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ISIG Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The Idyllic Scenery is Infinitely Good

Chapter 4

Since that day, when both of them met, they always met with a hint of awkwardness. Half a month has passed now, it wasn’t that Lin Cheng didn’t want to explain, but Lin Mai had to give him a chance to do so. However, Lin Mai deliberately avoided Lin Cheng,so he didn’t have a chance even if he wanted to say something. 


Lin Cheng sighed and put the last piece of his clothes on the bamboo pole. When he was just about to return to his room, he saw Li Cui Cui leading a young lady into his house. 


“What are you doing here?” Lin Cheng stood with a sullen face and looked at Li Cui Cui who had a smile on her face.


Li Cui Cui looked at his face and almost couldn’t keep her smile anymore, but she still gritted her teeth and said, “Look at the way you talk, today Auntie came here of course because I have something good for you ah!”


Lin Cheng narrowed his eyes and looked at her for a while before he looked at the young lady next to her until the young lady blushed, only then he said, “Auntie, you’re not thinking of proposing a marriage for me, are you?”


“Ai yo you, still, Cheng Zi is smart. Come! This is Auntie’s big brother’s daughter called Xiao Ju. She has a good personality and is good-looking too.” Li Cui Cui pulled Li Xiao Ju in front of her for Lin Cheng to see, hoping that Lin Cheng would fall in love with her at the first sight so she exert all of her effort to praise Li Xiao Ju even more; “You don’t know ah, in Li Jia village, my niece is famous for her good looks. Previously some people from the city came to propose but I thought if she married far away, there is no family around to take care of her which is not good. Cheng Zi, it was time for you to get married too, later I thought of you, that’s why I came over and let you take a look. If you think it is suitable, let’s get it (the marriage) done. You’re not too young either so don’t delay any longer.”


[Lol, btw Xiao Ju means little chrysanthemum]


He knew it, it was nothing good, Lin Cheng pouted his mouth and swept his eyes at the red-faced Li Xiao Ju and said, “Better not, I’m just a coarse peasant, I don’t have enough money to support her.”


Li Cui Cui tried to resist the urge to curse and said, “What’s this? First let’s sit down ah!”


After saying that Li Cui Cui also did not care what kind of attitude Lin Cheng had. By only minding her own business, she pulled Li Xiao Ju to sit under the peach tree in the courtyard. She then patted the seat beside her and said, “What are you doing standing there, Cheng Zi? Hurry up, come here and sit down ah! Is it possible that you are shy?”


Seeing her act like the owner of the house, Lin Cheng really wanted to smack her to death with a shoe. He rolled his eyes as he went over to sit down and grabbed a handful of melon seeds, ate it and did not even bother to respond to her. 


“Tsk …” Li Cui Cui secretly slapped Lin Cheng’s hand hard and said, “The young lady is here, why are you doing this here?”


“Don’t touch me!” Lin Cheng vigorously wiped the back of his hand with his sleeve, he had an expression on his face as if he had touched something dirty.


This time Li Cui Cui’s smile could not be kept anymore, she felt that Lin Cheng was deliberately trying to make her lose face. If not for the fact that she did this because she had some purpose, she would have fling her sleeve and left earlier. 


Seeing that the two are silent Li Xiao Ju was also embarrassed to make a sound so he pulled the hem of Li Cui Cui’s sleeve to tell her to say something.


Li Cui Cui took a deep breath and said in a serious tone, “You are not that young anymore. How can you not have someone to manage your house? You still have to cook for yourself when you come back from the stall, aren’t you tired? Xiao Ju is a good and caring girl. Having someone who knows whether you are cold or hot, isn’t that nice?”

1[知冷知热 zhī lěng zhī rè : to know whether others are cold or hot (idiom) / to be very considerate]

Lin Cheng was stunned for a moment, Lin Mai’s face immediately came to his mind. Indeed, if he wanted to marry a wife, Lin Mai was indeed a very good choice.


