The real reason we’re getting married
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The real reason we’re getting married

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우리가 정략결혼 하는 진짜 이유
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Synopsis The real reason we’re getting married

“I missed you.”

“I missed you, Yedi. In the last two years, every single day.”


2 years ago.


“I have a young lady to introduce to the baron.”


At the emperor’s words, Navy officer Edward took a breath of surprise.

He gave me the title as a reward for winning the war, and this time he wants me to get married.

Isn’t she even the beloved daughter of the Grand Duke’s family and the Emperor’s niece?


“Your Majesty, why don’t you reconsider this marriage?”


In his first meeting with Yelodia, Edward politely refused the emperor’s offer.



“He doesn’t want to get engaged to me.”


Yelodia, whose specialty is horseback riding and her hobby of running away from home, is very disappointed with her marriage.


Yelodia, who is wacky and straightforward, gradually realizes.


“I think I like Edward, the Baron.”


Edward is only troubled by the sudden confession of his six-year-old fiancee.


“But Yelodia is too…”


“Aren’t you too young?”


With just over a month left before adulthood, Yelodia’s life is sad.

In front of Yelodia, who is cute and adorable as a puppy, Edward, especially embarrassed by her, is helplessly dragged around.


“Please don’t cry. If Yelodia cries, I don’t know what to do.”


Will they be able to get married safely?

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