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RLDRFH Chapter 108

He Zizhong smiled again: “Under such circumstances, being infected is guaranteed. God knows what their claws have touched? Speaking of, my ability also changed…” He explained his new discovery while telling Fang Hao to hold on tight as he avoided the pounce of an unknown zombie animal. “It seems that the effect after upgrading to level 3 is not as simple as level 2. When we upgrade later, I suspect there will be even more surprising changes. Let’s pay more attention in the future; maybe there will be some unexpected extensions.”

He Zizhong’s car was relatively stable. Their car is sturdy and He Zizhong has the ability to investigate, so there are no major problems during their escape. But other cars are not so lucky. They fled all the way until the sky was slightly pale. When they finally got rid of the group of zombies that wanted to attack humans in the middle of the night, very few cars maintained a perfect appearance.

Even Guo Bing’s Predator was hit hard by various animals along the way. Although they didn’t dent the door or walls, dark, slimy liquid hung on the chassis, looking extremely disgusting from a distance.

“Brother He, are you two all right?” Guo Bing’s voice suddenly came through the green walkie-talkie. He Zizhong picked it up and responded: “We’re fine.”

“When we rest up ahead, do the two of you mind coming to our car?”

He Zizhong raised his eyebrows and looked at Fang Hao who nodded before replying: “Okay, we’ll be there in a bit.” Guo Bing asking was probably because there was a wounded in their car.

Putting down the walkie-talkie, He Zizhong whispered to Fang Hao.  “I’m afraid some of them are injured, so be careful when using abilities in a while.”

Fang Hao nodded. “I’m just afraid the convoy doesn’t stop in time…”

“We should take a break. After all, there must be more than one or two people injured last night.” Even his body was colored, let alone others? Speaking of… “Were you hurt last night?”

Fang Hao shook his head and laughed: “I’m fine. After my speed ability reached level 3, nothing can easily catch up with me.”

“It’s also best to check first. By the way, does the ability to detect one’s body consume mental energy?”

“Let me try.” If this ability consumes relatively less mental energy, it can be a simple scanner. Compared to what the base developed to check if one has any wounds, it’s even easier to use.

Closing his eyes, Fang Hao covering his left hand to his right hand and checked to confirm that there were no wounds on his body and no zombie virus infection.

Sure enough, as He Zizhong expected, five minutes later the army announced a rest stop in place.

Indeed, other teams apart from Fengche and Samsara also had injured members. But because the sky was too dark, it’s still unknown who’s injured or how serious the injuries are.

Fang Hao drank well water to replenish his energy before going to the Samsara car, but he was still sweating from exertion by the end. There was no way. A total of twelve members came out this time, and there were ten people who won the lottery!1Lottery, as in were injured Among them, Ding Minggang, the fire ability user, was the most injured. Even the blood coming from his wound turned black! If the team rested for a while later, he would have to become a zombie directly!

Of the ten people who won the lottery, nine were infected with the zombie virus. After Fang Hao treated them, he couldn’t even lift his arm.

It’s meaningless to say anything, especially when Ding Minggang’s wounds bled black. Everyone saw it with their own eyes. Now, let alone black blood, even the wound is only white. His darkened face also changed back, which cannot be as simple as a simple life-saving grace.

People die all the time during these post-apocalyptic times. But no one wants to become a walking corpse wandering around with the sole purpose of eating people.

“From now on, my life will be yours!” This was Ding Minggang’s first sentence after waking up. At the same time, he was still holding Fang Hao’s hands tightly-until Le Tian slapped him.

“Quickly let go! Are you trying to be a xiao san2Mistress/lover and destroy their husband and husband relationship?”

The atmosphere in the originally nervous vehicle became a lot easier. Ding Minggang grinned as he touched the back of his head and laughed: “Even if I like it, people won’t look at me with this kind of personality.”

Two hours passed since Fang Hao treated everyone, but there were still no signs that the convoy outside was ready to move.

Guo Bing and Chen Ning discussed briefly before turning to say to the people in the car (dozens of people are now stuffed inside, making it extremely crowded): “Before returning to your cars in a while, whoever has injuries will continue to wear medicated cloth, cotton yarn, and take them off only after a few days. This time we were attacked by mutant animals and everyone was injured. If only we are okay, we will definitely give the young couple trouble.”