“You also think it’s good, right?” Li Cui Cui looked at Lin Cheng’s pensive look and thought he was really considering this issue so she hurriedly made a push and continued to say : “How good it is to have a caring wife! Look at this yard, although it is not very messy but if you have a wife to help you clean up also very comfortable ah! Let me tell you, our family Xiao Ju is good at doing house work, definitely a good candidate for being a wife…”


Li Cui Cui finished talking and turned her head to talk to Li Xiao Ju : “Xiao Ju ah, from now on, you follow Cheng Zi and live a good life, he will definitely treat you well~”


Li Xiao Ju stole a glance at Lin Cheng, full of shyness, she nodded her head.


“You …”


“Brother Cheng Zi,are you at home?”


Lin Cheng looked at the two of them who were talking to themselves. Just when he was going to say something, he was interrupted by Lin Mai who entered the door bringing something in his arms.


Lin Mai entered the door, at the time he raised his head, he saw the three people sitting under the tree. In an instant, he understood what kind of situation they were in. From a sullen face, he then changed it into a smile and said to Lin Cheng, “Cheng Zi Ge, I didn’t disturb you guys, right?”


Seeing his gloomy face, Lin Cheng’s heart ‘ba dump’ for a while, he hurriedly stood up to explain : “Mai Zi, don’t make a wild guess! There is nothing between us. Come on! Come in and sit down!”


Lin Cheng held Lin Mai’s hand and dragged him over to sit with him. No kidding! If Lin Mai got the wrong idea, even Lin Cheng was given ten mouths, he still couldn’t explain it clearly. 


“Cheng Zi, you explain it to him for what? Why are you like this, then how about Xiao Ju?” Li Cui Cui took a handkerchief and covered up her mouth. With a disgusted expression, she looked at Lin Mai and said to Lin Cheng.


“Cheng Zi Ge (Brother Cheng Zi), you …” Li Xiao Ju’s tearful eyes looking at Lin Cheng, she made her expression as sorrowful as she could, the appearance of as if the next second she could cry out at any moment. 


“He…” Lin Mai laughed coldly after he saw the look of ‘I want to talk’ on Li Xiao Ju’s face. He turned his head to look elsewhere and did not make any sound. 


[呵 Hē : expel breath / my goodness]


Lin Cheng patted Lin Mai’s hand as a sign of comfort, turned his head to the two people and said in an angry and unpleasant voice: “Just now, I didn’t say anything when you two were talking to each other, but now it’s my turn to say something.”


“But Cheng Zi Ge, just now you have clearly promised to marry me.” Li Xiao Ju wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and said softly.


“Exactly, Cheng Zi, how can you do this? If this gets out, you say what should our family Xiao Ju do?” Li Cui Cui swung the handkerchief in his hand and glared at Lin Mai fiercely. 


Li Cui Cui OS : If this bitch hadn’t come, maybe this matter would have been done!


Lin Cheng OS : It was clear that just now, I didn’t even say a single word, okay? 


Lin Cheng said: “If it gets out? Nothing happened between me and her, do you think that I will still be afraid of what people say? I’ve sent the betrothal gifts or what? I didn’t say that I would marry her, so why should I be responsible for her?”


“How can you do this to me?” Li Xiao Ju covered her face and threw herself into Li Cui Cui’s arms and sobbed in a low voice. She actually did not like Lin Cheng that much, but she felt that Lin Cheng’s financial situation was good so married to him she did not have to suffer much, so how could not she be moved by this? Moreover, Lin Cheng did not have a father and mother which means there were no in-laws to serve. This situation couldn’t be better …


“How can you do this to our family Xiao Ju? Just now, you promised to do it. What’s wrong with you to go back on your word as soon as this person comes?” Li Cui Cui patted Li Xiao Ju’s shoulder, pointing at Lin Mai and questioning Lin Cheng. That expression of her as if she was watching Lin Cheng having an affair with someone. 


The corners of Lin Cheng’s eyes twitched, directly ignoring the two people who were addicted to acting. He turned his head to Lin Mai and said, “Why did Mai Zi come over today?”


Lin Mai was staring at Li Cui Cui at the moment, suddenly he heard Lin Cheng’s words and then he threw the cloth bag in his hand to him and said, “The clothes are done. I made two sets of clothing for you. From the leftover fabric, I made a cotton coat for my grandma.”


