meet in a cafe in the town area. He wanted Luo Shaoheng to enter the town instead of always recessing in the mountains. He was only 30 years old, yet lived like an old man, wasting the prime of his life. 

When Luo Shaoheng reached the cafe, Chen Zhan was already there. He was flipping through a book and a cup of coffee was placed beside him, showing that he came early. Luo Shaoheng quickly walked in and sat opposite him. “I’m sorry, there was a traffic jam.” 

Chen Zhan closed the book and placed it down. He did not mind and said, “It’s fine, I coincidentally had a patient nearby, so I came earlier.” 

Luo Shaoheng took a glance at the title of the book, ‘The possibility of fusing hypnotism and contemporary medical science’ . He could not resist saying, “You’re really spending your whole life working huh.” 

“This?” Chen Zhan looked at the book and said, “It’s just to kill time, a patient gave it to me. Oh yeah, what do you wanna drink?” 

“Mocha.” Luo Shaoheng said. 

Chen Zhan called the waiter and ordered Mocha for him. He also ordered some desserts. 

“How have you been recently? You seem like you don’t get enough sleep,” Chen Zhan said as he looked at Luo Shaoheng’s complexion. 

“Is it?” Luo Shaoheng jokingly said, “Winter is Yun Mountain’s peak season for visitors, I’m busy earning money, you see.” 

Chen Zhan smiled and did not expose him, both of them knew at heart about what he was dealing with. At least Luo Shaoheng’s condition was much better compared to the last few years, he could not ask for more. 

The waiter served the coffee and desserts, and both of them chatted about trivial things that happened recently. Chen Zhan asked Luo Shaoheng about his next trip; when he knew he was going to Switzerland for skiing, he then said, “Didn’t you say winter is the peak season for visitors? Why are you going to travel so far away? When are you going?” 

“The day after tomorrow. Since Xiao Quan is there to take care of the resort, it’s fine to not work.” Luo Shaoheng replied. It was also just in time for him to relax. 

“You’re going alone? Why not postpone it? I’ll go with you after I finish my work, I would like to go back to my school to have a look as well.” Chen Zhan suggested. He studied abroad in Switzerland before. 

“Nah, I’ll go alone this time.” Luo Shaoheng shook his head. 

“It’s also one of the promises?” Chen Zhan guessed. 

“Yeah.” Luo Shaoheng smiled, enjoying the snowy view in Switzerland during winter was one of the promises they had made together. Even though Shen Mucheng was not there anymore, he would still continue to fulfill them. 

“Take care of yourself.” As Luo Shaoheng’s previous doctor, Chen Zhan knew why he was insisting and did not say anything. 

“Don’t worry.” Luo Shaoheng said. In these years, he had been traveling to countless places and was already used to being alone. 

After leaving the cafe, the coldness outside nearly engulfed him, Luo Shaoheng tightened his sweater and heard Chen Zhan ask, “Did you drive here? Do you need me to send you back?” 

“No need for that, my car is parked over there.” Luo Shaoheng pointed at the place where he parked his car. Chen Zhan’s car was coincidentally parked there as well, so both of them walked together towards it. As they walked, they chatted about Chinese New Year. The next month would be Chinese New Year and Chen Zhan asked how Luo Shaoheng was going to spend it this year. 

“I’ll just spend the week at the resort, come and play when you have time.” Luo Shaoheng said. 

“I think there will be many people spending their Chinese New Year in the resort, are you sure there’s a place for me?” Chen Zhan joked. 

“Dr. Chen is a lifetime VIP customer, you can come whenever you want.” Luo Shaoheng ridiculed followingly. 

“Then I’m at ease.” Chen Zhan’s vision swept across his worn out complexion and added, “Take better care of yourself, find me if you have any problem.” 

“Oka~y. Why didn’t I realize you’re so naggy last time, so many years–” Luo Shaoheng’s words abruptly came to a stop, his eyes widened at the unbelievable sight he saw. 

“What… “ Before Chen Zhan finished his words, Luo Shaoheng suddenly dashed towards his car. He opened the car door and got in, started the engine, reversed the car and drove past Chen Zhan. 

His movements were so fast that Chen Zhan was not able to react in time. When he came back to his senses, Luo Shaoheng’s car was already far from him. He quickly got into his own car and chased after him. 

Luo Shaoheng was driving really fast, he pursed his lips as both of his hands clenched the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles turned white. He exceeded the speed limit, flashing past the cars on the road and quickly leaving them behind. 

His reckless driving caused a lot of cars to honk, but he could not hear any of them, only the vague figure that he saw was left in his mind. That familiar face made his mind blank, his body reacted faster than his rationality and he chased after the car without hesitation. 

Sirens of a police car echoed from behind. Luo Shaoheng stepped on the accelerator and went past the flickering yellow traffic light, his car rushing onto the bridge. After getting closer to a black car and competing with it for a while, he determinedly blocked in front of it. 

When the car stopped, Luo Shaoheng immediately pushed open the door and got out of his car. He quickly walked towards the other person who had also got out. Both of them looked at each other, then Luo Shaoheng’s footsteps paused. 

It’s not him. 

It’s not Shen Mucheng. 

“Hey, why are you chasing after my car?” He was a young man in his twenties, he was unexpectedly not mad at Luo Shaoheng and only asked while giving him a weird look.

Luo Shaoheng did not answer. Instead, he walked towards that person’s car and looked inside. Other than the youngster, there was only a driver. The one he was longing for was not there. 

But he did see Shen Mucheng get into the car earlier, why is it not him? Did I chase after the wrong car? 

Luo Shaoheng recalled what had happened. He was staring at the car just now, how did it change into another one? 

— Didn’t you lose your memory? How do you still know something like anti-tracking? What did you do for a living last time? 

— I don’t know, do you wanna learn? 

— Sure. 

The conversation suddenly appeared in his mind, and Luo Shaoheng came to realize why he got the wrong car. He had learned this before, but he could not master it. 

However, everything that I had learned was taught by you. If it’s really you, how can I catch up? 

A whirlwind of emotions stirred up his heart, his fingers trembled slightly. Luo Shaoheng tried to calm down and said to the youngster, “… I’m sorry.” 

Luo Shaoheng did not know that, on another road under the bridge, Shen Yun slowed down the car and reported to Shen Mucheng who was in the backseat, “Boss, the car’s not in sight anymore.” 

“En.” Shen Mucheng was looking at the documents with his head lowered and answered without looking up. 

“Do I need to go and check who that was? The fourth master…” Shen Yun asked. 

“No need for that.” Shen Mucheng did not take this seriously at all. “Even if it was someone under fourth uncle, nothing will happen. That person’s skill was too terrible.” 

Shen Yun remembered that person’s reckless driving and felt that what his boss said was right, he then fell into silence and continued driving. 

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