After speaking, he glanced at Fang Hao, who was pale. No matter how powerful he was, Fang Hao treated everyone to the end. But he just barely healed their wounds and did not completely remove the scars. It can be seen that his ability reached the limit.

Everyone nodded again and again, and then looked at Fang Hao. He didn’t even have much energy to speak, just nodding slightly as he put his weight on He Zizhong.

“Okay, then go back to each car first. Please be careful when you act and speak, so that you don’t let people see it.” Guo Bing warned again. The other Samsara members returned to the other two cars first. Before they left, he turned to He Zizhong and said: “We won’t say anything, and in the future, our lives will be in your hands.”

He Zizhong smiled and patted his shoulder. “We’ve been working together for so long and have long been friends. We have this ability and naturally won’t watch you have an accident. If one day we are in danger, I believe you’ll help us in the same way.”

Friendship between men is either from fighting3There’s a Chinese saying that friendship or bonds are formed from fighting one another or from joint cooperation. In these post-apocalyptic days, their friendship is naturally a result of cooperating again and again.

The couple returned to their Cavalier 15. Fang Hao fell directly in the back of the car, holding Tuanzi who rolled out of the backpack, unable to couldn’t even lift his hands. “I’m exhausted…”

Previously, Fang Hao’s healing power was like a decoration. At most, it’s used to relieve fatigue, treat body aches, and so on. It’s never been used so seriously. This is the first time that such a large overdraft has happened. Using it to detect wounds on someone’s body is not too mentally exhausting, but using it to understand and cleanse the zombie virus is a real energy sink.

A total of nine people were infected… This wasn’t even counting he had treated He Zizhong once before. Although the degree of infection among these nine differed, removing it wasn’t easy!

“Let’s rest for a while. With me here, why don’t you just go back to the space to take a break? Take a bath to relieve fatigue.” The hot springs in the space have a good effect on restoring energy and relieve physical fatigue to the greatest extent.

Fang Hao was a little moved but still shook his head. “It’s better to stay outside. I can sleep for a while. What if something happens?”

“Alright , you can go to bed first.” He Zizhong bent over and lightly kissed his forehead. Fang Hao closed his eyes and fell asleep after a while.

Fang Hao’s mental energy was exhausted so badly that he fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes, so he missed some of the action outside.

“Bang, bang!” Several shots rang out, luring He Zizhong and other people in cars look out.

Several people were pushed down from several vehicles. The silhouettes of those who fell were obviously no longer humans. The infectiousness on the claws of the zombie animals was actually much higher than that of normal zombies, so most of the injured people were infected with the zombie virus.

The people who were shot directly after being pushed out of the car are only a part of them. As for the rest…

Allen coldly looked at the few figures lying on the ground outside the car. Not many people remained inside. Two girls with water abilities huddled in a corner and did not dare to make a sound. Yin Dong, the co-pilot, pushed his glasses and looked out indifferently. “Up to now, most of the injured people who came this time have basically been zombified and are all cleaned up.”

When escaping in the middle of the night yesterday, many in their car had both light and serious injuries. People with black blood were secretly abandoned along the way-directly pushed out of the car and let them fend for themselves. Most of the other teams did this too. Some were because they didn’t want to turn into zombies and hurt their companions, and some were abandoned by their companions on their own initiative. But no matter what, this was the reaction of each team.

When they are not sure whether the human body can develop resistance to the virus, abandoning an infected companion is much more merciful than directly killing a companion who has not been zombie.

“The rest of the wounded supervise each other. Once there is a problem-” Allen did not finish his words, but everyone knew what he meant. Their team has always acted like this. Only in this way can the other intact people be kept and unhurt.

“Remaining vehicles continue moving and keep up with the command car.” The voice of the military commander came through the red walkie-talkie. It was a little hoarse. In this operation, many people were lost, whether it was the people from the various teams or the military. Fortunately, the people who shed black blood are only a part of them, and there are many wounded who were not infected. Of course, the might be infected, but the speed of infection is different or the virus was suppressed by their own bodies…

Although no Samsara members died or turned into zombies, the appearance of the wounded after they left the Predator was also seen by others. When resting, many people in each car walked between cars from the same group. Some cars’ anti-inflammatory drugs were concentrated on a certain car, and it’s normal to put more medicine in a vehicle as strong as the Predator, so no one had extra thoughts.


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  • 1
    Lottery, as in were injured
  • 2
  • 3
    There’s a Chinese saying that friendship or bonds are formed from fighting one another
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