“Didn’t I let you make one set for yourself? Why did you make two for me?” Lin Cheng frowned.


“Mine is still early, not in a hurry.”


“This won’t do, in a few days the weather will be cold!”


“No need for it yet….”


“No, you can’t…”


Li Cui Cui and Li Xiao Ju stared at those two who were ignoring them. Their hearts somewhat couldn’t accept this. Li Xiao Ju in the end was still young, unable to remain calm and said, “Where am I not better than him? Don’t I look better than him?”


Lin Cheng was not afraid to piss them off, so he nodded his head and said: “He is better looking than you!”


Lin Mai stepped on Lin Cheng’s feet but in his heart he was secretly happy …


“Cheng Zi ah, Auntie told you, Ger is very difficult to conceive a baby. If you marry him but then unfortunately he is unable to conceive. In the future, in the afterlife how are you going to explain it to your father and mother?” Li Cui Cui tried to persuade him patiently. In fact, she was thinking in her mind that if she really let him marry that ger. How if he won’t care about their relationship? In the future, how will she be able to borrow money from him? Thinking about all of this, Li Cui Cui more attentively persuaded him, “Cheng Zi, listen to auntie ah, do not joke with your future life ah! Who doesn’t want to have children and grandchildren to serve them in their old age? It’s not good for you to be like this.”


“Don’t tell me this crap! Do you think I do not understand what your purpose is? Hurry up and go! Don’t wait for me to get angry!” Lin Cheng felt that the Lin Mai beside him was already showing signs of anger, so he stood up and drove people away.


“You…” Li Cui Cui was about to get angry but Li Xiao Ju pulled her. Just when she wanted to ask her ‘what are you doing?’

Li Xiao Ju already spoke first: “Aunt, forget it! Let’s go!”


Li Cui Cui saw Li Xiao Ju kept giving her a meaningful look, so she did not say anything. She pulled Li Xiao Ju away while cursing. After she made sure that they had already gone quite far away, Li Cui Cui pinched Li Xiao Ju and said, “What did you just do now? Such a good opportunity, why don’t you want it anymore?”


“Humph!” Li Xiao Ju glared at Li Cui Cui as she sneered and said, “If you had pushed Lin Cheng to the edge then neither of us would have a good result. I think that Lin Cheng is also a person with ideas. This matter should be done slowly otherwise it will not work. This matter, in the future you just need to listen to me and other matters you don’t need to care about…”


Li Cui Cui looked at Li Xiao Ju in surprise  and thought about it but did not say anything. Anyway, as long as the matter was done then it would be fine. Other than that? It didn’t matter to her. 


Li Xiao Ju turned her head to look back and smiled coldly, as long as she thought of a good life ahead waiting for her, whatever she did now was worth it.


Totally unaware that he was already being targeted, Lin Cheng rubbed his two big hands, curry a favor with Lin Mai as he smiled and said, “Mai Zi, actually I have something to tell you. In fact, the last time I said those words, it was unintentional. Don’t you take it seriously and hold a grudge ah!”


“It’s okay. I’m used to it anyway.” Lin Mai said.


“No, I really didn’t mean it. I just wanted to tell a joke that day.” Lin Cheng’s head was sweating. Initially, he had thought of a lot of things to say but now he couldn’t remember any single words …


Lin Mai waved his hand and said, “I really did not put it in my heart. Moreover, it’s not a big deal. Fine, I have to go home ah! Grandma got up this morning, starting to cough again so I am not in ease about leaving Grandma alone at home.”


“Okay, fine, fine, as long as you do not blame me then everything is fine.” Lin Cheng happily sent Lin Mai out the door. As long as Lin Mai didn’t put it into his heart then it would be fine.


Lin Mai also did not care about him, ran all the way back home, went into the inner room to see the situation inside. Lin Mai’s heart was already half cold …





  • 1
    [知冷知热 zhī lěng zhī rè : to know whether others are cold or hot (idiom) / to be very considerate]
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